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Following are our customer service testimonials. Read what companies around the world have to say about how our Proposal Kit and related products have helped their business. Proposal Kit is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and freelancers world-wide.
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Personally, I worked with Ian! He went above and beyond to help me figure out how to use and get the most out of the program and software! I highly recommend reaching out to their service team if you need help on how to work the software! Give it a chance and it can make your personal life or business much easier!!! Thanks again for your incredible help!!!"
Dane Rodriguez
You guys are great! Much appreciated. Fast, quick tech support and product delivery."
Conston Taylor
Just to say thank you for your great service provided to your customers like me."
Rizalde Escalona
Director at Ipage Solutions Ltd.
This is a great program. It has saved me a lot time prep time when writing a proposal. Often, I have to write a proposal in a short time about a real estate project. The templates and the cover page makes the process a breeze. The customer support is outstanding. I sent them an email about a problem I was having and the got right back to me within the day. Excellent support."
Ann Maxwell
Thanks! I appreciate your great customer service and product."
OMG!!!! thank u!!! You have single handedly restored my faith in internet sales!"
Nicolette Wilson
Great products and service!"
Antonio Lightbourne
THANKS FOR HAVING THIS PROGRAM [and for helping me with things I should know how to do but don’t]."
Global Health Science Institute
Richard Guadalupe McDonald
THE ABSOLUTE BEST !!! When I purchased this item, i actually had a problem with it. I emailed them made a complaint, put it away and forgot about it. to my surprise, customer service called ME they had tried to respond to my e mail without any success (I’d given them the wrong email address) they could have said oh well, but they didn’t. They contacted me and worked with me to find, address and fix the problem. I thanked them and told them I was going to post a positive message. They told me that it wasn’t necessary that their concern was to make sure I was able to use the Proposal Pack. THE PROGRAM IS AWESOME AND SO IS THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE."
Vanesa Lockett
As a solar contractor and having to write various proposals for many different governments in Africa, I have found the Proposal Kit to be the most handy tool in my arsenal. I am always in touch with the ever helpful support and he has always been a life saver at the last minute. I really don’t know what to do without this kit."
Adam Jose
Solaris Energy
Thanks for getting back to me quickly. I also just got a call from your office to address my issue. I am really happy with your customer service attitude and timing. It gives me confidence contacting you in the future. Thanks."
Dele Olaewe
I actually downloaded the product and wasn’t sure if it was right for me or not then sent an email voicing my concerns and received a response just a couple hours later by phone! I am amazed. After talking with Joel for 10-15 minutes I knew this was the right choice for me. Thanks for helping me get my business on the right track and thanks for helping me make the right choice."
Jonathan Hinshaw
VP of Sales Improvement Professionals Inc
Many Thanks! I have been assisted on line by Joel King. Excellent support and response, it was very professional."
Eng. William Diaz
This product has far exceeded our expectations. The customer service is also outstanding. With live support available it’s easy to get answers quickly. They are also super fast at responding to emails."
Conston Taylor
I appreciate the great customer care and it says a lot about your company, particularly in this day and age where this kind of customer care is really rare."
Ruth Mutawe
Thanks again, and great response time and service. I am pleased with the customer care on a Sunday."
Managing Director
Eric Charles
Thank you for your excellent support."
Winthrop Morgan
Social Marketing & Strategic Communication
Great service, great product! Have been a satisfied user since 2006."
Ray Louis
Thank you. I was really under the gun timewise. You sending the three proposals saved me so much time hunting through all the options. Best of luck with your business. I will pass on to my acquaintances about your good products and services."
Kathy Guillen
Thank you. That was so quick it blew me away!!!!!!!!!"
Mack Myles
I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt service and support."
Customer for life - Rob Goggins
I telephoned your company on a Saturday knowing I at best I could leave a message. I did so and within a minute or two I received a call back from Joel King who provided immediate pleasant and courteous service. (another important point he spoke to me in English and quite clearly). May I extend my thanks and sincerest regards for having such a wonderful person in your employ who is the exemplification of true customer service. I will not soon forget this."
James Fiore Ph.D.
