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Contract Pack TestimonialsFollowing are Contract Pack testimonials. Read what companies around the world have to say about how our Proposal Kit and related products have helped their business. Proposal Kit is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and freelancers world-wide.
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Time and time again the most minor of normally overlooked clauses have saved our collectives asses when things turn rough with a particular client. Proposal Kit IS the reason we are still in business; a PROFITABLE BUSINESS after all these years."
Tom Granger
Florentine Design Group
I’ve been using the Contract Pack now for around six years. It saves thousands on legal fees and makes us present more professionally to our clients and provides that added protection that a well written agreement or contract can provide on any project."
Shannon G
Seven Levels
I have been using Proposal Kit for several years now. It has helped tremendously in creating professional documents for clients. I have used this both in website design proposals and for IT consulting proposals. I highly recommend this for anyone in the IT industry that needs help creating professional looking proposals and contracts."
Cynthia Smith
iHosting Web LLC
Since finding the Proposal Kit [it] has really made my business easier to manage. I have been using them since 2016 and they are very easy to use. I use the Web Freelancer Contract Pack and Proposal Pack Wizard and no problems at all. Overall a good 5 star product."
Bryan Moyer
The MacExperience, Inc.
I’ve been using Proposal Kit Pro in my media production company for years now and just last week I closed one of the biggest deal. Not only the proposal but also the contracts. The client had a big time Boston law firm review the contract and tell me that it was the most comprehensive and balanced agreement they’d ever seen. Of course they had to make a change or two so the client had reason to use them but nothing of major significance. The attorney whispered to me after that even without their small changes it was a solid contract and they would charge thousands of dollars to create the same. He then asked who was my attorney. Use this product once and it will pay for itself 10 fold."
Michael Halbrook
Before I used the Web Freelancer Contract Pack, I would often find myself forgetting to include items in my agreements with clients that lead to frustration, usually on my part. This contract pack has allowed me to keep a consistent look to my client documents, and helped me be more proactive and helpful to my clients, by covering all of the bases I need to cover."
Richard Pelzar
Webbit Media LLC.
As far as our experience with Contract Packs we have been very pleased. The templates are well crafted and up to date and we use them regularly. It saves us a great deal of time not having to draft every new contract from scratch. We have tried other template packages before and were always disappointed. Your product has never disappointed and we would wholeheartedly recommend it."
Nicole Connors
Touchit Media Group, LLC
I’ve used Proposal Kit since 2005. Fantastic price for a small business to pay and easy to set up. Takes the hassle out of contract writing."
John Redhead
POPex Limited
I taught myself HTML back in 2005 by reading one of Sam’s "Teach Yourself" series of books. Soon after I had built my own rudimentary website, friends of mine began asking me to build for them. Eventually, friends of friends began asking and before I knew it, years had passed and I had more clients than I could manage. Enter "Web Freelancer Contract Pack". I bought this contract pack in response to the need to formalize my website business, and also to protect myself as a developer. Having everything covered in writing has become essential to my success. I learned a lot of things from this product. The contracts are excellent. They are professional and chocked full of useful information. You can use them as is, or modify them for your custom needs; which is what I wind up doing mostly. Clients are impressed when they receive my paperwork, everything from quotes, to development contracts, to riders, etc. If you need it chances are it’s probably there. I highly recommend this contract pack if you are immersed in web businesses, and are in need of some way to structure your client relations. A++!"
Monti Sharp
I had previously tried writing my own contracts for freelance Web design and photography and found that I was taking hours to write things up and I was still forgetting to include a lot of aspects of the job at hand. So, in 2004 I took a chance and bought the Professional version of this product and I truly haven’t looked back. Highly customizable contract templates for practically any situation has really eased the process of what was previously one of the more painful aspects of my freelance work."
Marcos Drake
Web Designer
Using these contracts have actually saved my business ... in the beginning I didn’t have a clue about contracts until finding this product. Excellent for any business just starting out to use."
