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3D Printing Services Proposal Template Concepts
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How to write your 3D Printing Services Proposal Template

With a Proposal Pack, you can create variations of this document of any length to suit your specific needs. This template is built using the Proposal Pack Wizard software included with any Proposal Pack or the Proposal Kit Professional bundle.

Proposal Pack for Any Business
This set of chapters was selected for a comprehensive proposal aimed at businesses offering specialized 3D printing services. This document can be used to outline the process of designing and producing custom 3D models for clients across various industries, detailing the technical specifications, projected costs, and potential benefits.

You can also create countless variations of this document to suit your needs using the included library of 2200+ chapters.
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Thank you!! Everyone at our national headquarters (Kinko’s, too) wanted to know "who" did the business proposal layout. I told them! I don’t know what I would have done without Proposal Kit. I had a massive brain freeze and couldn’t design my way out of a clear plastic bag."

Kristen Howell
American Red Cross of Florida
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3D Printing Services Proposal Template
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Proposal Kit
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Popular Proposal Pack Design Themes

The Proposal Pack for Any Business is a plain text design theme that does not include a visual design theme with logos or background photos. These design themes are commonly used to create this template. Any Proposal Pack can be used to create this template. Select a design theme based on your personal preferences for the visual look of the templates.

Use Cases for the 3D Printing Services Proposal Template

  • Pitching 3D printing services to manufacturing companies seeking unique component designs.
  • Proposing customized 3D model solutions to educational institutions for teaching aids.
  • Offering design and production services to healthcare professionals for specialized medical models.
  • Providing customized solutions for architects needing detailed models.
  • Marketing 3D printing capabilities to artists and designers for intricate art pieces.
  • Presenting to event organizers for creating customized event paraphernalia.
  • Proposing production of bespoke prototypes for inventors and engineers.
  • Offering rapid prototyping services to startups and tech companies.
  • Providing tailored solutions to the entertainment industry for props and costumes.
  • Marketing to advertising firms looking for unique promotional items.

Chapters Suggested for the 3D Printing Services Proposal Template

Cover Letter, Title Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Company History, Services Provided, Technology, Design, Materials, Production Schedule, Cost Summary, Benefits, Project Samples, Guarantee, Company Capabilities, Expertise, References

Copy and paste this chapter list into the Proposal Pack Wizard's 'Select by AI' screen to build the 3D Printing Services Proposal Template. The Wizard is included with any Proposal Pack or the Proposal Kit Professional.

Components of the 3D Printing Services Proposal Template

Creating the 3D Printing Services Proposal Template involves assembling several chapters and filling them in with your details. While there's no one-size-fits-all template for every situation, Proposal Kit offers layouts that can be customized using its extensive chapter template library. The Wizard software builds this template for you, customized to your needs. The Wizard software is included in every Proposal Pack and the Proposal Kit Professional. You can customize this list of chapters as needed in the Wizard software, such as adding additional chapters, removing chapters, and changing the order of chapters.

Cover Letter

The cover letter introduces your company and briefly highlights the proposal's key points. It sets the tone for the document and addresses the potential client directly, expressing enthusiasm about the opportunity to provide 3D printing services tailored to their specific needs.

Title Page

The first page of the proposal includes essential information such as the proposal's title, the client's name, and the date. It serves as the front cover of the document and is designed to present a professional appearance.

Table of Contents

This section organizes the proposal by listing all the chapters along with their page numbers. It helps the reader easily navigate through the document and find specific information quickly.

Executive Summary

The executive summary provides a concise overview of the entire proposal. It outlines the main objectives, the approach to achieving them, and the anticipated benefits for the client. This section is crucial for capturing the client's interest and encouraging them to read further.

Company History

This chapter details the background and evolution of your company. It builds credibility by showcasing past successes and experience in the 3D printing industry, illustrating how your company has grown and what it stands for.

Services Provided

Here, you describe the specific 3D printing services your company offers. This might include design, modeling, and production of 3D-printed items. Tailor this section to highlight services that are particularly relevant to the client's needs.


This section explains the technology behind your 3D printing processes. It discusses the equipment and software you use, emphasizing how these contribute to high-quality, efficient production.


In this chapter, outline how your team approaches the design process for 3D printing projects. Include information on customization options and how you collaborate with clients to turn their ideas into printable models.


Discuss the different materials available for 3D printing, such as plastics, resins, or metals, and their properties. This helps clients understand the options and make informed decisions about what materials are best for their projects.

