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Proposal Pack and Proposal Pack Wizard TestimonialsFollowing are Proposal Pack and Proposal Pack Wizard testimonials. Read what companies around the world have to say about how our Proposal Kit and related products have helped their business. Proposal Kit is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and freelancers world-wide.
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I have used the proposal kit for over 3 yrs. and I can only imagine how many hours I have saved. It increases my confidence and I get excited to know that an update is available. Thank You!"
Reverend Hilda Covington
SisterHood Incorporated
Pastor at Wayside Community Church
I have made so much money using Proposal Kit the last 3 years now. I’ve used the software to write dozens of proposals and have closed over $300,000 in sales directly related."
Allan Fine
The Executive Edge
Proposal Pack is great. It saved me time and improved the appearance of my business proposals. Highly recommend this product to any business owner or sales person."
Sheila Kloefkorn
KEO Marketing
I’ve used Proposal Pack regularly for making out multi-million dollar electricity proposals. It is easy to use and works great."
Tim Leigh
American Powernet
As a Lean & Kaizen Implementation Specialist for manufacturing - I have during the past year added Green and Sustainability to my consultancy - as well as expanded my target industries. The proposal Pack Environmental has saved me the cost of hiring a designer, improved the quality and time I can produce a first-rate proposal and helped me win new business."
Peter Agnew
Proposal Pack Wizard is a really exceptional unique application to make any type of high quality proposal for your client. Easy to use so anyone can quickly make a proposal for their business or client purpose .You don’t need a lot of study or spending time for this so just easy to create like a ready-made form. So I highly recommended this product to anyone who are professional freelancer, business man or multinational company."
Kazi Jakaria Rarcntv Riad
SEO/SEM/PPC Specialist
Don’t let the ’Proposal Pack’ title fool you, this is one of the most comprehensive kits of its kind that I’ve seen and it includes a lot more than just proposals. You get some great templates to help you write business plans, invoices, quotes and more. It served as a useful starting point when putting together complex documents."
Chad Fullerton
Interactive Content Manager at Corus Entertainment
We have used this product for several years to write proposals and it works great for our business."
Rick Boyles
Computer Networks Inc.
With this product and their excellent customer support, your company’s offering will be professionally position. Their easy to use tools will make any company look like a Fortune 500 member! It would take a multi-person team to duplicate the work product. One non-creative person can look like an army of designers with an unlimited budget."
Willis Hale
I had searched for an easy to use solution to create proposals. Proposal Kit fits the bill and has help us streamline our procedure for proposals. If you are looking for a reliable, easy to use solution, Proposal Kit is your answer."
Earl Burkett
I’ve used Proposal Kit for about a year and a half now for my technology start-up and it’s been quite helpful in preparing technical proposals for my company. Recommend it fully!!"
Edwin Makenzi
I’ve been using Proposal Kit for a number of years, principally to write proposals for video capture of conferences and training sessions. The beauty of the product is that I can easily respond to opportunities as they arise. Proposals can be readily crafted using a range of pre-written text components which I can manipulate, modify and extend to create a focused and personal offer. The only downside is the steep learning curve in understanding how the product works and sifting through the sheer volume of content provided. But what has really excited me about Proposal Kit is the automation of proposal content selection using data generated from web forms that prospects complete. This development means that I can quickly and simply respond to new business opportunities and spend more time qualifying and shaping the final business proposal. To enable this development, the Proposal Kit team has been very helpful and supportive."
Michael Thompson
It has been utter bliss saving tons of hours of trying to create proposals from scratch. The quality of proposals and other documents is absolutely top-notch, and I will genuinely recommend it to any serious business, looking for great quality and efficiency."
Roy Biakpara
MSc., CISA, CISSP, CISM, CRISC, CDPO, ISO27k1LI, ISO27005 Risk Manager
I found this extremely useful when I needed to create a proposal to present to a financial group. It helped make fast work for something I was planning on having to take hours to format and put graphics in etc. What a time saver! I highly recommend the Wizard as it steps you through each area of your proposal in a Question and Answer format. In Summary, if you are needing to create a Proposal (there are many different templates to choose from) and aren’t an expert in formatting in Word and combining in Excel spreadsheets, charts, graphs, etc. This product is a great way to help produce a professional looking document."
John Molino
American Technologies LLC
Perfect addition to the Proposal Kit Professional to save time while preparing great looking & organized proposals."
Paul Lanthier
The Proposal Pack Wizard has really made the process of creating a professional proposal very easy and painless. Tutorials are available at all stages of the process. I would highly recommend this product to help you create proposals on the fly."
Chris Peinke
The Proposal Pack Wizard was a great add on for Proposal Kit Professional software. It has been and great asset in help us to develop proposals and contract for our IT and Web Services business."
Kevin Houston
K & K Houston LLC
Life is made easier with Proposal Pack For Any Business!!! Now I have added a consultancy to my catering business, assisting other businesses prepare a decent and winning proposals with the aid of Proposal Pack. I don’t need to have staff with a knowledge in Desktop Publishing or MSWord to produce a decent and winning proposals."
Babatunde Adeolaon
I’m in the health industry, I had no idea how to write a proposal and couldn’t find any examples or help on the topic so after reading reviews I decided to purchase this product. It’s a pretty simple format easy to understand with many useful examples that I used to contrast with, which for me was the greatest value allowing me to better understand how proposals are formatted and written and since this product is fairly inexpensive I would highly recommend it."
Johnny Martinez
This software absolutely fantastic to me! I have owned it for ten years or so. I have created everything from Solar Farms to Christmas Tree Farm business plans and proposals and a half dozen non-profit grants at no charge to some great causes. Anyway I had the software updated last year and the software is timeless and gets better, like a great wine, with time. I have used the customer service a few times over the years and can’t say enough about how helpful and knowledgeable they are. I never regretted my purchase for a second and anyone who likes being creative with a physical guide that has so many uses. I am about to start another project and since I don’t write a lot of reviews but this one deserves 5 stars for being economical, educational filled with time saving efficiency."
Richard Toman
Simple Simon’s Services LLC
It eases the pressure of writing proposals and leads you on just like holding your hands and pulling you through all the hurdles."
Mathias Dafur
Alkas Res. Ltd.
This is a great product specially for grant writer. I have been using it since 2014."
Claudia Laurenceau
Love the automatic formatting and the document management. With so many content examples, we feel like we never have to start from scratch or reinvent anything. It’s made our lives very easy."
Alex Sousa
Public Relations Manager
Relic Agency
I like the fact that Proposal Kit allows you to customize the templates to your own business brand, logos and tag lines. The software integrates with MS Word so making changes to the final product as well as the individual template pages, if desired, are easy if you know and understand MS Word as I do. Having an easy way to produce multiple RFP responses in a short period of time. At the Govt’s fiscal year end (September), many contracting officers push to get their RFPs out in order to not lose their funding. This results in receiving multiple RFPs that require a response in a very short time. Proposal Kit has streamlined this process for me, making repetitive information easy to deliver quickly within each RFP."
Tammy Gunya
Premier Office Technologies, Inc.
Were a small carpentry company that is using the construction proposal pack for 8 years, couldn’t begin to count how many jobs we’ve gotten because of the professional look of our proposals."
Scott Munro
Midwest Heritage Homes
This product is a businessperson’s savior. If you have to do a proposal for any business venture, this product makes it effortless. There are lots of templates to choose from; the downloading process is smooth and streamlined; and very importantly, [they are] available for any questions you might have. I love it!"
Linda Ridley
CEO, Edgar J. Ridley & Associates
I have used Proposal Pack (For any Business) for four months. I have been writing grant proposals for nonprofit and education organizations for twenty years. I wished I had known about Proposal Pack sooner. Because of Proposal Pack, I work faster, which makes my customers happy, and this allows me to have more time to take on more projects and earn more. Using Proposal Pack has improved my proposal writing skills. I now provide my clients with consistent proposals that reflect industry standards. The proposal Wizard is useful. I can build a framework for the proposal in minutes which opens in MS Word. Each template instructs you what should be included in the section. Having these prompts saves me time wondering what I should write. If you are wondering if this requires significant technical skills, it does not. The kit comes with a manual and the interface of the Proposal Wizard has helpful tooltips that walk your through the steps. It took about 3O minutes to download and work on a proposal. The Proposal Pack website has great articles about writing proposals. I can tell you the writing approach is what funding agencies expect today. Clean, focused, and specific. Proposal Pack is a good investment and it has already paid for itself many times over!"
Sekai Senwosret
Consultant | Grant Writer
You just can’t find an easier way to put together a proposal than by using the Proposal Pack Wizard. I’ve used other products before but all they did was present me with a bunch of documents, half of which I did not need in my proposals. These other products actually made the job harder, not easier. Ever since purchasing the Proposal Pack Wizard I’ve actually been able to respond to Request for Proposals faster than ever before. This has allowed me to submit more proposals which, in turn, has given me more opportunities to increase my revenue."
Jaime Cruz
Easy to use!"
Joel Rivera
I got this to write a proposal and I ended up also needing a business plan. So instead of renewing my business plan pro program I looked at this software. It was intuitive and easy to follow with lots of directions. The main learning curve has to do with using the software properly, just read the directions and it all works smoothly. It makes me look like I have a big team behind my small company! So many choices that I have little to do but fill in the blanks."
Sybil Rosado
Digitized Social Research Solutions
I have been using proposal kit since 2003. This is a very good product at a very reasonable price. Has been that way for a long time. That speaks for itself."
Prasad Choragudi
Proposal Kit helped me create a very professional and detailed quote which landed me one of my biggest clients to date! Fantastic value and an affordable price!"
Chris Davis
Great professional software to use for an affordable price. It gives you a variety of templates that fits your need. User friendly. If you need guidance on the product you get an quick response back. Great customer service."
Katherine Callahan
The Wizard is the icing on the cake. I recommend this product to everyone in business who wants to maintain expert level contracts and integrity. Not to mention it has brought me a high ROI."
