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The Wellness Reimbursement Request form is used for employees to request reimbursement for authorized expenses that fall under the company's health and wellness reimbursement policy.
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Wellness Reimbursement Request
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How to write my Wellness Reimbursement Request document

company name Wellness Reimbursement Request Date. current date Employee. contract first name contract last name Department. department Supervisor. supervisor manager Employee Job Information Position. contract job title Status. Full time N Date of Hire. Work Type. Hourly Salary Shift Type. Day Night Swing Other Instructions. Supervisor must complete the following form and file it with the Human Resources Department. Employee must provide receipt for all reimbursed wellness activities. Description of Wellness Program or Activities Describe the wellness program or activities you are seeking reimbursement for.

Qualifications Does employee have receipt of payment for the activities being submitted for reimbursement. Yes No. Are the activities submitted for reimbursement Qualified Wellness Program activities. Yes No. Qualified Wellness Program Activities Purpose of company name Wellness Reimbursement Plan. The purpose of this plan is to provide our full time employees with financial incentives and assistance to encourage participation in health and wellness activities and programs such as health club memberships aerobic exercise classes health education classes and smoking and tobacco cessation or weight management programs. Who can participate in Wellness Reimbursement. Full time regular employees are eligible to participate in the wellness reimbursement program. The maximum benefit an employee can receive is limited to Insert Amount month for all qualified activities. For an activity to be considered qualified the employee must participate in the activity for three consecutive months to be eligible for reimbursement. The company will also reimburse any previously paid qualified wellness expense so long as it is within six months of the reimbursement request subject to documentation requirements. The following activities shall be excluded from the Wellness Reimbursement plan.

* Recreational sports programs unless included in health club membership dues * Recreational sports events including marathons triathlons tournaments * Personal trainer fees and personal fitness or sports equipment * Classes training or instruction that is not provided by licensed business or instructor proof may be required * Meals supplements or aids for weight loss body building or for smoking tobacco cessation * Massage programs * Medical treatment programs or therapy

* Psychological treatment programs or therapy * Fees finance charges late fees or other charges not part of regular health club or classroom dues Payment Requirements. All reimbursement requests must have paid receipt showing the wellness activity purchased date of purchase the business Tax ID and the period of time that the purchase covers. For multi month purchases made up front company shall reimburse up to Insert Amount month paid on quarterly basis. Company will reimburse only wellness expenses incurred during employment with company name. Expenses prior to employment with company name shall not be considered.

Company reserves the right to request additional information or documentation on all requested reimbursements. Company may also deny reimbursement expense if that expense is determined to be covered under an applicable health insurance plan or other reimbursable program. Employees may not submit wellness reimbursement request for any expense that has already been submitted or paid out through Flexible Spending Account FSA Health Savings Account HSA or Medical Reimbursement Account MRA. If you have any questions concerning the eligibility of any wellness expense please consult the Human Resources Department. Notes. Supervisor Signature Date For Office Use Only Received By signator authorized signature or signer. Human Resources Manager Date Include Employee Contact HR Information address address city state or province zip or postal code

Phone phone number

Writing the Expense Reimbursement Plan document (alternate or related contract document)

REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES PLAN ACCOUNTABILITY PLAN Accountability Plan. Declarations and Conditions company name Company wishes to establish an employee expense reimbursement plan by which employees in the employ of Company may be reimbursed for approved expenses or receive advances for specific future expenses so long as those expenses are properly documented and approved prior to disbursement. A reimbursement request shall be deemed appropriate if it meets the following guidelines. * The expense is considered to be necessary and ordinary and is connected to or incurred on behalf of Companys business operations or the performance of an employees normal job functions or travel.

* The expense has been approved by Company and the employees purchase of goods or services is merely for the convenience of Company. * The expense is suitably documented and substantiated and submitted to Company within reasonable period of time. For the purposes of this plan document reasonable period of time shall be considered as submitted for reimbursement within days of when the expense was occurred and paid for by the employee. * Any advanced monies given to employees in excess of what is required are returned to Company within days of disbursement. A reimbursement request that meets the above conditions shall be considered to be covered under the Company accountability plan. All reimbursements shall be excluded from an employees gross pay and shall be remitted to the employee by check or by direct reimbursement as line item on the employees normal paycheck. Accountability Plan. Exceptions Notwithstanding the above the following items shall not be considered to be reimbursable expenses under this plan and may be subject to other Company policies that fall outside of the scope of this accountability plan.

