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Following are our affiliate program testimonials. Read what companies around the world have to say about how our Proposal Kit and related products have helped their business. Proposal Kit is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and freelancers world-wide.
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The affiliate program is one of the fairest and offers a product that is in demand. I use it extensively for my contracts and proposals. It is very thorough and well thought out."
Brian / Webmaster
Sammamish, WA
It’s terrific, thankfully, the product sells itself!"
Kalena Jordan
Proposal Kit has been a godsend. I’m glad to see an affiliate program. I would be making the referrals whether you had one or not but its nice to be able to get a little kickback when I do."
Steve Sexton
My experience has been nothing but positive. I’ve had very few problems with the service; and problems I encountered were resolved quickly, professionally, and detailed where I understand what’s going on. I’ve received follow-up calls, too, to ensure I’m OK with everything ... that made me very happy."
Rafael Van Dyke
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Over the years, Proposal Kit has received numerous testimonials from satisfied users worldwide. Customers highlight how Proposal Kit's templates have saved time, enhanced professionalism, and supported successful project completions across various industries. These endorsements underscore the value and effectiveness of Proposal Kit's products in streamlining proposal and contract creation.

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