Angela Hickman
Culbert Health
I have been using Proposal Pack for a few years now and I’m excited to say that it has been the best proposal building tool for me. This software is absolutely complete. A great buy!"
Lisa E.
Merge Financial Services
I have used different proposal softwares including BusinessPro and others but I find Proposal Kit to be user friendly and easily adaptable to different situations. One does not need to sit for hours of training before using Proposal Kit. Just watch the video for few minutes and you will be ready to use it."
Kehleboe Gongloe
Founder, RICCE
Proposal Kit is a game changer when it comes to selling your services in a constructive yet powerful way. The software is easy to use. I highly recommend."
John Anosike
Nextline Protection Services, Inc.
As a busy IT professional it is often challenging to put a proposal together ensuring you don’t miss out the simple things that are so often the most important to the client. Most customers are not IT savvy and as a result they want to know the things that are important to them, not the things that are important to an IT team, the Proposal Pack Wizard has streamlined my approach and has stopped me from making some simple but potentially costly errors. When time is money and every business proposal counts this software has helped me win through and get the result that I needed whilst ensuring the client understands that they are getting what they need. In a word - Brilliant!"
Stephen Richards
Computer Troubleshooters [NW Wales]
As a business consultant who applied for funding on behalf of organizations, the proposal pack wizard provide me with all the materials I needed to submit many grant awarding proposals. Not only did I save on time but the financial costs were kept to a minimum. I would definitely use this product every time I needed to write a proposal."
Leslie Bannon
This is a great product. Everything that you need to have professionally prepared proposals, business plans, etc. Love this product!"
Ronald J Bivinson
McBIV Corporation
Great set of templates, big time saver. This kit contains just about any kind of template you can imagine and they are just a great starting point and a HUGE time saver. Our ROI came in just days."
Ray Collazo
VCloud9 LLC
Well put together and easy to use material with great tutorials. Thanks for all the help setting it up."
Alan Simpson
Talk Thru Facilitation
I acquired the Proposal Pack Wizard in 2013. My business is a soccer school and I have used this product in making proposals to seek funding and sponsors for the program. It is easy to use and produces quality proposals which are winning ones when used properly. When I came across proposal pack I tried it using the free Proposal Software (Novice Edition). I liked it so much that I bought the full version and have used it since. Thank you for such a nice product. I recommend it to anyone who wants to use it."
Thomas Mfodwoon
At first I was not sure of this product because I am not the computer technically adverse in new products. Once I understood my problem in getting started by disabling my macros it became very easy to operate. This product should accommodated my needs for making proposals and contracts a snap and look professional all of the time. Thank you for the quick response to the support department with their assistance. I recommend this product for the beginner such as myself."
Reginald F. Barnes
Shane Detective Agency
Great software. Makes writing proposals a breeze. Saved me tons of hours."
Olakunle Allion
The Proposal Pack Wizard not only was very helpful in assisting me in writing grants, it is also excellent in helping to understand the structure of a good proposal. Prior to finding the Proposal Pack Wizard I spent hours writing and researching needed information, the Proposal Pack Wizard streamlines the process and produces a professional and quality proposal. Excellent selection in examples and a easy process."
Brenda Williams
I’ve used an older version of this product for several years now with fantastic results. This saves a lot of time with compiling reports and documents that are required during my graduate courses and daily business proposals in the project management field. Combined with the technology template pack this has provided everything I have needed to get everything organized and looking professional."
Rowrena Pickel
Love this software! Awesome to use, very helpful! Customer service is great too!"
Leah Brown
It was a bit challenging at first to get the product to provide the exact functionality i was looking for, simply because it is so comprehensive. But after I got the hand of it, I found it to be extremely useful."
Nathan Burroughs
Premiere Marketing, LLC
If you are a consummate professional in the business of selling complex products, this low cost proposal package is for you. It permits repetitive information to be entered once while focusing on the content that is customized to your client’s needs. Sales in a highly competitive market such as networking and security is difficult, every word is scrutinized and the systemic gathering of detailed product information for a clear proposal is paramount. This system allows you to easily create the customized portion of your sales proposal while including the "boiler plate" disclaimers and other legal background without missing a beat. Creates an edible word document complete with table of contents professionally formatted. We have seen positive client feedback resulting in higher sales. We started using the package back in 2009. Try it, I think you will agree they have created a useful tool for your sales and marketing team."
Robert Simkavitz
I’ve been a user for almost nine years now and I can state emphatically that this product is a must-have for any Virtual Assistant who strives to offer complete administrative support to clients. I am easily able to assist my clients with their proposals (not necessarily letting them know i started the project half-finished by using and the support is great. I love the fact that the Proposal Pack team is always accessible and ready to answer any queries/concerns you may have. That’s always a pre-requisite for me when purchasing any kind of software although sometimes you never know up front how easy or hard it would be to communicate with a company. This is easy. While this is a review for the Proposal Pack, be sure to also get their Title Pages as well - wonderfully designed, colorful cover pages to make your proposal stand out."
Yvette Livingstone
Adding information, click to next section, then add more information to then see the final layout in WORD is amazing. No need to worry about formatting, so I just pick what information I want for the proposal, report, or contract, and ensure what I want to say makes sense--the fixings are there and I just add the meat & potatoes."
Richard Guadalupe McDonald
Global Health Science Institute
I have not used the product a lot, but when I need to write a Proposal that has some impact, I turn to Proposal Pack."
Adam Jose
I purchased the original version of this product back in 2013 when I started my consulting business. the product is great. I love that I don’t have to start any given proposal from scratch- regardless of the type of service I’m providing or the industry. I recommend this product to anyone who has to write any types of proposals for business."
Ada Uribe
Erestar Inc.
An excellent product, definitely worth the small investment. I spent over 10 years building proposals from scratch for the food service industry and although I had some success I was never entirely happy with the end result. I bought the Proposal Pack Wizard about 2 years ago I was finally able to produce great looking documents with the professional image that I needed. The response to the new format was excellent and I was able to win more business, even when competing with much larger competitors."
Greg H.
My Proposal Pack experience began many years ago. It is one product I keep active on my computer over a long period of time. As a self-employed PC consultant, service offerings vary as often as significant changes occur in the realm. An yet, the functionality, flavor and need to communicate with customers and prospects is constant. My use has varied but I always look to Proposal Pack when it comes to providing a professional, comprehensive proposal format. There have been many ideas and vendors come and go as technology changes. Proposal Kit continues to provide an erstwhile product with changes and updates."
Martin Margheim
Here’s my two cents on the Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition. Make sure you read in detail the requirements for the product and also be prepared to follow the tutorials. If you do these, productivity will show itself sooner than later. I’m a Sales Rep which has to generate a lot of different types of paperwork. Quotes, Proposals, RFP & Bid Responses, Executive Overviews, etc. The firm I work for have certain types of document processes, but these are on the backend and not for the frontend. The responsibility is with the Sales Rep to generate their own frontend documents. I looked at a LOT of different solutions from plugins to CRM packages to purpose-built Sales tools with a few forms ancillary to their products. Nothing really covered the bases until I came across the products from Proposal Kit. This package is as complex as your company needs to as simple as a single person creating client specific documentation. They have all of the bases covered. I’m serious. I demoed, generated a single document using Word 2013, and I purchased the Wizard, a Title Pack, and a Business Proposal Pack. The learning curve can be daunting, but it is very short. It puts structure to what you want to create, and then gets out of the way. Even with the most basic of packages, you get more than your money’s worth. Highly recommended."
Scott Middleton
I purchased the Proposal Pack for Any Business in early July. It took just a few moments to download and I was up and running. I love the interface with MS Word and like the fact that it is already compatible with Word 2013, the most recent version of MS Office. Overall great product to use with lots of variety in title pages and easy to use starter proposal adaptable for any purpose."
Abigail Falcon Alverio
With this Proposal Pack for Proposal Kit, it brings in so many phenomenal templates into your software that writing proposals for companies is a breeze compared to trying to do the research and figure out exactly what to say having a predefined template to start from with examples makes such a huge difference!!"
Allan Fine
The Executive Edge
I have been using Proposal Pack for 4 years and I love it. It makes proposal writing fun and easy. I like the professional look it provides and my prospects turn in to clients."
Victoria Lenhardt
Bottom Line Enterprises
I have been using this software for a few years now and am so grateful for its presence in my life!! I appreciate the well written and thought out templates and the execution of such materials that help me to obtain my personal and business goals. I give this product and the developers a 5 star rating without hesitation!"
Ariana Cardenas Stugard
Ariflower Images
We had used Proposal Pack Wizard for a necessary and quick business proposal and right out of the box, we created a very crisp, targeted proposal that looked as professional as any we have ever viewed. The choices of templates were perfect, perfectly crisp, clean & polished. We Heartily endorse this product."
John Lawrence
Peppers Fine Catering
Proposal Pack Wizard is the BEST software for allowing busy professionals to focus on their sales growth rather than cutting and pasting proposals constantly. From one week to one hour proposal preparation time!! It has saved me hundreds of hours!"
Kevin Tart
Integrated Systems Sales Executive at SimplexGrinnell
I highly recommend using Proposal Kit if you want to give your business a more professional look and feel. We are a small company and it has helped us gain more attention and therefore become more competitive in our industry."
PM Carter
I have been using this product since 2006. I must admit I would be lost without it. In writing contracts and proposals or responding to an RFP, I would start and get stuck not knowing where to go next. Proposal Pack to the rescue. Always helps me put together a finished package neatly."
Stan Kelly
I have used Proposal Pack Wizard for many client projects over the years. It makes it easy to complete a major project proposal in hours instead of days. Thank you."
Franklin Delano Williams
Strategic Directions Planner
When I had the chance to use the Contract Pack, I jumped on it because I used Proposal Pack and Proposal Pack Wizard on a weekly basis. It’s the most phenomenal software I have ever seen for writing proposals which is a huge part of my business."
