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How to write your own Limousine Transportation Services Proposal

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Limousine Transportation Services Sample Proposal
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Limousine Transportation Services Sample Proposal

March 20xx Herbert Cunningham Chief Financial Officer Quarrel Tayson International 5022 Morning Glory Circle Suite Chicago IL Dear Mr. Cunningham Quarrel Tayson International is well known as one of Chicago’s premier corporations with several subsidiaries in the Chicago metropolitan area and multiple branches around the world.

As large busy company you have continuing need for transportation services for your executives employees and visitors. And you have an image to keep up. In this age when vehicles are rapidly changing you want your customers and visitors to appreciate your company as forward thinking modern and always respectable. With this in mind we believe that you’ll appreciate our proposal to provide limo service to your company. We know the area we have crew of experienced chauffeurs and we have variety of luxury vehicles to suit every need from routine pickup and transport of executives to the local airports to providing vehicles for special occasions such as red carpet events and high security VIP visits. We strongly believe our proposal has been thoroughly outlined and will meet or exceed all of your expectations and requirements. We will call you to schedule meeting on March 23. Thank you for your consideration and for putting your trust in Luxfield Limo Service. Sincerely Kerrie O’Donald Customer Relations Luxfield Limo Service 773 555 5001 kod@luxfieldlimos.com

www.luxfieldlimos.com Proposal March 20xx Proposed Contract Limo Service for Quarrel Tayson International Prepared for. Herbert Cunningham Chief Financial Officer Prepared by. Kerrie O’Donald Customer Relations Quarrel Tayson International is prominent presence in the Chicago business community regularly hosting meetings that include local and national politicians and business leaders as well as representatives of governments and corporations around the world. As such leader Quarrel Tayson International has an ongoing need to arrange for transportation of executives and visitors between Quarrel Tayson International headquarters and the airport and between various meeting sites within the Chicago metropolitan area. At Luxfield Limo Service our professional chauffeurs are experts in efficiently transporting VIPs in comfort and style. When you contract with us we will always be available to serve your needs on daily basis.

Our luxury vehicles are up to date immaculate and meticulously maintained. We can transport one executive between locations or drive whole groups of employees to special events. Our uniformed drivers have all passed background checks and undergone thorough training to provide professional service to you. We believe you will be pleased after you read the descriptions of our services in the following pages. We look forward to providing our excellent transportation services to your company in the future. Luxfield Limo Service understands that business is conducted everywhere including while riding to and from the airport or traveling between functions. We know that the quality of the transportation reflects on the company that hires us. Our chauffeurs are consummate professionals. When you contract with Luxfield Limo Service you can always expect an immaculate vehicle both inside and out with stellar maintenance record to ensure reliability. Our vehicles are equipped with Wi Fi service and have solid soundproof sliding panel between the passenger area and the driver to ensure privacy. There is also well stocked mini bar with snacks selection of liquors water and soft drinks. If desired you can specify beverages and snacks in advance. Our chauffeurs are consummate professionals. They have all undergone background checks and thorough company training. They have the required professional chauffeur licenses as well as experience working as professional drivers. Both males and females are required to wear our company uniform of black suits white shirts and black shoes and to maintain neat hairstyles and minimum of jewelry.

We provide the following transportation services. Pickup from and delivery to all regional airports Our drivers are accustomed to meeting and greeting VIPs arriving at the regional airports and transporting them safely to their destinations. We know the most efficient routes to deliver our passengers to all airports as well. Special events Whether it’s fundraising party or an annual meeting we will transport you with grace and style. Our drivers open doors for all riders. Special décor can be arranged within our limos as well so if you want balloons flowers or other accoutrements just let us know when you book your service. Site seeing tours When you want to show your visitors the area highlights we can arrange specialized tours that last several hours or even all day. Just tell us where you’d like to go or let us arrange scenic drive for you. If desired we can also provide trained tourist guides for the Chicago area. Transportation to meetings on schedule We understand that executives are busy people. Our vehicles are equipped with smart GPS to monitor traffic and our drivers know the area and the best routes to efficiently move your personnel from one location to another. Contact Us Rest assured that we can arrange just about any kind of transportation service you require. Through our network of subcontractors we can even provide armored vehicles and security detail for your VIPs. All you have to do is ask.

