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Proposal Kit Professional TestimonialsFollowing are Proposal Kit Professional testimonials. Read what companies around the world have to say about how our Proposal Kit and related products have helped their business. Proposal Kit is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and freelancers world-wide.
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I have used the Proposal Kit software in generating dozens of proposals. I have received many comments from my clients and prospects about how well organized and presentable these proposals are! And I might add it is not probably coincidental that we win over 90% of the proposals we issue. This software is well worth the investment!"
Steve Mosley
CEO at Upper Right Leadership
I am a lawyer and I write atypical documents for clients. I have spent more time than I want to admit formatting Word docs and looking for samples of nice looking reports and proposals online. I’ve purchased multiple software products and paid for SaaS plans that failed. I even purchased a Mac and started using Pages, but still no satisfaction. I was putting together a pilot program analysis review for a client. I have spent over 2 days trying to get the right format, header placements, etc. I decided to, again, research software to create various reports, taking until 2:30 AM. I reviewed plenty of software and left the decision to the morning. I woke up, and knew what to do immediately. I purchased Proposal Kit Professional and I am jamming! Simple setup, plus the option for tons of Add-Ins! Instead of making decisions how to format or place sections, I just use the suggested layouts and make changes easily if needed. Best of all, the reports are stunning. While you can customize anything in the program, I used the sample templates that flowed perfectly. Thank you!"
James Kelley
Acucity Law LLC
I have been continuously using this product since 2014 and I have honestly closed million dollar contracts utilizing the plethora of forms available."
Angela Hickman
Culbert Health
I purchased Proposal Kit Professional 3-4 years ago when establishing my own marketing consultancy. The software was highly user-friendly and allowed me to quickly create and provide professional documents to potential clients. Recently, I decided to re-establish my business, and I looked for other proposal software but none could compare to the Proposal Kit Professional’s offering. I could not imagine an easier and faster way to do business, and simply had to upgrade to a new version!"
Teomeko Fletcher
I have been using this product since 2010 and it has been getting better each year. This product is GREAT for small-medium size and startup businesses! These documents have been lifesavers with clients! Love it! MUST BUY."
InTelligent DeeSignz
Excellent product for turn-key proposal work, and more! We use Proposal Kit Pro for all of our commercial and DoD contracts and highly recommend it for those companies large and small, seeking professional results for their customers."
Robert S. Wolski
Great product. A life saver for us when we started our business. A must have for any new startup or entrepreneur!"
Pam Moore
CEO | Founder | Forbes Top 5 Social Media Women | Social Media Speaker | Trainer | Consultant at Marketing Nutz
Detailed, comprehensive & highly usable system of documentation to run and grow my whole business. I needed a full suite of documents to manage, run and grow my business. Proposal Kit provided highly insightful industry-specific materials to make my proposals amazing, customized and comprehensive, legal contracts with clients, contractors and employees and even a whole bunch of supporting documents to help manage and administer the business. I truly couldn’t believe my luck when I found this. Have just upgraded to the latest version and it is even more awesome than before."
Stefan Sojka
Cyrius Media Group Pty Ltd
Integration to QuoteWerks, the pre-formatted office documents are fantastic and makes an impressive looking proposal and variety of styles and templates is awesome! I like that the templates are editable using standard Microsoft Office products. Not only has Proposal Kit helped me to automate some of my quoting processes but the finished proposals make me stand out from my competitors and have won me a number of bids. Often have received comments from clients on how thorough my analysis of their systems are compared to other companies they have engaged."
Chris Davis
I have used Proposal Kit Professional since 2007 to write several proposals for IT contracts and funding proposals. It is by far the best most comprehensive proposal template system out there. I highly recommend it!"
Andreton Jones
Co-Principal at A&A Property Solutions, Inc
As a freelance consultant, I used Proposal Kit the first time in 2007. Today more than 10 years after, as a CEO of an Intelligence & Influence firm in the military industry, I urge my staff to use the last version of this very useful product. Saving lot of time with professional output."
Papa Amadou Diagne
I found proposal kit in search of an all-inclusive document generator at the tips of my finger. Proposal Kit has met my expectations and more. Much thanks for the great work."
Jessie Frank
Proposal Kit lets me create multiple proposal templates that I can use over and over again. We can set them up for each of the vertical markets we target saving hours per proposal. Proposal kit allows us to save key paragraphs and sections for re-use as well. I haven’t found tool that works better. Writing proposal and responding to RFP’s takes a lot of time but the system lets us cut those hours by half or more. That saves a lot of money over the course of a year."
Joy Randels
Proposal Kit really helped us in the beginning to create our standards and the way in which we would like to communicate with our clients and interact with them. The examples are useful and very practical - even for businesses out of Asia."
Heidi Gempel
HGE International
The large variety of templates are very easy to utilize and are formatted to streamline multiple projects which greatly helps with our deadlines for clients in the procurement industry as well as with educating and training our client teams. This has been an irreplaceable resource and we have found none like it! We have reduced our internal training time as well as response times for RFP’s and accompanying documentation with the utilization of Proposal Kit."
Catrina Thompson
Brightwell Dynamics Forward Progression
I have been a Proposal Kit Pro user for almost 15 years; this kit is a part of my business. This is a MUST BUY for businesses of all sizes. Especially if you’re a small business or are solo (consulting/freelance), this kit will get you started on the right foot. I always recommend this kit. From personal experience this product is 1,000% worth the price! You will spend YEARS trying to accumulate what you can literally have in your hands in 30 seconds from just purchasing this kit. From the kit I learned essential terms, secured contracts and documents with steps on how use the essentials for any project size. There’s a lot in the pack, so following the proposal pack examples helps a lot, it shows how the kit will work for small/medium/large projects. You’re guided to each template, and the kit explains what each documents is for and which parts are needed per project. For me, this kit has literally paid for itself over and over again."
Chris Charlton
Very useful for science and technology grants and contracts...especially when competing for that same loaf of bread."
Rich McDonald, PH.D
Principal Research Scientist
Primordial Soup, LLC.
I have been using Proposal Kit for close to 7 years now. It has been very valuable in my business dealing and projects awarded to us."
Don Bonnenfant
DKL Consulting
We have been using the Professional Tools for the past 4 years. The packages have saved us countless hours of research, and documentation for various type of proposals. The templates are suitable for any organization of any sizes. This is really a must to have in your tool arsenal, and to impress your clients with a finished product to deliver to them."
Paul Lanthier
I purchased the earlier version of this product along with the Proposal Pack wizard almost two and half years ago, and I have found it incredibly useful for everyday needs of my software and communication technology business, be it in meeting up with those last minute proposal requests or for professionally crafting those critical life and money saving contracts: Mutual Non-Disclosure agreements, Sales and agency agreements, EULA - End User License Agreements, Warranty Documents, and even for useful employee/human resources contracts and templates. I have saved a lot on professional fees and used a lot of the contract packs samples as benchmarks to review and challenge bigger clients contract proposals. This Pack is simply priceless. You will need a lifetime to compute its real value & right price tag."
Oluwagbamila Oyekanmi
We own and run a boutique digital media/consulting agency that serves entrepreneur all the way up to fortune 50 clients. I have used proposal and document templates from Proposal Kit Pro and Wizard for each and every one of these clients. As we have grown, we are certainly able to afford external counsel to prepare and draft much of this documentation, as well as have on staff writers and project managers that could do it for us, but The Proposal Kit Pro is so well done that much of it isn’t necessary. This kit is a staple of our business and will continue to be for years to come. Their service is excellent and they update regularly to reflect current needs and technology. Well done Proposal Kit!"
Pam Moore
Marketing Nutz
I have been using this system for over 10 years. It is one of the most complete quoting systems on the market. I have no reservation in recommending it."
Joseph Alberici
I have been using Proposal Kit for grants since Fall of 2009 and love it. It saves me valuable time so I can focus on what I am an expert in!"
Richard McDonald
Global Health Science Institute
I bought the Proposal Kit in 2010. I have started and participated in a number of businesses since then including website development, software development and a logistics business. With each new venture there is the usual problem; "you don’t know what you don’t know". Whether meeting with a client or a prospective partner I have relied on the Proposal Kit to both fill in some of the blanks. I have used the contracts and especially the estimate sheets since I am terrible at estimating. I have made both small and large modifications to the contracts and estimate sheets and the structure and guidance they provide are a god-send. I highly recommend it."
Tevye Brown
Proposal Kit is a business contract and proposal solution that works for any business for writing business proposals and legal contracts. When it comes to putting the finishing touches on a project, this is my go to piece. I’ve been using this software for approximately 8 years for my graphic design business and the minute there is a new release this software goes to the top of my list as a must have! No matter what job comes my way, there seems to always be just the perfect contract, proposal or project management document at my fingertips ready for customizing. Proposal Kit backend support is phenomenal. if you should hit a snag and need a little guidance, every time I’ve reached out I have a response from customer service the next day at the latest. I absolutely LOVE this product and highly recommend it."
Becky Rickett
Founder, Big Star Production Group
I had been using Proposal Kit Professional together with the Proposal Pack Wizard for more than 3 years. Prior to using Proposal Kit Professional, I had been using several other products and had been disappointed because of their limited functionalities. Since using Proposal Kit Professional, I had never have to look back because of the product rich functionalities and also the vendor excellent continuing support policies."
Ng Yong Long
Proposal Kit Professional is everything it says it is. Our company has utilized the software for just over 6 months and we have had great success with new business during that time period. Much of that is due to the software and the ease of use. I would recommend this to anyone that has the need for professional looking proposal."
Kurt Holden
Director Of Operations at Air Hawk Inc.
This is a must for any small business, I have been using Proposal Kit Professional and Proposal Pack Wizard for over 2 years now. This product has been instrumental in me winning a number of new contracts. I recently put together a proposal for a new IT contract and won. The customer said that the professional proposal put forward by us was the main reason they decided to sign up."
Matt Gaskin
Unigold 2000 Ltd
We are a small business and the tool kit helped us to put some templates of our own based on the tool kit and saved lot of time. Highly Recommend it!"
Dinkar Karumuri
I was lost when I was trying to create my first proposal for consulting work after have been an employee for 10 years. This tool made my transition to consulting work much easier. I truly recommend it for anyone just starting out! There are a lot of examples in just about every area you can imagine and I was fortunate enough to create several "hybrids" of my own right from the information I was provided by Proposal Kit Pro. Really, this has a been a big help."
David Paul Belanger
Belatech Innovations Inc.
Being a business consultant for over 15 years, Proposal Kit has been my tool for preparing excellent proposals. Thus, my clients have been always happy about this. I sincerely recommend this product to anyone who intends to write excellent proposal and you will never regret."
Richard Sikira
The folks at Proposal Pack have over 20 years producing quality documents and facilitating their use in a most efficient manner. Whether needing to prepare one proposal or a continuing stream, Proposal Kit pricing is so nominal, one can hardly afford not to use the product."
Martin Margheim
I’ve found Proposal Kit to be very useful over the years, I’ve been using it since 2004 and have found a bundle of useful information and guidance in the kit. Hopefully I will use it for years to come."
Shaun Smith-Roberts
Easy to use with integrations to software I already have in place (MS-Office and QuoteWerks). I’ve always struggled with formatting my quotes in addition to content, but Proposal Kit makes that a snap, I more or less just need to worry about the details and not the layout. When prospects ask me for general information, I’m able to pull a few pages from the master quote I created without the need to have a brochure or similar. The content of the proposals has also been helping me in my company’s website content. The staff are extremely helpful and quick to respond!"
Chris Davis
Polarverse IT Services
So, I have been using Proposal Kit for at least five or six years already. As a professional coach, LinkedIn lead generation expert writing proposals is just part of my weekly routine. I try to coach all my clients that they must have systems for everything, Proposal Kit is one of my secret weapons I use. It just makes the process so much easier by doing about 75% of the work for you initially. I just love it and will recommend it to anybody who wants to have a real system of writing proposals, that would normally take hours, now can take 30-40 mins max."
Allan Fine
Executive Edge
Proposal Kit has been excellent resource for a startup business. It offers a complete suite of office templates and contracts specific to my business. These are professional documents that create incredible value, you could not find a better source at so little cost. I highly recommend this software as way to grow your business. Every business should own this software, the support has been excellent!"
Leroy Manville
Not only is Proposal Kit user friendly, but it has relevant templates for most every need. I highly recommend this product."
Denise Mosby-Lewis
Proposal Kit has been excellent for proposal templates and professional documents. High quality documents."
Broslloyd Campbell
Proposal Kit Professional is incredibly intuitive and saved me enormous amounts of time and money. I had to put together a proposal for a video production and client informed me part of the reason I got the job was that the lay out the proposal was well put together. I highly recommend!"
Paul Alvaran
I use Proposal Kit while working in the consulting business and I really enjoy the professionalism and accuracy of their documents! They are time savers and more importantly thye let you win business. I use it to submit proposals for software projects for our consulting company ECONCEPTS."
Abbas Badran
I have been using Proposal Kit Professional 17.0 for nearly a year and the product is just superb. I write numerous proposals to meet Federal RFPs and RFQs and the product makes proposal writing a breeze. Its numerous templates and integration with MS Word means that I only have to edit past RFPs to suit thus shortening my proposal submission time. I have tried more expensive products in the past but none can compare with Proposal Kit Professional in terms of ease-of-use and cost effectiveness. I highly recommend this product."
Samuel Boakye
I have been using Proposal Kit Pro for years in my consultant and real estate business. There is no other proposal writing software on the market as comprehensive as this. It works across all computer platforms and is very intuitive. Customer service is responsive and they constantly are upgrading the software to make it even better. You won’t be disappointed."
Andreton Jones
I have used this product in three primary scenarios: non-profit, for profit, and academics contractual situations. I was surprised to find a 95% match on contractual functionality to all three scenarios."
Amaury de Siqueira
Indiana University
I am in the video production and media content creation business and Proposal Kit Professional has been my goto resource for preparing paperwork to land new accounts. When trying to acquire new business, especially higher end accounts, the companies I pursue, require very professional proposals which can be more time consuming then doing the production itself. Proposal Kit Professional makes me more profitable now, saving me valuable time I need."
Bill Shanley
I have been using Proposal Kit Professional for the past year now and I love that it gives me the opportunity to submit neat, professional looking proposals that have helped me to obtain several lucrative government contracts. The software is very comprehensive and easy to use. I am able to respond to an RFP, RFI or RFQ’s in half of the time than it would usually take me to respond while writing freestyle. After some getting used to, even the most novice proposal writer can write like a seasoned pro. This is well worth the purchase!"
Georgina Adu
Royal Finish Building and Janitorial Service LLC
I purchased this product in 2011 and have utilized a majority of the proposals in some form or fashion. I have always continued to update it from then on out. This software is well worth the initial investment. It has paid for itself and then some. I would recommend this for any business that needs quick access to proposal templates."
Demetrius L Bledsoe
This is worth every penny! Definitely a must have, especially for small business owners. Larger organizations will greatly benefit from this product as well. I don’t know what I would do without it, especially since I have minimal grant writing expertise. One of the best investments I have made!!"
Denise Mosby-Lewis
Next Steps Inc
I first purchased Proposal Kit in 2006 and have continued to use it thru 2015! It’s a terrific product, I’m very pleased!"
Ray Louis
I have been using Proposal Kit Pro for many years and have been happy with the quality of the contracts it produces. We use it for and and have upgraded several times."