Alan Fine
I have used this software to write several proposals to get very good jobs in the event promotion business. the wizard walks you through every step and the tutorials are there to help answer any questions that you may have. I think it is an excellent program."
Pope Hill
I just love using Proposal Pack and have landed many large contracts with highly professional prepare proposals from the software. I would definitely recommend someone who writes a lot of proposals on a regular basis to buy this as it will make your job much easier."
Allan Fine
Marketing and Franchising Consultant
Proposal Pack for Any Business and the Proposal Pack Wizard has been at the forefront of my business activities for over three years. No other product has contributed more to our successes and its ease of use a real time-saver."
Vincent Marcello
Business Consultant
Using the Proposal Pack Wizard is a very easy and effective way to write an impressive proposal. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to make this chore a very easy to perform task. You will not be disappointed."
Richard Doyle
Thank you!! Everyone at our national headquarters (Kinko’s, too) wanted to know "who" did the business proposal layout. I told them! I don’t know what I would have done without Proposal Kit. I had a massive brain freeze and couldn’t design my way out of a clear plastic bag.... I just wanted to take a moment to thank Joel for his outstanding customer service! I never thought that an e-mail that I sent tonight (Sunday) would be answered - by phone - within minutes after I clicked send! Joel answered all of my questions directed me to where I could purchase the right font that I needed and even gave me some Photoshop pointers. It was an unparalleled level of customer service for which I am grateful! Thank you!"
Kristen Howell
American Red Cross of Florida
I love the Proposal Pack Wizard. I was able to create a 9 page document that looks absolutely fabulous. Without a doubt it will help in creating proposals. I’ll either be able to create them faster or if I take the same amount of time they will look much much better. This product is absolutely worth every last penny!"
Glenn Rathke
Started using the product last year and it has been an unqualified success. We were able to submit 13 funding proposals for capital projects and all 13 applications were successful. It might be argued that the product was too helpful!"
Michael Allison
St Stephen’s Community House
Professional looking for science and technology grants...allows me to spend more time on the biomedical proposal than the important layout, as the layout from the packs are already there."
Rich McDonald, PH.D
Principal Research Scientist
Primordial Soup, LLC.
I have used it to prepare many documents in my business. The templates and advise assist the business owner as myself to develop the correct documents necessary for my business functions."
Domenick Presa
DG Business Solutions Inc.
I have been using this fantastic business tool for over three years now, It has provided me with everything to keep up with timely submission of very important proposals and most importantly keep me on top of deadlines."
Daniel Baba
Euan, Inc.
I have been a long time user of Proposal Pack and Proposal Pack Wizard. The combination of the content in the proposal pack and the automation the proposal pack wizard provides saves me so much time so I can focus on my business. The ability to utilize the verbiage that comes with proposal pack saves me days of time not having to recreate the wheel. The wizard makes it so much easier to manage the entire proposal process, it would be mistake not to use them both together."
Jeff Kushner
Proposal Pack is absolutely AWESOME. It saves me a ton of time when I am responding to RFPs for my Destination Management Company. Once you get the initial documents set up it takes no time to go in and make a few changes. Try it out. I’m sure you’ll love it."
Antwone Stigall
Events With EAS
Learned about Proposal Kit in 2008 and purchased several modules including Proposal Pack Classic 3 v9 and have continued to upgrade to the various versions over the years. Excellent tool for any business professional or independent consultant."
Alfred Hamilton
This software is quick to implement, intuitive, and the support team is extremely responsive."
Marsha Burdick
HintonBurdick CPAs & Advisors
This product pays for itself. As a young entrepreneur having used Proposal Pack since 2011, the first contracts secured by my company were accessed with RFP responses developed using this tool. Proposal Pack greatly simplifies the proposal writing process with customizable templates that allow you to create documents with specific elements requested by clients. Taking things a step further, each paragraph within the tool contains useful prompts to succinctly articulate your proposal to the client. The time saved is a guarantee. The first contract is up to you. I say again, this product pays for itself."
Gary Pardy
Integral Geomatics
Very good, thanks for responding so quickly. I love your product!"
Edgar Ridley
I have used the Proposal Pack software for years. The templates are so professional and easy to complete any type of proposal. Thank you for a great product!"
Lara Herndon
Be Seen Sales
Makes writing proposals simple and it has taken much work out of the writing for our employees."
Morris L Pickel III
I have been using the Proposal Pack since 2013. It has a lot of resources to writing the right proposal in a neat fast pace thanks to the Wizard included. The user interface was simple to use from the start. Definitely a great product that has gotten better over time. They are always improving and offers a very nice title pages packs to make each of your proposals unique. It is super easy to use, and very professional looking end result. I would recommend it to anyone."
Trevor Neil
BETA Financial Ltd
I’ve used ProposalKit many times in the past and loved it. I would be glad to endorse your product."
Dave Humphrey
What I appreciate most is that there are many different proposals I can use in template format. Very inexpensive software compared to others out there."
Preston Ragland
As a small business consultant, I am often called upon to assist in preparing contractual documents in many different areas. The Proposal Kit is an excellent time saver and has references to many key points that should be addressed for clarity and assigning responsibility. The ability to easily add unique logos, covers, and page formatting allows each contract to be distinctly different. Definitely add this to your toolbox."
William Green
CEO at W.O. Green Corporate Services
At first I was reluctant to purchase Proposal Pack and thought it would be just like the others on the market but boy was I wrong! There are so many templates to chose from and it is so easy to customize them. Writing proposals has never been so simple. This was one of the best purchases we made for our organization!"
Myrlene Hoyte
Senior Way Housing, Inc.
Thanks for the great service your company has provided. I had a very important sales proposal to prepare for a realty firm, and was given only a 1-day notice. I purchased and downloaded the sales proposal [Proposal Pack] with the Real Estate design, and it was exactly what I needed. The forms were perfect, and the presentation went great. We were told it was the best she had ever seen. Thanks for a great product, and for providing it in a pinch!"
Kevin Onizuk
Managing Director/President
Breakwater Mortgage Corp.
I just wanted to thank you very much, the very first time I used your Proposal Pack I sent it to the health care system and I got a beautiful email saying ‘that was exactly the format that I was hoping for’ and he wants to do business on Monday, which was amazing as before he was looking at next year. So I want to thank you, you are an enormous help, and for the hands on, you gave me the confidence and the help that I needed."
Nancy Pack
This product is amazing, I had to draft a proposal in a limited amount of time, I found this product ordered it and it worked perfectly. I nailed the client and will be using it again."
Jerry Redmond
Redmond Legal Group
I purchased the Proposal Pack for any Business mainly for the diversity of applicable templates and it’s been a success. Solid, structured documents with content that make sense for all areas of the business. Great product, great time saver."
Anthony Drapers
I have been using Proposal Pack and Proposal Wizard since 2010. Both are great stand alone products, but they have better efficiency when used together. The Proposal Wizard integrates very well with Microsoft Word and Windows. Writing proposals are easier and faster with this product. All you have to do is choose from the menu and the program formats the proposal pages for you. I write grants for non-profit agencies. I have written over 100 proposals using this product. I have 100% satisfied customers often with repeat business."
Frentzie Glover
A great resource. Before I bought this I spent many hours looking and this collection stands way above the rest. In 2010 I was starting a couple of new businesses. I was concerned about making accurate job estimates and having the appropriate contracts in place. I was anxious about spending the money but as soon as I installed it I recouped the value immediately. The security of having the system walk me through the process was worth many times the price. I have used this in a number of businesses from a handyman service to software sales and a logistics service and each time it has served me well."
Tevye Brown
I purchased my first Proposal Pack in 2005 when I to started my virtual project manager business. The ease and simplicity of using the software can be summed up in one word - efficient. It is simple yet professional. You just type the information in the correct places and in no time you have a proposal ready for a presentation that is sure to get you customers that say yes. When I started my second business in telecom consulting, I never looked further than Proposal Pack. In fact, I have not bothered to seek other proposal programs - why bother, when I already have the best!"
Michael Gayden
I purchased this product almost 6 months ago and the support and information, video tutorials, live customer service representatives willing to help you use this product successfully has been the best experience I have ever witnessed in purchased downloaded software. I highly recommend this product if you need to make professional proposals with ease."
Karina Singer
OTM Advertising Agency
Aside from the great number of templates and modifiable pages (depending on which pack you purchase), the Wizard allows a tremendous amount of time savings in gathering all the templates together. An example would be including a Cover letter, Estimate, Non-Disclosure, Statement of Work and Contract and Terms. The Wizard is capable of pulling all these templates together into one document with the same proposal, contract or project theme."
Jason Kinne
President and CEO KithTECH
I downloaded your Proposal Pack Classic in October of 2005. As a result, my client won a contract for $24,000. He is now awaiting the results of the second business proposal that we submitted which is worth $40,000. If he wins that business proposal, within a five month time frame his net worth has increased by $64,000. This is not bad for a days worth of work. I want to personally thank you for making my job as a consultant so much easier. I would tell anyone to give the proposal software a try, it is worth every dollar. I recouped the cost of the proposal software back more than twenty times what it cost me. I am happy and my client is ecstatic."
Thank you,
Yvonne Thompson, Ph.D.
Awesome! Flexible enough to meet nearly all variety of proposals needs. Covers nearly any type of proposal you may need. The ability to add more or create your own "themes" and "packs" for your own specific industry or product/service is very powerful. Instead of purchasing a whole lot of what you don’t need, purchase only what you do need. And grow from there. Little bit of a learning curve to get up and running with the application (you need to/should know something about proposals.) But, this is to be expected with any new (to you) application. Great application that is very powerful and saves a significant amount of time once you are up and running. Create with ease a very simple or complicated/comprehensive proposal. Our clients have been very impressed at the attention to detail of our proposals as well as the professional and unintimidating appearance of the document. Imagine your clients Legal Department/Lawyer approving your proposal two days after receiving."
