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How to write your Search Engine Submissions

We include this editable document in the Proposal Kit Professional. Order and download it for $199. Follow these steps to get started.


This document is intended for internal use only as an example. Use it as a reference when submitting your web sites. Edit as needed to add any additional submission services you provide. This is only for use as an internal checklist for you to follow when submitting sites so you do not skip any steps. You should consult up to date Internet sources for the most recent information available and update your internal checklists as needed. Search Engine rules, top engines, and listing tools change constantly.
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Writing the Search Engine Submissions document

Search Engine Submission Checklist

See the Appendix of Resources for links to applications referenced in this and other documents. You should subscribe to the various web design newsletters, as this information may be outdated on any given day. This document is intended to be used as your own internal checklist for submitting sites.

Edit the steps as needed to suit your purposes and keep it on-hand for each project you complete. At this time we are using Search Engine Commando Pro to autosubmit one page per day per site to the top 20 search engines. Use a tool such as SEC Pro or Web Position Gold, which will be updated periodically to conform to the latest search engine guidelines. Finish site titles, descriptions, h1 tags, hook, doorway, content and splash pages.

Create Web Position Gold, Search Engine Commando or Swiss Army App profile for all keywords and phrases depending on the submission software you are using. At the time of this writing we are using Web Position Gold. Run 1st Web Position report and save. Web Position is an invaluable tool for monitoring your search engine positions.

Submit site (print main submission forms and emailed passwords). Add other paid domains you advertise on here.

Exhaustive Submission (engines listed are for illustration purposes only, edit as needed for the most popular engines you are submitting your sites to):

Find 2 categories for the site, lookup competing sites. Submit from one of those category pages and then enter the 2nd one. Either submit to a regional Yahoo! Submit only 1 URL, may take 4-12 months to get listed.

If site qualifies pay for Yahoo guaranteed review of site. Add other domains you submit too here.

Extra sites to submit to (as appropriate):

Add additional directories specific to your clients here, such as industry related portals and search engines. Use SubmitIt! or other 3rd party service (optional). Pay fee to auto list website to hundreds of engines & directories.

Still very time consuming. Odds are they only submit 1 page rather than multiple pages. Multiple techniques should still be used. Note that this submission technique can result in a lot of unwanted spam as they tend to submit to FFA Link pages and a lot of other sites who are just gathering e-mail addresses to send spam to.

Other 3rd party services you pay to submit site pages for you. Web Rings to add sites to (as appropriate for non-commercial or small niche sites). Add other rings here as needed (optional).

Run Web Position Gold reports periodically and track progress. Submit new and unlisted pages periodically.

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