Sean Hogan
My dad would say, ’a one-two punch!’ I’ve had this product since 2013 and i use it for my consulting business. This product has allowed me to meticulously and effectively create distinctive proposals for different types of services and different industries. With step-by-step guidance, it’s easy to create professional proposals that are saved in numerous different formats. LOVE IT!!"
Ada Uribe
Erestar Inc.
I purchased this product based on all the good reviews, I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I have just started using it, so I don’t have a lot of input yet. However, for the little time that I have worked with it seems very simple to use and not a lot of work to get setup. I have been impressed with my purchase and can’t wait to get more time to explore all the features. Invaluable for a startup business or standardizing your document templates at work."
Leroy Manville
Interface IT Solutions Group LTD
I bought Proposal Kit Pro when I started my web, design, audio/visual and marketing business. It was over the top with all the forms, contracts, spreadsheets etc.. It was everything I needed and more. Much more. Concerning the content, I especially appreciated the spreadsheets. (Since they were prefilled, and the owner, Proposal Kit, was essentially doing what I was trying to begin, they opened my eyes to rates, jobs, tasks that I could charge for.) Anyway the spreadsheets helped fill out my business plan. The proposals gave a great start to the creation of three main proposals that I use when working with a prospect. Small, medium and large. I made boilerplates that include a NDA, contract and proposal and am able to do most of my business with those three frameworks. Overall, tons of info, forms, contracts etc... They’ve given you everything. A lot!"
L T Thomas
Ruby Doodle LLC
I have been using Proposal Kit now for over 5 years with 3 different companies. It is a no brainer for any IT Company or any services company for that matter. The included templates are a great start to creating the most professional looking statements of work, service contracts and anything else you may need. We also use the Proposal Pack Wizard and this makes creating Word merge templates a breeze. We use it to create custom quotes, proposals, SOWs, cover pages etc for Quotewerks. Great Value, will always be in my toolbox."
Ray Collazo
CorpSolv Inc.
First purchased v12 back in 2008 and have upgraded to various versions over the years. Excellent tool for any business professional or independent consultant."
Alfred Hamilton
I have been using Proposal Kit Professional since 2006. I was hesitant to get it at first, not knowing the company or what quality I would get. I decided to go ahead and try it out and I have been thankful ever since. The proposals and especially the contracts are both professional and relevant to my work. While I am using the primarily for IT, I found myself going back and using documents that I never thought I would need or even thought about needing. I was glad to have purchased the whole kit and not just a single Proposal Pack."
Michael Brent Sadler
Web Creations & Consulting LLC
Definitely a must have, especially for consulting business owners. Larger organizations will greatly benefit from this product as well. I don’t know what I would do without it. One of the best investments I have made!!"
Don Bonnenfant
DKL Consulting
Excellent product. I have been using this product for almost two years. As a small business owner, I do not have an abundant amount of time or resources to write proposals. This product has decreased my turnaround time for major proposals. It is my go to platform and will continue to be for a long time."
Kendall Felder
Melken Solutions
This product is extremely easy to install, setup and one can quickly churn out, detailed, customized proposals through the integration with Microsoft Office. I would recommend this product to anyone in need of a streamlined proposal development solution."
Tolu Aganga-Williams
This product has been very useful on more occasions than I could count. This software can be used for a wide variety of professions, projects, as well as has a range of legal contracts. They are continuously upgrading this product and including new samples all the time so you could get the job done right without additional resources. Highly recommend this product for any business or professional as it is cost effective and time saving! They also have excellent customer support if you need help with anything."
Ryan Miyaki
I’ve been using Proposal Kit Pro for several years now. It has helped me with proposal writing (which I used to totally dread!). It has made it easy for me to provide estimates and even in building questionnaires for my design clients! Before Proposal Kit Pro I didn’t even use contracts and having the ability to write professional proposals has helped me to close more, and bigger (more money) deals in my design business! A+ to the folks that put this together. Highly recommended!"
Steve DeFalco
I bought this product when I was just about to start my catering business as far back as 2009 and never had any cause to regret. I had no clue on how to write a business proposal, so I purchased the Proposal Kit Professional and my first business proposal was to offer catering services to the wedding of the son of Nigerian Ambassador to Jamaica. I was surprised that not only was I offered the job but the ambassador called to appreciate my business proposal. This job was in millions of my local currency and I owe it all to Proposal Kit!!!"
Babatunde Adeolaon
I run a small business and I had to consider the cost of paying a staff member, subcontractor, or our lawyer to draw up this documentation. I’m so I chose to purchase this Kit, it covers every aspect of the business we do. It has also paid for itself many times over."
Edward Green
Green IT Consulting LLC
My computers services company started in 2000 and I started using Proposal Kit in 2004. The professional look of the proposals and the help in ensuring that all necessary detail is included has quite definitely helped win a number of competitive projects and just made me look more professional all round."
Derek Hall
AtH Consulting
I have used the Proposal Kit Professional for the past two years when applying for government security contracts. It has cut my proposal and review time down to near zero and it has helped my procure government contracts while in competition with much larger companies. I cannot say enough about this product. If you are serious about getting in the mix with the larger international companies then I highly recommend this company’s products."
Warren Pulley
RyPul Threat Assessments
We have used previous versions of the Proposal Kit Professional and this software program has been a valuable assets for our business. It has assisted us in speeding up our proposal and contract writing process. So over the years the software program has been a great tool in our arsenal business resources."
Kevin Houston
K & K Houston LLC
I have been using Proposal Kit Professional since 2005. I had been looking for a software solution to a problem that plagues all small and startup businesses; How to close and secure new business. When I first discovered this program, I was confused. I had been looking for a "blank" word proposal form and maybe a couple of sample of contracts. Instead I received a dizzying amount of document snippets and templates for assembling extraordinary custom proposals and contracts. As an entrepreneur, I was thrilled because every time I work on a new project, I need to redraft these agreements and this kit provides ALL of the tools needed. The publishers go to extraordinary effort to continue updating the program. I have used this kit for Real Estate proposals, agent and broker agreements; and have also used it for all of my startup companies for writing everything from the business plan, corporate minutes and resolution to proposals and retainer agreements. It works for virtually all businesses all you have to do is add your specialized vocabulary and maybe a definition or two. That’s it. This package contains a huge amount of information that will power and protect your business. It is really the most extensive, detailed, proposal, contract, document and software package I have ever seen and it is worth every penny. It is so comprehensive that you could build a career around it. I have and I highly recommended Proposal Kit Professional."
Craig Christianson
I have used Proposal Kit Professional since 2006, when I needed a very intuitive application that I could use to roll-out my professional services proposals and quotations. One of the most striking features of the software was how easy was to set-up the sections that makes up for the Table of Contents, this being done by clicking (actually checking) the boxes for sections or chapters to be developed in order to comply with our needs or the topics of a RFQ. As to if I would recommend it?.........well, the answer is a most rotund YES!!!!"
Juan Manuel Bojorquez Vargas
Integrus Capital Advisors de Mexico
I have used this package now for the past 6 or 7 years and it has been a wonderful companion to my work as a consultant. The package is a ready answer to the needs of professionals like me. It reduces the time and effort that it might have taken you to start sourcing for appropriate wordings and phrases, and it gives your proposal that internationally accepted professional touch. Kudos to the guys behind this, Thumbs Up!"
Olumide Olulana
Marketing Communications & Project Management & Administration Consultants
I love the fact that there are no monthly fees. I’ve owned Proposal Kit since 2005 and it has grown with me every step of the way. Once you have it setup, it works intuitively and generates beautiful proposals. The packs are a great way to start and will give you a head start in setting up the perfect proposal. I think this is the only non-subscription based proposal generation software out there. Features compete with online systems, but you own it. I need a way to develop proposals based on a custom selection of services determined by each client need. Proposal Kit lets me do that very effectively. I can put a complete proposal together in less than 10 minutes and know that will be free of mistakes."
Greg Newell
Proposal Kit is a tool that addresses two of the most critical elements of business success, professionalism and consistency. Not only does Proposal Kit provide the means to deliver Professional Proposals, it makes delivering them consistently a breeze. If you write any kind of proposals, buy Proposal Kit! You won’t regret it. The product and people behind the product are terrific. Proposal Kit is allowing us to be highly responsive to customer requests. We often get a flood of inquiries following a Trade Show or other Marketing efforts and Proposal Kit allows us to respond to these without delay."
John W.
We have been using this product since version 3. I used to stress over getting proposals ready. A complete professional, organized proposal would take an hour or more to complete. When I came across Proposal Kit Professional I figured it was worth a try. I had used a couple others and each had a few good takeaway points, but none were the "all in one" I was needing. When I downloaded it I was VERY pleased. It contained everything I was looking for. I have adopted it to my work flow and now instead of what used to be an hour or two in preparation ...I can now hammer out a very professional proposal in under 30 minutes. The organizational tools and templates makes my life MUCH easier and as most pros know .... "Presentation is a huge part of closing the sale". Thank you Proposal Kit!!"
Lee Murphy
Murphy Insurance Group
I have been using this package for over 9 years. Always have it on-hand ready to produce a complete professional looking proposal. It has saved us countless hours. Great job!"
Dave Errey
President at LAVA Imports Inc.
Honestly, I haven’t found another product that even compares to what the Proposal Kit provides."
Tina Burnett
As a freelance consultant, I used Proposal Kit the first time in 2007. Today more than 7 years after, as a President of an Intelligence Provider company dedicated to supporting Responsive governance & Citizen Engagement in Africa, I urge my staff to use the last version of this very useful product. Saving lot of time with professional output."
Pape Amadou Diagne
NaChaa LLC
Use with Salesforce and Quotewerks. Excellent product. Easy to setup. Tons of options. Recommend for anyone looking for good templates."
Jim Mazzarella
Eitechs Technology Solutions
I have been using Proposal Kit since 2002 and it is the best product you can find anywhere for anyone who has a business and want to be able to utilize contracts without the headache and hassle of thinking in back of your mind did I cover this or that in the contract process. This resource saves you time, money and frustration and allows you to focus on what you like to do best and that is making money and enjoy what you do most for your clients. This purchase is one that you can be proud of and look back and say it is money well spent that has a true ROI many times over."
Spencer Butler
This purchase has revolutionized our proposal process - thoroughly enjoyed the process - proves that great things can be simple. Well done."
Gordon McMurray
We have used Proposal Kit for the past year and found it to be incredibly detailed, easy to use, with a responsive and friendly staff. We would highly recommend the products for the great value per dollar invested. It has made our work much easier."
Max Coventry
I was very glad to have found Proposal Kit Professional back in 2000 (yes, 13 years ago when Ian and company decided to create PKP) - beforehand we were struggling with content and spending hours, if not days. building proposals for our clients. It was frustrating and painful. After purchasing PKP writing proposals has been a breeze!"
Bob Miller
Online Marketer / Product Manager / Trainer
Thank you! I have never been disappointed with your service or your software. I will be shouting from the mountaintop how Proposal Kit Pro has saved me time and time again."
Mary Rogan
I purchased Proposal Kit Professional - Excellent Product & The Wizard! I am finishing up a Degree in Computer Science, and consider myself somewhat above the bar when it comes to my writing skills. However, after taking some business classes and IT classes that required the standard structure for writing IT related Business Proposals I was lost and my Capstone and to compound matters even worse my school had no text books for the class imagine that if you would. Now, this software is somewhat advanced and you will get frustrated at first, however, like any advanced application software it becomes easier with every spent behind the wheel, and soon you will be part of an elite group of folks that can prepare a great deal legal and binding documents thanks to the folks here at Great Product, Great email tech support! Yes, I would definitely recommend this product to friends and professionals because it one f the most advanced products out there on the market!"
Alan Quevedo
I first purchased the Proposal Kit Pro and wizard in 2009. As a coach and trainer it has proven to be one of the best early business decisions that I made and I would recommend the product to any small business, entrepreneur or self employed professional. The combination and integration with the wizard function makes proposals a breeze and if you’re a start-up that needs to do proposals it’s a MUST HAVE. I am personally and professionally looking forward to all the upgrades in the newest edition. Finding a product that can grow with you and your business can be a challenge at the best of times but finding a company that is continually improving and helping your business improve is another story all together. The fact that I can contact them and talk to a real life person and get my questions answered far exceeds my expectations given the affordable initial expense. My hat goes off to the folks at Proposal Kit keep up the great work!!"
Shabana Ahmad
Saved me so much time. It was great out of the box, we did modify few areas which is simply editing a word file. I would highly recommend this product."
Murat Turk
Turk IT Solutions
This product is great! It has aided me and my staff tremendously in selling our websites. It is the "iPhone" of proposal software. BUY IT your gonna love it. The company provides great customer care as well."
Joshua Read
CEO & Founder at The Read Organization
As a freelance consultant, I used Proposal Kit the first time in 2007. Today more than 5 years after as a CEO of a Consulting company dedicated to connecting business to African markets, I urge my staff to use the last version of this very useful product. Saving lot of time !!!"
Pape Amadou Diagne
CEO at Sphynks, LLC.
Back in 2006 I was looking for proposal package that was inexpensive but very flexible and easily to use. I’m in the IT consulting industry so I have to do a fair amount of proposals and estimates. After looking at a number of packages I chose the Proposal Kit Professional. The Proposal Kit paid for itself on the second proposal I created using it. I’ve been very happy with the Proposal Kit and would highly recommend it!"
London Baker
Baker Network Consulting
In the course of my career I have written hundreds of proposals and have done so with little effort once a basic template was crafted. However, current best practices in a very competitive services market require significant statements of work. Proposal Kit’s "Proposal Kit Professional" has proven to be of significant value whether responding to an RFP or offering an unsolicited proposal. Everything I need to produce a comprehensive and professional proposal is at my fingertips."
Morris J Paserchia
Hudson Community Enterprises
I have used Proposal Kit Professional for a number of projects and have been very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend it for anyone who needs to prepare written proposals and contracts for their small business clients."
James Stephenson
Stephenson Computer Consulting
I have been using this system for over 8 years and it is the best that money can buy. It paid for itself many times over every year. I have no reservations recommending this software. This is the best buy on the internet. Don’t be fooled by pretenders."
Joseph Alberici
Inroads, LLC
I have used Proposal Kit for 6 years now and have generated great proposals. Clients were very impressed with the quality of proposals."
John Hamati
VP Development and Operations at Carefree Hospitality
I have used Proposal Kit for my larger projects since 2001 and have successfully landed all of them. The prospects love the completeness and the presentation of the contents."
Martha Clark
Simplex Services
Recently I purchased Proposal Kit Professional. I love it! Having such a vast amount of examples and templates to create my own proposals from is awesome. As a Website Developer, I have to respond to many Request for Proposals. This has made responding so much easier."
Jim Bennett
The product is very helpful to me. It saves me time in preparing proposals for contracts we go after which means I can focus more of my time in other areas of need. I know it can save others time too!"
LaTonya Barton
Kingdomware Technologies Inc.
We have been using Proposal Kit Professional for the last 6 years. We have just upgraded to the new version. Worth Every cent we paid, as it has made our proposal creation a breeze."
Havinder Chager
CEO at Computer Revolution Africa
I have used Proposal Kit Professional since 2009. It is definitely a time-saver. Also, once I started using the software, the templates brought to my attention proposal items that I overlooked in my original self-drafted proposals. I have used it for web design proposals as well as photography proposals."
Tony Ellis
I have used Proposal Kit Professional since 2006 and it is a great resource for creating new proposals and pursuit documents. It helps kick start the creation process and reduces the time and effort required to produce quality documents."