John Moskala
Renaissance News Inc.
Running a non-profit is hard enough. With the help of the Proposal Pack it allowed us the template we needed to help get our proposal off to a successful start! The professional look I wanted was already created no need to reinvent the wheel just use what was already there. The Proposal Kit folks already knew what would work and it did for us!"
Tom Donohue
Executive Director
Who’s Positive
We purchased the Proposal Pack from Proposal Kit in August 2004 and it paid for itself with the very first proposal!! We closed a deal with the first proposal we created using the Proposal Pack. I was very pleased with the investment in this great product. Before the Proposal Pack we created proposals using Excel spreadsheets. There is no comparison to the look of a proposal using Proposal Pack. It is very important as a service based business to be viewed as top notch professionals in order to secure our future by closing important deals. Thanks to the thoroughness and professionalism Proposal Pack provides we are now closing more than 80% of the critical deals necessary for the growth of our company. Without Proposal Pack we were closing less than 50% of those deals. It is like they say - image is everything. I just wish I had discovered Proposal Pack sooner!!"
iGuide Media
Brian Noon
About a year ago, I was desperately trying to figure out how to write my first business proposal. I had a new consulting business and was working with a potential client. They asked for me to provide a business proposal. I said "Sure!" Hung up the phone and thought "Now what is that? I had written major research and developmental grants in the field of academia, I figured "How hard can it be!" Boy, was I in for a surprise. I was just relieved that I had two days to prepare it. I began looking for tutorials on the Internet about writing a business proposal. I came across Proposal Kit. There were several others that popped up in my search, but the consumer reviews were high for Proposal Kit so I decided to go with them. The cost was very reasonable and I liked the samples provided on their web site. Here I am a year later and 5 major proposals under my belt, I just updated to their new version. The ease of using this software is amazing. I love the graphics and can accurately gauge the time it takes to put a new one together. I wish I had known about Proposal Kit when I was writing grants. The templates make the whole process flow together into a very professional and eye-catching proposal. Every time I have submitted a proposal, I have had someone either ask me who prepared the proposal for me or compliment me on how nicely the proposal was done. I even received a compliment from my SBA counselor. Wow! Thank you so much for making Proposal Kit work for the Consumer!"
Dr. K.G. Parsons
CEO, Aging Hearts Assoc.
The Networks Proposal Packs saves me a lot of time when responding to RFPs and I feel confident presenting my proposals. The information is organized well and is in a format that makes it easy for the appropriate persons to locate what is important to them. I highly recommend Proposal Packs."
Morris Driver
Technology Services Manager
Why start your proposals from scratch? With this robust product, you can choose from a large number of samples and title pages to get you off and running. Complete sample proposals are at your disposal for easy review and selection. They vary form a range of fields such as services, education, government, IT and technology etc. It is easy to learn, just take a 5 five minute tutorial and you are on your way. A manual to guide you if you get lost is at your disposal and the text is easy to edit in MS Word. There are other sample document included as well just explore or use the Wizard to create then edit your proposal! Been using these products since 2008 and I love them!"
Lura Ball
Since 2009 I have been using Proposal Pack for Any Business. The words ’please send us a proposal’ no longer trigger a sense of dread at having to stare at a blank page and create something professional and persuasive. The samples alone are amazing! This is a wonderful tool for anyone needing to write cogent and cohesive proposals."
Michael Roach
I’m so happy I ordered this software. It truly makes me feel confident in having a great resource for an expansive set of proposals just one click away. It has truly saved me time - and money.... and simply makes me look good - generating "professionally polished" proposals. I highly recommend this software!"
Tameka David
Bubble Nation, LLC
This product has saved us so much time and energy and helped us produce professional extremely high quality proposals that look great. The upgrades are even better and it’s obvious these guys have worked hard to make Proposal Pack Wizard even better and now I don’t even have to hire a graphic designer so it’s saving me even more money. I couldn’t recommend this Pack more highly. Anyone putting out regular documentation, submissions, proposals, etc, would be nuts not to buy it."
Mich Gannaway
Business Development Manager at Morcodian Pty Ltd
I have purchased this in the past (twice) for people I have worked for and I’m going to submit a proposal myself since I know how to do the work but Proposal Pack cuts a lot of the labor involved in "explaining" the process."
Lesley Hubbard
I started using both Proposal Pack and Proposal Wizard since 2009 when I opened my advertising agency business. These are awesome tools for every business, and they have much better efficiency when used together. The Proposal Wizard integrates seamless with Microsoft Word and Windows. I became very efficient in writing proposals using these two great products. I am recommending them to any business as very valuable digital tools."
Dan Manescu
Love the Proposal Pack. I’m able to write very professional proposals quickly. The myriad of available selections ensures you’re prepared to write custom proposals for any situation. I’ve used this package to win several consulting bids, prepare an extensive business turnaround proposal, and to write a start-up business plan."
Jennifer Nybo-Byrd
President at Byrd Group, LLC.
This is the 3rd update for me with Proposal Pack. It is a valuable tool that I recommend for any business. Their upgrades are always cost effective and feature rich."
Kim Clouse
Dealer Dimension
I have been using proposal pack for several years. It is a life saver when it comes to organize your thoughts about sending a proposal. I use it frequently. the professional look is superb."
John Hamati
President, Vie Hospitality
This step by step Proposal Pack is very easy to use and was a great investment, I landed 6 contracts within 2 months. Thanks, you guy are great."
James Bradley
Brooklyn Services Group
I used this product to do a bid packet. It was the first one I ever had to do. This package was very helpful. It guided you through each step easily and effectively. I would recommend this product for all."
Gina Merighi
Originally had little need to write proposals. But business has changed and has become more proposal-intensive. This kit has taken much work out of the writing for our employees. Thanks for making it simple!"
Ted Rogers
The Wizard is a great help to the Proposal Kit, guides you through everything easily and efficiently. Must have this for quality work."
Dave Robb
I am a contractor for the United Way and this product makes the process of writing proposals much easier. I have to work with the Community Financial Stability Committee and we submit at least six proposals per year."
Willard E. Pretlow
Small Business Risk Analyst
Thank you! Love this program!!!"
Charlie Stockton
Patriot Resource Systems LLC
Thanks for the tips getting started. I got my proposal done over the weekend and made my deadline."
J. Cantwell
Proposal Kit’s templates and formats helped us rework our own proposals to make them both look more professional, and make them easier to write. Definitely a must use product to streamline the proposal process."
Ray Collazo
CorpSolv Inc.
I have been using the proposal kit and wizard since 2009. The wizard has allowed me to automate and drive many of the steps which streamlines the process and orderly creation of proposals with good starting content. The software allows you focus on your business and instead of spending hours creating proposals. Their wizard guides you through the process which makes it less likely to forget anything."
Jeff Kushner
Vice-President Marketing at Allgress
Earlier this year I submitted my first RFP bid and was very excited to find this wonderful product. The professional quality of the Contemporary Proposal Kit along with the Wizard helped win my current contract. Both were very intuitive and made writing a snappy proposal much easier."
Anna Ricks
Workforce Development Coordinator
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
An excellent product for writing proposals. I have used this since 2000."
George Fahnbulleh
Lake Piso Technologies
Writing proposals for government and business entities is an ongoing, time consuming task for every company I have operated or consulted with. The difference between a poor proposal and a great proposal often boils down to how many hours talented people can dedicate to the process. The Proposal Pack has proven to be an excellent tool that allows my teams to create superior proposals in a fraction of the time they would otherwise take. I highly recommend this product."
Steven Rowley
Acumen Partners, LLC
A simple software tool to meet complex "Request for Proposal" requirements. I’ve used this on a few proposals, and haven’t found an easier solution."
Alexander Szigedi
ISC Services LLC
Proposal Pack is a cost-effective proposal solution that integrates easily with Word. It allows customization of content and structure and generates quality proposals."
Xenia Chilkowich
Proposal Pack Wizard works great with Microsoft Office and Proposal Kit Professional. Using the Wizard to keep my files organized and looking professional helps my end results. My clients love the professional format and the clarity of my documents. That would only be possible thanks to both Proposal Kit and the Proposal Pack Wizard. The ease of use of both of these products makes working with proposals very fast and efficient use of my time."
Bryan Moyer
The MacExperience, Inc.
I just started working with this product, and it is great. It has tons of great content."
Shane Dantin
IT Manager
Restech Information Services
I found this purchase online while searching for a way to easily write business documents. Proposal Pack has turned my business proposals into professional looking documents. I highly recommend this software."
Lynn Courtade
Shop High Point
The Proposal Kit provides excellent examples of proposals for all industries. I highly recommend for grant writing professionals."
Tony Brual
Vice President of Federal Programs at New Orleans Police Foundation
Proposal Pack allows me to spend more time working and less time in the office! Our customers appreciate a clean presentation! It was fairly easy for me to use. I give it a good recommendation!"
David Hodgert
Hodgert Enterprises Inc.
Thanks for all your help. I have made the changes and am about halfway through creating the documents for my first proposal. It’s coming along nicely so far!"
Janet Gardner
As well as writing fiction, I also run a general writing and editing business. All the Proposal Pack products are great for helping produce fantastic proposals and documents. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s in there!"
Pam Beason
The Business Proposal software package was easy to install and very intuitive. The content is full of great ideas and has something for everyone at a very reasonable price."
Leigh Woody
ERM/ECM Specialist
I originally bought Proposal Pack Wizard to automatically assembly documents in my proposals. With 100s of sample proposals (technical and non-technical), the "Novice" or "Expert" features, and the ability to migrate old Wizard installations to the new version, it’s a no-brainer. Oh did I mention their stellar support and the fact that each Proposal Kit is licensed for [five] people? If you are thinking about purchasing Proposal Kit, I suggest you take a strong look at Proposal Pack Wizard also."
Mary Rogan
msDynamicsPlus LLC.
