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Estimate Pack TestimonialsFollowing are Estimate Pack testimonials. Read what companies around the world have to say about how our Proposal Kit and related products have helped their business. Proposal Kit is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and freelancers world-wide.
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The Estimate Pack is a great tool for people who might neglect to do the all the necessary math or do it improperly. It’s fairly easy to use and customize to your own situation. With this tool you won’t end up underestimating costs and overestimating profits. I recommend it."
Sandra Davis
Freelance Writing and Editing Professional
Proposal Pack allows me to spend more time on the job and less time putting together estimates, contracts, proposals and more! My clients appreciate a professional presentation and I am awarded more jobs! And it was easy for me to use - and I’m not computer friendly. I give it my highest recommendation!"
Wayne Parker
Parker Contracting Services
Your Proposal Kit Professional helped me to win my first serious web site development contract, saving me tons on professional contract writing fees! I found the proposal, contract and estimate templates all useful and insightful. Thank you providing the web development community with a money-saving and affordable tool for winning web site contracts!"
John Mangelsdorf
Mangelsdorf Web Consulting, LLC
All my clients go into the kit. I use the website estimator for a good evaluation of what it will cost, after, either I or the client goes thru the questionnaire. I usually sit with them on this one. From that I can build a good estimate and then I have access to all the forms and possible ideas, suggestions... (nondisclosure is a great one that I never thought of myself. It has eliminated some potential problems right off the bat) that I could possibly want. I have used the forms and documents to build visual presentations for my clients that they can take to their board meetings. Because of this I am protected and so are my clients. (Nothing like a legal document to weed out the ones that are not serious) I usually can get the contract signed right then and there. TahDah...We are in business. FYI, It also lays out a code of standards for my side of the business, too. As we all know, web developers can be a little on the flighty side. Being able to hand my potential client a set of documents that are precise and on track with what they are looking for has cemented quite a few contracts for me."
Michelle Phillips
Vivid Edge Designs
To the remarkable team at Proposal Kit, Inc.: Your new version of "Proposal Kit Pro v5" goes above and beyond the call. You consistently over deliver on expectations ...and I thought version 4.0 was packed with great benefits. The automation of forms cut my development time in half (instead of reading extensive read-me’s-which you also provide;great tutorials by the way). Specifically, the ’Web site project estimate spreadsheet’ and ’CD-ROM/Flash project estimate spreadsheet’, which you can’t find anywhere and I’m always asked about in my projects, got me a job which was well coveted by over 20 other firms (at least that’s what the CEO told me). The decision makers said that once they saw these sheets and the various other parts of the proposal, the choice was easy and it was clear that I took my development seriously and that I would probably put as much professionalism into the project I’M TO BE WORKING ON! Anyway, thanks for "all the extras," it really has made a difference in my business and gives me time to spend developing and designing instead of creating and filling out forms. Customer for life."
Brandon Tisherman
Creative Director
Tish3d, Ltd.
I never realized that proposal-writing could be so pleasant! The Proposal Packs, wizard, and Estimate templates helped me to organize my thoughts and allowed me to focus on the substance of the proposals, rather than the logistics of creating them. We are now able to produce high-quality proposals very efficiently. The contracts and interview materials were welcome additions that are streamlining our other business processes as well. Proposal Kit has been well-worth the initial investment! I am a completely satisfied customer! Kudos to you and your colleagues... keep up the good work!"
Kimberly R. Davis
Director, Design & Technology
ThingsEternal Strategic Solutions
We came across the Proposal Pack about 3 years ago and immediately realized its importance in respect to the advancement of our design business. We rely heavily on the Estimate Pack for providing comprehensive bids and breakdowns for each potential customer. The Proposal Pack provides us with every possible contract and addendum we need in order to facilitate the agreement for each new customer. They are easy to edit, well laid out, and can be saved in a variety of formats making it easier to distribute. The forms and contracts are easy for the client to understand and contain much of the standard language required in a contract for web design. Our customers are always impressed with our preparedness since using this system and it has definitely improved our sales since using it! We were so impressed with the power and usefulness of the Proposal Pack that we became an affiliate as well. Proposal Pack is one of our top selling items that we showcase throughout our network of sites. Sales are very consistent and the affiliate tools, tracking, and commission payments are top notch. The software is well supported, continually upgraded, and professionally designed. We have never had an issue regarding its installation or use from any customer. This is a product we enjoy selling!"
Brian S.
Simco Media
While looking for help preparing for a big proposal for my publishing business, I located Proposal Kit on the Internet. Any small business owner who wants to compete with the "big guys" needs sharp tools that help him/her respond to RFPs as quickly as possible. Proposal Kit does just that. I customized my software to create a boilerplate that keeps me from reinventing the wheel. My presentations now look professional and help me cover my bases. The Proposal Pack Wizard is intuitive and rich in features. I also use Estimate Pack software to help me more accurately estimate my project scope. I wish I had found it sooner! Of course, with any software, good tech support is a big plus. I found my tech support guy, Joel, to be patient, helpful and informative. I highly recommend Proposal Kit and Estimate Pack software as cost-effective solutions for any business owner who wants to save time and submit elegant, detailed proposals that take their business to the next level."
Charlotte Ann Moore
Charmedia, Inc.
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Over the years, Proposal Kit has received numerous testimonials from satisfied users worldwide. Customers highlight how Proposal Kit's templates have saved time, enhanced professionalism, and supported successful project completions across various industries. These endorsements underscore the value and effectiveness of Proposal Kit's products in streamlining proposal and contract creation.

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