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How to write your own Project Plan Worksheet

This editable document is included in Proposal Kit Professional. Order and download for $199. Follow these steps to get started.


Use the Project Plan Worksheet to keep track of the important details of each project such as contact information, milestones, summaries, resources, procurement, risks and backup plans.
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1. Get Proposal Kit Professional that includes this business document.

This Project Plan Worksheet is included in an editable format that can be customized for your own needs.

2. Download and install after ordering.

Once you have ordered and downloaded your Proposal Kit Professional you will have all the content you need to get started with your project management.

3. Customize the project template with your own information.

You can customize the project document as much as you need. You can also use the included Wizard software to automate merging in name/address data.

Business Asset Casualty or Loss Worksheet

How do you write a Project Plan Worksheet document?

Project Plan

Describe project title and date of plan as well as preparer. For each business involved in the project, list all relevant details of the business itself, then list all persons of interest involved in the project and their contact information. Describe the Project plan as it relates to the objectives in section B of the Project-Analysis-Worksheet.

Plan Goals

For each project objective outlined in section B of the Project-Analysis-Worksheet describe how the plan expects to complete each objective.

Project Objective Plan Methodology

Plan Milestone Summary

List all the projected milestones for the project plan, the expected completion of each.

Milestone Expected Completion

Plan Resources

Describe all resources needed in the plan to complete overall plan goals. The resource may be of any nature necessary to the completion of the plan.

Resource Purpose

Resource Procurement

For each resource necessary to the plan as outlined above in C.4 describe the expected procurement costs as well as which milestone as outlined in C.5 the resource is necessary to achieve.

Resource Related Milestone Costs

Plan Risks

Describe the most relevant risks to the plans success in order of importance as they relate to the completion of the project and what backups should be in place to mitigate damage done to the project as a whole.

Risk Backup Plan 1

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The editable Project Plan Worksheet document - complete with the actual formatting and layout is available in the retail Proposal Kit Professional.
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