Luxfield Limo Service prides itself on maintaining an up to date fleet of limousines and other vehicles. At this time we can offer the following vehicles. All our vehicles provide wireless internet service sound systems and USB recharging ports for use during journeys. Lincoln town cars When only one or two executives or VIPS are traveling and you don’t want to attract attention our town cars are the best pick for the job. Escalade limousine At 36’ long this is the ultimate in luxury stretch limos and is perfect for parties. The interior is equipped with three 20" flatscreen TVs three mini bars two refrigerators programmable light system that can project laser show or rotating disco lights DVD and CD players port for an iPod and dynamite sound system with eight speakers. Chrysler stretch limo This limo is nearly 14’ long with three televisions CD DVD players iPod hookup two speakers and subwoofers media hub multiple USB chargers and electrical ports. Classic Rolls Royce limo When you want to make classy entrance to special event our Rolls Royce limo will do the trick. Each Rolls Royce limo is equipped with two mini bars and coolers sophisticated sound system and vases with fresh flowers your executives and guests will travel in style. Hummer limo When security is an issue this is your vehicle. This comes equipped with armored exterior and bulletproof windows. The interior includes leather seats stocked mini bar Wi Fi service flat screen television and sound system with six surround sound speakers and ports for three laptops. The Party Bus When you need to transport group consider our 16 seat party bus. It has state of the art sound and light systems and limo style seating. Notes As styles change and new more efficient luxury vehicles come on the market our fleet grows and evolves so if you don’t see the vehicle you prefer listed above just ask or check our up to date list at www.luxfieldlimos.com fleet. Your safety and comfort are our first considerations.

Please note that we cannot transport weapons or ammunition except those in possession of registered owner with an appropriate carry permit such as security guard or law enforcement professional. We cannot transport containers of fuel or explosive devices such as fireworks. If at any time passenger becomes combative or abusive toward the driver or another passenger our chauffeurs reserve the right to refuse service to the offending passenger and ask that person to exit the vehicle. We reserve the right to call law enforcement if needed. All our drivers have commercial chauffeur licenses and are trained in defensive driving and first aid. Luxfield Limo Service cannot control traffic. Our drivers are in constant contact with GPS systems and traffic broadcasts and will always do their best to get you to your destination on time but on rare occasions circumstances beyond our control such as traffic jams and accidents may cause unavoidable delays. In those circumstances we cannot be held responsible for missed flights meetings or other events. To ensure that we have qualified driver available and that the specific limo town car or party bus you want will be prepared for you on time please call as soon as you have made your decision to use our transportation services. We will reserve the vehicle and driver for you at that time. If you need regular services such as airport pickup and delivery Monday Friday we would be happy to arrange that for your corporation at substantial discount. If you have last minute request for service please call our dispatcher. Odds are good that we will be able to fulfill your request although not all vehicles and drivers may be available on short notice. Here’s what happens when you call.