Cynthia Smith
iHosting Web LLC
The product is great and the support is top notch. I would suggest anyone who is self-employed pick this up for their business."
Sean Bravener
Owner at Puget Sound Computers
Very useful."
Jenny Friederichs
It is so nice to have a go to resource for photo contracts, have used their product for years! Haven’t seen the upgrades but I am looking forward to the new revisions in this edition."
Roni Tomlin
This pack is an incredible source to save you time and money when a strong proposal for work is needed. I am an owner of a Nonprofit training company and have other trainers who work for me and they love these templates that can be easily adapted. Why reinvent the wheel???"
Patrick Williams
Coaching the Global Village
Been using this [Advertising/Marketing] Contract Pack for a couple years now and have found it invaluable. Would highly recommend it to anyone in the field. A real time saver."
Nicole Connors
Thank you guys for creating such an easy to use software [Advertising/Marketing Contract Pack] for our business team. This has been a huge help to our firm."
Preston Ragland
I found this product to be quite helpful when I had to present my first wedding photography contract. It listed everything I needed in order to write the contract and it protected both the client and my business. Thank you for such a wonderful product."
Karen O. Smith
This comprehensive program is great for small PR and marketing firms (the one-stop-shops), because it saves so much time! There are so many options and topics for your marketing promotions that work so well with supporting your PR efforts. The samples of contracts and agreements are numerous and cover everything from creative and intellectual properties, issues resolution management, graphic design and more! I have been using a number of this companies products since 2008 and I have found them all to be a productive and valued resource for me!"
Lura Ball
I use the website contracts which has helped my business 100% because it covers every detail from start to finish and it’s easy for the clients to understand ... EXCELLENT product."
Cynthia Gaskins-Smith
iHosting Webs, LLC
I am an avid Proposal Kit user. The Contract Pack brought my business to the next level. Instead of spending time writing new contracts I was able to focus on the most important things like providing good service to my customers."
Oceanside Computer Service
John Griffin
I have been using this pack wizard for a few years to access the many templates in the packs for contracts, NDAs, etc. and it’s been a great time and money saver. Quick and easy to use."
Jay Bharvada
CEO at Naturally Ahimsa
United Kingdom
I’m really impressed with the quality of the content for various contract templates."
Paul M. [UK]
Proposal Kit Contract Software is nothing short of a stellar tool for any business professional."
Jon Patterson
The software is great. I’m happy with how the program is implemented to be flexible, easy, and efficient with my needs. A huge timesaver program. Thank you."
George Makhanian
I have been using the Contract pack for the past 3 years and it has been a life saver for me. When I need to submit contracts on the go I turn to my contract pack. I love it and recommend to any serious minded people."
Adam Jose
Chief Operating Officer
Renewable Energy
I love this Product! I have been using this since 2008 and it has helped numerous times and saved me lots of money. I can customize them to make them my own."
Reyhan Ucisik
Aleph, Inc.
Purchased the Photography/Media Contract Pack several years ago and have upgraded since, and my clients are amazed at the detail contained in the contract. While you can edit any contract for your business needs, it is certainly better to have more information than looking that critical addendum. I would recommend this product to all photographers to protect yourself and for the interest of your client. Also, check regularly for contract updates. Overall it’s a great value!"
Donell Sellow
Your products have provided me with a great basis to construct a workflow for my web design clients, especially as you have them comply with Australian laws. As a freelancer, I cannot afford to hire a solicitor to write my contracts so using yours has saved me a lot of time and money."
Anthony Karolis [Australia]
Proposal Kit Professional has helped me from the beginning. It doesn’t matter whether we have a client that is a family friend or a brand new client; we always send them a contract. It is so important to act professional from the beginning - and of course, make a legal agreement when there is money involved (no matter who you are dealing with). And another example, when you are working with big name clients (especially Fortune 500 companies), you want to be taken seriously. When you send them a contract from Proposal Kit Professional, you immediately gain their respect - they know that you mean business."
