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Canadian, Australian, UK and English Law Contracts

In addition to the U.S. contracts, the following products also include web site and multimedia development contracts specifically for Canada (and Quebec), Australia and the United Kingdom.

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Contract Pack
Canadian, Australian, UK and English Law ContractsProposal Kit Professional (bundle) ($197)

Proposal Kit Professional is an all-inclusive bundle which includes the following:

Canadian, Australian, UK and English Law Contracts
Canadian, Australian, UK and English Law ContractsIT/Software/Hardware Contract Pack ($87)
Canadian, Australian, UK and English Law ContractsWeb Freelancer Contract Pack

Best Deal: Get this entire contract collection and more for only $197 in the Proposal Kit Professional bundle.

Proposal Kit TestimonialYour products

have provided me with a great basis to construct a workflow for my web design clients, especially as you have them comply with Australian laws. As a freelancer, I cannot afford to hire a solicitor to write my contracts so using yours has saved me a lot of time and money".

Anthony Karolis

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Contract Pack Business Templates

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