The Luxfield Limo Service operator receives the request for service and passes it to the Fleet Manager who then checks to see which vehicles and drivers are available. A driver is contacted and if not on site commutes to our garage and reports in uniform for duty. The reserved vehicle is inspected for cleanliness and refreshments are restocked as needed. If recently returned to our garage the vehicle may undergo interior detailing and car wash. All systems are checked to be sure they are functioning well. The chauffeur is dispatched to your site ready to serve your needs. Summary At the time of requesting vehicle you may also request specific beverages snacks DVDs CDs and even decorations and we will do our best to accommodate you. You may also request specific driver by name although all drivers may not be available to fit into your schedule. Our usual service area is the Chicago metropolitan area but by special arrangement we can always travel further to meet your needs. All vehicles have state of the art voice activated GPS systems so drivers will never get lost or distracted. In addition all our vehicles are equipped with wireless internet service USB chargers and electrical ports so travelers can conduct business or enjoy entertainment during the journey. Chicago Metropolitan Area Our drivers and vehicles are available hours day days week to serve this area. We routinely transport executives and VIPS to and from all the local airports. Intrastate Area We know that busy executives often need to travel to branch offices or client companies for meetings. With advance notice we can easily arrange for day trip to anywhere within IL. Interstate Travel Luxfield Limo Service has transported VIPs from Chicago to Washington D.C. Los Angeles and Miami. With minimum of days advance notice we can arrange one or more drivers and appropriate vehicles for multi day long distance trip when needed. If you need hotel and airline reservation services we can also assist with that through our associate companies.

Summary Luxfield Limo Service wants to be your go to transportation company. Wherever you or your guests need to go we’re ready to get you there safely efficiently and comfortably. The list below is sampling of the rates we can offer for routine trips and special occasions. We’d be happy to discuss any sort of arrangement you may have in mind. Our personalized services and luxury vehicles may seem indulgent but when you need to transport multiple passengers our services are often more economical than standard taxi. QTI Headquarters to from Chicago Airport – Lincoln Town Car Rate. $80 per trip Up to three passengers and luggage. QTI Headquarters to from Chicago Airport – Limo Service Rate. $125 $150 per trip depending on vehicle selected. Up to six passengers plus luggage. QTI Headquarters to from Insert Locations Municipal Airports – Lincoln Town Car Rate. $90 per trip Up to three passengers and luggage. QTI Headquarters to from Insert Locations Municipal Airports – Limo Service Rate. $140 $165 per trip depending on vehicle selected. Up to six passengers and luggage. Hourly Service – Special Events Sightseeing Tours etc. Rate. $80 town car $480 full party bus per hour depending on vehicle selected. Two hour minimum. Please call to discuss how many passengers you want to transport as well as your other needs. We can match you with the perfect limo in our fleet. Luxfield Limo Service has been in business for more than twenty five years. Our mission is to provide safe comfortable and pleasant transportation to everyone who rides with us. We have been voted The Best Limo Service in Chicago for the past four years in row.

We have been voted The Best Limo Service in Chicago for the past four years in row. We take pride in our professional drivers. Our company has the best safety record for commercial chauffeur services in the state of IL. Chicago employs eighteen full time staff members and thirty three part time workers—chauffeurs detailing experts and maintenance service providers. We pride ourselves on training and employing professional men and women from all ethnic groups to represent Chicago. Luxfield Limo Service is headquartered in Chicago and is family owned business with three generations of family members working in our company. How to Contact Luxfield Limo Service You can reach us hours day days week. Luxfield Limo Service 921 O’Brien Way Chicago IL Phone. 773 555 5001 Fax. 773 555 5000 E Mail. kod@luxfieldlimos.com URL. www.luxfieldlimos.com

Luxfield Limo Service knows you are counting on us to transport your executives visiting VIPs and employees to their destination in style and comfort and on time. Our drivers have received thorough training in appropriate professional behavior and in appropriate safe smooth driving techniques for all our vehicles. We guarantee they will treat you well in courteous manner and strive to meet any special requests you may have. Our vehicles are meticulously maintained. Before leaving the garage on an assignment each vehicle’s coolers or refrigerators are fully stocked and each limo car or bus is inspected for cleanliness inside and out and for operational readiness of all mechanical and electrical systems. Our attention to detail is the reason why Luxfield Limo Service has been voted Chicago’s Best Limo Service for four years running. We value your business. You’ll never feel "stuck" with us. Luxfield Limo Service 921 O’Brien Way Chicago IL

PH 773 555 5001 FX 773 555 5000 www.luxfieldlimos.com

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