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The Post-Proposal Analysis Checklist is used to help analyze the results of a proposal submission. Typically it is used when you do not win the proposal to help determine why it was not won and how to improve your chances on the next proposal. In some cases you may be able to resubmit your proposal if you can determine why it was not accepted and change it based on the feedback from the prospect.

Use this checklist along with the Follow-up Letter.
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Related chapters may be used in conjunction with this chapter depending on your situation. Many related chapters are intended to be used together to form a more complex and integrated proposal.

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Writing the Post-Proposal Analysis Checklist document

Post Proposal Analysis Checklist Use this Post Proposal Analysis Checklist as starting point for creating your own checklist suited to your business and workflow. Alter the items as you see fit. The purpose of this checklist is to help you create an interview process to determine why your proposal was rejected or the project or grant was not awarded to you. Developing structured analysis of the results of your proposal writing can help improve your future chances and may also allow you to restructure and resubmit proposal. Use the Follow up Letter template to request an interview with the prospect. Schedule an interview with the prospect. Solicit feedback about your proposal. Be sure to include the following questions. o Were there any problems with RFP guidelines not being followed.

o Were there any problems with your interpretation of the RFP or the clients needs or your understanding of the clients business. o Were there any problems with your proposed solution to the clients needs. o Were there any problems with your products or services. o Were there any problems with your company information as supplied to the client. o Did any technical problems with the proposal such as spelling or grammar factor in the clients decision. o Was the proposal easy to read and understand. Determine if the client really did understand what you proposed. o Is there anything you can do to restructure the proposal to be allowed to resubmit it. If the contract was awarded to another company solicit information about the winning bidder. Was their solution price or company better match for the clients needs. Was the proposal centered around the client or did you talk mainly about your own company and products services. Determine if the client perceived that your proposal was not tailored to them. Proposal Pack is structured to put the clients information and needs first and your own company information last. Many proposal writers make the mistake of talking about themselves first. This can have negative impact on your proposal.

Can you determine if the winning bidder was meant to win the bid. You may never get direct answer to this question. Some proposals are designed for specific bidder to win the project; the deck is stacked against anyone else bidding. Can you determine if the winning bidder was awarded the project due to being the lowest bidder and being given other bidders designs to work from. You may never get direct answer to this question either. Did you protect your designs from being reused by requiring the prospective client to sign nondisclosure agreement. Why You Didnt Get the Job Writing winning proposal is much more than just filling out documents and putting them in front of prospect. There may be many reasons why you did not make the final cut. Learn from each proposal and adjust your process as needed. If possible interview the prospect to find out why you did not receive the contract or grant. Keep in mind that you may not actually hear the true reason. Your failure to land the job or get the grant may be due to one or more of the following reasons.

Writing style. yours did not appeal to the reader. Incorrect target. your proposal was not sent to the right person. Bad timing. your pitch was not made at the right moment. Slipshod writing. your spelling or grammar was incorrect. You failed to address the prospects fears and objections.

Your personal appearance and presentation did not match the prospects style. Internal politics at the prospects company influenced the decision. Hidden agendas at the prospects company influenced the decision. Your project estimate was too low or high. You were too persistent or not persistent enough with the prospect. Your proposal didnt instill confidence. Your proposal did not show clear understanding of the clients needs or business. Your solution was not the best value for the price. The competition outdid you.

There was miscommunication between you and the client. Competitors trashed your solution in their proposals. consultant working with the client had ties to one of your competitors. The client wanted the " safe" choice not the " best" choice. The RFP was written to favor particular bidder.

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