Jeffrey Young
Managing Principal Consultant
Invantas Solutions, LLC
We use Proposal Kit Pro for all our proposals and the ROI is over 1000%. That better than betting on the banks."
Alexander T. Baird
I have used these templates since 2007. They have added a polish and filled in key holes in my proposals. Well put together and comprehensive, they are easy to use and thorough. Updated on a routine basis. A good investment."
Don Bonnenfant
Owner at DKL Consulting
British Columbia, Canada
I have been using Proposal Kit for some time now. My proposals look so professional and I find that I do not forget to list important points in my proposals. I am upgrading and cannot wait to see the latest version."
Lynn Courtade
Design Director Consultant
Design Cliq
Very comprehensive and a time saver when that sudden request for a proposal came. One of my precious keeps for over 7 years now - the fact that this company survives and continues to provide support and updates all these many years, tells how relevant its products are for professionals."
Nasir Sobri
Chief Host
WOW! I wish I had this when I was consulting for clients! RM Toolkit would have saved me a lot time."
Leigh Woody
I started using Proposal Kit Professional in 2012 with version 16.0. I was amazed with its functionality and the amount of templates the professional kit came with as well as the ease of use. I also found the wizard an asset to my existing templates as I was able to incorporate my documents and modified them through MS Word. I am now working with the graphic components and looking forward to the new upgrade to version 17.0. This software has improved my proposal output and I enjoy using it."
Eric Bergman
Excellent tool for making professional quality proposals and quotes. Has helped to increase my revenues many times over."
Cynthia V. Marcello
I have been using Proposal Pack along with a few templates for the last 2-3 years. The software is easy to use and creates a product that separates you from the rest of the pack."
Alex Szigedi
The Proposal Kit Professional takes the headache out of writing professional contracts for business! Not only are the templates easy to use and customize as needed, but there is a template for every need. As a women business owner of a software development company, I have to say that this product empowered me to run my business with confidence!"
Brian Beers
Sr. Applications Administrator at Verizon Data Services
I have been using this product for the last 5 years. It has been a life and time saver. It is also very user friendly to use for producing a detailed report. I am glad and happy with the purchase and I strongly recommend it."
George Makhanian
Trinity Small Business Solutions
I am upgrading to Proposal Kit Pro v16 because they’ve never failed to dazzle me since version 9.5 with new templates, samples, contracts, and instructional material. I have proposed full-blown application development, training programs, and an automation project. I would have never been able to propose the projects I did (and win them) by myself. In this economy, you need a professional proposal to win the job---I highly recommend Proposal Kit Pro to help you do just that."
Mary Rogan
msDynamicsPlus LLC.
I have been a faithful user of Proposal Kit for the past God knows when. It has been my never leave home without kit while I’m on the road and it has been very useful tool for me in times of need. I love it . It is a must tool for any contractor."
Adam Jose
Chief Operating Officer
Renewable Energy
We have been using this system since 2008. A great product for businesses to help write proposals. Nice part is being able to customize the proposals for each customer, but keep the look and feel the same. Able to customize the proposals to allow for your company look and branding. Well worth the money."
Edward Ranschaert
Ranschaert Enterprise L.L.C.
As I began my consulting business back in 2003, I really wanted to stand out as I began submitting proposals. I searched for templates, books, something to assist me to not have to reinvent the wheel time and time again. Then I found THIS! This kit will give you everything you need for eye catching, information filled, winning proposals."
Michelle K Rioson
Impowered Leader
This product has everything we need to help my business provide professional documentation to our clients. The wizard is a great interface to the underlying project documents and eliminates the guess work as to which document to use for which situation."
Robert Bowes
Professional Computing Solutions
I have a number of services that I offer. This product is the best at providing me with a variety of options. Whether I need a catering proposal, an event proposal or a PR proposal, I know I will find a great choice. In addition, the ease and flexibility of the program saves me so much time. I can pick and choose the various elements I need when creating a simple or more detailed proposal. I have been using since 2008 and appreciate how the company is constantly improving the product adding new relevant features. I love it!"
Lura Ball
I was looking for a great software package that worked well and saved me time, and integrates with Word. Proposal Kit software makes it very simple to generate proposals that are specific for my customers. The software is great if you are starting out and need a way to write really fantastic proposals for your customers."
Bryan Moyer
We’ve used this proposal kit for all our clients. It is easy to understand both by us and our clients and covers all aspects of a contract. The proposal document is very professional and gives us the edge over competitors."
Mike Porter
Not only do the documents in these Proposal Packs, and associated Contract Packs, help me keep a consistent and professional look to my client communications, they have helped me realize shortcomings and things I needed to re-think. Since using Proposal Kit’s products, I’ve found the process of submitting proposals and getting signed contracts to be much less stressful, and my time has been more productive. I can now spend more of my working time doing what I love to do, instead of dealing with mundane, but critical paperwork tasks."
Michael Halbrook
We have been using Proposal Kit for the last 3 years. This is the only software we use for our Accounting Firm and other business - the information and versatility has given us a great advantage over other firms. We are in the process of upgrading our systems and we will not think twice on not continuing using Proposal Kit software."
Vidal Espinosa
Invictus Advisors
Working with this product is the best, quickest way to complete my proposals. Most of the work is done for you. All I had to do was fill in the missing pieces. It is all neatly ordered and comes with the add-ons like confidentiality agreement, cover letter and table of contents which saves on time and work. I can’t say I found anything wrong with the software, it takes care of essential writing without the time consuming factor. I’ve earned more than $100,000/yr using this software."
Leslie Bannon
Business Consultant
LMB Enterprises
Beautifully done, so helpful!"
Christine Smith
Owner at Northwest Navigation
I love the Proposal Kit Professional as well as the Wizard. When I need to assemble a different proposal I always use the various professional templates inside the program."
James Lewis
Lewis Surveillance
I bought Proposal Kit Professional back in 2013 for my small photography business. It was a worthwhile purchase. Prior to purchasing I had been manually creating the contracts and proposals. Being a small business I could not afford to contract this out so I began looking for an alternate method to enhance my efficiency. I found Proposal Kit Professional. It lets you customize the documents it helps you produce. Proposal Kit was definitely the advantage I needed to increase productivity! This software is well worth the investment and I highly recommend."
Micki Krzynski
Micki K Photography
I have been using this product since 2008. It’s very customizable, and adaptable to whatever project you’re taking on. I use it both for estimates and SOW and it’s just basically a great template that takes care of all the hard work and legalese."
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown Design
The one aspect of my business I dreaded the most was creating proposals for prospective clients. After purchasing Proposal Kit Professional I no longer fear having to put together a proposal because Proposal Kit Professional makes the job simple and fast. This is especially true when you combine it with the Proposal Pack Wizard which helps you select which specific documents you want to include in your proposal and then put it all together while you sit back and relax. I love this product and highly recommend it to anyone looking at easy way to create professional looking proposals."
Jaime Cruz
I love Proposal Kit and have been using it and upgrading since 2005. This makes everything easy, asks the right questions, is elaborate or simple as needed and produces beautiful, professional results. A little tricky to setup... this could be a bit easier, but otherwise I love it."
Jennifer Byrd
Byrd Group LLC
I have used Proposal Kit for over a decade. Whenever my business needs a professional bid or contract proposal kit has just what I need. Proposal Kit helps you work smarter and manage your valuable time & sanity. I highly recommend using this outstanding product!"
Jeremy Domby
XS Consulting Group
As an independent consultant, I have been using the Proposal Kit software since v5.0 and it has helped me land many lucrative contracts. My clients, in particular, are impressed with the concise project quotes and project management capabilities this software offers. In addition, the support [their] staff provides when issues arise is second to none!!"
Robert Bowes
Professional Computing Solutions
I had just gotten out of the military and I decided to start my own business and work for myself. I had no idea I would gain such a fast and large list of clients through present relationships and referrals. I needed an office staff, legal team and personal assistant STAT! But, I was just starting out and didn’t have the funds for that. I started looking up templates for forms and documents and found Proposal Kit... that was seven years ago and I still use them today! If you need help, try Proposal Kit, you will love it!"
Carmen Brantley
CEO, The Vine LLC
Outstanding software easy to use and gets the projects done one time without errors. Very good formatting of the project with a very high professional output."
Allen Kniphfe
I first purchased Proposal Kit in 2010. It has an enormous number of letters, forms, spreadsheets, proposals, etc. At first it was a little overwhelming at first since I was new to using formal business communications. Also the system includes a program that assists you in creating more complex documents which took a short while to figure out. Once I got the ’lay of the land’ and found the documents I needed I saw that they addressed issues I never thought of which is a real help. Very comprehensive document toolkit that I have used over the years as templates for proposals and letters. It also gets me past the ’blank page’ problem since I can find a document that I can modify for just about any situation. It takes more than a minute to get used to the software that assembles the documents, although, considering the number of documents, in the end, I was glad I spent the time."
Tevye Brown
We have been using the proposal kit since 2008. We find it very useful in our daily business transactions. It has helped us create professional agreements and proposals. By using this product it has saved us hundreds of dollars we would have had to spend via a legal team! Highly recommend this product."
Mohamed Sayed
Aleph Computer
I had been using Proposal Kit since 2013. The product is helping my work incredibly. The added benefits from using Proposal Kit was the constant improvement and upgrades provided that has protected my investment."
Yong Long Ng
Proposal kit software is very user friendly. I’m very happy I purchase this product. I have been able to put together my business proposals in no time."
Derrick Simmons
I have been using Proposal Kit Professional for seven years. We have use it for everything from proposals for clients from the Fortune 500 to small business as well as for our NDA’s, EULA - End User License Agreement and contracts. The wizard saves a tremendous amount of time and it’s really easy to create templates for almost any type of contract, proposal, or form. We love it because it insures that we are consistent in our processes, corporate messaging, and branding. I highly recommend the product and the company which has excellent customer service and support. I’ve sent numerous friends and colleagues to purchase Proposal Kit. You can’t beat it for value and convenience."
Joy Randels
Applied G2
When time is money and you need to deliver a quality proposal to a client, the Proposal Kit provides quick template options for a professional presentation. We needed to deliver a package overnight to an international government client. I found the Proposal Kit online, downloaded it, and got busy. It did the job we needed fast."
Derrick Comfort
Proposal Kit is simply the best tool for creating proposals. The step by step process and the integration with Word make it simple. I use the product to create information technology proposals."
George K. Fahnbulleh
Lake Piso Technology Solutions
Proposal Kit Pro is the only business software in the market that touches all every aspect of business development, marketing, operations and administration. All business templates makes it easy for even a newbie to setup great business documents such as proposals, quotations, contracts, business and marketing plans like a pro."
Christopher Odiley
Lake Piso Technology Solutions
This makes writing my proposals child’s play, I can have a new proposal ready and out to the customer quickly and professionally."
Jeff Wilson
I’ve been using Proposal Kit Professional for the past nine years. During that time it has saved me hundreds, if not thousands of hours of time preparing proposals! I believe it is also the reason behind me winning business, even when I was competing against much larger firms, some of them with full-time proposal writing staff or even departments. I highly recommend Proposal Kit to anyone who wants to win more business!"
John Westra
Proposal Kit Professional makes starting your own freelance business a breeze! This software takes the guesswork out of what important elements to include in business contracts and proposals. I would recommend this software to any one running their own business or thinking about starting a business."
Karen Jolley
I first purchased Proposal Kit Professional in 2007 and as business evolved upgraded in 2009, 2012 and now again 2014. This is a great product that helps you organize your thoughts, create business arrangements and prepares you for a conversation with your own attorney or another party in negations. Absolutely amazing too. A must have, for any business who needs to keep their affairs in order."
Parthiv Shah
I’ve begun my dream business venture and needed to create my services and product proposals. I would like to thank Ian for the software development and user friendly Proposal Kit products. Customer service, step-by-step instruction, useful tips, video & audio tutorials coupled with great prices have earned my trust and respect. I have now successfully created three versions and have received positive inquires for my business services. Using the Expert Wizard Proposal eliminated the need for double work and changing verbiage for the same service. I love it! Thanks again! Proposal Kit is a Winner!!!!!!"
Debra Spencer Jefferson
So far the best proposal template system, handy and comprehensive. A good job from the developers."
Adekunle Osidipe
Business Development Manager
Tempo Paper Pulp and Packaging Limited
I first bought Proposal Kit Professional over a decade ago when it was in version 6. It has been one of my best purchases. When I started looking for software to make writing proposals and contracts easier I thoroughly researched all the options. Proposal Kit was far and away the best one and it still is. You are in no way limited on the documents it helps you produce. How much I can customize documents is one of the most important considerations for me. You can’t know ahead of time where projects will take you and what kinds of proposals or contracts you will need in the future. In all these years I’ve never run into a situation that I couldn’t create the right documents for. The fact that the company has been maintaining and improving the software for all these years makes me trust it all the more as one of the key tools I use. This software is well worth the investment. The time it saves me alone is a huge benefit. At this point I’d never want to have to create these kinds of documents without Proposal Kit. I highly recommend it."
Sheri Jackson
As an internet promotions management person I find this program (Proposal Kit Professional) a valuable asset in creating the proposals I am looking to get out in a professional manner. This program is easy to use and creates the type of output I need to present to my clients. Thank You."
Dave Robb
Visionquest Promotions
I just upgraded because I liked the version I bought in 2010 so much. It saves a lot of time. Highly customizable. I have been complimented repeatedly for my thorough, well-written proposals. I have to thank."
Kari Matthews
The Matthews Group
This product is great! I find myself using it over and over again. It helps streamline operations. I am confident that I have solid proposal and contracts."
Josiah Williams
Solutions Manager at Notation Printing and Promotions
Everything you could reasonably need to write a successful proposal for your nonprofit."
Abe Sule
As a former IT Director and Sales Director, a few years ago I started using several proposal products from Proposal Kit. After having great success using several forms and documents for our web development, outsourcing, and product development efforts, I upgraded to the more comprehensive Proposal Kit Professional V16, V17, and V18. After leaving the company, this product was absolutely critical to helping me work with several startups across various industries such as Emergency Management, Web Development, Sales and Marketing, and Hair Care Products. I highly recommend the Proposal Kit Pro as it has everything you could ever think about and then many more. I consider it a must have for any new business startup and just as valuable for existing businesses looking to improve their repository of forms, documents, and tools."
Paul Bennett
I have been using this product for several years. It has helped my company create professional documents for many different types of projects. This is a great product especially for the money."
Dustin Feldman
DJF Consulting LLC
Time & Quality are critical to any communication process. The Proposal Kit helps to achieve these objectives both in the initial and subsequent phases of all communication with customers and internal staff. Great Tool!"
Richard Shaw
EduCentres Limited
This has helped me over the years."
Winthrop Morgan
President and CVO
Social Marketing Association
I have bought this product recently and it is awesome. It is the only product I found great for proposal and specially for the pest control company I run. It gives me everything I need like proposals and contracts. It gives you the right image to get new customers. I’m in love with it."
Zahid Mehmood
Kick Out Pest Control
This is a fantastic simple and effective product not only useful for external customer facing use but also internal intra-department use."
Andrew Rook
CIO Consultant at Global Company
United Kingdom
The Proposal Kit is a great tool to simplify the effort of getting a project setup with a client. It’s simple and effective to use and help you ’not miss’ anything up front. I find it takes the pain and stress out of getting a project established and presented to a client."
