How to write my Project Analysis Overview Worksheet document

Project Analysis Overview A. General Information Describe project title and date of analysis as well as preparer. Project Name. Prepared by. Date. B. Description 1. Overview of Project Purpose. Describe as necessary the business problems being addressed by this project.

2. Description of Project Objectives. For each objective of the project give detail of the objectives description the “measurableness” of achieving that objective and what if any dependencies the objective may have upon other objectives or project milestones. Objective. Measurableness. Dependencies.

Objective. Measurableness. Dependencies. Objective. Measurableness.

Dependencies. 3. Description of Project Constraints Give description of what if any constraints the project may have. Either in relation to the project as whole or as pertains to specific objectives. These constraints may be physical monetary equipment or time wise. C. Solution Overview For each solution give it unique title and short identifier. Title. ID. 1. Description of Solution.

Give detail of what is being proposed to address the specific business problems as given in the project description and how they relate to the objectives outlined in B. 2. 2. Reason for Decision on Solution. Describe in detail how the solution in C. 1. above was decided upon as well as what factors played key role in selecting solution and how the solution will address the objectives outlined in B. 2. 3. Resource Analysis Describe each resource necessary to achieve the objectives of the project described in B. 2. These resources may be equipment funding time personnel etc. Resource Requirements D. Risk Analysis Describe all potential risks involving the project solution outlined in section as they relate to the project objectives outlined in B. 2. Bear in mind that some unintended risks may be of positive nature for example particular consequence of the solution may risk goal to be achieved ahead of schedule.

Risk Potential consequence E. Recommendation Describe the justification behind choosing the solution outlined in section as it relates to the risk involved from section D.