Laura Fedock
As a freelance photographer, I find myself dealing with a variety of clients. From corporate shoots, to weddings and sporting events, I have many customers with different needs. Some customers are one time, and others I shoot on a recurring basis. The Photography/Media Contract Pack offers me exactly what I need. From contracts to model releases the kit offers everything I need to make it through my day to day photography jobs, You can search the internet and find things that might fit your needs, but this package saves you all that trouble."
Larry Radloff
Sport and Sound Productions
I used Proposal Kit’s Web Freelancer Contract Pack to create a web site maintenance contract for use with my church web site. I looked high and low for a simple web maintenance contract template, online and in print, and this was one of the few I could find. Considering how critical the updating process is to the whole internet experience, I’m surprised there isn’t more attention paid to this aspect of site design/maintenance."
Heather Wimberly
Your customer service has impressed me greatly and your argument that it will make the solicitor’s service cheaper is a very valid point. I have to agree that your templates look very good and due to this and especially due to your excellent customer service I will be purchasing your product. Thank you."
The Contract Pack has been invaluable to me. I can quickly put Company Logos on the documents and revise as needed without having to reinvent the wheel. I’m glad a lot of the work has already been done and it looks great and professional as well as being easy to use. Great product, I highly recommend it."
David Hobbs
Comprehensive with easy to understand explanations of a multitude of contracts to fit any need."
Kim Naru
I’ve been using this product for several years. It’s helped my company create professional documents for many different types of projects. This is a great product especially for the money."
Dustin Feldman
DJF Consulting LLC
The Contract Pack saves thousands of dollars that would otherwise have been spent in time and attorney fees creating these documents! I can customize these contracts to my own needs with my own logo. A cost effective solution with professional results that wow your customers!"
Laura Parker
Parker Contracting Services
Your contract templates are the very best that I have found!"
Pamala Franklin
Saves me the time, I typically modify to my own needs, add logo and print for EULA and eager to try others."
Brian Geraths
As a new freelance designer there are many documents that must be submitted to the client. Organization is key when needing to finish a project fast. With my Contract Pack I also purchased Proposal Pack Wizard. With the wizard I can easily keep track of all contracts and proposals to every client I have. Right from proposal wizard I can attach any contract document to my proposal with a click, Thanks to it I am back on track !!"
Michael Lopez
Owner/Affiliate Marketer at Guaranteed Marketers
I have used the proposal package [Photography/Media Contract Pack] I purchased from you and it has helped in many ways."
William Abbott
I have found your contracts very useful and have used them as part of doing business. The web site contracts worked really great as I had to present them to a clients attorney and he found them to be very concise and accurate."
John Sanders
Inbox-Media, Inc.
What I needed ended up being in the "Contract Pack" and I couldn’t be happier. I’m already done with my contracts for the new business and it took about an hour."
William Ashworth
Ashworth Consulting
Priceless system and product in our contracting for service business."
Gregory Johnson
The Authentic Leadership Institute
Thank you, I can’t wait to use the software. I have been looking for a solicitor to do some contracts but thank god I stumbled onto your site. You are saving me lots of money! ... I found the software great. It is really easy to use. I was extremely pleased with the multiple number of contracts for different scenarios and I also liked the advice given throughout the different manuals. You turned what would usually be a time-consuming, expensive process into an easy and affordable one that gives professional results."
Luke Boerdam
Lb Web Design [Australia]
Proposal Kit has helped our company produce professional looking contracts which in turn has increased our customer base. Once we have entered our clients details it is so easy to produce pre contract agreements, cost summaries and all the other documents/contracts that our company needs without having to spend hours re inventing new documentation. Now when our customers say can you draw up a contract, we no longer panic or worry about how our contract will compare with our competitors. After spending weeks looking at all the others, I found this has to be the best, for ease of use and producing professional looking documentation. I really do not know where our company would be without it. Thank you all at Proposal Kit, Inc."
