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How to Write a Food Industry Proposal

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This video shows how to write a food industry related proposal using Proposal Kit. This can be a services sales proposal, product sales, business startup funding, buying or selling a franchise, government RFP responses and so on. Proposal Kit has many pre-made visual design themes for food services, catering, vending and grocery use as well. Samples of prewritten food services and product sales are also included in every Proposal Pack.

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Here are some related templates:

In this video we're going to show how to create food industry related proposals using Proposal Kit. This can vary from catering services to delis, business startups, product sales proposals, food products and so on. If you look on our website we have hundreds and hundreds of design themes.

In the Lifestyle category here we will have some food, beverage, catering type design themes to pick from. If you just scroll down the list you'll see Catering #1, Catering #2, Food #1, #2, #3, #4 and so on. Vending #1, Vending #2.

These are just visual design themes with different sets of graphics, logos and so on. You do not have to use a food or catering specific design theme if you don't want. We have many other general purpose designs you can use just as well if you just wanted something like a general line art design.

You can just scroll through all the hundreds of designs and find one that suits your purposes. If you just want plain black and white text where you can do a little branding yourself by changing the fonts, colors, adding your own logo and so on. This Proposal Pack for Any Business is the brandable pack that doesn't have graphics or pictures or logos added to it ahead of time.

Even with the graphic design themes you can customize these with swapping in your own graphics. Once you've decided on the design theme, you've purchased it, downloaded it and set up the Wizard software you'll be ready to get started. This first example we're going to illustrate with the Catering #2 design theme.

Whichever one design theme or two or whatever you've purchased will be available in the software. Whenever you create a new document like a proposal, contract, business plan, whatever. You go and click this button Document Projects.

Click the Pick Documents button. Now here's where you can select the individual chapters. A cover letter, title page, a services page, your prices, company history and so on.

These are the common templates a lot of people might use to start with. If you click this drop–down you can get to all sorts of specialty pages you can add as well. And every pack has all this content in it so you can create proposals for all different kinds of businesses with every single pack.

The focus on this video is specifically food–related so we can scroll down to the Food/Beverage/Grocery category and you'll see a bunch of specialty chapters. For vending or product sales to a store you might use a Footprint chapter or a Seasonal chapter. Talking about your Packaging and so on.

Those specialty chapters if you want to get specific for service sales versus product sales versus a project and so on. If you want to get started a little quicker with a premade list of chapters you can go over to this Quick Start tab. You can also find some samples in this View Samples tab and if you do a search on just a simple word like food, catering or so on you will drill down to the samples.

There are a few samples food–related you'll find here for catering services, deli construction, food product sales and so on. You can also find those samples and more layouts over in this Quick Start tab. So I'll show that Quick Start tab.

Now there are 600 plus layouts in here but if we just click the search button we'll just search on the word food. This will find all the layouts that are related to food, product sales, catering, delis and so on. So I've narrowed the list down and we're going to start with the Food Services Catering Proposal.

This Quick Start is 16 templates long. We'll import it into our project. These are 16 out of the over 2000 chapters already laid out for this kind of proposal.

Plus this Quick Start actually has sample content written for it as well. So we're going to say yes we're going to pull in the sample content. You'll see those chapters here and now we have the chapters selected for this proposal and you can make changes to this layout as well.

Say if we don't need a 16–page proposal we can drop out pages we don't need. We can even go back to these Search by Name, Add Templates and add additional chapters. So once you've had your chapters selected click this button Okay, Use Selected Templates.

Now we're back in the project screen and we can also fill in the Company Data and Client Data. So this is the data that will get merged and we're just going to fill in some dummy data here. Now that we have the template selected we're importing the sample content into those templates.

We've set up the mail merge data. Now we're ready to actually build the document. So you click the OK, Save Project button and you just wait for the Wizard to generate your document.

In this case since we're pulling in sample content any one of the design themes you selected will have that sample content pulled into it. You can create the same sample but in any of our design themes, whichever ones you have purchased and any other customizations you've made such as telling it to import your logo, making color and font changes. All that gets applied at this point where the Wizard is generating the document.

Okay, now the document has been generated. We'll open this up and take a look at it. You can see the name and address data merged in.

You can see the sample content pulled in and the sample content actually gets tagged with some of the mail merge data as well. You'll see the sample content that got filled in also got tagged with some of the mail merge data. Let's scroll down past the cover letter.

Now you'll see the Catering #2 graphic design theme in the background, the color scheme the graphics, logos. So these things like the logos, the font typography, headers, these colors, watermark graphics, the title page pictures in the background. That's part of the design theme you pick.

The general layout of the text and where all the wording goes is the same. Going to be the same across all the designs. We just scroll down this proposal and you'll see it's ready to finish editing.

I will go illustrate another food–related proposal. This will be a kiosk automation proposal for a restaurant so we'll illustrate this with a different design theme. We'll use actually one of our technical design themes instead of a food design theme to show how you can use completely different design themes that are not necessary food–related for a food–related type proposal.

So we'll use our Computers #6 design. Whichever one or few design themes you've purchased will be what's available in the list, you don't get every single design theme since each design is a separate product. We just happen to have them all loaded here for the demo.

Ok, so now we have the Computers #6 design. In this example this might be more of a software/IT technical company who is making a pitch to a company in the food service industry and in this case it's going to be a restaurant kiosk computer system. So it's like before we'll go into this Quick Start list and this Quick Start list also happens to have actual sample content with it.

Let's select this Restaurant Kiosk Automation layout and this one is a 20 page layout. Import the topics, yes we'll import the actual sample content for this one just like before. We can customize the selected chapters.

For the demo we'll just leave it as is and again we'll fill in company and climate data and generate the document. Just like before this is just assembling a different Word document using a different set of chapters all from the same libraries before pulling in sample content from a different sample, merging name and address information and generating another document. So this other document using the same libraries with two different design themes will spit out a completely different document even though it technically is structured the same way top down with a cover letter, title page and a list of body pages.

Okay, now this document has been generated. Open this up and take a look at it and just like before name and address information has been merged in, different sample content has been pulled in to the front cover letter and you'll see a different design theme here. All the pages for this proposal and just scroll down and you'll see the rest of the document is ready to edit and finish.

I will illustrate one last example. I'll illustrate a food product sales proposal. I want to illustrate this with another design theme and will select the Agriculture #5.

This might be good if you are doing produce sales. If you're doing boxed products, beverages or so on you just pick a different design theme that suits that style or a brandable design and put in your own pictures and your own logos, your own colors. Like before we'll just click the Document Projects button.

Again I'll search for the word food which will find the product sales proposal. Now this is a short proposal. It's only six templates long and we know the sample content for this product sales proposal does happen to be a product sales for a food product to a grocery store chain proposal.

So we'll just import this and this is example of a shorter proposal. Again you can add additional templates as needed. Okay, the document has been generated.

We'll take a look at this one. So that is how you can create any kind of food industry related proposal whether it's product sales, services sales, business startups, funding and so on just by picking a specific design theme and a specific set of chapters. If we have some sample content load that in, set up your name and address information and generate a document.

After that it's just some word processing to finish editing, save as PDF, upload and deliver.

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