Just used one of your packs today and finished a business proposal in one day that would otherwise have taken me a week to do and the result was far more professional looking."
Marty Demarest
Extremely comprehensive. Good number of templates. Templates are very comprehensive. Ability to mix and match to suit purposes. Very professional results. Some templates can be a little complicated. An excellent package that produces extremely professional proposals and I would highly recommend it to anyone."
Michele Gannaway
Gryffyn Family Trust [Australia]
I bought the Proposal Pack last year in November and I will take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent customer service and the Proposal Pack did obtain the big contract I bought it for and many more. Now my client is so happy with my services that they want to put me on a retainer."
Thank you
Mychele Rondeau
I have been using Proposal Pack for 7 months now and have to say it is simply the best software I have used for delivering professional proposals to my clients. Our company has to date delivered 40 proposals [approximately $350,000 in bids] and have secured all of them. I give credit to Proposal Pack for helping me deliver these in a timely manner."
Todd Alan
TodlWeb Inc.
I was involved in the past in consultancy work for some of our fortune 500 companies. Our job was to advise their top management on best practices in a very large set of fields ranging from software development, sales, web development, e-commerce, B2B and B2C projects, security etc... Your Proposal Packs summarize in the best of fashion all the finest practices for businesses in their dealings with customers, mostly because they remain focused on the client’s solution, giving back to the customer the control over his project. You will help all businesses streamline their processes in a way that sets up the highest standards of professionalism. Thank you for it."
Warmest regards,
Ivan Stankovic
e-nstitute, Inc.
I landed my first big contract using your Proposal Pack. Thank you! I’m the epitome of "small business" (there are just 2 of us) and your proposal pack helped me put together a very professional looking proposal. I did not know where to start and your tech pack [Proposal Pack Tech #1] helped "walk" me through the process. I am looking forward to checking out all the changes you’ve made to the new tech proposal pack and hope to have the opportunity to use it for my next proposal soon!"
Cami Brumburgh
I found Proposal Kit when I was looking for some pretty last minute solutions to help me prepare and organize a professional proposal (I am in the employee benefit/insurance industry). It was fast, easy and affordable. I was able to use the templates to quickly organize my proposal data and package in and attractive and professional looking format."
Holly Girgin
I am working on my proposal using your kit and so far it is just as easy as you promised."
Michele Caron
Great product! I’ve been using it for a few years and the ROI is great. I’m winning more projects because of the fast turnaround, and quality look of my proposals. The wizard walks you through your proposal systematically allowing you to choose the components relevant to your business and the project. You then generate the proposal and complete it by simply filling in the details. The turnaround time for proposals using the Wizard is extremely satisfying."
Dan Jones
Certified Alarms Inc.
We needed a tool to help us create a more professional proposal and this product fit the bill. I called and spoke with customer service who patiently answered all my questions and helped me choose the products we needed. The Proposal Kit is also an excellent value."
Lisa Pons
Security Services Administrator
HR Manager at MINDERS Protective Services
Proposal Kit has helped me to organize and prioritize my presentation/proposals. I have used it many times and have secured several projects. I am using it to secure projects and financial backing in agricultural product R&D."
Dave Sills
I used the Proposal Kit to prepare my proposals while in my Bachelor’s program. It was great. Very easy to use and I would recommend it to everyone."
Patty Clott
This program is very easy to use and is written layman’s terms. There are no difficult legal terms to figure out. I like this program and recommend it to anyone who wants to create a quick document for business purposes."
Willard E. Pretlow
E. P. Willard Business Systems Inc.
I love the suggestions for what to write. That’s really helpful to have something for proposal writing rather than a blank space."
Caroline Bogart
This is a very good product at a very reasonable price."
Blaine Dickens
HBD1 Consulting LLC
I am new at writing proposals and seeking funding for projects. This is a great resource."
K S Malone
Proposal Pack streamlines the process of creating proposals. The templates included speed up the proposal creating process."
Peter Schuler
Accounts Manager at Contractors Access Equipment
Great product, I use it all the time."
Allan Fine
Calgary, Canada
After purchasing the Proposal Kit Professional, buying the proposal pack was a no brainer. It makes putting your proposal together simple with its great automation capability. It definitely save time on putting together great proposals and you should definitely get it."
Andreton Jones
Co-Principal at A&A Property Solutions, Inc.
The program works fantastic!!"
Michael Wilson
Quix Fix, Inc
Best proposal product out there for the money."
Your proposal product was great, very easy to use and saved me a ton of time!"
John Woods
Thanks again! I really like this wizard. It will make my next few days much more bearable!"
Terry Kerns
I really enjoy using your product."
I love it! [Proposal Pack Wizard]."
Carolina contractor
Wonderful, easy to use product!"
Susan Shroder
I purchased proposal pack some years back when i was asked at work to write a proposal to implement a new program at work. Document was well received and I was even asked to present it to the president of the company. It saved me lots of time and removed all the guess work. I’ve been an avid user for about 3 years now and would still recommend it to anyone."
Kay Fakunle
Business executive - Operations Management, Business Development and Entrepreneurial Leadership
They give a framework which is comprehensive yet flexible."
Duncan McNair
So far, so good!! It’s a well thought out application solution."
Kareem S. A.
Managing Principal
Business Development at AAF Consulting Group
These proposals have helped to simplify the workflow in our company, they are also easy to use and affordable for any business."
John Redhead
POPex Limited
The Professional Pack Wizard is a great time saver while building your proposal plan. This tool provides a great guide to enhance your timeline and complete the work. It has saved me hours and hours."
Kathy Hall
CEO at Innovative Business Grants & Incentives, Inc.
Writing proposals for any type of project is often difficult and time consuming. Not so with the Proposal Pack Wizard. It connects via Ad-Ins to your Microsoft Word and uses a step-by-step approach to get started with your proposals. After filling out a couple of fields and settings, you’re good to go. The documents contained in the Wizard are very useful, with tips on how to write proposals and sample proposals to get you started. The many templates available make writing proposals easy even for those with little previous knowledge."
Manfred Eikel
The proposal pack is simple to use and a true time saver. At the end of the day, time is money! Great product!"
Kim Trehan
Operations and Events Manager
Soiree Planners
Vancouver, Canada
I succeeded in using the Proposal Pack for a very important project, which I believe will lead to a contract, thus the Contract Pack -- which I am only getting around to downloading now!"
The business proposal software package was easy to install and intuitive. Have used to put proposals together for multiple presentations."
Eric Hathaway
Level 9 Consulting, LLC
I’ve been using Proposal Pack Wizard since 2000 and find it to be a highly organized and very useful way to create professional proposals quickly using Microsoft Word. I have saved countless hours trying to create proposals ’from scratch’."
Bob Miller
Online Marketer / Product Manager / Trainer
I received a response stating all parties were extremely impressed. I will revise to include additional details and the non-disclosure form. I received a second request for a proposal and completed it earlier this week using Proposal Kit and Proposal Wizard."
Deborah Archer
The Proposal Pack is an outstanding product, It speeds the proposal process by almost 75%. That adds up to more deals per year. A great growth enabling tool."
William McDonald
This is the easiest package I have used to put together a deal. Select a template, type in a few details, proof read, save to file, email to prospect. It just doesn’t get any easier. If you want to save time and money, I recommend you seriously investigate Proposal Pack Wizard, and take some of the stress out of your life."
Peter Safe
Certified SEO Copywriter
I have used this product for years and the speed with which I am able to send out proposals is staggering due to this tool. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone."
Sean Bravener
Alpha Nerd and Associates
The Proposal Kit helped me present a professional drafted proposal to potential customers."
Valerie A Madar, PA
Public Accountant
The Proposal Kit has helped me with the very basics of getting started. The templates are ones that are real world value and is a must for all businesses that want to bring about a change in the way you promote and grow your business."
Thank you very much for your help. And, by the way, we used your product over the weekend and successfully finished our proposal. It was a HUGE help!"
I’m glad you now have general-business proposal templates! Although most of my work is web design I do have the occasional marketing or advertising project for other businesses that I’m asked to bid on. Your templates save me time and make this part of the process much easier."
Dawn B.
I thought Proposal Pack was as good as it gets - until... I use Proposal Pack Wizard on a daily and it truly multiplies the time savings already realized in the regular Proposal Pack. My company thinks that I am a proposal creating machine! Little do they know that I work far less hours now than at any other time in my life and get 10 times the work done. If you want to fully understand the phrase, "Work smarter - not harder" then purchase Proposal Pack Wizard to accompany whichever version of Proposal Pack you choose - and work half as much for twice the reward."
Kevin Tart
I’ve used it and found out just about anybody can put a professional business proposal together with this easy to do product. Take it for me I have no business experience what-so-ever, but with this product it makes me look very experienced."
Keith Wingfield
Wingfield Products LLC
I used your Proposal Pack Wizard to do a proposal for a company that wanted two web sites, and I got the job. The same week I also sent an e-mail proposal, made without the wizard, for another job and I didn’t get it."
Reesa Marchetti
We purchased the Proposal Pack Classic #3 today and have already nearly completed what would normally have taken us days of mental anguish to work through. You’ve got a great collection of products and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to colleagues."
Campaign Coalition
I am not a business minded person. (no formal education in that area), but the people and companies that I deal with are. So I need to come across as competent and knowledgeable. Although the book keeping end of web design and maintenance is not even half of the job, it is a "first impression" area. When I go to an initial consultation with exact questions and a pretty iron clad contract, not only do I protect myself from clients that are not really serious about their web site, but it sets the foundation for confidence in me and my ability to deliver what is need. In other words, I believe that a well laid out proposal and portfolio are major keys to landing the big ones. Not to mention, that I have learned a lot about protecting my business investment through this set of documents. Thanks. You have done a great job."
Proposal Pack Wizard is the perfect companion to Proposal Kit. The business proposal software provides a user-friendly interface for writing proposals allowing the user to quickly input their personal and client data. With the push of a button, the proposal software does its magic and seamlessly populates all needed proposal templates to get you up and running in a snap."
