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How to write your Project Marketing Tips

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The Marketing Tips document includes some sample checklists of things that can be done to marketing the site and business. Use this checklist to offer marketing advise to a client as part of your web services. Add your own tips as needed.
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How do you write a Project Marketing Tips document?

Marketing Tips

Building a web site is not a marketing plan. It is only one resource that should be woven into the entire fabric of the business. Marketing starts after a site is completed and can be extremely time consuming and costly.

Your clients should be made aware at the start that simply creating their site will not generate lots of traffic and will not cause them to be immediately listed in all of the search engines, etc. To avoid client problems you should set their expectations realistically and if marketing services are to be rendered it should be separate from the cost of the site creation. Listed are a number of marketing tactics you can suggest and/or offer to your clients. This document is intended for internal use as a checklist of marketing tips and tactics.

It should not be included as-is into a proposal. If you are to be offering any of these as a service they should be individually included in the cost of the site and listed in the proposal and contract(s). Create marketing plan tying together on-line and real world material.

Study additional Internet marketing courses (See Appendix of Resources). Put company URL on absolutely everything. Answering machine/voice mail. Front door of business.

Business cards. Mini CD-ROM interactive business cards. Letterhead and envelopes.

Invoices and packing slips. Coffee mugs, pens and other giveaways. Brochures, flyers and posters.

Ads – Yellow Pages, Classifieds, Magazines, Radio, TV, Newspaper, etc. Vehicles. All documents.

Clothing (hats/shirts). Portfolios. Contact other sites and offer link trades (tell them what’s in it for them and give them a reason to help each other). Give incentive for others to link to you.

Signage. Screensavers and wallpaper. E-mail signature files. Consider registering a new DBA of the domain name.

Participate in related newsgroups (become a resident expert). Manuals and books. Create an on-line newsletter (use Mailloop, AWeber or VarPro to send personalized bulk mailings to your opt-in list).

Send automated press releases using a press release service. See the various Internet marketing courses like Declan Dunn’s, Michael Campbell’s and IMC for in depth information on writing press releases. Do not send unsolicited e-mail (i.e. SPAM or UCE). Only send e-mail to people who expressly give you permission, give them an easy way to unsubscribe and a way to contact you directly including a real return e-mail address.

In addition to submitting to search engines use them to search for potential customers and affiliates to contact directly. Product packaging. On-line coupons, printed coupons with URL.

Provide full contact information (name, address, e-mail, phone, 800#, fax). Register URL with at least the top 10 search engines. Consider paying the $199.00 Yahoo fee for site evaluation within 7 days (as opposed to 7 months). Be careful doing this if it appears that the company is already listed in Yahoo (even under a different domain) as they will consider it the same company and decline to list it.

Register with, Dun & Bradstreet, Market via an affiliate program. Advertise in targeted e-zines and opt-in mailing lists. Find related sites and offer sponsorships or partnerships.

Consider purchasing keywords and phrases on search engines. Write letters to the editors of major search engines requesting a review and addition to their preferred listings. If you run an affiliate program find qualified affiliates personally rather than relying on random sign ups. Offer special "limited time offers" only to your opt-in lists.

Time your special offers to coincide with common pay periods. Are you more likely to purchase a day or two after you are paid or a day or two before? Test your marketing copy, newsletters and ads constantly, using what works and change what does not work.

Invest smaller amounts of money on small tests before committing to more expensive advertisements. Consider spreading your advertising budget over multiple campaigns rather than one quick and expensive shot. Study the Internet marketing courses listed in the Appendix of Resources.

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