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How to write your LAN Upgrade to Wireless Project Proposal

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This set of templates was used by an information technology provider responding to an RFP from an institution to upgrade an old network to add wireless and mobile capabilities.

You can also create countless variations of this document to suit your needs using the included library of 2200+ chapters.
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Components of a LAN Upgrade to Wireless Project Proposal

There is no one-size-fits-all template for a lan upgrade to wireless project proposal. Proposal Kit templates can be customized as needed to fit any situation using the extensive chapter template library. Here are some key chapters typically included in this type of template. Use this template as your starting point and customize it as needed using the software included with each Proposal Pack or the Professional bundle.

Cover Letter

The Cover Letter introduces the proposal and highlights the intent to upgrade the existing LAN by incorporating wireless technology. It sets a positive and professional tone while summarizing the main objectives and benefits of the project.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides a concise overview of the entire proposal. It outlines the key points such as the scope of work, expected outcomes, cost, and timeline, giving the reader a quick understanding of the project's impact.

Scope of Work

The Scope of Work details the specific tasks and activities that will be carried out to upgrade the network. This includes installing wireless access points, ensuring network security, and integrating with existing systems.

Cost Summary

The Cost Summary section presents a breakdown of all expenses involved in the project. This includes equipment, labor, training, and any other related costs, providing a clear financial picture for the institution.

Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment evaluates the current network infrastructure and identifies the requirements for upgrading to a wireless system. It highlights any deficiencies and how the proposed solution will address them.

Project Deliverables

Project Deliverables lists the tangible and intangible outcomes expected from the project. This might include new hardware, improved network performance, and comprehensive documentation.

Training Plan

The Training Plan outlines how staff will be trained to use and manage the new wireless network. It ensures that the institution will be able to use and maintain the upgraded system.


The Networking section describes the design and configuration of the new wireless network. It includes details on connectivity, network security, and how the system will integrate with existing infrastructure.


Maintenance covers the ongoing support and upkeep needed to ensure the wireless network operates smoothly. This includes routine checks, troubleshooting, and updates.


The Assessment section evaluates the project's success by comparing the upgraded network's performance against the initial requirements and objectives.

Project Background

Project Background provides context by explaining why the upgrade is necessary and how it fits into the institution's broader goals. It may reference past issues with the current LAN setup.


Bandwidth details the capacity requirements for the new wireless network, ensuring it can handle the expected traffic and provide a reliable connection for all users.


Wireless focuses on the specific technologies and standards that will be used in the network upgrade. This includes the selection of wireless access points and any relevant protocols.


The Documentation chapter ensures that all aspects of the project are well-documented, from initial planning through to final implementation. It ensures future reference and troubleshooting.


Configuration covers the technical settings and parameters that will be used to set up the new wireless network. This is crucial for ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.


Mobility highlights how the new wireless network will support mobile device usage, providing flexibility and increased productivity for users on the go.

Installation Details

Installation Details outlines the step-by-step process of implementing the network upgrade. It includes timelines, specific tasks, and any special requirements.

Installation Schedule

The Installation Schedule provides a detailed timeline for the project, ensuring all stakeholders are aware of key milestones and deadlines.


Scalability discusses how the new wireless network can grow and adapt to future needs. It ensures the solution will remain effective as the institution's requirements evolve.


Upgrades focuses on any additional improvements that may be integrated into the network over time. It ensures the longevity and relevance of the wireless system.


Topology describes the physical and logical layout of the new network, including how different components will connect and interact with each other.

Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software lists the specific equipment and programs that will be used in the network upgrade. It ensures compatibility and meets performance requirements.

Legacy Systems

Legacy Systems addresses how the new wireless network will integrate with or replace existing systems. It ensures a smooth transition without disrupting current operations.


Specifications provide detailed technical requirements for the hardware and software used in the network upgrade, ensuring all components meet necessary standards.


Recommendations offer expert advice on the best approaches and practices for upgrading the network, ensuring the project's success.


Qualifications highlight the expertise and experience of the team responsible for the network upgrade, demonstrating their capability to deliver a successful project.

Company History

Company History provides background information on the IT provider, establishing their credibility and reliability in handling network upgrades.


