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How to write your Business and Marketing Plan

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Use the Business and Marketing Plan template to outline a business strategy for marketing, positioning, evaluation and scheduling.
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How do you write a Business and Marketing Plan document?

General Information

Describe the marketing plan in a summary format and date of preparation. Market and Plan Objectives Summary. Overview of the Past, Present and Future of the Market.

Describe as necessary the changes in the market that have take place in the past, present and potential future that will affect your company.

Items to address include:

Current share of the market. Market share(s) the company plans to go after. Leadership and Major Players in the market.

Trends and Shifts taking place in the market - both past, present and future (e.g. cyclical shifts). Competition, both foreign and domestic. Costs - materials, labor, availability of such. Pricing, Inflation and the Economy as it relates to the above.

Description of Business Plan Objectives

For each objective of the business plan give details of the plan objectives. Include the " measurableness" of achieving that objective or how you plan to track the ROI (Return on Investment), and what, if any dependencies the objective may have upon other objectives or business plan milestones. Description of Competition and the Competitive Landscape.

Give a description of what, if any competition exists for the products and services that the Company is offering. This may be in relation to the business plan as a whole, or as pertains to specific objectives. Include competition strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to your offering.

Company or Product Positioning. Explain how the Company or a particular business objective (e.g. product) is positioned in the market against competing products or companies. For each product or objective, give it a unique title and short identifier.

Description of Product or Service

Give a detail of what product or service is being compared against the current market and its competitors. Detail this in writing or a chart would be appropriate. Product / Service - Unique Selling Proposition: Include a quick summation of the unique selling proposition or promise to your intended customer. Product / Service - Customer Target Groups and their Demographics: Include a list of the groups to be targeted as well as any demographical information or research you may have available.

Product / Service - Audience Message: Include the specific marketing messages you are trying to communicate to this group with as well as the communication strategy to be utilized in order to effectively deliver this message.

Resource Analysis

Describe each resource necessary to achieve the objectives of the business plan described in B. These resources may be equipment, funding, time, personnel, etc.

Resource Requirements

Marketing Plan Components

Describe all of the plan documents that are required for the successful execution of this business plan. Plan Component Additional Documents Launch Plan Launch Plan and Budget Documents Promotional Plan and Budget Promotional Plan, Schedule and line item / cost breakdown of promotional activities. Packaging, Fulfillment and Distribution Plan Plans for changing / altering the current manner in which Company fulfills or distributes the products or services covered in this plan. Product or Service Pricing Strategy Pricing and Fee Structures - including International pricing strategies.

Marketing Schedule All schedules for advertising, promotional phases and all aspects involving timing, spending, editorial calendars, conferences, industry events or PR opportunities.

Promotion Plan - Overview

Describe the promotional aspects of this plan and any notes regarding the resources to be utilized, time-sensitive information, date-specific events, etc. Plan Component Notes PR Campaign Include both pre-launch and ongoing PR campaign plans. Industry / Trade Show Plan Include how you are going to achieve business objectives through industry events, shows and periodicals. Direct Marketing Include strategy and the methods used for Direct Marketing and Communication.

Third-Party Marketing Include affinity-marketing, marketing to groups by partnerships and other arrangements. Marketing and Loyalty Programs Include existing marketing programs or loyalty programs you may already have. Include plan for converting any existing customer or cross-sell opportunities. Special Packaging Include special promotional packaging or other creative strategies for the presentation of products and services.

Promotional Policies Include a plan for training staff and employees on any new policies that they may need to know concerning changes to operations or customer services, sales, support, etc. Vertical Markets Plan Include any plans for distribution of marketing materials into vertical markets, partner channels and how the plan achieves the goal of increasing sales in vertical markets available to Company. Promotional ROI and Tracking Include the success/failure criteria and metrics from tracking the individual promotional efforts and components.

Plan Metrics - Overview

Describe the manner in which ROI for individual promotional aspects of this plan will be tracked. Include a list of goals and the benchmarks which success / failure will be measure against. Include any notes regarding the tracking resources to be utilized, the rational behind any of the metric and benchmarks used as well as the manner in which measurements will be taken for each plan component that is to be tracked.

Marketing Plan Schedules

Describe the schedules which are important to the launch and continued execution of all plan components.

Schedule may include:

Three Month, Six-Month and 12 month schedules, including milestones and highlights. Schedules of critical events, both internal and external (e.g. marketplace or industry events). Schedules of dependencies and restraints, including resources allocated to the production or fulfillment of goods and services. Schedules for " Back-up" or " Alternate" plans, contingency plans and other documents that alter the marketing, promotion and execution of this Business Plan.

Alternate plans include plans that change both internal and external components, such as logistics, staffing, ordering, supply management, cost of goods or any other costs associated with the achievement of success / failure of promotional objectives. Flexible and scalable plans are preferred in nearly all cases.

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