Glen Sabatier
Managing Director
TenStep Alberta Inc.
I’ve been using Proposal Kit for my photography business for over 10 years, after 5 years of canned contracts that I learned were water buckets full of holes at the bottom. I just finished a 2.5 year legal process on a construction contract that educated me beyond my desire on how important a thorough contract is. My first stop was on their site to update to the latest version after a few years of not keeping up. Sleeping better tonight!"
Brian Geraths
Prints Charming
Proposal Kit Professional saves time and helps in the preparation of federal grants and contracts. It gives you the tools you need, also helpful for the medical field."
Enrique Martinez
Medical Doctorate at UPR School of Medicine
Puerto Rico
I have used the proposal templates, interview forms, and contract samples from the Proposal Kit Professional for several years now and they provide me with both great flexibility and a really professional client-facing presentation."
Jim Thrall
Founder, Principal Consultant at Titan Professional Solutions
I’ve been a user of this product suite since 2005. It keeps getting better and more robust. I’ve been using paper versions of the forms and proposals for a while now and have been very happy with them. Bravo! Even in 2005, the support was quite good, and it appears to have gotten even better."
Anthony Veltri
This is a great product I have used for creating proposal templates from scratch."
Peter Schuler
Accounts Manager at Contractors Access Equipment
As a small business consultant I am often called upon to assist in preparing contractual documents in many different areas. The Proposal Kit is an excellent time saver and has references to many key points that should be addressed for clarity and assigning responsibility. Definitely add this to your toolbox."
William Green
CEO at W.O. Green Corporate Services
This kit is a great way to respond to clients in a professional and timely manner. Saves a LOT of running around and do-it-yourself work so you can concentrate on the content and worry less about the format."
Frank Bergdoll
SNAP Technology Solutions
I have been doing web development since 1999 and have used ’Proposal Kit Pro’ for almost as long. Professionals in any field know it’s challenging to find time to write any contract or document when on a short deadline. This kit has every single contract or template I’ve ever needed in my career and literally saved me months (maybe years) of boring work overnight!"
Chris Charlton
Charlton Consulting
I have been using Proposal Kit Pro for about a month. We were able to easily craft a complex offer for the sale of heavy equipment. The variety of templates allowed us to master extensive information and present it in a concise form that the purchaser was able to readily understand. An outstanding product!"
Charles Naals
President and CEO
Inter-Harbour Group Ltd.
I have been using this product since 2007. I run a small software development company that also builds and hosts websites. Many of my customers are in the non-profit sector, or are small businesses that really don’t have legal departments. So in order to protect myself and my customers, I use Proposal Kit Professional to create the proposals... and when they accept my proposal, I use the same software to create the contracts. I’m excited that this company continues to upgrade the Proposal Kit software; can’t believe it’s almost ten years since I first bought it. With these tools, I can maintain a professional image without incurring the cost of a full sales / marketing / legal department. They have taken all the guesswork out of contract-writing."
Charlene Banks
We have a diverse business that includes working in the creative arts, web applications, research and even agriculture. Proposal Kit Professional was just what we needed to accelerate the negotiation of our projects, jobs and contracts. It seemed impossible to find any one solution that addressed our proposal and contract development needs until we found Proposal Kit Professional. What worked best was having templates pre-configured, where we could add company-specific information to complete the document. Also, we try to manage using a paperless workflow, so digital formats of all the documents is a big plus compared to using a book. Since our project sourcing can get complicated and drawn out, it was important to have a fast, easy solution for proposal and contract development. Proposal Kit Professional works great!"
Steve Rogers
Proposal Kit Pro has been essential to the growth of my company. The process is simple to go from a conversation with a prospective client to proposal and then to a signed agreement. My only wish is that it keeps getting more agreements added to help my expanding ventures."
Dan Horning
American Digital Services
I purchased the Proposal Kit in 2012 for a land development deal. The products in the Professional edition were easy to use, and made my proposal stand out from the other entries. I have since utilized the Proposal Kit for all of my real estate investment proposals and continue to receive positive feedback with regard to how concise and professional my presentations are. I will continue to utilize this product and highly recommend it to anyone in the real estate investment market."
Emily Broome
Robert C Broome Associates
I have been using this product since 2008 and I love it. It has saved me a great deal of time. I now spend more time designing web sites that I do writing proposals. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs to submit proposals. Your finished product will be concise and professional."
John P. Griffin
Managing Partner
Oceanside Computer Sales & Service, LLC
Excellent kit for business success. I have had this software since 2012 and it has made my life very easy. The support is outstanding to say the least. I changed my laptop on several occasions. I was able to transfer my software to the new device with little hassle. I am happy I bought this software."
Daniel Baba
Euan, Inc.
Our company relies heavily on providing potential clients with proposals. The Proposal Kit has templates that were of great use to my business. Through the use of the templates I was able to secure more clients and maintain good communication with them. I would recommend that anyone serious about building their clientele and even maintaining the already existing ones that they should invest in the Proposal Kit. It is an investment that I will never regret I made."
Kahlil Isaac
KGI Marketing
If you find yourself in a work situation with too many potential clients and not enough time to churn out proposals, then Proposal Kit is the real deal as far as saving you time so you can concentrate on sales and production. Sure, you’ll still have to spend some time and effort individualizing them but the core sections that usually don’t vary much can be loaded into the proposal form saving you loads of time."
Jim Caffery
I’ve been using Proposal Kit Pro for years. It’s allowed me to get "outside of my own head" when writing proposals having live examples to draw from to craft into my own custom, client-winning proposals. I use Proposal Kit as a way to jump-start my proposal process and it’s been helping me win business for years."
Marc Stress
I purchased Proposal Kit Professional in 2009 and have been using it ever since. It has saved me hours upon hours of time by not having to create comprehensive client proposals from scratch. As a small business owner, this product has truly helped me become more efficient. Additionally, the customizable proposals ensured I included important information I had not even thought to initially include. I appreciate the fact that they give you so many options...they really have thought of everything here!"
Jessica Hamel
Big Ocean Marketing
I created my first website in 1994. The following year I was deluged with clients wanting to take their claim on the Information Highway. My proposals were simple one-page documents back then. Within one year the online publishing landscape changed. I used AltaVista and Yahoo to search for a proposal writing solution. As it turned out, the best solution I found was the Proposal Kit offered by Proposal Kit, Inc. Following the examples and templates they provided, my company was able to service small businesses, non-profit organizations, government entities, and high-tech companies for over 10 years. Over the course of time, the focus of my company and entrepreneurial interests changed. Still, because of the diversity of projects covered in the proposal kit package, I found the software invaluable at each juncture. This product can save you loads of time and money, too."
Barbara Tomlin
Westward Connections Inc.
It is my firm opinion that the Proposal Kit is an excellently crafted tool for businesses. I personally found it to be user friendly and the templates that were provided suited my business’s needs. KGI Technology Ltd. is a company that relies heavily on providing potential clients with proposals. The Proposal Kit has templates that were of great use to my business. Through the use of the templates I was able to secure more clients and maintain good communication with them. I would recommend that anyone serious about building their clientele and even maintaining the already existing ones that they should invest in the Proposal Kit. It is an investment that I will never regret I made."
Kahlil Isaac
KGI Technology Ltd.
I have been using Proposal Kit Professional since January 2014. My work involves writing proposals for Federally solicited RFPs and RFQs s well as Business Management planning. Writing winning proposals requires careful planning and write up. Using Proposal Kit Professional intuitively guides me to develop and present proposals within schedule. The product’s numerous professionally designed templates and their easy integration with MS Word means that I only have to edit past RFPs when needed thus shortening my proposal submission time. I have tried more expensive products in the past but none can compare with Proposal Kit Professional in terms of ease-of- use and cost effectiveness. In my view, this is the best product on the market for proposal writing professionals."
Samuel Boakye
I have been using Proposal Kit Professional since 2002 and all I can say is that this system worked for me, I have grown my Graphic Design / Website Development business from working in a spare room in my house to an office in Chatsworth CA. with a very successful team and great clients. With all of the available forms and contract templates that this system offers I have had no problem projecting a well organized and professional business. Thanks Proposal Kit for such a great product and business tool."
Scott Weber
Rocketboy Media
I purchased the Proposal Kit Professional in February of 2006. My small internet consulting business was growing, and I desperately needed to enhance my efficiency/productivity. Manually creating proposals and contracts from scratch, just wasn’t making it and I really couldn’t yet afford to hire additional staff to help. Then along came the offer for the "Proposal Kit Professional". At first glance I saw the obvious advantages and immediately made my decision to acquire the product. And once again I was right! The Proposal Kit Professional not only saved me time, making me more productive, it also provided me with a complete proposal checklist. This not only made my proposals more complete, it presented then as very professional. In turn this made it easier for clients to select my proposals over the competition, who we are still producing proposals the old fashioned, often incomplete way. Today I use the Proposal Kit Professional for website development, hosting, marketing, support, website business plans for clients, and even for Requests for Quote to sub-contractors on large projects. I simply could not exist without this very important tool!"
Kenneth Cattoon
Proposal Kit Professional is the best quick and easy proposal writing collection. I am a self-employed graphic & web designer and my clients are mostly small professional businesses. It is very important for me to quote them quickly and professionally. Proposal Kit Professional is my big time & money saver, as it provides me with all the necessary contracts and relevant information quickly needed for my graphic and web design productions. I can use the big library of contracts for my clients in country and overseas. It’s a must for any small business owner for saving time and money. I am expanding my business and i can install it on 5 computers for the price of one and in my opinion it is really the best collection you can get for this price."
Muhammad Munawaron
We’ve been successfully using Proposal Kit Professional for years to draft winning proposals, build agreements, and produce contracts. The easy to use templates provide a solid foundation for building winning, professional proposals that leave our clients excited to work with our agency. I highly recommend Proposal Kit Professional."
Tanya Steinberg
Creative Media Architect
Blueprint Media Studios LLC
I have used Proposal Kit for many years, it never lets me down in being able to create that professional looking proposal that has secured me several clients. It covers every situation and many that I have never used myself as it is so comprehensive. Without I would never have had the time to create proposals this good."
Barry Iles
Simply Alien
I just had to write this…and I never really ever write "testimonials" but I have to tell you that the Proposal Kit software has greatly given me the advantage over my competition! I am a sole-proprietorship (web development), and by using the contracts and proposals that are included in the Proposal Kit, I was able to land a lucrative web contract that others had been trying to get! I have been using the product for over three years now. I got it due to the pre-made forms and contracts (there are tons of them). I use my logo and info and the software does the rest! Amazingly easy to use! The new version is awesome, and even easier to use."
James Kowalkowski, Owner
Duvall Computer Consulting
I played around with the spreadsheet (after converting it to UK) I entered what I though I was worth per hour...(3x’s what I get for my normal work) Then proceeded to enter all the main pages the client was asking for, and yes, there is a lot of things we tend to forget to charge for.... It gave me a price and I thought "Never.... I can’t ask for that amount" In the end I went with your software and set-up all the documentation for the complete proposal and went ahead (with some fear) and submitted it. Guess what? I got the job, then another and then another and now it’s rolling! It taught me one basic lesson, the big boys like paperwork and they are willing to pay big money when things are presented correctly, they were impressed with the proposals, which in my mind "Proposal Kit" signed the deal for me! To be very honest, I have never made so much money so easily.... If Proposal Kit manages to get you just one big job, then the rest is like taking candy from a baby, they all communicate with each other and you get recommendations beyond belief... Fact!"
Glyn Carnell [UK]
Allison Jackson Associates was founded in 1979 to provide business research services focused on economic development and educational innovation. Since 2002 we have used Proposal Kit tools to develop government, foundation and corporate grants for colleges, universities, and nonprofits; create new contract documents for corporate clients; and built new forms for business cases we use for business / education / government partnerships in NJ / NY / PA. Recently, we started using the Proposal Kit templates to guide our response to complex government grant applications, especially for the rural towns we represent whose resources are extremely limited. We recently won through one of our college partners a $1M federal grant for innovation and are currently using the Proposal Kit Contemporary templates for a new application for $850,000 to a Bank foundation. We appreciate the one to one service from the Proposal Kit staff, including knowing who we are when we call. Our best response to your tools, is when a client comments on how unique our proposal or contract document looked to them from the competition, especially when we win the contract."
Dr. Allison Frazier Jackson
All in all I found this product to be quite useful. It took a little bit of time to read through the extensive help files but I was able to do a professional proposal in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Now to break out the contracts!!!"
Joyce J. Evans
Idea Design
Author of Macromedia Studio MX Bible, Dreamweaver MX Complete Course, Fireworks MX Zero to Hero & more
As a Marketing Director for a small company, it is imperative that your documents can compete with much larger companies. After my proposal for a potential client was refused, I contacted [Proposal Kit] to see if Proposal Kit could help me. After experiencing excellent service with Joel King, I was able to easily put together a professional proposal that could stand next to any of my competition. I am thrilled to say that the same client called me the next day after receiving my new Proposal Kit document and have agreed to use our company for their required media training services. I have recently started my own media and presentations consulting company called "White Horse Communications LLC" and getting a new Proposal Kit was a must-have for my start-up to ensure my success. Thanks for making such a great product."
Nancy J. Webster
White Horse Communications LLC
Purchasing this Proposal Kit was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. As a self startup entrepreneur, I’m an expert at what I do (web design), but formatting a proposal did not come naturally – all I needed was some great examples. I utilized all the pages that applied to my services and I now have a great proposal. The proposal, which I pitched to many clients so far, has resulted in many awarded jobs. It asserts formal value to your company when you present a well-written proposal. The potential client takes you, your prices, and the quality/details of your work more seriously as a whole, so this was definitely my goal, and the kit met all of these needs!"
Thank you so much for giving me everything I will ever need to write a business proposal. I did a lot of research before purchasing this program and I made a great choice! I now have a very complete, and professional business proposal. It was very easy to do and very cost effective. Thank You so much! I will recommend this to everyone!!"
Julie Boye
One Source Entertainment Group
Purchasing Proposal Kit gave me the tools I needed to improve my communication during the proposal phase of acquiring new clients the contracts proposal templates and samples all work together to help me with a more unified voice with my clients and has helped me turn more prospects in to paid clients."
Michael Halbrook
We’ve used Proposal Kit Professional for years, it saves time on writing clear professional proposals and we receive positive feedback from clients, what more could we want, well worth the investment."
Paula Sucksmith
Web Designer and Developer at Celestial Arts
United Kingdom
Thanks for putting together such a great product. I have been using the ProposalKit for the past 3 years and it has been a tremendous time saver."
Jenn McGroary
We have used Proposal Kit Pro several times and have been real happy with the final products we were able to achieve."
Michael Spitzauer
Green Power Inc.
We’ve been using Proposal Kit software for years and found it to be an invaluable business tool. Highly recommended!"
James Fedorko
Director, IT at Hayt, Hayt and Landau
We used Proposal Kit on several marketing and web site proposals. It made our efforts streamlined, and it really helped pull everything together in a consistent manner that the client could understand and follow. I am amazed at how simple it is to write and edit a project winning proposal with Proposal Kit. We will continue to utilize this software for many years to come."
Joshua Sykes
Blue August LLC
Proposal Kit was very helpful. We had a proposal which was very urgent and we were finding it difficult to decide what the format should be. One of the templates proved very good and ensured we spent our time deciding on the content rather than worrying about the format. It saved us time and ensured we presented a very professional proposal. It was a very good investment. One we will continue to use."
