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Beauty Salon and Spa Partnership Sample Proposal

RoseRock Health Club and Elaganz Salon & Spa Partnership

RoseRock Health Club is one of the premier fitness facilities in Tulsa. I should know; I am one of your most enthusiastic members. I am also an entrepreneur, like you. I own the Elaganz Salon and Spa five miles away from the health club, where we have a thriving clientele of men and women who come to us for hair styling, manicures and pedicures, massages, and facials.

We have outgrown our current location and I have recently been shopping for new opportunities. I created this proposal to describe a business proposition that is to our mutual benefit. I am aware that the RoseRock Health Club has unused space on the second floor. I believe that space is the perfect size for a new Elaganz Salon and Spa.

We share the same customer base, and adding a spa to your facility would increase business for both of us. Please review the enclosed materials, and then let’s schedule a meeting to discuss this wonderful opportunity. The RoseRock Health Club and Elaganz Salon and Spa are well suited for a mutually beneficial partnership.

By leasing space in the health club for us to open a salon and spa your health club will be making additional revenue on currently unused space as well as increasing the benefits to your clientele and expanding your membership. RoseRock Health Club and Elaganz Salon and Spa have a unique opportunity to form a partnership that will immediately benefit both parties. "Your members will want to spend the whole day to pamper themselves".

Elaganz Salon and Spa will add a note of luxury to your health club Your members go to the health club for a good exercise workout. With Elaganz offering services there, your members will want to spend the whole day to pamper themselves. Elaganz Salon and Spa will bring new members to your club Some professionals don’t want to join a health club if they can’t leave looking as good as they did when they entered. These people are more likely to join a health club if they know they can take advantage of hair styling and other beauty services on the premises.

Elaganz will pay for your unused space. The space that is currently going to waste in your facility would be perfect for our use and would bring you immediate monthly revenue. Joint advertising will be more effective We can share advertising and marketing expenses. Our clients will become yours and vice-versa.

This is the perfect partnership. Let’s get started as soon as possible. Partnering with Elaganz Salon and Spa will add an element of luxury to your health club memberships. Elaganz provides the following services that your members can take advantage of in an all-inclusive location.

Professional massage services, a variety of facial beauty treatments, manicures and pedicures, and a full range of hair styling services. See the Special Services page for details. Our salon is always immaculate.

We are the ultimate beauty professionals who specialize in pampering our clients. On entering the salon, we offer each client a gourmet chocolate, and if there’s a wait, we offer coffee, tea, or water with lemon. Before they are escorted to a beauty chair, we offer all clients a freshly laundered Egyptian cotton wrap to protect their clothing. Our music consists of muted new age selections, designed to soothe the spirit and calm the restless mind.

Our lighting is soft and flattering. We know that everyone has favorite scents and products, so we offer each client a choice of shampoos, conditioners, and skin lotions. Our employees wear only unscented products so they do not interfere with any client’s aromatherapy choices or disturb those who have sensitivities to perfumes.

Fresh unscented flowers are always displayed in our facilities. Our towels are the softest, thickest pastel Egyptian cottons. All this attention to detail adds up to a feeling of luxurious pampering that your members will look forward to experiencing each time they visit. Elaganz Salon and Spa offers the following services.

Professional Massage Services One of the most frequently requested services after a hard workout is a good massage. Our professional massage therapists offer 30-minute and 1-hour massages and are trained in a variety of techniques. Facial Beauty Treatments We know that many of your members are professionals who want to look their best when they leave the club.

We offer a variety of facial treatments to enhance the skin, including steam treatment, lotions, exfoliation, masks, peels, and massages. In addition, we offer personalized hair removal services and eyelash and eyebrow dying. Manicures and Pedicures Your members want to show off the trim bodies they have toned at RoseRock Health Club. Our manicure and pedicure services offer the finishing polish for a great appearance.