Jimmy Smallwood
Web South Consulting, Inc.
I am really glad that I bought the ProposalPack from your site. I actually bought it to use as a general reference tool because I didn’t really think that it was going to be as comprehensive as it actually is. The reaction from my existing clients has been great! They are very impressed with how detailed and professional my new business proposals are and the reaction from my future clients has been signed contracts. Thanks for creating such a valuable tool."
Rob Actis
Got a large deal with my first proposal using your system. Love it!"
Melissa Blair
Excellent product!"
Donald Brown
Executive Administration/Accounting/Computer Networking
Great application that assists in providing me with the direction and the foundation for which I can build upon to develop my business proposals."
Dale P.
You gave a great product!"
George M.
I love the new additions. Job well done. I have heard nothing but praise from all who are using the product. Everyone feels that you did a superb job organizing the categories and industries in the kit selecting thought-provoking business topics and even getting us great logos and cover pages. Congratulations on both a successful and a powerful product for small businesses. You have set a new standard for proposal writing."
David Ofori Jr.
Your templates have helped me out far beyond what words could express. Thank you once again."
Jessica Yassen
Great product and I look forward to using it often."
Michele Jawad
Used the product for over 1 year. It has been very helpful in coming up with a proposal and saves a lot of time to get to the specifics for different work."
Mildred Bwalya Chica
M & J Consulting Limited
As a photographer this proposal package has help me out considerably. I had this software since 2009. I enjoy this software."
Thank you for your quick response. I also want to note that this software Proposal Kit is great!"
Laura Lynn Hansel
Pure Country Air, Inc.
I will recommend your product to anyone looking for proposal software."
Roland M.
Just bought this product and very impressed..Did the five minute introduction step..very many tips and handy guides and samples. Very well set out and easy to understand a serious professional piece of kit and it’s a multi pc product."
Johnson Samuyiwa
The software allows you focus on your business and instead of spending hours creating proposals. Their wizard guides you through the process which makes it less likely to forget anything."
Jeff Kushner
President/Chief Strategist at Trillion Marketing
I have used the kit about 5 times in the last year. I’m perfectly pleased with it. It has worked well for me."
Matthew Putegnat
Instrumental in preparing quick, ad-hoc proposals for various customer RFPs."
Kevin Berry
We purchased the system about 2 years ago and loved it."
Joshua Sykes
For those in the proposal writing business or proposal writing is part of your business this is one of the most comprehensive and cost effective systems out there. Every step is covered and it’s like someone is there taking you by the hand and walking you through the process to success. I love it (and my WIFE likes it too)."
Gregory Johnson
The Authentic Leadership Institute
Worth the extra cost to have both products to sell you product! Easy to use, great presentation! You will make your money back! I’ve been using this product since 2012 and always upgrade for the latest version! I recommend the Proposal Pack Wizard as well!"
Tovi Mosey
One All Tennis Association
I have been using the Proposal Pack brand for 4 years now. It has made my life so much easier with writing the right proposal for each specific client. The wizard helps you choose the right document and layout so all you need to do is add the information! Fantastic product, highly recommend."
Andrew Warner
Symbio Australia
Many thank for such amazing templates you created for us. I purchased the best for my business."
Unathi Vilakazi
Two days ago I purchased a proposal template pack (Classic #1) and was very impressed. We are a business consulting firm and found that your proposal software package could easily be adapted to address the unique needs we have as a consultant that offers an array of services including strategic planning, training development, custom software development, web applications, marketing, etc. We were so pleased with the proposal software that I bought the Proposal Kit Professional last night. We’re very pleased that we found your product."
Todd C. David
I recently purchased one of your proposal packs. I must admit the proposal packs are excellent. You have successfully streamlined the process so that I can focus on the details of the content of the proposal. Thank you for that. You have made life simpler for my business to grow effectively."
I’ve been designing web sites and templates for some time now, and thought that this was just a natural fit to add to my product line due to the quality of "packs" and the type of service and support that Proposal Kit provides. Add these packs to your design arsenal to add that extra fine "touch" to your proposals. A perfect addition to the proposal kit as well which is "a must" for the serious web developer."
Brandon Tisherman
Creative Director
Web Blends, LTD.
I ran out my first proposal and it was fantastic! Thank you!"
I do recommend the Proposal Pack Wizard from for anyone creating business proposal like me who is running a proposal or business plan business. All information, documentation and guides I needed are on the pack. The wizard will assist you creating professional content and look. It is totally very helpful to write an effective proposal. It saves tons of money to paying a company to do it for you. You are your own writer and you can express yourself. I have been using this product for over five years now and I am loving it. I always look out for the updates. I boast of it to my colleagues that pay top dollars for proposals."
Adam Jose
It’s an amazingly simple way to make extremely complex document which becomes easy to write. The templates are very good and could be used by even a beginner to construct highly professional document. The way it gets selected , appended and makes definite impact on the reader is highly commendable. I am using this software for many years now and have seen the way it has improved progressively for the demands of the highly competitive market. I am in the Oil & Gas industry. The challenges are many and documentation is of paramount importance for disputes, claims, counter claims, arbitration etc. I have written many documents by using the proposal pack wizard, the documents have given me a lot of respect and appreciation by number of professionals in the field. The kind of results I have got due to this amazingly simple tool gives me pleasure to recommend it for all the professionals to make sure that they make impactful and result oriented documents in the shortest possible time."
Rajiv Kubal
I must also say that your product has already saved me more than the purchase price that I paid. It only took me 1/2 hour to work up a proposal for a client."
Your proposal kit was very useful. We will keep in touch!"
Proposal Pack Wizard is so simple that anyone with basic computer and word processing skills can use it."
Thank you. Great templates!"
Jeff Tobler
Omni Creative Group, Int’l
Proposal Pack has great examples and will help you develop professional proposals. No need to start from scratch, this tool leverages tried and true formats and content to help you develop proposals that help you make the short list."
Simmie Graves
Manager, Engineering
That’s an awesome tool..."
Ronald G
R2 Connect
Thank you - Great Product you have!"
Thanks so much! For the record, I had a critical proposal to get done by tomorrow. I was delighted to discover your products online. I wanted to let you know how ’invaluable’ the tools have been in such a short period of time. You have another extremely satisfied customer! I like the comprehensive set of templates, flexibility of use and useful samples that your product provides. This has been one of the most useful purchases I’ve made online. I hope to see an ROI from the improvement it makes in future proposals. I don’t know whose idea it was to develop this resource....but they deserve a ’medal’!!!!!! Please pass my feedback along to your sales folks or the product development team. P.S. This is a great value for the price.....don’t change this aspect of your offering it enhance appeal for your product!"
Toni Wilson
Thanks a million. Couldn’t live without my proposal software."
Shannon Cox
Argon Studios
I have a private business that requires me to consult with and advise new small business. I also serve as an Adjunct Professor at our local university and this tool makes it easy for me to help my clients and make the class easier for my students."
Willard E. Pretlow
Small Business Risk Analyst
We are a music promotions company in Japan. Our company is registered in the States, however, we do all our business here in Japan. We have used the packs to obtain contracts to sell and promote Japanese composers and their music worldwide. Since we are dealing with Japanese clients, we had to use these packs as the basis of our proposals and contracts, which were later translated into Japanese. I think the packs have really helped us to obtain these business contracts, and without them we would still be scratching our heads for ideas. This was the best investment that we have made to enable our company to grow. Looking forward to purchase more of these packs when we need them."
Greatly appreciate the fast response - I’ll check it all out. I’m re-building my account management system at the moment and finding it all (the kit) a fantastic help."
Jason West
Thank you for your timely answer. I really appreciated it. We have really had a LOT of use out of your program and have liked using it. It has helped the company in many different ways."
Thanks a lot for the information. I bought the "Proposal Pack" yesterday, and I am very pleased with what I have seen so far.…I am an engineering college professor, and I am using this (and other products) to show how projects should be structured."
I again thank you for a wonderful product I used it every day."
Frank D Quintana
Proposal Packs are a great way to enhance an already powerful product. It adds a layer of flexibility unmatched by any other software I have found."
Dustin Feldman
DJF Consulting LLC
Thanks for all the help. I have installed both the programs on my laptop. I must congratulate the entire team for the efforts and putting such a generic solution covering all the possibilities in one wonderful pack. Great show and wish you and your team my very best."
Commander Rajiv Kubal (Retd),
Project Director,
R T C Pvt Ltd
I have just purchased upgrades for Proposal Pack Wizard and Proposal Pack Contemporary #2. I love the program. Thank You for your time as well as this program."
Dave Klingensmith
TCGLLC has found your proposal packages to be one of the best ways to present our ideas to our Clients and allow TCG to keep thinking about providing "value added" services to our Clients rather than spend our time developing what your proposal kits provide. The more we use the "kits" the better we feel about the end results and the "kits" we feel are responsible for our increasing successes. Thanks for the templates and we look forward to a long life with their "assistance"."
Bill Laakko
Managing Partner
The Cross Group LLC
Ooooh Coool.... Thanks!!!! You guys are the bomb."
James Lewis
Excellent products. I have used for many years."
Joe Alberici
Owner at Inroads, LLC
Your applications are great. I really appreciate your help."
Ronnie P.
First time user. Found it very convenient. Saves me a lot of time. Thanks."
Ashwini Bhat
Phinnacle Wealth Managers Pvt Ltd
I am the person who originally purchased your kit who knew nothing about proposal writing. It helped me create my first proposal, and now we are making bids."
Great! You guys have some great stuff. If I had bought this and only used one time, it would have been worth every penny."
Yes. I have kept you site as a favorite and should I need anything in the future, it is where I will begin."
This is a pretty awesome product! We do a lot of short turnaround 25-30 page task order proposals and for that alone, this is a great tool! Thanks for the great support in getting this downloaded correctly, much appreciated!"
