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How to Write a Product Sales Pitch Proposal

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Demonstration video on how to use Proposal Kit's proposal software to write a proposal to sell products. A basic product sales proposal will include an introduction, information about the products, pricing information and sometimes some specialty information to elaborate on the products such as benefits, features, packaging, specifications and so on.

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Video Transcription
How to Write a Product Sales Pitch Proposal

In this video we're going to show just your general purpose product sales proposal and how to write one of those in Proposal Kit. We have hundreds of design themes. The design theme is whatever you want to start with for your visual design.

Usually you're going to pick something that matches your company logo, your color scheme. With our Expert Edition you can actually make your own design theme as well and you can import your logo, customize the color scheme. There's countless variations on how you make the documents visually look.

If you look at our website we have this article How to Write a Product Sales Proposal. I'll just give you some general information there are some links off to some of these samples that are included in every one of the Proposal Packs. These samples are general purpose product sales, some are specialty ones like for the fashion industry or ranching supply, pharmaceuticals, beverage distribution.

These are just some examples of the countless ways anybody in any industry can write a product sales proposal. While all these samples have different graphic design themes to them you can build your own editable version of any of these samples in whichever one of the hundreds of design themes you start with. Once you've got a specific Proposal Pack design theme purchased, downloaded and installed.

To get the Wizard software set up this is how you will create your specific product sales proposal. We're going to illustrate our Minimalist #5 design theme first. Whenever you're going to create a proposal or a document you click the Document Projects button.

Go into the Pick Documents screen. If your basic product sales proposal is something simple you can just go with a Cover Letter, Title Page, Introduction or Executive Summary, Estimate page or Cost Summary page, maybe something about your company. That's a pretty basic list of templates for any proposal and you can customize your proposal with specialty templates from any industry if you want to expand on the basic product sales proposal.

We also have some pre-made lists of chapters if you come over to this Quick Start tab. Drop down you can just click the Basic Product Sales Proposal layout. That's a list of thirteen chapters that cover some things I just mentioned.

A Cover Letter, Title Page, Products page, it's got a Benefits and Features page. Talking about the Packaging, Shipping, your Guarantee. In this case I'm going to not pull in the sample content.

We're just going to do the general fill in the blank version. We're just filling in the Client Data screen here so whatever you put in these screens will get merged into the document. You've got the Client Data, You've got your Company Data.

Whatever is in these fields will get merged into the document when it gets built. When you're ready you click the OK, Save Project button and the Wizard will build you a custom template in the design theme of your choice, merging in all the data and creating a template ready for you to finish editing. All right, this first example has been generated.

You can see the name and address information merged into the Cover Letter there. Front Title Page, Table of Contents with our product information. These are all fill in the blank templates ready for you to edit.

This is using one of our Minimalist design themes with just some very basic graphics and colors, not too extravagant. I'll show a little more complex example. We have all of our hundreds of design themes in this drop down here.

Whichever one or two or whatever design themes you purchased are going to be selectable in the list. So you pick a specific design theme and that's the one you purchase. That's the one all your documents will be generated in.

We just happen to have all of them loaded into our demo here. We're illustrating a specialized product sales proposal here. This will be a beverage sales and distribution proposal and we actually have a sample for this.

We can go into our samples tab and we actually have a Beverage Distributor Product Sales sample. We'll just import that and this is going to import actual content from the sample into the templates so you'll have more content to work with in many situations than just the boilerplate text. You'll see this has a different set of chapters that were selected than the last example but they still both have a Cover Letter, Title Page, Back Page wrapping around the rest of the document and the interior chapters that are different.

Also too, no matter whether you're picking chapters from scratch such as just checking off chapters from the Add Templates tab or if you import the chapters from the Quick Start list or the samples you can customize this list. We can go in and say if we want to add more chapters for specialty situations we have lots to pick from here. There's food and beverage specific chapters so say what if we're importing products or for exporting products.

We might want to add some chapters to talk about that. Maybe in this case if there were a beverage distributor but we're distributing products for the health market you might want to talk about the health benefits of your product or if it's an organic product. You can pick from any of these chapters.

Maybe you need to talk about your ingredients. If you want general product sales chapters you click over here and you have lots of chapters to pick from. If you're offering discounts or seasonal products.

Any chapter you need where you need to talk about a particular type of information or a topic we have thousands of chapters to select from. In this case we've got twelve out of the over 2000 chapters for this particular product sales proposal. Once we're done selecting our chapters just click this button and you'll fill in the Company Data screen.

You'll fill in the Client Data screen. Now we've got the Client Data screen filled in, Company Data, we've got our documents picked, we have our sample content selected. When we click this button just like before we sit back and wait for it to generate the document.

So this is just going to be pulling any different design theme, different set of chapters, different sample content and building another document. Alright this document has been generated. You can see the sample content for this beverage distributor product sales proposal has been pulled in and this is using our Vending #2 design theme.

You can see more of the sample content. I'll illustrate one last sample here for a different industry. I'll illustrate our Healthcare #5 design theme and a pharmaceutical product sales proposal.

Just like before we click the Add New Project button. We'll click the View Samples tab, scroll down and we actually have a Pharmaceutical Product Sales sample. Even if we don't have a sample that's specific to your exact situation you can still find something that's going to get you in the general ballpark where you can even use the general purpose product sales layout and then customize your list of chapters using the industry specific topics and then create your own layout that's going to match your situation.

It's kind of just a bonus if you have a sample that you find in our collection. Since we have 200 samples that's still a lot. There's still thousands of pages of samples across all the samples but it's still only the tip of the iceberg as far as the kind of proposals you can create.

Import the sample content, we've typed in some sample client data, we've got our company data filled in, we have our list of topics selected, our sample content picked. And just like before we save the project and build this new document. We'll be using a different design theme this time, different sample content, a different list of chapters but the process is the same for any document you create.

All right, the sample has been generated. Take a look at this and you'll see again this sample content pulled into the Cover Letter and it's using our Healthcare #5 design theme which is a pharmaceutical related photo design. You can see the sample content pulled in and this document's created.

This is how you use Proposal Kit to create any kind of product sales proposal or any kind of proposal for that matter. It's just a matter of selecting a design theme, selecting a list of topics and letting the Wizard generate a custom template. That's all there is to it.

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