* Insert exclusions here. * Insert exclusions here. * Insert exclusions here. The above listed guidelines constitute the Companys Accountability Plan and in no way limit Companys ability to further limit the amount of monies that an employee may be reimbursed. Company reserves the right to modify this plan at any time or to develop plan limitations on an individual employee basis. Company Officer Name current date

Writing the Company Equipment Checkout Form document (example of another included contract document)

EQUIPMENT CHECKOUT AND RESPONSIBILITY FORM company name address address city state or province zip or postal code Phone phone number CHECKOUT DATE. Employee Name Please print Department Supervisor

Equipment to be checked out to Employee by Company Included Software and Licenses attach additional lists if necessary Replacement Value of all Equipment and Software Please list any defects damage or problems with any equipment to be checked out to employee. Sensitive and Confidential Information All employees contractors or staff members have the obligation to protect sensitive and confidential information that may be contained on any equipment that they check out or that may be in their possession. All mobile computing users who make use of wireless networks must use VPN encryption protocols to send or transmit sensitive or confidential information in any form. No employee contractor or staff should ever access an internal company network resource without being secured by VPN encryption protocols as all Company internal networks network resources or other internal assets shall be deemed sensitive and confidential information. The Company also reserves the right to pursue legal remedy for damages incurred as result of an employees violation. For additional information consult the Company Wireless Network and Mobile Computing Policy.

Certain illegal activities will require that Company immediately notify or comply with the proper authorities upon discovery. The Company reserves the right to examine any users equipment whether personally owned or Company owned that accesses Company Email Account Web Logs Chat Logs Networks Access Points or any other information passed through Company resources or Network or stored on Company computers at any time and without prior notice. Company is not responsible for users who display store or otherwise transmit any personal information such as passwords banking information credit card numbers social security or tax ID numbers or make use of Internet passports or wallets while using Company equipment. Company shall not be held liable for damages resulting from any loss of such information abuse by other parties or any consequential loss of personal property or injury resulting from the storage or loss of such information. The practices described in this Equipment Checkout and Responsibility Form are current as of current date. Company reserves the right to modify or amend this policy at any time. Effective Date. current date I hereby declare that have read and fully understand my duties and obligations set forth in the above Equipment Checkout and Responsibility Form for company name and will uphold these duties and obligations at all times.

EXECUTED as of the date first written above. Signature. Date when the contact was signed Employee Initials

How do you write a Sexual Harassment Complaint Form document? (example of another included contract document)

company name SEXUAL HARASSMENT COMPLAINT FORM Name. Job Job title of signator authorized signature or signer. Office Number Work Location. Work Phone Number. Home Phone Number. Description of alleged sexual harassment. Describe multiple incidents separately including times dates locations and people present. Use additional pages as needed.

Date alleged harassment was first reported. Person to whom alleged harassment was first reported. If complainant knows of others who have been sexually harassed in similar manner provide names and job titles below. If the complainant has filed grievance with any other agency state where and when below. Complainants signature. Date. Witnesss signature. Date. address address city state or province zip or postal code Phone phone number

How do you write a Personal Technology Usage Policy document? (example of another included contract document)

PERSONAL TECHNOLOGY USAGE POLICY Tablets Smartphones Laptops and other Devices The purpose of this document is to set forth Company Personal Technology Usage Policy by which employees and contractors will abide while using leasing or otherwise making use of personal technology in the course of their duties while employed at company name. The intent of this policy is to provide proper guidance to employees and contractors who make use of personal technology during the course of their work with company name. As an employee or contractor of company name you are required to comply with this policy at all times. Terms and Conditions The Personal Technology Usage Policy is as follows. 1. Definitions. For the purpose of this Personal Technology Usage Policy Personal Technology shall be defined as hand held computing device tablet or phone smartphone that provides Internet access wireless cellular or otherwise software applications communication and or email services and network connectivity through cellular Wi Max Wi Fi or other ad hoc networks. For the purpose of this Personal Technology Usage Agreement Company Services shall be defined as all resources provided to employees by Company in order to fulfill their duties as employees.