Steve Rose
Senior Vice President, Operations
AOC Support Services, LLC
I want to give you an interim report on my download and set up to do a couple of proposals. The system and the improved way you have arranged the Wizard is simply fabulous! I am impressed and excited about my first two proposals I did and sent to clients. The platform is intuitive and user friendly. While I may have a couple of minor questions later on, for now I am set. I am going to refer a couple of my associates directly to you later this month."
I really like your products and hope to continue to use them in the future."
Jose Vega
Keep up the great work you are doing! Your product is excellent!"
I think your products are awesome. I would like to know if you do custom skins. Your product is amazing by the way. It cut down our bid package preparation by at least 5 days. Great product! Don’t think we could do without it, now that we have it!"
Kelvin Johnson
Double Eighteen Software Group Inc.
Great software, easy to use, great value for what you get. Based on the research I did, ProposalKit seems to blow the other apps out of the water. All that and great cutomer service too?! Who could ask for more?!"
Lisa McClain-Freeney
PHR Principal
MccFreeney HR Solutions
It worked Great! It gave me the format I was looking for to assemble a professional proposal. Thanks."
Jason Hatten
I found Proposal Kit a little over two years ago when I needed to create a very extensive proposal for a project. I struggled with integration of Proposal Kit into my word processor, however, I was able to manage to use the sample proposal content and to incorporate it into my proposal. I was able to create an amazing proposal that I felt very confident about."
Yev Zakharov
I really like your products."
James B. Wilson III
Very pleased with the purchase by the way - helpful software."
I purchased Proposal Kit for Windows several years ago and love it."
Darrell Spencer
CyberArts Interactive
It’s a great product for those who are new to proposal writing. Great templates that are easy to manipulate."
Brian Norris
COO at Norris Professional Services, Incorporated
I am a website developer and marketing consultant. I have used Proposal Kit business proposals for 9 years and find their latest version improved even more."
James Casey
Proposal Kit provided us with a one stop quality solution to proposal preparations. Recommended for business assistance."
Peter Lynch
Lynch Investigations & Countermeasures Pty Ltd
This package has saved me a lot of time preparing business proposals. It’s affordable, and more than pays for itself on the first contract."
Peter Safe
Certified SEO Copywriter, Web Content Marketing Consultant
The business proposal software was easy to install and very intuitive. Have used to successfully put an accepted proposal together at first attempt. Highly recommended."
Babatunde Oyegunsen
Systems Analyst at L&Q Group
The Proposal Pack Wizard works hand in hand with the Proposal Kit Professional to streamline the process. It turns your proposal into a fill in the content and then prepares and formats everything automatically. I used it in medical proposals and federal grants. Works great."
Enrique Martinez
Medical Doctorate at UPR School of Medicine
Puerto Rico
The Proposal Kit benefits every client we have. It has great material on every level and is very affordable for small to medium businesses."
Colleen Whitlow
COO at Janus Consulting
This product is very cost effective, easy to install and use. I have been using it for the past 3 years and I highly recommend Proposal Packs."
Bernard Myers
I did purchase yesterday the Proposal Pack for Any Business and the Wizard. I am very impressed and would like to upgrade to the Proposal Kit Professional."
Gabriel Velasquez
Your proposal kit is wonderful."
Amule Wani Badi
Lokita Charitable Society
The Proposal Pack Wizard is a competitive advantage for science and technology grants and contracts because of what I call its auto-organizer...VERY useful in any economy."
Rich McDonald, PH.D
Principal Research Scientist
Primordial Soup, LLC.
We use this amazing software on all our proposals."
Don Bonnenfant
DKL Consulting
British Columbia, Canada
This was a great asset to our company. The graphics and layout of the proposals were great- we used them many times and in many different capacities. This is a must have for any business toolkit."
Kathy Ade
Since 2009 I have been using the proposals for my consulting business. Now more then ever do I realize the value of having formatted documents that guide you through the proposal process. Having the ability to have the documents in Microsoft office format saves me even more time and effort since I already am familiar with the office suite. Many of the other proposal products on the market force you to use their proprietary word processor and spreadsheet tools which is more time consuming."
Jeff Kushner
Vice-President Marketing at Allgress
I bought a proposal pack about one year ago. It’s an invaluable tool for me."
Luke Kinnear
Bare Naked Beauty
I purchased the Proposal Pack Artsy #3 a couple of years back and loved it."
Sharon Hirsch
Proposal Pack Wizard is very helpful in organizing the individual section of an effective proposal. By breaking the sections into pieces , it makes the effort more doable. Really like this product."
Lisa Harley
TechSentials, Inc.
I first purchased Proposal Pack in 2009 when I opened my advertising agency business. It is great and very easy to use, featuring many different templates for every industry. It is user friendly and it provides regular updates to keep up with the latest trends across the board."
Dan L Manescu
Sigma Direct Advertising LLC
I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you thank you for your product. Since I have started using Proposal Kit Professional, I have been going from winning proposal to winning proposals and my Return On Investment (ROI) keep on increasing as well. The bundle of Proposal Kit Professional, Proposal Pack Wizard and the Proposal Packs have allowed me to write very professional proposals in a clear and simple way. With the wizard, I have increased my productivity to 80%. Now, I can respond and bid on any government, non-profit, small or medium businesses RFPs with more confidence. I will refer everyone I know to purchase the Proposal Kit Professional bundle, if they want to write winning and professional proposals."
Ghislain Aka
G A G Technology LLC
These templates have been a huge time saver for me."
Staci Nauman
I would like to express my gratitude on the time you took to respond to my email. This is really appreciated. The information and example provided were clear and comprehensive. My mind is at peaceful rest now. The product is great and an asset for me as a consultant. I will recommend it to my colleagues and other companies that are in my network."
You guys are great! You have good quality stuff and your policies for downloading/re-downloading are more than fair!"
Ken Russo
I bought the Proposal Pack in June and found it to be very useful for creating professional-looking customer proposals. The proposal wizard makes it extremely simple to create a complex proposal. It also provides a lot of flexibility in customizing the proposal to match the project at hand. I am sure to be using it for every singly deal where a comprehensive proposal is to be submitted to a customer, as it saves a lot of time. I am happy to recommend it to anyone who is looking for assistance in creating customer proposals that look professionally done."
Syed Mukhtar
I just bought a Proposal Kit and after reviewing the product I am so impressed I would like to upgrade right now to the Proposal Kit Professional with Wizard."
David Twiss
Clear Thought
We just landed redesigning one of the largest real estate company’s entire multistate intranet using nothing but Proposal Pack wizard and awesomeness."
Thomas Granger
Florentine Design Group
Great tool!! Easy to use especially if you have Proposal Kit Pro. Saves all proposal documents per client. Saves you time."
Edson Galindo
More bells and whistles than I expected. Minimal time to learn to use the application. I loved the range of business documentation templates. Originally purchased ProposalSmartz, application never worked & company doesn’t want to refund payment. The product is user-friendly, It is scalable for any businesses proposal management activities and it is a great value for the price."
Jocelyn Campbell
T3 Resources, Inc.
I purchased your software a while back and it’s great."
I have used Proposal Pack Wizard since 2009 and have found it an indispensable tool. As a finance consultant, this tool has allowed me to assemble, issue and manage multiple proposals simultaneously. My business is far more efficient thanks to this tool."
Michael Roach
The Proposal Pack Wizard is the icing on the cake. It makes it easy to walk through the process of collecting all of the information necessary to create custom professional documents in a snap. What a great addition to a Proposal Kit suite."
Dustin Feldman
DJF Consulting LLC
I would recommend this software to any small business that regularly creates proposals for either products or services. The ability to use customizable templates to quickly select and create a professional looking and sounding proposal is extremely valuable. I have been using the product since version 4.5 and each upgrade is easier to use with better features."
Michael Kanet
After reviewing a few proposals generated with the product I was able to quickly use it to generate a response to an RFP for new business. Using the product saved me hours of work and I am confident I have all the needed sections included in my response."
Glen Sabatier
I love how the wizard streamlines the entire proposal creation process. I am a full time freelancer and this takes hours out of my administrative tasks each week. For the price, you really can’t beat it. I’ve been using Proposal Pack for 2 years now and each update to their system keeps getting better! I can include contracts as part of my proposals and have it all put together by the wizard. This is a huge time-saver for me and I wanted to be sure to add this for people who might be considering getting both -- great job by the company on this one!"
Ereika Stimley
Expressive Elegance
It’s an amazing business tool. The entire team deserves to be applauded for such outstanding efforts. The tool covers the entire spectrum of imagination. It helps, guides, advises the entire process & output gets total appreciation from the client. The product truly meets all the expectations as regards to ease of use, final appearance and innovation, upgrades and all the other benefits of having practical examples. The product is truly world class. The updates are also innovative. The wizard has almost addressed all the issues which were cumbersome in earlier versions and met all my expectations of an upgrade. The development team deserves kudos as they are really trying hard to maintain a very high satisfaction level of the customers. Please accept my sincere appreciation and congratulations to the entire team. Also the philosophy worked out by the company towards upgrade definitely caters for the customers and it would be always a win win situation if the product is bought in the month of October. This definitely gives an indication why the company is improving the product continuously and trying to the act better than the best. Thanks for the information and keep up the good work."
Rajiv Kubal
Fantastic tool to aid with speedy proposal creation. Very intuitive to use. Have been a user of Proposal Kit for over 6 years now and the product continues to evolve and get better with each version. Simple to install yet an incredible powerful way to access a plethora of templates and examples for incredibly powerful proposal production. Templates are of excellent quality. I’ve used many of these to successfully bid on projects for FTSE100 companies here in the UK. Highly recommended."