Hair Styling Services We offer haircuts, weaves, dyes, permanents, and straightening procedures, as well as shampoos and blow-dry services. The combined services of RoseRock Health Club and Elaganz Salon and Spa will ensure that everyone who visits the club facilities will leave feeling and looking their very best. At Elaganz Salon and Spa, our clientele are approximately 60% urban professionals, 20% retired, and 10% house spouses. On average, we currently serve 24 women and 12 men per day.

Urban professionals – approximately 60% These workers are employed in the nearby office parks. They are well-to-do and often take advantage of extra services such as manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages in addition to hair styling services. Retirees – approximately 20% Retirees come in wanting the full hair treatment—shampoo, cuts, and styling, and often curling or relaxation procedures and dye services.

House spouses – approximately 10% This group often comes in with children. Generally speaking, they want basic services and quick in-and-out times. 67% women, 33% men On average, we serve 24 women and 12 men per day. Your health club members break down into similar groups, although your memberships reflect nearly a 60 40 break between men and women.

Partnering RoseRock with Elaganz would be good for both of us, as your club would attract more women and more men would be likely to use our salon and spa services. By joining into this proposed partnership, RoseRock Health Club will realize the following benefits.

"A complete package of health and beauty services for your members, at no extra cost to you."

Your clientele will perceive more value in your health club memberships By adding services for hair styling, manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages, your health club will be able to deliver a complete package of health and beauty services to your members, at no extra cost to you. Your members are likely to spend more time in your health club Because they can get complete beauty services and can leave the club looking and feeling their best, your members are likely to spend more time at your facility and thus may spend more money in your café and store. Your club will receive additional advertising through the salon Our salon clients will visit your club each time they use our services. If they are not already members of the health club, they are more likely to join.

You will receive monthly payments for previously unused space The building space we propose to convert for our salon is currently unused. Our monthly lease fee will bring you extra revenue for a space you already own. This partnership will be mutually beneficial.

The health club members will benefit from having a salon within the club facility, and the salon will benefit from being readily accessible by health club members. RoseRock Health club already has the basic facilities required to ensure that this project is a success. Elaganz Salon and Spa needs only a small suite of rooms for our services. The unused space on your second floor approximately 1800 square feet would be a perfect fit for us.

We will remodel that space to contain the following small rooms. Hair and Nail Salon This main room would accommodate our reception desk and four hairstyling stations, each of which would consist of a barber’s chair with accompanying counter, mirror, sink, and storage drawers. In one corner we would locate our nail salon for manicures and pedicures, containing two work stations with chairs, tables, and storage areas. Massage Rooms 2 Each massage room would contain a massage bed, storage areas for linens and oils, and equipment to play soothing music during massages.

Facial Room The facial room would contain two work stations with reclining chairs and storage areas. Various types of facials and associated beauty procedures such as waxing, plucking, and dyeing would take place here. Restroom and Locker areas We would need a small restroom for clients and employees, and an adjacent locker area in which clients can securely lock their belongings.

Plumbing and electricity is already available in your unused area, so converting that space into a salon and spa would be a snap. Adding a spa to your health club would attract new clients and keep existing clients in your facility longer. The Elaganz Salon and Spa proposes to lease the unused space on the second floor of the RoseRock.

We understand that space measures approximately 1800 square feet, which is perfect for our use. Having the Elaganz Salon and Spa in your health club will be a substantial benefit to your club members, and our partnership will be profitable for you in terms of increased member spending and increased memberships. Elaganz will be responsible for all remodeling work and costs associated with creating and running the salon and spa.

We estimate a one-month remodel project, which can be done mainly through use of the freight elevator for a minimum of disruption to current health club usage. We propose to pay a lease fee of $600 per month with a one-year renewable contract. Leasing your current unused space to Elaganz would be immediately beneficial to both parties.

Elaganz Salon and Spa has been in business for six years. We help Tulsans look and feel their best. "We help Tulsans look and feel their best". After our initial four years of providing hair styling services, manicures, and pedicures, we added massage services and facial services to meet the requests of our growing clientele, most of whom are young professionals.

Our business has grown more than 100% each year we have been in business. Elaganz Salon and Spa currently employs four full-time employees and six part-timers.

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