Tony Lewis
Company Director
Barnes-Lewis Consultants, Ltd. [UK]
I was about to land my first large contract, but I didn’t have a contract for them to sign! I looked on the web for information and came across Proposal Kit. I read all of the information and it looked very helpful. I ordered Proposal Kit Pro, downloaded it immediately and had a contract with all attachments ready! The contract was great and it had a lot of clauses in it that I would have never thought of. I would definitely recommend Proposal Kit to anyone in need of contracts."
Donnetta Byrd
Byrd Web Development
Without you guys I would have lost countless site agreements."
Andy Tilley
Antrim Computer Services
The Contract Packs ensures I do not miss anything that will get the contract rejected for missing an item allowing me to focus on proposal."
Rich McDonald, PH.D
Principal Research Scientist
Primordial Soup, LLC.
I really needed your service for one specific issue and you did wonderful."
Jeffery C.
Thanks. I got the Contract Pack and got my contract out today as requested.. you rock!!!!"
I would just like to express my feedback to your very useful product. I was a little unsure at first if your product would function to my expectations. But I was quickly impressed. I was lacking a couple of specific contracts for my presentations. Without your product I would of been unable to deliver a professional approach - possibly putting myself and even my client at risk. Thanks for producing a useful product."
Yours sincerely,
Within 3 days after purchase, I secured a major contract for a CD Rom and follow-up live webcast. I have had a successful video business for about 7 years, in the past 2 years, in a response to my clients needs, I have expanded my products and capabilities to other multimedia services, including (and never limited to) web sites, CD Roms, live cable and satellite teleconferences, and live webcasts.....each new project has been different requiring me to pull together different groups of subcontractors for those parts of the project that I don’t do myself, sometimes a real logistical nightmare for a small business owner.......with this new product, I was able to put together a professional proposal in 1/2 the time.....feeling confident that I covered all the bases for my client and my company as well......clear, concise and accepted....that’s what your proposal kit product provided me with......thanks."
Kate Conners
Fourth Canyon Productions
Recent court cases in the UK have highlighted the requirement for a good, legal written contract. The value of such contracts is undisputed - a poorly written contract can cost you thousands in legal fees alone. After searching the web for English Law web contracts, I found Proposal Kit. At such a low price, it made sense to purchase it for the web contracts alone - written specifically for the US, Canadian and English web design markets, the contract is watertight and perfect for sole traders and small companies who wish to protect themselves from any possible litigation. Although I purchased Proposal Kit just for the web contract - which itself was great value - I was delighted to find all the additional functionality and would heartily recommend it to any UK web designers or developers who want to spend their time on what they enjoy, rather than the frustrating but necessary task of administration."
Ross Williams
Managing Director
Rawnet Limited
Proposal Packs cover Business and Legal Business documents very well. You can produce any types of document with the software once you learn to integrate all subject matters into one document. I’ve searched for a long time to find this type of business document all in one place."
Mack Myles
MGM Capital
When I use the Contract Pack, it gives me many options that are professional and work well."
Kim Clouse
CEO at Dealer Dimensions
We have been using these for years, and they have undoubtedly saved us time and stress."
Stacy Formby
I have purchased Contract Pack Professional a few months ago and have been using it occasionally. I must say that it is a great product!"
Yaniv Shimony
I find that working with ProposalKit was easy. Having used it for about 2 years it saved me a small fortune on attorney’s fees. Keep up a great work!"
Oleg Vishnevetski
Media Plexus Inc.
I actually purchased the Proposal Kit, HR Contract Pack, and Proposal Wizard yesterday and have created what I believe is an AWESOME proposal! We’ll see if I land the consultancy! I’ll keep ya posted!"
Charlotte Douglas
Excellent contract templates. Using them since 2008!"
John Britsios
Chief Information Officer at Webnauts Net & SEO Workers
Great product designed by a great guy!"
Dean Karr
Grannyfinger, Inc.
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