Since I have started using Proposal Kit Professional, my business have been going from winning proposal to winning proposals and my Return On Investment (ROI) keeps on increasing as well. The bundle of Proposal Kit Pro, Proposal Pack Wizard and the template packs have allowed me to write very professional proposals in a clear and simple way. With the wizard, I have increased my productivity to 80%. Now, I can respond and bid on any Government or Medium Businesses RFPs with more confidence."
Ghislain Aka, MS, MBA, CSMTI
Thank you very much. I have been so pleased with your product that I have demonstrated it for friends of mine who do freelance work like I do and recommended that they buy it. It has helped me to give professional, complete proposals to clients and they have all been very impressed with my proposals."
Mark White
The Proposal Kit provides a great starting template for my small business. I have written proposals a few years back and it was great to have a template to remind me of the critical components that needed to be included. The kit helps to win business, but at the same time it helps to protect my business by including the critical contractual components of the proposal."
Tom Hogue
I forgot to thank you for that! By the way I really appreciate the products you have put together. As a techie with limited "packaging" talent, I am now able to create compelling proposals and make my documents come across so polished you would think I have a degree in business communication. I have won two assignments since I started using your products: woohooh!"
Philippe Stephan
You have been exceptional! I downloaded my Proposal Kit software and started to work with it, and while attempting to use it, you were kind enough to call to see how it was going and that was impressive. But even more impressive, you called again and took the time to answer my questions about the Wizard and Proposal Kit that I purchased so that I could use them more effectively. It was great to see customer service at its best, and it will be a pleasure to recommend your company to friends and colleagues. Keep up the good work!"
Prior to opening my business I spent many years in academia, not the best place to gain insights into business. Proposal Kit Pro has given me the foundation for developing proposals and contracts that work well with my clients. Most especially the Kit’s many forms provide useful templates that help me make better decisions about my companies policies and procedures as I customize your forms."
After finding your products on the internet in Great Britain I have used them as an intricate part of my everyday business from the contracts to the actual proposal documents. I have been able to win a number of large contracts due to the layout design and recommended content. I relocated to Canada last year and as part of my luggage I brought with me my Proposal Kit Pro. With being on the other side of the Atlantic ocean I was able to use the different contracts designed for the Canadian market with ease, and was able to retain all the custom templates I had designed. In January of this year I purchased the wizard for the proposal kit and found that it was so easy to integrate to the kit and made my life a lot easier when it came to compiling large documents and tenders, the learning curve was short and easy for the wizard. Today I depend on the product for large tenders and also contracts that forces levels of commitment from my customers. Thank you Proposal Kit software for both helping me win jobs, and also for helping me get paid on time from the customers. You have a great product."
A truly international customer
Proposal Kit is absolutely imperative for any small business. I am a startup marketing consultant and it has definitely assisted me in developing marketing and sales plans for various business segments. It’s impossible to imagine not having Proposal Kit’s templates to incorporate into my plans. The product offering enables me to professionally and accurately present my services cut hours of research and makes my clients comfortable in my services. I definitely endorse Proposal Kit as a quality product and endorse it for others to use!"
Teomeiko Fletcher
Market Drive Consulting LLC
Thanks for making an incredible product - I bought the Proposal Kit over a year ago & it’s been a lifesaver in preparing proposals."
Laura Woodruff
BellaRosa Design Group
I would like to give you some very positive feed back as it relates to Joel King. I purchased your Proposal Kit on Monday of this week. Being a rather fairly newcomer to the world of proposals, I can honestly tell you that I needed a tremendous amount of help. Joel King to the rescue.!!! He is an absolute gem. Having a diamond like Joel in your organization shows the world that you and your company are shining. I do believe that his very patient demeanor and his knowledge has definitely convinced me that you and your team (Joel) are innovative leaders in your industry. I wish you much success in the future as you strive towards adding to your already impressive milestones. Many thanks to you for having Joel on your team!!"
Kean Cundari
Director of Business Development
Independent Forensics
I love it when I see a company like yourselves producing true multi-platform software not only compatible with multiple OS’s but with multiple document formats also. Being a Linux/Open Source user I don’t see this enough but I certainly appreciate it when I do. Well done on a great looking product overall too. Thank you."
Stephen Thiele [Australia]
To the Proposal Kit Team, Proposal Kit Pro has impressed me greatly! The features of the product are very easy to use. It is self-explanatory and designed so that there is minimal time needed to input your research. As well, it is full of other valuable information such as checklists, survey forms, examples of storyboards, presentation tips and so much more! I was able to secure a contract within a week of purchase and have been able to use the materials for existing client projects. Proposal Kit Pro has helped lift my credibility with existing clients and has helped take my business to a new level for professionalism and customer service. This has proven to be a ’must have’ tool that I would rank right along side my creative software that I use daily! My time doing proposals has been reduced drastically and I am truly able to focus on the main objectives. giving clients more of my creative time! With my background in design and not business, I sincerely thank the Proposal Kit Team for making Proposal Kit Pro what it is. In addition to this, the service that I received from Proposal Kit has been exemplary. Joel, I thank you for all of the help and continual support."
Derek Rovensky
13 crayons design
Your Proposal Kit Pro was so thorough and complete that I needed the wizard to simplify it. Great products!"
Fantadime Software Solutions
Eligio Rollo
I have already closed 2 deals with major international aerospace companies and have meetings all this week with new clients. I was so impressed by the results I upgraded to the professional proposal software version and was impressed even more. Keep up the great work you were a God send."
Antonio J. López
President & CEO
Quantum Internet Services Inc.
Proposal Kit has been a godsend. I am glad to see an affiliate program. I would be making the referrals whether you had one or not but its nice to be able to get a little kickback when I do."
Steve Sexton
I do recommend the Proposal Pack Wizard from for the beginner and novice about creating business proposal like me who planning a starting-up business. All information, documentations and guides I needed are in the pack. The wizard will assist you creating professional content and look. It is totally very helpful to write an effective proposal."
Rizalde Escalona
Director at Ipage Solutions Ltd.
Outstanding and valuable proposal writing software. The best thing for startups, since it’s all there and done. It’s been a lifesaver!"
Chris V.
We use Proposal Kit because of professionalism, knowledge, and the advantage of valuable resources. Proposal Kit makes it easy to develop and move innovative business proposals and contracts from start to finish. We get compliments all the time on how professional our documents look. Without Proposal Kit I honestly don’t know where we would be. Thank you for such a valuable resource."
Jeremy Street
Streets Graphics
I have been a happy Proposal Kit user since 1999. Recently I lost my hard drive. Shortly after that, I needed to present a quote. I was shown how valuable Proposal Kit had been to me over the years. I had been spoiled and didn’t realize how much I made use of it until it was gone! I often need to prepare quotes and Proposal Kit makes it a snap. I use it for numerous documents and find that it gives me a very professional edge over competitors offering similar services. I was told it had been the deciding factor with several of my clients. Another very positive thing about Proposal Kit is the outstanding customer support. I submitted a contact request and was contacted within a short time. Thank you Proposal Kit for such a great product and for being so responsive to your customer’s needs."
Roxy Hayes
Aarh Internet Services
My company has been using Proposal Kit Professional and the Proposal Pack Wizard for years. There is simply not another company with another product that comes close to measuring up to the quality of this product. But there’s more to this product, the customer support I have received over the years has been phenomenal. Whenever I’ve had questions, I’ve always gotten quick response times, and been treated with the utmost respect. In today’s world where customer service seems to be on the verge of extinction, it’s a breath of fresh air dealing with a company that still believes that the customer comes first. Joel and everyone at Proposal Kit gets two thumbs up from me!"
Angela Nielsen
President, NIC Media
With a small, independent Website Design & Development business, having professional business documents is invaluable to compete against larger design agencies and technology firms. And I must ensure that I am protecting myself contractually with consistency, too. I’ve been using Proposal Kit Professional since 2011. The product just keeps getting better. Everything I do relates to how I use my time - when I’m working on proposals and other business documents, I’m literally off-the-clock and working on my own nickel. So while business development is vital to my growth, I’m always anxious to get back to actually working on the projects secured to maintain my cash flow. When working on those projects that involve an hourly rate, I log time in 15 minute increments. Therefore, as I am very time-conscious and have no one else to help with administrative tasks, I need to be looking at continuous improvement in what I do in my trade and in more efficient business processes for my infrastructure. Proposal Kit provides me tools that literally save hours on reinventing the wheel with every new project - whether those I am competing to win or secured. I can tweak to fit a specific scenario, but I begin with a strong, industry standard document that makes my business look as professional as those many times its size. I love that Proposal Kit provides templates that are specific to types of businesses - whether web, graphic design or another discipline. Often the templates gleaned elsewhere are very generic and take considerable time to shape to a specific discipline. Proposal Kit helps my business remain efficient, protected and profitable. I couldn’t run my business well without it."
Debbie Clark
Creative By Clark
I like the Proposal Kits. It netted me a juicy job I was tendering for, and we got the deal... The reason we won it, not because we were a better company than the other two, on the contrary, we were smaller, but we answered all their questions and more, using the Proposal Kit proposals, it gave us leeway to think more and write our own stuff and use your kits as a reference and layout."
Vincent Marcello
I would like to restate again how much I really appreciate all that you have done and how much the Proposal Kit Pro has taken our company to the next level. Our company,"Divine Image," is a graphic design and web development company. We believe that first impressions make a difference, this is what we base our commitment on as a graphic design and web dev. company. The first thing that we let our clients know when we design or redesign for a company is that "Your image should be a direct portrayal of what you represent, capturing the essence of who you are." So, having a professional and customized look was very easy with your Proposal Kit graphic integration. With the graphic integration capabilities, it helped us achieve and portray the level of professionalism that is a must at Divine Image. The complete Proposal Kit Pro made all of the difference in communicating, presenting, and securely closing deals with our clients. It gave not only the client the assurity and confidence that the company they were choosing was qualified and had their best interest at heart, but it gave us "the contractor," the peace of mind that all legal aspects were communicated and understood without having the costs of having these contracts done by a lawyer, hanging over us. The contracts I have found to be very thorough. This is one of the most impressive attributes of the Proposal Kit Pro. I really appreciate all of the work that has been put into this - it has made my job much easier and freeing up my time do work instead of preparing legal documents!!! I really can’t express how much this has helped me!! When I am hearing from friends of clients (3rd parties) how professional we are, I know that it would not be possible without the Proposal Kit. Last, but not least, I cannot fail to mention the customer service!!! Joel, you go the extra mile to make sure everything is running as intended. This makes all of the difference in a good product and a Great Company!! Thanx again for all of your help and commitment. I appreciate you!!!"
Lora Francis
Divine Web
Proposal Pro has proven itself to be a worthwhile investment. I can’t believe the value! I am a freelance business writer, so you can imagine my extensive hardcopy library. The Proposal Pack Wizard makes organizing and outlining a breeze--and having clients with diverse business offerings, the hours I saved the first time I used it paid for it. Now I can earn more and take on additional work that I would otherwise turn down or outsource--neither of which are ever a great option when you are a small business. Thanks for the help!"
Cynthia Roby
Bluestocking Ink, Limited
I am a Proposal Kit & Wizard Customer and love the software! I know I’ve landed at least a couple of projects because of the proposals generated by your program."
Michael Given
Karma Marketing + Media
As a leading Arizona web firm we rely heavily on our proposal and bidding process to remain successful and competitive in our crowded local market. We have found that our professional proposals and informational documentation is a key differentiator from other web companies. The Proposal Kit software has been a huge part of our success in the last 2 years. The countless proposals, contracts and client feedback documents we have utilized from the software have increased our sales team’s close rate dramatically. We can’t wait to see what is next from you guys at Proposal Kit."
Adam Pollicino
I have been Web Development contractor for several years now. I have never used a Software Application that has impacted productivity the way that Proposal Kit has. I would be lost without it!"
Don Adams
Puppetzone Development
I purchased Proposal Kit Professional back in May, I do refer to it often and it almost never fails in providing me information or tips that I later use to seal deals with new clients. Great work!"
Tony Mancuso
FUTURIZED E-Business Solutions, Inc.
Proposal Kit is an OUTSTANDING product - Best in Class!"
Robert Wolski
Am loving Proposal Kit and packs! Wow exciting how fast I can set things up."
Steven S.
Running a successful Web design company has a lot of risk attached to it. Proposal Kit Pro has given us affordable access to legal contracts that help us sleep at night. They have saved us thousands of dollars in lawyer fees."
Greg Wasmuth, partner
Harmony Marketing Group
I read your materials and immediately set 7 appointments. Of those appointments I closed 4 deals. Nobody asked for references and they all "thanked" me for taking a burden off their shoulders. I highly recommend your product."
Christopher Chase
My Marketing Coach
I am using proposal pack for over 3 years now. It’s a complete package and has improved continually keeping with the requirements of the market. A truly great product for today’s requirements. It gives value for the money and I feel that every professional should use it and extract full benefits of this wonderful product."
Rajiv K
Managing Director
IIOS Pvt Ltd
Proposal Kit Pro has also given us the tools to run business smoothly. The documents they give to help with the approval process throughout the development have made all the difference in our bottom-line profitability."
Joanna Wasmuth, partner
Harmony Marketing Group
In a world of mediocre and ambiguous cookie cutter products, Proposal Kit stands out as a shining example of why it pays to buy quality."
Tom Granger
Executive Director, Florentine Design Group
As a govt. contractor my time is very valuable! My first year as a trainer, I spent so much of my time developing "hit and miss" templates. Fortunately, I was surfing the internet one day and found the Proposal Kit. I was amazed at the different styles they had, and how they knew exactly what I needed to put forth in a winning proposal. I’ve gone from having 1 client to over 24 in 18 months. My business is expanding! First impressions are crucial to getting your foot in the door; Proposal Kit has done that and more. I plan to be around for a long time and will always use Proposal Kit."
Sandra King, CEO
Workforce Strategies & Concepts, LLC
Well, I just cannot thank you enough! I downloaded the new version [6.0] this morning and am incredibly impressed with all the new templates, the excellent support docs and the fabulous samples - there seems to be so much more in this new version, and already my proposal docs are looking more fantastic and professional than they ever were before - and I’m feeling even more confident about myself, my presentation and my business. So, thank you again, I really appreciate your help, and I really love your product!!"
K J Bowen
Miinx Design & Development [Australia]
After 5 years of "getting by" as a good freelance developer with not much business sense, I purchased Proposal Kit 5.0. Within the first month I secured 4 web contracts, largely on the basis of my "thoroughness and professionalism" with my development proposal and contract, as one new client told me. Finally I was able to present myself as the total professional. I cannot recommend the Proposal Kit highly enough - it literally turned my business around."
K J Bowen
Miinx Design & Development[Australia]
We conducted extensive research before deciding on the Proposal Kit. After testing many other big name products and various other tools, nothing even came close to the Proposal Kit. The materials alone would have cost us thousands for a private lawyer to create. We had them reviewed by a lawyer in the business and he made the statement that, "these are very good contracts and are very well done throughout". One of the biggest problems we ran into while reviewing other products, was nothing was engineered with our business practices in mind. No single other product that we tested, was packaged for the Internet Business. We needed a tool that could help us close the deal faster and also look good doing it. The Proposal Kit does that and more. Proposal Kit is one of the best products out their and we consider it to be a major asset. Keep up the great work, we are looking forward to your future revisions. Thank you for your time."