The Gordian Group International Inc.
Wow, your customer service is really customer service! Hats off to you Ian. Platinum stars!!!"
Sandi Jones
Computer & Network Specialists, Inc.
Thank you for your help in obtaining the additional upgrade. Your products and service are superb!"
Rosemarie Pena
Thank you for the quick response!"
I am off to the races. Again thank you for the support."
John Henderson
P&P Consulting LLC
You are an angel!!"
Monique N.
Your customer service is FABULOUS!!!! I will definitely refer Proposal Kit to my business contacts."
Kathy DeSanto
Thanks, you guys are great."
KK Diaz
Rekopane Payroll Services
Thank you very much. You have made my life easier."
Henry Chipew
Thanks for all the help, this was a last minute project and I had nowhere to turn. I am glad that your company was able to help me."
Thanks for getting me squared away so quickly. Your product rocks!"
Marcus Neto
Blue Fish Design Studio
I simply want to acknowledge the absolutely extraordinary customer service that I’ve received from Joel. I very much appreciate excellent customer service so when I receive it I like to make sure the company knows. Joel went above and beyond multiple times to assist me with the proposal software I purchased. Because of his outstanding assistance I have impressed several prospects who have since become clients! I know it might sound silly but having this software and the support of Joel has increased my confidence in generating new business for my company."
Liora Mendeloff
Thanks for the rapid and outstanding service!!!"
You are wonderful!!!! Haha thanks!"
Greg Borland
I love you for real!"
Yvette Livingstone
We contacted customer service about upgrading. The response time was nearly instantaneous and the response itself was very helpful."
Chris Gorrell
You’ve answered all my questions plus a few I didn’t know I had yet! Thanks for your expertise."
Tracy L.
Thank you very much... There ought to be more customer service like yours in the world!"
Customer service was always prompt and helpful. Keep up the good work!"
Susan Mitchell
I wanted to send a HUGE, MASSIVE THANKS to you for this. Your customer service is the BEST!!!!"
Thanks ever so much,
Felicia Ward
I am very happy with the outstanding service from your company. I am under the gun to produce a proposal including a contract to perform services next week. I was able to download the software and reduce my time by directing my efforts to pull off getting the job done in record time. Even after I downloaded the wrong contract templates, Ian e-mailed me back the best software you had prior to release next week. It’s this kind of service I appreciate. I guarantee I will tell at least 10 people - no charge."
Charley Dickey
Two-time Inc. 500 Member
Thank you so much for the excellent support."
John Britsios
Chief Information Officer at Webnauts Net & SEO Workers
Just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" for your follow up and help this morning. and extremely grateful to you and totally appreciate it! The info was very helpful. Awesome site and excellent customer service."
Talk about great customer service! WOW! THANKS!"
Hi Joel, The proposal is out and it looks great, if I don’t say so myself. Your product made it easy to look professional, but the real truth here is YOU were great in helping me get it done. Many thanks to you."
All the best,
Thanks! You are a gem. You have the best customer support around."
Lou Sabatier
Thank you again for your time and professionalism. It’s nice to run into that when buying something from the Internet. You’ve restored my faith in online purchases."
Richard L.
Regarding the proposal kit - that is ingenious! I thank you guys sincerely for your product. I am truly amazed at the awesome one-on-one help that you guys gave at some unconventional hours, whatever it took you did."
Lora Francis
Divine Image
I wanted desperately to obtain your software because I could not find anything better on the web. Your quick response on a day and time that is not during normal business hours is a testament to you, your company and your product. Kudos to you and to for your diligence."
David Grandfield
Grandfield Consulting
By the way thanks for all the help! You’re support is phenomenal!"
I appreciate your exemplary customer service."
Pat M.
I would like to let you know how grateful for an outstanding service that you have given me today. I have been working with the Proposal Kit since 2002 and is has been great. The return on investment pays for itself. But I was amazed at the sensitivity your representative Joel has given me. Even if the product I have is two years old. You can be assured that I will upgrade my software shortly. I wanted you to know that your company should be proud to have a customer representative like Joel. His attention and responsiveness has surpass our expectations."