This list includes but is not limited to. * Email webmail chat and other forms of communication associated with the Company. * FTP SFTP SSH Remote Access or Virtual Private Networks VPN. * Online access to Company portals online software or resources. * Remote access to Company computers or servers. 2. Approved List of Devices Hardware.

Due to the changing nature of Personal Technology devices company name may at its sole discretion decide to not allow or support specific devices or technologies that interact with its network. This list is subject to change and may be amended to adapt to specific Company needs and requirements. The following devices shall be allowed to interact with Company networks or resources. Insert Supported Hardware Here 3. Approved List of Software and Technologies. In order to effectively interface with Company resources networks mail servers and other communication systems the following software and technologies shall be required for use in the following Company tasks. There shall be no exception to this list without prior written approval from IT Department Manager etc. Due to the changing nature of Personal Technology devices company name shall only support limited number of hardware devices and configurations. This approved list is subject to change and may be amended to adapt to specific Company needs and requirements. The following required software and technologies shall be used for the following tasks. Email Calendar Client Insert Supported Software or Requirement Here by device if needed

Docking Hot Synch or other Synchronization Systems Insert Supported Software or Requirement Here by device if needed Operating Systems OS Insert Supported Software or Requirement Here by device if needed Virtual Private Networking VPN Insert Supported Software or Requirement Here by device if needed FTP SFTP or SSH Access

Insert Supported Software or Requirement Here by device if needed Instant Messenger IM or Chat Programs Insert Supported Software or Requirement Here by device if needed Other Software Systems Insert Supported Software or Requirement Here by device if needed

4. Limits on Use of Personal Technology. The use of Personal Technology is for the Companys benefit and the convenience of the Employee. Employees must still adhere to the Company Communications and Email policies whether they are using Personal Technology Devices or their normal work station s. Any integration between Personal Technology device and Company resources must not use the Company resource Company email VPN etc. for personal usage. 5. Personal Technology General Usage Policies. Use of Personal Technology by Company employees and contractors shall be governed by the Company Internet Access and Asset Usage Policy as well as the Company Wireless Network Usage Policy. Copies of these policies may be obtained from the Company Human Resources Department. Companys general personal technology usage policies are as follows. * All Personal Technology must have the Company required applications and security software installed prior to accessing Company resources or networks. Employees must have the Company IT Department review and certify that all Personal Technology meets the Company Network Security Policy prior to use. * All Personal Technology shall make use of access control systems password protection and encryption. Personal Technology devices that interact with Company resources can get lost and access control systems help prevent outsiders from gaining access to Company networks and systems.

* All Personal Technology and software running on Personal Technology devices must use complex passwords and secure digital certificates for remote access where appropriate. * All Personal Technology shall make use of self updating or software that automatically updates itself to ensure that the devices comply with the Company Network Security Policy. * All Personal Technology whether owned by the employee or not that interacts with Company resources shall be subject to on demand audits by the IT Department or Managers to ensure compliance with the Company Network Security Policy. 6. Personal Technology Usage and Your Health and Safety. Improper usage or overuse of Personal Technology can lead to injury tendonitis or swelling of tissues and joints. The following tips are provided to help you avoid such injury while you use your Personal Technology. If you have questions or concerns or would like demonstration of these safety techniques please contact the Human Resources Department.

Proper use of your Personal Technology includes. * Taking frequent breaks from using your Personal Technology. * Immediately stopping use if you experience any of the following symptoms. pain in your thumb fingers wrist joints or anywhere else on your body. * Immediately stopping use if your hands or extremities feel numb or are tingling. * Avoiding typing for more than few minutes at time. * Avoiding typing only with your thumb. * Making sure that your wrists are in an upright position and not flexed or bent when typing. Try placing support underneath your Personal Technology whenever possible.

The following is the Company policy for using Personal Technology while operating motor vehicle. * You may not text email use web browser or otherwise use your Personal Technology in any way while driving or operating motor vehicle. The American Physical Therapy Association recommends the following simple exercises. * Tap each finger with the thumb of the same hand. Repeat five times. * Alternate tapping the palm of your hand and the back of your hand against your thigh as quickly as you can. Repeat times. * Open your hands and spread your fingers as far apart as possible. Hold for seconds and repeat eight times. * Fold your hands together and turn your palms away from your body as you extend your arms forward. You should only feel gentle stretch. Hold for seconds and repeat eight times. * Fold your hands together turn your palms away from your body and extend your arms overhead. You should feel the stretch in your upper torso and shoulders to hand. Hold for seconds and repeat eight times. 7. Responsibility and Storage of Personal Technology.

Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to their Personal Technology Devices at any time. 8. Modification of Policy. Company reserves the right to add modify or delete any provision of this Policy at any time and without notice. Company reserves the right to restrict any access right at any time whether violation of this Policy occurs or not. Company reserves the exclusive right and will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes violation of any of these provisions. 9. Improper or Illegal Conduct. Failure to adhere to the provisions of this Policy may result in disciplinary actions and or termination. The following shall be construed as violations. a Allowing access to any restricted information by unauthorized personnel or purposefully allowing unauthorized personnel to gain access to Personal Technology for non company or non authorized activities. b Allowing dangerous or restricted software or applications to be installed on the Personal Technology at any time. c Engaging in any behavior with Personal Technology that would violate the Company Wireless Network Usage Policy or Company Internet Access and Asset Usage Policy. 10. Consequences of Violation.

If Company becomes aware of an alleged violation of any of the terms contained in this Policy or any other policy that has been posted on its web site made available to employees or contractors via email or posted in any other form Company shall initiate an investigation. During the investigation Company may restrict access to the employees Personal Technology whether personally owned or otherwise in order to prevent further possible unauthorized activity. Company may at its sole discretion restrict suspend or remove employees Personal Technology without notice or refund or pursue civil remedies as it deems necessary. Company shall notify the appropriate law enforcement department of any such violations. Company shall not be responsible for any payment refunds or compensation in any way for service disruptions or termination resulting from violations of this Policy. Effective Date. current date

Writing the Company Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures document (example of another included contract document)

company name SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Introduction This Companys Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures were created by the Company in order to provide protection of the rights of individuals and to provide set of common definitions and guidelines for code of conduct while working for Company. This policy is written to reflect both the Companys existing Sexual Harassment Policies as well as the federal statutes under which the Company operates its business. The goal of this policy is to allow for an environment that is free of Sexual Harassment by way of comparable protection of the rights of our employees customers contractors and vendors through standardized practices and procedures. Company seeks to increase awareness of the Companys Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures and to provide education and information for employees in order to help employees understand Sexual Harassment and the Companys policy concerning Sexual Harassment as well as their rights and responsibilities as employees of the Company.

Definitions Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment shall mean all behavior that is considered to be unwelcome attention that is of sexual nature or topic. victim of Sexual Harassment does not necessarily have to be the one directly harassed but may be expanded to include anyone who finds the behavior offensive and considers himself or herself to be affected by such behavior. Sexual Harasser Sexual Harasser shall mean one who is engaging in Sexual Harassment. Within the context of working with the Company Sexual Harasser may be but is not limited to co worker supervisor manager customer or even stranger. Complainant Complainant shall mean the person or persons who bring forth the complaint or request for investigation into alleged Sexual Harassment. Respondent Respondent shall mean the person or persons toward whom the Sexual Harassment complaint is directed. The Respondent is usually the Sexual Harasser or the parties involved in Sexual Harassment.

Policy Statement Company provides professional working environment and is committed to making such environment free from Sexual Harassment. Sexual Harassment is form of sex discrimination and is illegal. The Company will not tolerate Sexual Harassment in any form. Insert whether your company requires training and what type of training must be completed. The Company provides this training to further their commitment to educate and train their employees about Sexual Harassment and other workplace harassment issues. Definition and Statutory Reference Harassment on the basis of sex is discrimination and is violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of U. S. C. 2000e and Title IX of the Educational Amendments of U. S. C. 1681. Sexual Harassment will often but not always exploit relationship that is between individuals of unequal authority or power in the workplace. Examples include relationships such as those between an employee and manager; between an employee and supervisor or lead; or between an employee and another employee irrespective of their positions with the Company. Sexual Harassment is not limited by the gender of either party; it is not limited by the superior or subordinate relationship of either party; it is not limited to Sexual Harassment that may occur within the confines of the building or office you may work in nor is it limited to the hours you work while employed by the Company. Sexual Harassment includes but is not limited to the following types of behavior and situations. * written or verbal comments emails telephone calls or text messages that are of sexual nature; * physical contact that is of sexual nature;