Andrew Huffman {CEO}
Internet Tech Developers
Altered Web Studios [USA]
We have been using Proposal Kit now for four years. It just keeps getting better. The Proposal Pack Wizard is far superior to the previous 5.0 wizard, by a landslide. If you own Proposal Kit, the Proposal Pack Wizard is a must have add-on. After setting things up and learning how to use all features, we found it to be a major asset. We now produce faster professional proposals. We had no idea that this product would have provided so much flexibility from micro proposals to full size proposals. Just recently we produced a 24 page proposal in less than 30 min and the client signed the same day. We now have more closes on prospective clients, less questions on contract terms and the client feels more comfortable with the over project. Clients are more demanding than ever and require great details. With the Proposal Pack Wizard we are able to provide this and more. All this and without the two week waiting period from previous hand written proposals. PROPOSAL PACK WIZARD IS ONE OF THE MUST HAVE SOFTWARE’S. IT"S WORTH EVER DOLLAR. Keep up the great work, we are looking forward to future revisions." Thank you for your time."
Andrew Huffman
As a Supply Chain Professional I am involved in continuous improvement projects to enhance business performance in my organization. This is a great tool for gathering, organizing and managing the needed "puzzle pieces" for any project lifecycle: from initiation, continuing with planning (budgeting, cost estimating, how to schedule/allocate resources) and completion (monitor/control the project, make audits, identify unexpected constrains and fix them, how to terminate the project properly)."
Rodica Manole
Senior Supply Chain Analyst
I have the 9.5 version, and I am VERY happy with it! Its one of my best investments!"
The Proposal Kit is an excellent resource for any professional business/service provider. It provides a foundation that cuts out days of work and the Toolkit/ Wizard expedites creating a tailored professional proposal. In addition, the included color/graphic schemes are icing on the cake in today’s’ graphically and color oriented business world. Plain text alone isn’t acceptable anymore with current desktop and graphic capabilities, yet if you have the time and money to have your own branding images incorporated, that is an option as well. The flexibility and ease of use, not to mention the number of Templates provided in the Kit alone, all make this a Must Buy for businesses of all sizes and types."
Cynthia Hunter-Shupe
Principal, Project Assistant Service, SP (PAS)
I did download the Proposal Kit Pro ($199) and let me tell you this: We are situated in South Africa and our exchange rate makes buying in dollars a bit pricey. I have just had a look at the package and I am ecstatic!! It is worth every cent! Everything you need is there, including good help files on AND offline. I have just taken over the running of Gateway ADD and with this package I am going to double turnover AND profit, and of course give myself a raise for being so clever. Thanks for a truly complete and useable product."
A very satisfied customer
Joe Swart
Gateway Absolute Data Dimensions
I’ve created a new Master Proposal, incorporating some of the professional templates such as Company History, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Production Schedule, Cost/Benefits Analysis, Testimonials and List of Acronyms into my client proposals. I was so impressed that I’ve even become a Proposal Kit affiliate. Judging by the feedback I’m receiving, the use of Proposal Kit has already made a huge improvement in the quality and impact my proposals have on potential clients."
Kalena Jordan
CEO of Web Rank Ltd
Having run an SEO business for over five years now, I KNOW how difficult it is to produce a reliable, standard contract to give to SEO clients. Search engine optimization can be such a complex process that it is vitally important your client contract spells out your services, delivery schedule, responsibilities and campaign expectations while addressing all areas of potential client confusion. Such contracts take time to develop and can be very expensive if drawn up from scratch by a law firm. Many SEOs, especially those just starting out, simply don’t have the time, resources, knowledge or budget to have a high quality, water-tight contract developed for their business. That’s why I see the inclusion of an SEO Services Contract in the latest Proposal Kit upgrade as a boon for SEOs everywhere."
Kalena Jordan
CEO of Web Rank Ltd
This product has turned out to be a comprehensive enterprise-level proposal tool! I’m sure my life will be much easier from now on for making an estimate/proposal. Well done guys!"
Bianca Li
Web In Action
I am looking forward to using the proposal software. I just purchased it and amazed by the different business types you can create your forms. Thank you - You are a company life saver."
Paul Helmreich
I originally used the Professional Proposal kit in 2012 and have been using it ever since. The program is very full featured and easily learned. I am happy I made the purchase."
Anthony Armstrong
I am very pleased with my purchase, thanks!"
Eddie Anthony
Through your great formulation and my practice I was successful as one of the top 51 businesses who won competitive bidding for the MSME conference."
I have been using ProposalKit for my Internet Consulting and SEO business for many years. Whenever I need to create a complex (or simple) proposal I can rely on ProposalKit to provide the most detailed proposal templates and worksheets available. ProposalKit updates their Kit often and I upgrade to the latest version to get the most recent in technology offerings. I highly recommend ProposalKit for your small or large business, the product is great and the service is awesome. Thank you Ian for making such as great product!"
Evan Caulfield
Cybermed Marketing, Inc.
In the beginning, you may not want to spend money on a contract; but trust me, resist the temptation. A good proposal along with a contract goes to show your professional standards and it is the only way for all parties to come to an agreement about the project. For a long time I’ve been searching for a package out there that would offer me both the professional look and flexibility I deserved. Proposal Kit reaches and exceeds my expectations with a solid suite of products that helped my business grow."
Lloyd Gouveia
Global Certify
Toronto, Canada
I’ve used a number of business proposal writing facilities, I’ve found that Proposal Kit was by far the easiest and the best. I have successfully applied for a number of contracts."
Daniel Piechnick
Pegasus Web Design Resources
For the past sixteen years as a Private Investigator, published author of the Private Investigators Guide and member of the PIRSAC Advisory Council for the Department of State Licensing, I could have never requested a more suitable package of legal forms and documents than Proposal Kit. During my 16 years of investigating almost every case imaginable and hearing incredible horror stories about victims doing business with contracts is what leads me to Proposal Kit. This unique package of contracts, proposal, and many other features has saved me countless hours and financial expense with the high cost of attorney fees to draw up a basic contract. Trust me, the days of handshakes are over, and you must protect yourself. I know this first hand for a fact. Sixteen (16) years in the business of dealing with legal matters tells me everyone doing any business should have this in their system just as they have spell check and a thesaurus."
Private Investigator, Author, Web Developer
John Krause
I was a lonely web developer who was creating sites informally when I landed by biggest job to date. I knew I had to be very professional with this project as it involved considerable amounts of money. Panicking and running out of time I trawled through the web looking for a company that could provide me with all the paper work for me to come across to the client as very professional and polished. I searched and searched and ’Proposal Kit’ seemed to keep coming out tops in search engines. I was a little bit scared about paying the full amount of money for Proposal Kit V6.0 - was it going to be an elaborate trick? I was desperate so I paid the money being a little bit skeptical. I really wasn’t disappointed - it was superb - it gave me the confidence to really ’go for it’. I haven’t been disappointed, even when I discovered a national difference in some terminology used in a [pre-project protection] contract (I am based in the UK) - Proposal Kit were really great and helpful - they got on the case and within 2 hours had a suitable solution for me (at no extra cost - just simply for being a customer). Well done Proposal kit! I don’t know what I would have done without you!"
M.M. [UK]
My experience with the Proposal Kit Pro is it has save me lots of time and took all the fuss out of proposals for myself and my clients. What a life saver! I couldn’t live without it! Thanks for such a great product!"
Robert Velarde
Having a desire to be an effective and efficient business entrepreneur, I had to make a serious research on which business software can fit my management consultancy business. The answer was great when I discovered Proposal Kit as my major business solutions in writing more smart proposals and human resources contracts. Since 2011 the number of customers has been increasing and more appreciations for a good work are beyond my expectations. Thank you very much Proposal Kit, I strongly recommend this for any serious entrepreneur who wants to climb the heights."
Richard Sikira
I have used the Proposal Kit and it helped me get my proposals done more quickly and they also looked more professional."
Dianne Dailey
The Proposal Kit Professional is the only non-complicated cost effective software to use. For its versatility alone it is well worth every penny."
Dave Robb
Proposal Kit Professional helped me to win my first government procurement contract. Enclosed in the software are many samples for all proposals that help me develop addition proposals."
Mack G. Myles
A simple means to create a complete proposal. Take the template, adjust $ figures and add the data needed to provide a professional proposal without the need of adding another employee to your staff."
Alex Szigedi
ISC Services LLC
This product is a real time saver. In our business, a professional design proposal = a professional design. After a successful bid our client showed us the standard invoice/proposals from two other competitors. We earned the business even with a 20% higher price."
Not only has your product become an essential part of my business, it has helped us win bids over some larger competitors simply based on the professionalism and thoroughness of the presentation. Your product has filled a void in the industry and helped other new media designers like myself run a professional, tight and well organized ship. With so little time in the day to spend on the daily maintenance involved in running a business, it is not always easy to come up with all the right ingredients in a proposal. Your kit has taken the guesswork out of this tedious process and given me more of what I need - TIME AND MONEY. I would also like to compliment and thank you 100 times over for being insightful enough to realize that there is also a market out there in the Macintosh community. Many times software publishers forget about this when it comes to business software - you didn’t. Not only does your product work on the Mac - it works in OS X! Kudos. Thank you for such a great product!"
Frank Bisono
Hypermedia Productions, Inc.
Thanks again for your fantastic product. You made it possible for me to start my business - and move to profitable, large scale projects - by helping me become more professional in my project outlines. Your easy-to-follow and adaptable structure has saved me from expensive scope-creep as projects have moved forward. Thanks again for such a valuable resource - I’ve profited 100 fold of the cost of the Pro Version and recommend it to everyone who yearns to work from home!"
Douglas Lampi
Quetico Internet Marketing
I have been in the IS field for many years before I decided to start my own web design company. I am very good at designing web sites and the graphics to go along with them but when it came time to sell myself I had very little confidence. I didn’t know how to present myself in a professional manor. That’s when I came across your Proposal Kit. When I purchased version 4.0 of the kit I felt my confidence soar through the roof. It gave me the ability to close several deals within the first couple of weeks. I had all the tools necessary to present myself professionally to my clients. It is a great feeling to have all the documents needed to run a design company efficiently. Thanks for everything that you have done for me and my business!"
Best Regards,
Wayne Menard
Your product really helped me overcome a writers block!!! I am using your proposal software to format land use plans. Also, the Pro Pack allows me to do my bidding really fast to meet unbelievable dead lines. Thank you and your team."
Anna from the Navajo Nation
I came across the Proposal Kit couple of years ago, I have been doing my proposals and presentation material manually putting together one file at the time, and there came Proposal Kit, it made my life easier and business more profitable."
Best Regards
Harry Hovak
I love your Proposal has really helped me get a leg up on getting my web development business started and have used it in submitting 3 proposals already!"
Mark Fugel
As a consultant I am asked for proposals all the time so I needed the ability to quickly produce quality proposals in the least amount of time. The Proposal Pack allows me to produce proposals that already had verbiage to get started that I could customize which gives me flexibility. To further enhance the vast variety of proposal documents included in the pack is the Proposal Wizard which automates the entire process of creating proposals. Buy Both,you will be glad you did."
Jeff Kushner
President/Chief Strategist at Trillion Marketing
I sold my first web site with your product. My client was very impressed with how professional it looked."
Ray McArthur
This software is fantastic. Specifically, it targets a broad range of fields where calculations, formulas, and organized fields come in very handy. It takes a difficult and sometimes overwhelming project - and simplifies it in a very easy to use template. I highly recommend this product."
Justin LaCourse
I use Proposal Kit Professional to manage my projects from estimating bids and preparing proposals to finalizing contracts. It’s well thought out software that includes helpful advice for the self-employed. I highly recommend it."
Sandra Davis
Freelance Writing and Editing Professional
The proposal kit is an investment that saves time and money! The templates give me the time to concentrate on my clients’ needs. [It] is a valuable software package for any business! Thank you. ."
Nexus Interactive
ProposalKit has been a great tool in building our web design firm. It not only gives us the layout of the bases we need to cover, for our clients and ourselves, it goes into why. ProposalKit helps us do it right."
Travis DeHart and Scott Lewis
Apply Web Design, Inc.
I want to thank you and all those involved in creating Proposal Kit Pro. Being a "word smither" or copywriter is not one of my specialties. I am an independent web developer. One thing many developers fail to realize is that you can be that best developer in the world, but if you can’t sell your services, you won’t be successful. Your Proposal Kit package is so comprehensive. It makes the selling process much easier. The business proposal templates were so helpful to me. Because of the proposal template, I didn’t have to waste precious time coming up with a format for the proposal. This allowed me to focus on the solution for the potential clients. All I had to do was place my copy in the professional looking proposal template. I know the proposal kit helped me to land the contract. The new Proposal Kit Pro saved me many hours of work. Again, thank you so much."
Paul Ruiz
Zebedee Thundering Technology
The money I spent on proposal kit pro was money well invested! This was my first major proposal since going solo, and the kit helped me create a phenomenal package. I really appreciate the thought and detail that went into the creation of this software. The quality demonstrated by this product is not often found these days. Excellent work!!"
Macintosh Services
I really enjoy your products and have used them for the past few years. Your product has surely helped me increase my closing ratio. I discuss a lot of the same principals of your products in my presentations at web developer conferences I frequently speak at."
Mike Carson
I just purchased your Web Freelancer version and I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation for this wonderful product. I have been a solo web designer for approximately 2 years and I just threw the docs I was using in the trash and replaced them with yours!! From now on my clients and/or prospects will receive professionally prepared proposals second to none."
Fern Poyser
Interestingly, I am highly competent in web technologies and coding. I guess it’s because I used to be an IBM systems engineer and never lost touch with the industry. I also have too many active URLs for too long not to have at least a modest degree of competence with UltraDev 4, JavaScript, ColdFusion, etc. and the imperative to develop away from Microsoft. Anyway, I also dabble quite a bit in law and have a few corporations and LLCs. Your proposal kit is really, really invaluable to me. I have to complement you on the value of your work and the clear understanding and expression of the need that you are fulfilling."
B. Ficalora
I liken spending money on your product to spending money designing a professional-looking resume. You get the money back so quickly that it’s actually a much more expensive decision to decide NOT to buy. This is my second attempt at owning my own business. The first time I cut every possible corner and held on to every penny. That business failed within one year. We approached this business completely differently. We spend money advertising, taking appropriate courses, and buying quality products. This is our fourth year in a very competitive web design industry. This time our company is doing very well! First of all, this kit saved us enough money (and time) the first time we used it to more than pay for itself. We’ve never seen a faster payback period! More important than that, however, is the fact that our client presentations, budgeting for jobs and project organization improved dramatically. It’s been a life saver!"
Nancy Saltz
Accounting & Computer Enterprises, Inc.
The myriad tools and forms contained within the Proposal Kit helps me organize and accurately bid jobs for clients. Using the Proposal Kit is a big timesaver and it limits project creep. Necessary upfront planning is covered by the client interview questionnaire, flowcharts and design tools. The boilerplate contracts, and marketing and maintenance materials are indispensable. The full Pro version is loaded with many of the resources a web designer or developer needs to plan and fulfill a project."