Production Schedule

Describe the timeline of a typical 3D printing project from design to completion. The Proposal Kit software can automate this page with a line-item database to make scheduling clear and precise.

Cost Summary

Detail the projected costs of the 3D printing services offered. This chapter uses a line item database for automating data and provides a transparent breakdown of pricing, helping clients understand their financial commitment.


Highlight the advantages of choosing your 3D printing services, such as enhanced product customization, quicker production times, or cost savings on materials. Tailor this section to address the specific benefits that appeal to the client's industry and needs.

Project Samples

Showcase past projects that are similar to what the client is seeking. Include images, descriptions, and outcomes to demonstrate your company's capability and expertise in handling various 3D printing demands.


Outline any guarantees you offer, such as satisfaction guarantees or postproduction support. This helps reassure clients of the quality and reliability of your services.

Company Capabilities

Discuss the broader capabilities of your company, including capacity for large orders, speed of production, and any additional services or support you provide.


Highlight your team's qualifications, skills, and experience, particularly in areas related to 3D printing. This will build confidence in your team's ability to deliver high-quality, customized products.


Provide contact information for previous clients who can attest to the quality and reliability of your services. This builds trust and credibility with potential clients by demonstrating a track record of successful projects and satisfied customers.

This template is also referred to as

  • 3D Model Design Services
  • Custom 3D Printing Solutions
  • Additive Manufacturing Proposal
  • Rapid Prototyping Services
  • Industrial 3D Printing Offer
  • 3D Printed Products Pitch
  • 3D Technology Solutions Proposal
  • Bespoke 3D Modeling Services
  • Commercial 3D Printing Request
  • Precision 3D Production Proposal

How to create the 3D Printing Services Proposal Template with Proposal Pack Wizard

You can create this document using any of the logo-designed Proposal Packs. Pick any Proposal Pack with a logo design theme you like best; they will all work equally well. The Proposal Pack for Any Business has no extra logos or colors added. It is designed to be used plainly or customized with your logos and graphics.

This is a recipe for a template you can build in the Proposal Pack Wizard software using any of the Proposal Pack design themes. This template uses a new feature in the Wizard software for creating templates based on lists of chapters selected by the Business Proposal Outline Creator for Proposal Kit OpenAI GPT. We've used the GPT to generate this template recipe that you can paste into the Wizard's 'Select by AI' screen when selecting the templates for your project document. This Wizard feature will auto-select all the chapters generated by the GPT and map any mismatches to Proposal Kit chapter templates as best possible. This is a new experimental feature of the Proposal Pack Wizard software.

See this article, How to Streamline Your Business with AI Proposal Writer Tools, for more details on using ChatGPT to create your proposal outlines that can then be made by the Proposal Kit software.

If you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription for custom GPTs, use the Business Proposal Outline Creator for Proposal Kit OpenAI GPT to generate custom proposal chapter lists.

The Proposal Pack design theme you purchase will determine the visual look of this template. The screenshot above only shows the plain generic design theme.

We include a library of chapters to be assembled based on your needs. All proposals are different and have different needs and goals. We designed the Proposal Packs so you can customize the documents to suit your needs.

You will best create this document using the Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition software to select this template and build it in the Proposal Pack logo design theme of your choice along with any desired customizations (such as adding additional chapters, removing unneeded chapters, changing the order of chapters, and importing your company logo). This template outlines a proposal for the described situation. Each user is responsible for typing in the actual content of the provided pages with their information to complete the proposal.

You create this template using the Wizard software, which includes the entire Proposal Pack library and software. We include the Expert Edition of the software in the Proposal Kit Professional bundle. Microsoft Word for Windows is required to use the customizing software.

How to Build Proposal Template from an AI Outline

This video shows how to build a Word format proposal template using the Proposal Pack Wizard software from an AI-generated outline. This video is illustrated with pre-created AI outlines of chapters that are pasted into the Wizard software, which then generates a Word document from the outline.

Key Takeaways

  • The 3D Printing Services Proposal Template is built using a Proposal Pack or the Professional bundle using the included Wizard software.
  • You can create unlimited custom variations of this template.
  • The Wizard software automates quotes and other financial pages with a line-item database.
  • There are no ongoing subscription fees. You get lifetime unlimited use.
  • Proposal Kit is made for freelancers, small businesses, and non-profits.
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