* imposition of terms or conditions of employment or giving of instruction to an employee whether explicitly or implicitly that is of sexual nature; * use of such behavior as criteria whether explicitly or implicitly for evaluation in making decisions affecting an individual or employee; * conditions that create hostile or intimidating environment or workplace; * conditions that allow any such behavior to be perpetuated or tolerated by another employee or individual. In relation to the above items behavior considered to be sexually harassing may also include but is not limited to. unwelcome sexual flirtations advances or propositions; verbal remarks of sexual nature whether directed to an individual or group including sexually explicit or offensive jokes; graphic or degrading verbal or written comments of sexual nature about an individual or the individuals appearance; any suggestive or unwelcome physical contact; conduct of sexual nature that interferes with an employees activities or with an employees job performance; or assault.

Responsibility It is the Companys responsibility to investigate and respond to all allegations of Sexual Harassment in manner that is both consistent and in accordance with the law. Confidentiality The Company shall make all efforts to respect the right to confidentiality of all of the parties involved in Sexual Harassment investigation. The Company cannot absolutely guarantee the confidentiality or privacy or absolutely protect the identity of any of the parties involved in an investigation or Sexual Harassment complaint. Complaints Found to be Malicious or Frivolous Charges or complaints found to be malicious or with the intent to damage another persons reputation or standing may result in sanctions imposed or even charges filed against the Complainant by the respondent. Unsubstantiated Claims

The failure to substantiate Sexual Harassment claim shall not automatically constitute frivolous or malicious charge. Retaliatory Action Action taken against any individual whether employee or otherwise that is result of that individual filing complaint or seeking redress due to an incident or incidents of Sexual Harassment is strictly prohibited. Any such actions taken by employees of Company shall be regarded as separate causes for complaint and or disciplinary action. Seeking Remedy or Redress Outside of the Company The Companys Sexual Harassment policy does not prevent employees from pursuing complaint with any third party or agency. Company Procedures The Company takes all complaints of Sexual Harassment seriously. The Company also has an obligation to investigate all claims of Sexual Harassment brought forward by Complainant in thorough and judicious manner that also respects rights of the respondent s. The Company shall consider any report to its Executives its Human Resources Department Manager or Supervisor of Sexual Harassment complaint to be serious matter and the department or supervisor who first takes in the report must immediately notify his her superiors or manager for further processing. The person or department first receiving the report must immediately notify the Human Resources Department so that the complaint can be recorded clarified and assigned to staff member to investigate and so that the Company may take preventive and corrective action. Companys Sexual Harassment procedures are composed of two parts.

Company intervention and Company conducted hearing. Step 1. Intervention by Company Intervention is an attempt by the Company to resolve all Sexual Harassment complaints directly without focus on either motive or blame. Resolution of complaints at this stage requires agreement on the part of all parties involved. Agreement must be voluntary and without duress on the part of either party. Resolution at the intervention step can often produce the greatest benefit to all parties. The Company will provide trained staff for facilitating the intervention step and intervention shall occur at time and place of the Companys choosing. Actions taken in the intervention step include but are not limited to. * listening to the Complainant to find out what action or resolution he she desires; * advising both the Complainant and the respondent as to the scope of the Sexual Harassment Policy and the definition of behavior; * having the Complainant meet with the respondent to discuss the complaint while third party is present;

* providing information to the respondent that concerns actions that the Complainant may consider to be Sexual Harassment; * undertaking an initial investigation into the complaint; * conducting an educational session or educational workshop on Sexual Harassment for the department or Company and providing an attendance record as proof of notice given to the respondent of this policy; * having supervisor manager or executive counsel the respondent; * helping to draft letter of apology transfer of either party voluntary resignation or other appropriate level of Company sanction ; * conducting follow up inquiry to see if the complaint has been resolved or if the Complainant still wishes to take further action. Record Keeping

All complaints shall be documented and stored in confidential file. Complaints must be kept separate from any personnel or other employment files. Documentation must include name of the Complainant and all respondents including complete description of the complaint date witnesses and any other information relevant to the case. Reporting The Company Human Resources Manager is responsible for communicating to the Company insert Executive Board CEO President. etc. the number type and disposition of Sexual Harassment complaints received. All of these communications shall be confidential and shall not disclose the names of the Complainant or the respondent. Complaint Withdrawal In the case of withdrawal of the complaint by the Complainant the intervention may or may not continue at the discretion of the Company. Confidentiality of Communication and Complaints The Company will make every possible effort to maintain confidentiality during the intervention; however confidentiality cannot be 100% guaranteed. Step 2. Hearing