Don Kinney
Earth Solutions
I had just upgraded to Proposal Kit 5.0 and WOW, what a LOT of improvements! I thought Proposal Kit 3.5 was great, but when I dug into Proposal Kit 5.0 I just couldn’t believe it! There are TWICE the amount of tools in the new version over the older one. Included are all the tools, forms, worksheets and resources that a Web Designer or sales rep needs to make the development process very painless. There are even contracts for Flash and CD Rom development. As a matter of fact, thanks to Proposal Kit 5.0 I just received a signed agreement that Proposal Kit generated. Now I have a new client and everything I need to develop the site for him! My potential client agreed with the proposal but didn’t want to sign because he had one objection. He said that he didn’t have any content for his site and when he gets the content, he will sign the agreement. I overcame that objection when I told him that we have an online Website Development Questionnaire that he can fill out. This will assist us in developing his content the content for his site. I told him that the questionnaire is quite comprehensive and thorough and will take some time for us to complete it. He should fax in the agreement now, I will give him access to the On Line Questionnaire and we will have a head start on the project. Two hours later, the signed contact was in the Fax! Thanks Ian for providing me the tools to help me close the sale! The Interview worksheets helped me close the sale! This makes the Web Development process MUCH easier."
Evan Caulfield
Cybermed Marketing, Inc.
Proposal Kit has been a life-saver for me. I went to school to take a web development course, built a few websites for non-profit. Finally, after six months, a company asked me to build their web site. I was a temporary receptionist at this company and they really wanted a web site but didn’t have a huge budget to pay a company. The general manager gave me permission to surf the web for information concerning web development when I wasn’t busy answering the telephone and read all kinds of things about pricing, contracts, etc. When you are an independent contractor there is more to web development than design and publishing. The writer needs to know how to gather the information, they need to know how to write a contract, write cover letters and much more. I was pretty much "lost" on the business proposal writing aspect until I discovered Proposal Kit. It was a lifesaver, to say the least. Using your kit shows my clients that I am a professional. The company wanted me to build their web site. When my temp assignment was over I did not drop the ball. I contacted them and asked them when they wanted me to start. First, I e-mailed them the questionnaire then met with them with the Proposal Kit contract, exhibit A and B and we signed that first contract. Now, I have another prospective contract. The client has finished the questionnaire and we are going to approach them soon with the contract. Thank you for this fabulous tool!"
Charlotte Gulley
ELDA Designs
I want to thank you again for presenting this product to web developers. I just finished writing a contract and once again it was a life saver. I have used your products for most of [my] sites. Thank you thank you thank you. And I have been contacted to ask if Proposal Kit was really worth the money and I said "Most definitely!"
ELDA Designs Inc.
Charlotte Gulley
Armed with an MBA in marketing, I thought I was a perfect proposal writer. After learning about the merging feature within the Proposal Kit, I began saving 75% of my time that would have gone to writing. My revenue is up, my stress levels are down and my business life is more structured and profitable. THANKS PROPOSAL KIT!!! Don’t recreate the wheel, use this product and relax."
Gabriel Quave
Your Net Result, LLC
Initially, I was reluctant to spend 197$ for Proposal Kit 6.0 but when I found people actually using it for their business and how they were charging more by sending better proposals, I did not waste even a single second to buy this product. I just even don’t know how many times I have used Proposal Kit documents and how much I have been benefited from these. I have started charging around 15-20% more and my clients are paying that. I further plan to increase my profits. Thanks to Proposal Kit. And I RECOMMEND PROPOSAL KIT TO EVERYBODY OUT THERE."
Nakul Goyal
M/s Centronics Web Systems, Chandigarh, India
I used the Proposal Pack to develop some contracts and user agreements for a software platform I developed and found it easy to use as well as having a great variety of document templates that covered everything I needed. It was straightforward to use and modify the templates to fit my needs. Thanks!"
E. Kevvo
Wow, now I know why your organization is ranked number one by my peers and professionals alike. A worthwhile investment. Thanks a million!!!"
Peter Santiago
The Werks
I was in college, trying to earn a BS in Information Technology. That degree plan requires a lot of management classes. In one of the classes, we had to put together a proposal that if accepted would allow us to being development on a fictional inventory control software that spanned multiple locales (centralized databases, etc.) When we were asked to put together a proposal, I was immediately in a panic because I didn’t know what a proposal looked like or even contained. I did a lot of searching on the internet and settled on Proposal Kit. After receiving the Kit and reviewing it, I knew which way we needed go, what information we might provide, not to mention the fact that we would have the most stylish proposal in the room. With the aid of Proposal Kit Pro, even after starting late, we finished on time and got a good grade too."
Thanks again,
Christy Hall
I’ve already gleaned valuable organizational and time-saving page templates from your Proposal Kit. Well done. Well worth the expense."
Proposal Kit has proven itself to be cost effective and time saving. Proposal Kit is a good investment and will guide designers and programmers in the right direction in writing proposals and contracts. Just as easy as that."
Carlo Silva
Fusion Planet
By the way this package is fantastic."
After years of searching for separate components for proposal submissions, I discovered the Proposal Kit toolset. What a time saver for creating proposals your product has been. Now our small shop has the image we wanted to project ... complete, and thought out proposals leading our prospects and clients to accept our offering. A great help!"
Victor Lesniak President
VLaSoftware - Custom database/web development
Your support is first rate. It is a pleasure doing business with you. It is rare to see a person with such dedication and knowledge of the product. You know how to keep a customer loyal. THANK YOU for everything! I’ve used your Proposal Kit Pro now for over one year. It has saved countless hours of proposal writing not to mention providing a professional image that gets business. It has paid for itself many times over and has been one of the best investments I’ve made!. Your customer service and technical support is one of the best I have seen. Keep up the great work."
Inroads LLC
Joseph Alberici
I would like to thank you for your product. My hat off to you for a great product. Our consulting firm used your Proposal Kit to write our first RFP and we won the state contract! Thanks so much for an excellent and professional product!"
Practical Consultants LLC
I purchased the Pro Kit and the wizard and I’m very impressed. It’s going to pay for itself very quickly."
I had recently started to form my own web design business and really wanted to do things right but I was really stressed out about the whole process. It seemed like a daunting task to somehow come up with a client questionnaire, proposal process, contracts, and estimates. Of course I had already accepted my first client, so I was in a panic to have all of this done (as always, "by tomorrow"). In desperation I searched the Internet for all of the things I needed. There were some free contracts out there, but how could I be sure that they were current or legitimate? I would need to get them reviewed by an attorney for sure and that would take hundreds of dollars and time I didn’t have. I found the steps to create a proposal, but it would take months if not years before the documents were created and stable. It was the same story with the client questionnaire. I remember how awful I felt. I first heard about Proposal Kit while reading an article by Micah Cranman entitled, "Increase the Efficiency of Your Web Design Business". I had brushed it off before, thinking "I can do this on my own, it’ll be easy!" Yeah right. After starting to purchase Proposal Kit and backing out, Joel emailed me and answered all of my questions. Thank God he did! Proposal Kit had absolutely everything I needed and was looking for. Thanks, Joel, for being prompt and professional in all of our communications. You really won me over! I still find new documents today that make my business process more efficient and easier to manage. What a life saver! In fact, Proposal Kit has far exceeded every expectation I’ve had. I found the Client Questionnaire to be exhaustive and the proposal templates were amazing. It made me look like I had been in the business for years! I also found plenty of contracts to choose from, depending on the clients’ needs. It’s funny how often I’ll say to myself, "I really need such and such for my business," and sure enough, I’ll be poking around the vast assortment of documents that come with Proposal Kit and there it is. You guys have really thought of everything."
Dustin Boston
Bajooter Business Identity Solutions
To Whom It May Concern: Last night I purchased your Proposal Kit Pro, and could not be happier. I only wish I found it a week earlier. I have a web design client on the line, and needed to put together a top quality set of documents – contracts, specifications, and so on. About a week ago, I searched the net for web design contract boilerplate. In short time, I found numerous examples, downloaded all of them, and begin the painstaking process of trying to assemble just the right combination of legal clauses, exclusions, and other things that to me, as a developer, are excruciatingly painful and tedious. I spent a MINIMUM of ten hours, trying to get it all just right, all the while growing more frustrated and dissatisfied with my work. To make things worse, this was time I could have spent working for another client whom I bill at an hourly rate. Thankfully, I knew it was time to cut my losses, and decided to search for a set of commercial documents. That’s when I came across your products. Let me tell you – this is the best money I’ve spent. For a small web company, having access to such high grade and well thought out documents as those in Proposal Kit Pro only serves to help me come across as more professional. Within two hours, I have put together something that I will be proud to submit to my customer. Like I said, I only wish I found it sooner. Kudos for such a quality product!"
Dave Gallucci
Cornerstone Web Services
I had been using Proposal Kit Professional for over 2 years. I find it indispensable. Highly recommended for Small to Medium Enterprise."
Yong Long Ng
Director at Cosmo Synergy Sdn Bhd
Great Software. I am more than sure it secured jobs that I would not have gotten other wise when up against other bids that were lower than mine."
Jimmy Lyles
Protostar Internet Services LLC.
Invaluable ability to streamline a complex process. We’d be lost without it. Highly recommended for small or 1 man shops."
Jeff Hippler
I have used proposal kit for a number of years in public services to develop business cases, communication packages for internal and external organizational use and managing the documentation needs for large scale projects. This easy to use comprehensive toolkit is a ’must have’ for program and project managers to be effective and efficient in delivering successful projects."
Chan Rampersaud
Government of Ontario
Ministry of Children and Youth Services
I just wanted to let you know one of your guys Joel help me land a job with the help of your Proposal Kit and the excellent customer service."
Bob Fleet
Fleet Travel Management
A few weeks ago I lost my hard drive. As I reassembled my files, I began to realize more and more how much I had counted on the ProposalKit tools, especially the proposal templates to get my work reviewed and new contracts in quickly. My clients always commented on the style and usefulness of the formats I had used. I further, realized how much time I had saved by using the ready to use templates, guidance for contracts and web tools for interviews which reduced the struggle for a small business owner. One added bonus was the fast and supportive response I received from the ProposalKit customer support person, Joel, who guided my reassembly of the needed tools. The updates are great and I am humming along in my business again."
Allison Frazier Jackson, PhD
Founder / CEO
Institute for Innovation in Government Technology
I freelance on the side and the product has been unbelievable."
Your program is a life saver. I’ve been searching for this a long time and know that others in any profession will benefit."
Meegan A Lair
First off we want to let you know that we really love your product! We purchased a few years ago for our company Smoky Mountain Media."
Tana & Steve Jencks
Smoky Mountain Media
Thanks for your help several days ago. I got our first proposal out using your system. I can see how this can save us a lot of time as time goes on."
Benson Yeung, MCSE, MCT
It’s a one stop shop for all your proposal needs! I will recommend this for all freelancers, independents and small businesses."
Mohammed Mustapha
Thanks again for the prompt response and the terrific support. I originally purchased Proposal Kit Pro to give my documents better structure, what I got in return was the ’Wow Factor’ that helped me close several large deals."
Dante Layton
I’ve used the Proposal Kit Pro and Proposal Pack Wizard every time we need a fast turn-around response. It really allows me to use less thought into the structure of the proposal and more time to develop the meat!"
Brian Norris
COO at Norris Professional Services, Incorporated
When it comes to writing a proposal, there is no better tool than Proposal Kit Professional. You know that you will produce a professional document each and every time. Keep up the good work."
Peter Safe
Certified SEO Copywriter
Thank you for your help, I am in the process of upgrading all of our Proposal Kit software and have been very satisfied with the product. Keep up the good work."
This product has been an integral part of my business for many years - allowing me to enhance my sales process and simplify the project flow helping to give our clients a greater satisfaction in our products and services."
Daniel Horning
CEO at American Digital Services
I first bought in 2008, I just updated to the current version for 2012, simply put it saves LOTS of time, and is a part of the ’toolbox’ for these many years."
Guy Cook
VP Customer Care
Marketing Puget Sound
We have been using Proposal Kit to secure business since 2002 when a friend recommended the package. As a start-up business Proposal Kit was key to a) getting customer documentation right (& legal) b) tracking and costing time spent on projects c) saving money ! Almost 10 years later and we still depend on Proposal Kit to ensure our profitability."
Thomas Clark
I have been using Proposal Kit products for a number of years now. Before using the Proposal Kit products I was struggling to write professional looking proposals. This meant that I was severely restricted in the projects I could bid for as I was not confident that I could provide the appropriate information. The templates and guides in Proposal Kit Professional have allowed me to bid for projects with the confidence that I am sending a complete and professional document and since using them I have experienced a massively improved acceptance rate. The inclusion of all the required paperwork, including contracts, means that the clients see me as a serious contender within my target market. It has also given me the facilities required to be able to make bids for even larger projects knowing that, with the use of the provided worksheets, each estimate I provide is extremely accurate and allows me to quickly assess the impact on my costs and resources. The addition of the Proposal Pack Wizard has made life even easier as it allows me to quickly put together the most appropriate documents for each project - or should I say IT puts together the appropriate documents. This saves a huge amount of time and means that the complete proposal can be sent extremely quickly, containing the right information for the job and demonstrating my professionalism to the client. You are constantly working on improvements to the products and I have never been disappointed. The latest versions are no exception. Proposal Pack Wizard now has the ability to use the calculation spreadsheets within projects. This is an extremely useful feature of the new version - No more rooting around for the appropriate spreadsheet to get the data. This feature adds the appropriate spreadsheets to you project folder for the template types selected so that you have all the correct figures at hand. Proposal Pack Professional now includes even more proposal templates. This allows for even more flexibility when it comes to making bids for projects. Additionally more financial calculator spreadsheets are included. Also included with your products are some very helpful guides which help explain the pitfalls of badly worded and compiled proposals. These are very helpful and are recommended reading for anyone making bids for projects. All in all I can highly recommend the products and will remain a customer for a very long time."
Graham Morecroft
BBG Design
We’ve all had that "client or design job from hell". The "artwork" that arrived in a 20 lb bag of scraps and clippings. The client who wouldn’t pay on time... if at all. The client who would go thru invoices "after the fact" and decide what he would and would not pay for. The "changer" who likes to change things - against your better judgment - and then changes them back... I do have one complaint about this product though. I just wish that it had been available five years ago, back when I was a struggling web site designer. I’d like to get back all those thousands of dollars in legal fees, getting lawyers to draw up contracts. I’d like to get back the money I was never paid by less than desirable clients. I wish I had the story boards and the estimating spread sheet, I would have landed a lot more clients. I never would have gone into debt setting up my design business, if I would have had these tools back then."
Michael Campbell
Author of Nothing But ’Net
I wholeheartedly recommend Proposal Kit Professional! I have been using it since 2002. In fact my company was awarded a $100,000 contract in part, due to how well our proposal was written. Thank you Proposal Kit, for creating such a great professional product that can help a small company like mine shine!"
Ron Ceasar
CEASAR Photography
The Proposal Kit saves time and is very valuable for RFP responses!"
Andrew McAllister
Managing Director at Resolute IT Solutions Inc.
I have had the chance to work with this software since 2007. I wholeheartedly recommend professional service companies use it, if they want to show a clean attention to detail."
Sean Bravener
Alpha Nerd and Associates
I have been using this for years, would highly recommend you give this a try. It’s good to have this kind of guidance as a service professional!"
Craig Sutton
Ikon Marketing Group
Finally, the right tools to take us to the next level of success for us and our thousands of clients worldwide. Thank you Proposal Kit!"
Gregory Johnson
The Authentic Leadership Institute
One of the biggest challenges any business can have is to create proposals for their potential clients, with proposal kit I have created several proposal templates that I can use over and over again. As well as the odd time I have to create a brand-new proposal from scratch, thank goodness I have this software and the system. Writing proposals is a pain in the rear end, I’m all about having systems in my business, this is an amazing system!"