Herminio Correa
Spheretech Solution Puerto Rico
Thank you so very much, Excellent customer service, I will recommend your services for many years to come."
Thanks for the help and I love your packages."
Andrew Bellinger
It is so nice to know that there are still some customer services representatives out there who are willing to help. Joel at Proposal went out of his way to make sure I understood exactly what product I was purchasing - he made me feel comfortable with my purchase and I was truly happy with the service I received. Thank you Proposal Thank you for everything Joel - It was nice working with you."
Michelle Goncalves
Office Manager
Newark Redevelopment, Corp.
What can I say! When Proposal Kit, Inc. ’support’ - they mean it! After a short time, we were up and running, enjoying consistent, professional estimates, contracts and correspondence - all from one easily maintainable package. For me, knowing that issues get resolved are a ’big’ plus, add this to a fantastic package - what more could we ask for?"
Leslie Rosedale
Managing Director
EverythingButComputers Limited
Very very helpful and thank you for the really prompt response if only all companies were as efficient as you!"
Best wishes
Phil Friend
Thank you for your quick response. Knowing a company is eager to service customers means a lot to me and my employees. I look forward to realizing your programs potential for my business."
Don Lucas
I am writing to thank you for the patience you and Joel have had with me. He went far to make sure I had my kit and it was in working condition, and I could access it so this I thank you and I thank him for this he is a keeper I am going to push for those who can use your service, I will steer them in your direction. Thank you again. I feel so much better. Knowing I can now do my grant proposal."
Marcia Saahir
President and CEO
Hsaahir Marketing Inc.
To whom it may concern: I have been a proud owner of you product for over 5 years. I never dreamed of writing these effective proposals since my purchase. I am very enthusiastic each and every time. Co-incidentally Joel has been an outstanding and patient individual over those 5 years I feel if this is not mentioned it would be unfair if this goes unnoticed. He brings a personal enrichment to your organization. I am very happy with you product and looking forward in the next level of software."
Concept Systems 1 Inc.
Robert J. Phillips lll
Thank You for the prompt reply, I appreciate it and because I wasn’t sure how long before I would hear back I am extremely pleased with the response time. Here’s to the start of a get partnership. Wishing you continued successes."
Integrity Human Capital
I am in the process of creating my first proposal. Thanks very much for the timeliness, I appreciate good customer service."
Wow, you guys are fast! Thank you so very much, I have a proposal I have to submit in two weeks and was a little worried. Thank you again for your help."
Mark White
You have great products! I have recommended them to my private developers forum members and will be premiering it on my new site that will launch in a few weeks. Everyone who has purchased is pleased with their purchase. It still amazes me that you are so quick to respond!"
Roy Benjamin
Electronic Commerce Engineering Corporation
Thanks for doing this. And thanks for the personal phone call! It means a lot to a small business to get this level of customer care. YOU CAN BE ASSURED that I will recommend you in the future as I have done in the past. A person-to-person referral carries a lot of weight in a decision making process."
Mark Filipo
I am writing this letter to thank you for assisting me in a time it seemed humanity in corporate business was a thing of the past. For the benefit of your current customers I would like to say, I have never done business with a company as proud and supportive of their product in my twenty two years of IT experience. And as for anyone considering purchasing their product, it only took me one time on the phone for support and I searched no further. Again thank you Joel for your help."
G. Keith Shepherd
Web Architect
Thank you so much for helping my company with our proposals. My business has to be flexible because we not only create proposals for advertising contracts, but to secure events that we sell advertising for. I am especially happy with the willingness of the Proposal Kit Staff to assist me, they always go above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks Proposal Kit for helping me grow my business."
William E. Brownell
Thank you so much for everything. Before long, I will become a pro at this software."
Freda McLemore
LT Platinum Landscape
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Over the years, Proposal Kit has received numerous testimonials from satisfied users worldwide. Customers highlight how Proposal Kit's templates have saved time, enhanced professionalism, and supported successful project completions across various industries. These endorsements underscore the value and effectiveness of Proposal Kit's products in streamlining proposal and contract creation.

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