Certifications list any relevant qualifications or industry standards met by the IT provider, underscoring their expertise and professionalism.

Services Provided

Services Provided details the range of services the IT provider offers, emphasizing their ability to deliver comprehensive network solutions.


References include testimonials or case studies from previous clients, demonstrating the IT provider's track record of successful projects.

Related Projects

Related Projects highlight similar network upgrade projects completed by the IT provider, showcasing their experience and success in similar scenarios.

Compliance Matrix

Compliance Matrix ensures that the proposed solution meets all regulatory and institutional requirements, guaranteeing the project adheres to necessary standards.

RFP Cross Reference

RFP Cross Reference maps the proposal's contents to the requirements specified in the original Request for Proposal, ensuring all criteria are addressed.


Appendices include any additional information or detailed data that supports the proposal, providing further clarity and evidence.

Examples of projects a LAN Upgrade to Wireless Project Proposal may be used for

This document can be used in many contexts and has various uses depending on the needs. Depending on your situation, customize the chapter list as needed using a Proposal Pack or the Professional bundle.

  • Upgrading a school network to provide better Wi-Fi access for students and staff.
  • Modernizing a hospital's network to support wireless medical devices.
  • Enhancing a corporate office's network for improved mobile work solutions.
  • Upgrading a library's public internet access to wireless for patrons.
  • Supporting a university campus with wireless connectivity for students and faculty.
  • Enabling wireless access in a warehouse for inventory management systems.
  • Upgrading a hotel's network to offer better Wi-Fi services to guests.
  • Modernizing a government building's network for secure wireless communication.
  • Enhancing wireless connectivity in a retail store for point-of-sale systems.
  • Upgrading a conference center's network to provide seamless wireless access for events.
  • Modernizing an airport's network to support wireless services for passengers.
  • Enabling wireless communications in a manufacturing plant for real-time monitoring.
  • Providing wireless network upgrades for a financial institution to support mobile banking.
  • Upgrading a public park's network to offer wireless internet for visitors.
  • Enhancing wireless capabilities in a stadium for better fan engagement.
  • Upgrading a research facility's network for improved wireless data collection.
  • Providing better wireless access in a community center for local events.
  • Supporting wireless connectivity in a theater for mobile ticketing and services.
  • Upgrading a clinic's network to improve wireless access for healthcare providers.
  • Enhancing wireless services in a residential complex for tenants.


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The LAN Upgrade to Wireless Project Proposal may also be referred to in different ways or be used in more specialized situations, such as:

  • Wireless Network Upgrade
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  • Wi-Fi Enhancement
  • Mobile Connectivity Upgrade
  • IT Infrastructure Update
  • Network Improvement Project
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Chapter Templates Used in the LAN Upgrade to Wireless Project Proposal

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How to create the LAN Upgrade to Wireless Project Proposal with Proposal Pack Wizard

You can create this document using any of the logo-designed Proposal Packs. Pick any Proposal Pack with a logo design theme you like best; they will all work equally well. The Proposal Pack for Any Business is the pack with no extra added logos or colors - designed to be used plain or for you to customize with your logos and graphics.

The Proposal Pack design theme you purchase will determine the visual look of this template. The screenshot above only shows the plain generic design theme. Names and stories in examples are fictional; however, the templates are from real client use cases.

We include a library of chapters to be assembled based on your needs. All proposals are different and have different needs and goals. We designed Proposal Pack so you can customize the documents to suit your needs.

You will best create this document using the Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition software to select this template and build it in the Proposal Pack logo design theme of your choice along with any desired customizations (such as adding additional chapters, removing unneeded chapters, changing the order of chapters, and importing your company logo). This template outlines a proposal for the described situation. Each user is responsible for typing in the actual content of the provided pages with their information to complete the proposal.

You create this template using the Wizard software with an entire Proposal Pack library and software. We include the Expert Edition of the software in the Proposal Kit Professional bundle. Microsoft Word for Windows is required to use the customizing software.

You can also edit Word document templates in other office software such as Word for Mac. We will assist Mac users in assembling this template - LAN Upgrade to Wireless Project Proposal - for their first project if they do not have the required platform to run the Wizard software.

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