Allan Fine
Executive Edge
EVERY funding organization/agency has their own topics/subtopic they want addressed. Getting those core templates required by funding agencies helps my organization with obtaining that admin part so we can focus on the science & technology part. Yet, our template looks different than other submitted grants. Why the versatility helps avoid that "same look syndrome." This is a competitive advantage, even with U.S. gov grants. Why? The layout, what can be added [or deleted], helps one see weaknesses. Adding outside tools like Mindjet’s MindManager and KIDASA’s Milestones Professional elevates the proposal."
Rich McDonald, PH.D.
Global Health Science Institute
I have been using this product for over 8 years now. It was the first program that I purchased when my needs for the business began to expand. I was looking for an all-around program that would provide me with the level of professionalism and comprehensive documents which allowed to me show my clients I was informed, prepared and in this business for the long term. Honestly, in the few instances that I was required to defend my work, client expectation or ultimately the satisfaction of my client these documents were my saving grace. They clearly, if used correctly, lay out in a clear manner what you are proposing you can do, the tools, time and cost involved and just as important the expectations for deliverable from the customer. I have never relied on anything else to start a job, renegotiate an ongoing job or sometimes to even terminate a job as I never make oral representations and my paperwork is always spot on. In this crazy world of people trying to get a service for free simply by making a claim of poor work only becomes successful when the business is not handles as a business. I hold my clients and myself to the letter of the agreements we sign and when the job changes its scope for whatever reason, so does the paperwork. You will most likely never have an issue if each party involved in the transaction has signed an agreement that spells out expectations, agrees and signs change orders and agrees and signs to any change in the original scope of the job. Your issues will begin the minute you fall away from that routine, because we have all experienced it. A client making a request no matter how small, and we verbally agree and feel we are too busy to address it in writing, that is when something terrible will go wrong. On a side note, I even make real friends no matter how close sign the same agreements, which some are shocked at. But I have seen friendships end over business gone bad. It really falls down to the old term CYA (Cover Your A**) and if you have to do it, might as well be in an easy a process as possible. IMPORTANT - Be sure that you get the Proposal Pack Wizard, it makes using the program so much easier and after a few simple questions pulls all your documents and inserts all the names, pricing etc. on every document required. It makes it very easy."
Mitch Esmond
I want to thank Proposal Kit for all the money you have help me to make over the last 6 years. Proposal response time is essential to success! Proposal Pack gets the job done! When I retired from the U.S. Navy and knew very little about Proposal writing and structuring Proposal Kit answered the call. Note, technical support is 1st rate! Just email them and You will get a very quick response. Thanks again to my partner and support Proposal Kit Inc!"
Al Simmons
Wow. I don’t know where to start. for the past almost year, I have been trying to get the company I work for in order as well as create a document library that we are able to go to in the event we need to quickly respond to bids/RFQs/an RFPs. Proposal Kit has made this process unbelievably easy and simple. Some of my favorite tools are the title page creator as well as the many spreadsheets they include for tasks such as budgeting. They also have so many documents to use such as project planning and a wealth of contracts for employees and contractors. This tool has truly made my life so much easier."
Kolbi Gray
Project Direct
I love this software! it’s ready to use and very affordable price."
Rhona Sarrazin
Canafil Services Ltd.
Our Company purchase this software in 2017 and its been working great for us."
Katherine Callahan
Feline Fitness
I’ve used this product for the last five years and have to honestly say it is an excellent product for preparing any type of proposal and business report. I’ve also had positive experiences with customer services. Additionally, they have some great tutorials on helping with the learning curve for the product. Overall, I’m happy with the Proposal Kit."
Angelia White
I found the tools on Proposal Kit very helpful, very functional as well. The website is also very user friendly, and easy to use. I was able to draw up organized proposals."
Adebayo Adegoke
Blueprint City Estates
I have been a Proposal Kit customer for at least 10 years and the products have always been amazing and consistent in quality. Customer service throughout the years has always been top notch."
Chris Ferreira
Ferreira Foundation
I am a coach and consultant helping leaders, teams, and organizations improve performance. Proposal Kit is an easy-to-use tool for creating professional and polished business proposals. It can be easily tailored for proposals of virtually any type, from the super simple to the highly complex. A number of expansion packs are also available for different types of products, services, or client domains. With Proposal Kit, I have greater confidence that I’m not leaving something out, and that everything is tailored perfectly for the prospective client. Highly recommended."
Kathy Connors
Connors Enterprises & Consulting LLC
I have been using Proposal Kit for years, decades even. When I first started designing websites this was essential for making sure that I had the right language for proposal. When I hired, contractor or employees I used the NDA as well as the docs for putting together proper language quickly and effectively. Everything from Terms of Service, to rental agreements, and even spreadsheet that help to calculate how much to bill for services. Its all there, way more than I could ever use. If you ever paid an attorney to draft a contract then you will quickly see the value in this."
Jason Edwards
My experience with the Proposal Kit is very amazing and it has helped me in several ways to manage projects and also in the contract and good proposal making. It has a lot of proposal templates that have helped me a lot in saving my time as I don’t need to spend a lot of my time creating eye-catching proposals. It has a variety of proposal templates related to business proposals and grant contracts etc. I have seen how by using a proposal kit my clients to are contented with brief quotes. It has given me confidence in my business and made me able to communicate with clients more effectively. It is quite easy to use and I believe it is really advanced software."
Grecia G
Super helpful software, especially for beginners!"
Kseniia Semak
Very comprehensive, Proposal Kit helped. Saved a lot of time. We could focus on our work more, and not spend lot of time on our paperwork."
Kshitiz Jain
My main priority when selecting a tool was user-friendliness. Proposal Kit is very logical, making it easy for me to find data. Proposal Kit streamlines our processes so that deadlines are not a blocker, and we can close deals faster. I can put the best proposals into our clients hands sooner. Now, I am in control of my day, our sales cycle, and ultimately our growth. I am on a roll going forward with our business The kit is great to work with."
Johnny Gonyeau
MSG General Business Service
Great package for proposal and contracts solicitation. The ability to manage projects and contacts makes projects efficient. Benefiting from proposal templates in the proposal kit. I am very much impressed with its variety of proposal templates that includes business proposals as well as grant contracts. My quotes have a better impression on my customers and thanks to the Proposal Kit which has enabled me to do this efficiently."
Deborah Cree
Remsund Komplete Technology Solutions
Proposal Kit is a must for every business, because it contains all you need for your business to functions on daily, monthly and yearly basis. Will recommend to any professional business owners."
Nike Isaac
GREAT PROSAL KIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Arthur Price
I was able to use the templates and with a little formatting the documents have been easy to work with."
Pam Nelson
Well drafted proposals and contracts are very important for our business at Virtual Studio which offers online virtual events, webinars, webcasting services & solutions. We did extensive research for solutions that could help us with the same as hiring a lawyer to draft all of them would be both time consuming and also very expensive.The choice was clear - Proposal Kit Professional, as it had templates and professionally written proposals & contracts for what we needed. We are really impressed with the quality of content. It has not only helped us get back to our customers with professional proposals & contracts quickly but also helped us close deals faster."
Venkatesh Sharma
Virtual Studio Pvt Ltd
I bought Proposal Kit Professional in 2016 and am very happy about this product. I learned not only how to write business proposal, but also a lot of business skills through reading various sample proposals provided in this product. Plus, it improved my English writing skills as English is my second language. I did created a few business proposals through the software and had gain positive feedback with my proposals. I am strongly recommend this product to anyone with needs."
Mia Zhou
I have been using Proposal Kit Professional for the past 10 years and it has been a great product for my business. It helped me create about 150 winning proposals for several clients in the technology, real estate, and private arena. Proposal Kit Professional allows me to expand my business portfolio and create top notch proposals in a timely and organized manner. Today I am adding the Proposal Pack Children #2 to start my first proposal with a renowned NGO. Thank you Proposal Kit for always improving your product and standing by it."
Ghislain Aka
I use the product on the daily to meet my sales and management sales on reports and presentations. I have been busy and found this interesting to have again on my computer."
Quintauia Brown
Been using Proposal Kit since 2012 and have won multiple contracts, never had to change the style of submitting my proposals and every time I needed a document it was there. Really awesome."
Anver Dawood
Softill Accounting Systems
This has really helped me work with clients to improve their business proposal writing skills. I assist with a non-profit that helps new entrepreneurs get on their feet and land their first clients and in many cases create their business plans capability statements and so on. This program has been a life saver for our our small business and for the clients we help. Our lives and jobs have been made so much easier with the tools this program provides. And the improved version and excel project completion calculator is a MUST Have!!!!"
Melanie Shaw
Knd Hmn Initiative
My company is a small media agency involved in producing creative marketing resources such as commercial photography, videos and articles contents for other small to medium businesses who rely on our creative concepts. Now, the bulk of our creative approach to clients on a professional scale, is handled by Proposal Kit. From creating a cutting edge proposal to service contract, to service quotations, we solely rely on Proposal Kit to help us through that. Since 2017, when we started using Proposal Kit, our approach to business has been very professional and we are no-more afraid of approaching even bigger clients professionally with the help of Proposal Kit."
Chris Odiley
MorGeez Media Agency
This is a great company to work with their products. Great customer service as well. I will always use their product(s) as long as they continue to grow....Congrats Proposal Kit, Inc. Great Job !!!"
Paul Smith
PBS Consulting Group LLC.
I have been using Proposal Kit since 2013, It is a complete professional, organized proposal, contracts, and templates that have saves my time. I am using this product for creating propositions, contracts for my website development service. All words, sentences, charts, and graphics are well researched and constructed. I am 100 percent recommending this product for anyone who has a business and wants to be able to utilize proposals and contracts without the headache and hassle. This resource saves me time and allows me to focus on my website development for my clients. This purchase is one that I can be proud of and look back and say it is an investment that has a positive return in many times."
Rizalde Escalona
This kit has been not only a life saver but has been a huge time saver!!! Definitely worth 5 stars!!"
Barbara Gaskins
Proposal Kit is a must for every business because it contains all you need to function daily, monthly, and yearly. I will recommend it to any professional business owner."
Nike Isaac
I have been using Proposal Kit for more than 15 years and I’m building all my customers proposals through this wonderful software."
Papa Amadou Diagne
Managing Partner
NaChaa Analytica
I have been using Proposal Kit Pro now for a number of years to help with my business. It is so comprehensive with so many customizable templates and it is so easy to customize to match your own branding guidelines. This is by far the best proposal creating software out there and it really does cover everything. You can choose from hundreds of templates or create your own. The end product is always a very professional looking proposal and this product has helped me to win many business contracts. The support is also excellent. If you need any help you will always get a response within an hour or so. The support wizards are also really helpful and easy to understand. Genuinely I do not know how I would have managed without this software. Thank you Proposal Kit for all your help with my business."
Mark Elders
Legend Communications
I have been using the Proposal Kit since 2014, which is beneficial. It’s easy to use and has everything you need to get started. The templates for different proposals, business plans, resumes, and reports would be the only thing you would need for business or personal. I think besides the templates, my favorite are the samples which are a big help. The customer service is excellent everyone is professional, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the product. I highly recommend this product."
Shirley Hunter
Positive Passtime Family Life Center
I enjoy working with the Proposal Kit and have found it very proficient and intuitive, as well as those who have read the various formats and designs that I have been using. I started my own business and look forward to using the Proposal Kit to help the organization reach its goals. Thanks!"
Carolyn Biggs
I have been using this awesome proposal software since 2006. Its 16, almost 17 years later and not only have had success with closing a deal with the proposals I create with Proposal Kit but it saves me time and man power. This has stood the test of time and grateful for it, thanks!"
Frank Rizzo
I have been using Proposal Kit for more than 15 years now and was one of the early adopters. You could not find a more comprehensive toolset for business from proposal templates, agreements, and host of other tools for such a low price with continuous upgrades over the years. Wonderful and very responsive to help with questions etc. Save yourself some time and money and invest in your business with the necessary tools to succeed in your business."
Evelyn Lewis
I must say that this is an incredible application - especially for the price! We prepare proposals frequently to respond to government bids, and this is a great application to get our proposals completed very easily and professionally. There are an amazing number of pre-populated templates that make putting proposals together in a compliant manner while adding logos, graphics, etc. I’ve also put together very professional quotes using the application. There are so many functionalities that I haven’t used yet, and I am always amazed on why I don’t use the software more often as I continue to discover new and better ways to put together proposals for many different formats including business plans. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!"
Tony Beaman
Millennium Franchise Group
This is an amazing product. I have been using this software for a long time, and I can definitely say it helped my company a lot."
Haissan Hussein
Vince MerfalenProposal Kit and the PK Wizard has made life easier for me for many years. In my professional experience, project proposals are the lifeline of the company. Proposal Kit reduced process times and greatly improved proposal accuracy and approval! Thank you, Proposal Kit."
Vince Merfalen
Talal Alrashdi
Proposal Kit is hands down the most well thought out and implemented design solution for business plans and proposals, out of the box. I have been a PK Pro user since 2012, and have found that whether I was needing a standalone document or a complete proposal, Proposal Kit delivers! As someone who simply "dabbles" in the web design and hosting landscape, I can say with certainty that everything I need to upscale and improve my presence is available with this application. Professional, well maintained and worth every penny you will spend, this product, the company, and Ian exemplify what a great business looks and acts like. I am grateful for the work Ian has put in to this, so that I don’t need to look all over for solutions. Kudos!"
Jim Rebensdorf
This has been a great tool for my business. Great customer service as well. Helps make bidding and proposal a simpler process. Thanks."
Deborah Cree
Five Willows
Easy to use, a lot of options and support is great."
Robin An
Pepin Co.
I now write proposals entirely differently thanks to Proposal Kit, which has saved me a tonne of time, effort, and money. My productivity has been completely transformed by the large number of template options and the flexibility of the designs. Ive seen a rise in the success rate of gaining new clients as a result. For me, Proposal Kit has changed the game completely."
Sally L.
This kit is excellent, a variety of proposals that can help you... I purchased back in 2021 to help me with a catering proposal for a was total a success I highly recommend it."
Princess Keziah
I’ve been using Proposal Kit for about 3yrs now and it’s a definite lifesaver when it comes to putting together all the elements necessary for a proper proposal within government bidding. They are super helpful in navigating you throughout the process. Hands-down a great tool and worth every penny."
Darryll Simpson
I first licensed Proposal Kit Pro in July, 2005 (right, I’m old). I had my own company doing video production and editing. This pack of magic has paid for itself so many times it is incalculable, literally. I got a corporate job about 11 years ago but now venturing off on my own again. Now I’m seeing all the updates they’ve made over the years and couldn’t be happier. Great company and product pack."
Dan Baker
Push Media
Proposal Kit Professional is a game-changer, offering comprehensive templates and intuitive features for crafting proposals and contracts. With its extensive content and user-friendly interface, it’s a must-have for individuals, small businesses, and teams within larger organizations. Highly recommended for working smarter."
Archana Mudvari
Gov Bhandari
I 1st purchased Proposal Kit Pro back in 2010 and have routinely upgraded versions since. It’s been indispensable to my management consulting practice in estimating various tech and multimedia projects, and more succinctly helped with qualifying prospects. It actually introduced me to building an affiliate marketing system as a commerce strategy back when the concept was new to most."
Darris Hoskins
Mix 1 Digital Networks
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