The hearing is the second procedure that the Company may undertake at its discretion in order to resolve complaints of Sexual Harassment. The hearing will consist of the following policies and procedures. Timeliness of Hearing All stages of the hearing procedure shall have time limits imposed upon them that are both reasonable and expedient. The Human Resources Director shall set all times and locations of meetings hearing and other items relating to the Sexual Harassment complaint and communicate and confirm such times to each party in writing. Hearing should occur within ten business days after the formation of Hearing Board. Withdrawal of the Complaint The Company should advise the Complainant about what will happen if the Complainant wishes to withdraw his her complaint at this phase. Should the Complainant wish to withdraw the complaint the hearing may or may not continue at the discretion of the Company.

Contents of the Written Complaint The complaint must be signed and dated by the Complainant and include the name of the parties involved the Complainants address the date of the complaint the date or period of time that the complaint takes place the nature and description of the harassment and any accompanying information that the Complainant deems appropriate. The Company Human Resources Department shall treat any written notification by any employee or manager whether received electronically or otherwise as notification of Sexual Harassment and shall begin the appropriate investigation; however for the purposes of the hearing phase the Companys Sexual Harassment Report must be signed and completed by the Complainant prior to the start of the complaint hearing. Notification of Hearing Procedure The Company shall notify all parties of the time place and rules concerning the hearing procedure. The hearing shall occur no less than ten business days from the date of the notification to allow all parties to gather their evidence and testimony except in the case of unilateral agreement by all parties that the hearing should proceed sooner or later than the allotted ten business days. Hearing Board

The Hearing Board shall consist of the following members or participants. * Insert board member by name or title * Insert board member by name or title * Insert board member by name or title * Insert as many additional members as you require The Hearing Board shall designate Hearing Officer who shall preside over the hearing. Hearing Procedure The hearing is intended to provide an opportunity to determine whether Sexual Harassment has occurred and whether the Companys Sexual Harassment policy has been violated. Each party shall be given complete and fair hearing. The hearing process shall be formal but is not to be considered court proceeding by either party. Nothing contained in the hearing process statements or testimony or found by the hearing panel shall be construed binding or considered to be evidence in court of law. All parties involved in the Sexual Harassment complaint shall have the right to retain legal representation if they so wish. Each party shall be expected to give testimony and the hearing panel will record and hear all evidence that it believes is relevant to the Sexual Harassment complaint. The hearing shall be conducted as follows.

1. The Hearing Officer shall read the complaint and ask the respondent to either confirm admit or deny dispute the complaint s. 2. Both parties may make opening statements. Opening statements should be brief respectful of all parties present at the hearing procedure and should not be used to present evidence. 3. The Hearing Board shall give all parties the opportunity to present evidence relevant to the complaint s. 4. Both parties may make concluding statements. Parties may should they wish submit any additional written arguments or testimony to the Hearing Board at this time. 5. The Hearing Board shall then deliberate and by majority vote of its members make finding as to whether the Company Sexual Harassment policy was violated and what actions or sanctions should occur that the Company deems appropriate and consistent with this Sexual Harassment Policy.

Outcome and Record Keeping The outcome of the hearing shall be decided on by the Hearing Board and all findings recorded by the Human Resources Department and entered in the appropriate personnel file s. During the hearing procedure and sanction the Company shall make every reasonable attempt to keep the Sexual Harassment complaint and all associated documents confidential; however confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Appeal of Either Intervention or Hearing Each party involved in Sexual Harassment complaint has the right to appeal. Appeals can be made by completing written request of appeal to the Human Resources Department. Contact Information Questions comments or concerns regarding the Sexual Harassment Policy may be directed to hr human resources email or to the following Sexual Harassment Advisor or Company representative. hr human resources contact name

Changes to this Sexual Harassment Policy The practices described in this Sexual Harassment Policy are current as of current date. Company reserves the right to modify or amend this Policy at any time consistent with the requirements of the Sexual Harassment Principles. Appropriate public notice will be given concerning such amendments. This Policy may be changed periodically in accordance with the requirements of the Sexual Harassment Principles. Effective Date. current date Approval. approved approver

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