Vincent Haines
Digio Limited
Useful for new proposal writers. Takes away the pain of having to repeatedly re-enter the same basic information into proposals. Valuable for someone new to proposal writing. Great how it automatically builds the proposal based on recommended sections to include or ones you choose. Takes a while to work out how it works but once you’ve done one it’s fine. Changing design and layout can be a challenge once the proposal is generated but this is really a Word problem. Really useful for someone wanting to take the leap into proposal writing."
Michael Thompson
I have never seen such a complete, expansive and thorough kit of templates, for every proposal imaginable. That is an impressive package. I usually get frustrated just trying to download a program. This was very easy and straightforward. I had not trouble at all. Once I get a program downloaded, I usually have to stumble around (sometimes for days) trying to figure it out and how to use it. With this kit, even though I used the tutorials, I don’t think I would have had any trouble navigating and finding what I wanted. Your tips on usage were invaluable however. I found your kit to be user friendly if I can use an overused term. You have easily outlined all that is needed to put together a complete and very professional proposal on such a wide variety of topics. It amazes me how many diverse uses your kits address. I think every conceivable proposal (and proposal writer) can benefit from your endeavor."
Sheila Sandusky
Managing Broker - Coldwell Banker, Danforth and Associates
Robust and flexible to meet a wide variety of proposals. Covers nearly any (and I mean ANY) type of proposal need. The ability to add-on more "themes" and "packs" for your own specific industry or product is very powerful. We tested several other competitive products before purchasing ProposalKit. Great product that is very powerful and saves a significant amount of time once you are up and running with it. Easy to create very simple or very comprehensive proposals with ease. Our customers have been very impressed at the thoroughness of our proposals as well as the professional appearance of the document. We recently added the "contracts pack" to our existing theme pack, and now can quickly add specific contracts to proposals in development as well as proposals that have already been delivered. We also use several of the contracts for other areas of our business, not just for proposals. If you are going to win business, you have to get your offers out there to potential customers -- ProposalKit has proven to be a very fast, very comprehensive, very cost effective tool to get our proposals created and delivered in the shortest time possible!"
John Frischenmeyer
Templates are very well researched and created. The vast repository of templates and formats are great for the experienced. We have used a small set of templates and have found them to be extremely good as a framework to develop the proposal around. One of the best researched products I have seen in the market. Excellent Templates."
A. Vimaladithan
About a year ago I purchased Proposal Pack for Any Business out of an abundance of frustration with my then current 3-4 hour proposal creation process. I use a good deal of boiler plate proposal content, but I also customize a lot of that boiler plate. It was taking me hours to put together each proposal, and invariably there would be an overlooked edit that needed to be made that was not caught. Proposal Pack to the rescue!! I now can make global edits and but proposals together in a matter of minutes instead of hours. I cannot recommend this product highly enough."
Kevin Tart
Thanks so very much :) love this product!!! Have a blessed day."
Becky Rickett
Big Star Productions
Proposal Kit is very helpful to my business. I used it for a very big tendering project and we won the business with it."
Regina Gan
Rena Creative Products Ltd.
These issues aside, I am very excited about our company’s use of Proposal Kit and the amount of time this program will save our associates when creating proposals."
Kyle Reynolds
I thank you all for the kind assistance provided to me and am very grateful to your agency for having brought out this wonderful software which is a real life saver for people like us."
Suresh J
I have used Proposal Pack Wizard since 2006 and it is a true time saver. It guides through the workflow of creating and formatting documents quickly and easily. I recommend it for anyone who writes lots of structure proposal responses."
Jeffrey Young
Managing Principal Consultant
Invantas Solutions, LLC
I have used this product for years and it greatly reduces the time and effort it takes to produce quality proposals. Highly recommended!"
Chris Ferreira
CEO at Numina Networks, Inc.
Very user friendly!!! Included tutorials made writing my first proposal quick and easy. Included sample templates at the click of a button was a life saver."
Robert Maynard
I have used Proposal Pack Wizard since 2008 and find it to be a great tool that I use in tandem with my other Proposal Pack products. As a consultant with a variety of clients, I need professional, efficient tools that offer a wide variety of samples and components when developing my proposals! I do not have a lot of time to research and compose. This program provides me with great content for my work. I always receive compliments about the quality of my presentations. It is easy to use, easy to edit and offers great variety."
Lura Ball
I’m delighted with the instant impact it has had in reducing the time I spend putting together proposals."
Michael Allison
Manager of Operations at St. Stephen’s Community House
Toronto, Canada
As a publisher, creating compelling proposals is a near daily occurring. To cut down on the time it takes, I amassed a large collection of good boilerplates. Then I found the Proposal Pack Wizard. This tool has proven to be both a tremendous time saver and an extra assurance that my proposals are well targeted to the intended audience and of a very high quality. I highly recommend this product to any professional or team that needs to produce superior documents frequently."
Steven Rowley
Acumen Partners, LLC
The business proposal software is an amazing way for all small business owners to expand their business. I have looked some other business proposal software and by far Proposal Kit is the best."
Darrell Luwal
Luwal Investigations & Security
Thank you so much you guys are a lot of help. I think I love this program I just got it yesterday."
Rosana Guillermo
Rancho de la Fuente
I purchased the Proposal Kit because of the sample training proposal provided. I have only heard good things about Proposal Kit."
Cecilia Belton
Founder & CEO
MySystemGo & MySavvySeniors
I have been using Proposal Pack Wizard and Proposal Packs for 3 years. They truly make writing proposals and other documents a breeze!"
Victoria Lenhardt
Bottom Line Enterprises
I purchased Proposal Pack a few years ago. The proposal format was outstanding and a great benefit to my Business Consultation business. The different templates are so diverse that a novice or beginners can utilize the templates. It was the best purchase I have made in the last 10 years. I would highly recommend Proposal Pack."
Bruce Mosley
Mosley Group Services
I’ve been using the Proposal Pack for a number of years and its worth taking the time to set it up as you get your investment back in multiple ways. I was out of budget when I purchased this but so glad I made the investment. Thanks."
Paul Neilson
Director of New Business Development
Neilson Marketing Services
I use this product for any project and its the most versatile product I have come across, which gives truly value for money. Saves time and gets a very structured report within very short time. The updates to this product are well thought of and keeps the product at the front of entire competition. The product development team is doing a wonderful job and deserves appreciation for the efforts."
Rajiv K.
Corporate Manager at Halani Group of Companies
It was slick to download and install. The easiest proposal software I have ever used. Would recommend it to everyone who needs to write any type of business proposal!"
Jim Ryder
Tech Supplies Express Ltd.
Proposal Pack energy edition has made life very easy for me in terms of last minute proposal submission to various projects I have bidded in Africa. My company Solaris works with African govts to bring solar to the people . Just returned from one of such trips very proud of this program. Have recommended to many I came in contact with. Can’t get any better than this. User 4+ years."
Adam Jose
Solaris Energy
I found myself having to write an involved and complex proposal not long after I began my consulting firm...the task seemed overwhelming...I quickly realized I needed a proposal software program with pre-existing templates and designs. I researched a number of choices online and chose Proposal Kit. I have been so happy and relieved at how easy it is to produce extremely professional proposals. I no longer dread writing a proposal. I would highly recommend!"
Susan Bagley
Principal at Incentive Consultants LLC
This tool offers so many benefits for the fraction of the cost. After several years of using the Proposal Kit, I spend less time writing proposals for clients and closing deals. The best part is that once you get the pattern down, you can easily have a proposal ready for potential clients in 2 hours. My advice be ready to spend some time to understand the product, and the rest is a breeze. If your business relies heavily on a proposal, you need this tool to help improve/close the sale. I usually have my proposal for my clients delivered earlier than my competitors, which helps me stand out. This is still one of the best products for proposal development I have used by far, helps you generate data and saves you time on endless web searches during proposal development. The team is quite helpful as well, and very fast on their responses, that alone is a plus."
Paul Taiwo
Proposal Kit is a very good product to use for all contracts and proposal writing."
Joel Young
3 Chefs Downtown, Inc.
Approximately 10 years ago I purchased the Proposal Kit as a way of eliminating paying for proposals that didn’t work and with this kit and trail and error I’ve turned my hobby into a lucrative past time."
Darryl Phillips
I am a Business Executive with a Ph.D. in Business Management. I write plans for a living and find this tool to be a fantastic addition to my business. I can put a plan together in a fraction of the time and am very happy with it."
Jeff Crowder
Proposal Kit is a fantastic tool for business and government. Clients understand, with clarity and accuracy, the vision and details of my proposals. Many successes with grant proposals and projects would not have been possible without it."
Vince Merfalen
I am really grateful from your product, your proposals are really very academic, and longer. I used them in my business and I won the contracts in international levels. Thank you very much for your great products."
Humayun Kamal
Access Point Group
Kabul, Afghanistan
We used both the Proposal Pack Sports #4 and the Proposal Pack Wizard when we first were trying to get bigger and more clients. That goal seemed so UN-attainable but your template made us look like rock stars. Now with most of our clients close we want to look at how to approach them with fresh Covid-safe programs. It was a no-brainer to come back to you to get the write wording."
Taylor Johnson
ABC Health and Fitness
It made my proposals to be very neat and would complete them in a very short space of time. I have no doubt that the product was put together by professionals who have been in the field for a long time. Well researched!"
Sipho Raula
An outstanding resource throughout the development side of our nonprofit business. We started using the Proposal kit in 2013 and found it to be a HUGE benefit in our fundraising efforts."
Gregory Johnson
Proposal Kit has been a great help for my technology consultancy. Over the last 2 years writing technical proposals has become a walk in the park. Short, concise, straight to the point."
Makenzi Edwin
Atech Consulting
Great product use it for my government contract proposals. Using this product I was able to write my first proposal and many more thereafter."
Kalo Amani
As a freelance web designer contracts and proposals were always tricky. Proposal Kit has helped making these items much easier to manage and create."
Michael Halbrook
I recently purchased Proposal Pack Vending #2. It’s amazing. I really love it. Thank you so much!"
Ivan Simonenko
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