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How to write your Fashion Industry Proposal

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Proposal Pack Contemporary #17 Body Page
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The Fashion Industry Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch a clothing line to a chain of stores.

This is a good example to follow for anyone selling goods in the fashion and beauty industry.

Anyone selling goods in the fashion and beauty industry.

5. Customize the template with your information

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Fashion Industry Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Introducing the Island Sun Fashions Product Line

Please accept this invitation for you and or another representative of your company to our Island Tropix Fashion Show on July 12, 20xx, in which we will introduce our new line of tropical travel wear from Island Sun Fashions to four retail clothing chains headquartered in the Dallas area. Dallas Fashion Market Ballroom A. Champagne and appetizers will be served.

Please RSVP to Celia Fox at the address and number shown below. At Island Sun Fashions, we believe that all women deserve beauty and luxury. That’s why we don’t design just for models.

Our entire women’s clothing line comes in sizes 4 to 4X, and our beautiful colors and draped, breezy styles compliment all ages and figure types. Because our show is designed to be a social event and we don’t want to bog it down with technical details, I’ve included our proposal here so that you can learn what we’re all about and discover how you can get in on the fun and profits of carrying our unique clothing line. If you decide to carry our designs, simply drop your business card in the crystal bowl at the fashion show and we’ll contact you to finalize the contract. We strongly believe that our Island Sun line of clothing would be perfect for your customers and profitable for you.

Please note that we are not extending this offer to every chain of clothing or travel stores. We have selected Wynd Travel Stores because we think this would be a great partnership that would benefit both parties. I look forward to meeting you at the show on July 12.

If you have any questions before that time, don’t hesitate to call. Island Sun Fashions has studied the Wynd Travel Stores and identified the areas in which we can help each other to reap greater profits. We have selected Wynd Travel Stores because we think this would be a great partnership that would benefit both parties. Join us at our Island Tropix Fashion Show to see our new line of tropical travel wear.

Island Sun Fashions has studied the Wynd Travel Stores and identified the areas in which we can help each other to reap greater profits. While your stores do a great job of marketing luggage and accessories to the traveling public, your clothing line is rather bland. While a woman traveler may want to blend in with the scenery on safari, she wants to feel beautiful while on vacation in the tropics.

Women traveling to tropical destinations are often looking for romance, or at least the illusion of romance. This means they want to wear flowing dresses and flattering blouses and draped pants, with bold colors, patterns, and shapes. You currently offer only swimsuits, swim cover ups, shorts, and shirts for women in sizes 6 12. Island Sun Designs specializes in draped dresses, blouses, flowing pants, and swimsuit cover ups in sizes 4 to 4X.

In fact, due to our unique draping designs, many of our clothing items can fit and flatter women of four consecutive sizes 6 to 12, for example, or 14 to 20. Your window displays tend to feature luggage, maps, and other standard utilitarian items associated with travel. Unless a woman passerby needs a new suitcase or folding alarm clock, she is unlikely to enter the store. But Island Sun Designs are a proven visual attraction that will bring new customers into your stores, and while these women are inside, they just might buy a new suitcase as well as a beautiful dress for that tropical vacation.

Wynd Travel Stores need to expand their clothing line, include more sizes, and add bright colors to attract new women travelers to their customer base.


Travelers purchase new luggage only every few years, but women travelers buy new clothes for nearly every trip. Why not cash in on this trend.


When Wynd Travel Stores showcase our Island Sun Fashions, they will attract many more women customers, and sales of all items are likely to increase.


Studies show that the average dress size for American is currently estimated to be size 14, and they are looking for fashionable clothing for travel. Wynd Travel Stores are missing a large segment of the market by not offering a variety of clothing in a broader size range. Wynd Travel Stores has retail outlets in malls in California, Hawa , and Florida, and stores within luxury hotels in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, and in Cozumel, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The tourists that frequent these upscale stores are the same type of customers who order from Island Sun Designs online catalog. Why not put the clothing they desire right at their fingertips. Our passionate colors, unique patterns, and luscious fabrics sell themselves on sight.

In addition to selling to tourists in hotel zones, our clothing has special appeal for local inhabitants in the United States. Our customers tell us that our bright colors and innovative styles create dazzling window displays that draw passersby into their stores. At all your locations, you sell handbags, beach bags, jewelry, hats, and shoes as well as luggage and travel organizers. These are perfect accessories for our clothing.

We’re made for each other. Years ago, customers looked primarily for durability in travel products, but recent trends in the travel industry indicate that style is of equal or even greater importance than reliability and performance. For example, years ago most suitcases were black, tan, or avocado green. These days, travelers are opting for blue, red, or patterned luggage—they want luggage that represents their person style and helps them distinguish their suitcase from everyone else’s on the airport carousel.

Likewise, tourists are buying more stylish travel gadgets—alarm clocks, sound systems, personal air purifiers, etc. This indicates that more travelers consider style an important aspect of their vacations. This trend applies especially to women travelers.

And just as the number of single and childless women increases each year, the number of women tourists increases each year. These women want to feel attractive while on vacation, and many of them want to attract men. While most women may pack cargo shorts and T shirts for their tropical vacations, they also pack a romantic dress or two. The Romance of Travel.

That’s a phrase Wynd Travel Stores uses frequently in your advertisements. Why not carrying clothing for women that embodies that idea and embraces the current stylish trend in travel products. Island Sun Designs is the perfect partner for you. Although we sell to a limited number of retailers, Island Sun Fashions will promoted the following ways by our own company.

By carrying Island Sun Fashions in your stores, you can benefit from our promotional efforts.

Upcoming Promotions

Elite fashion shows around the world. Feature article on our designers in Style EZ Magazine in March of next year. Our clothing featured in Jaguar Moves movie, a romance set in the Cayman Islands, scheduled to be released in November of this year.

Our clothing featured in Danger at Sunset movie, a murder mystery set in the Virgin Islands, scheduled to be released in April next year. A custom design dress to be worn by movie star Eden Marie Vega at the Hollywood Heat Awards. A custom design dress to be worn by singing star Sydnie Toni at the Nashville Song Festival.

Continuous online slide show on our website.

Target Audience

The audience for our promotions is very broad. Women between the ages of 16 and 65, sizes 4 to 4X, who are looking for sophisticated lightweight tropical fashions in bright colors. We have the following general categories of clothing items, which you can view on our website as well as at our fashion show.

We offer you a 20% 40% discount on our standard catalog prices, depending on quantity of items offered. Dresses We have dresses of varying lengths and formality in materials from sleek rayon to shimmering silks. Blouses Our blouses come in different designs, from halter tops to long sleeves, and run the gamut from breezy cotton gauze shirts to glamorous silk wrap blouses. Pants and shorts We have four designs of pants that vary from sporty multipocketed cargo types to blousy flowing trousers perfect for evening wear.

We offer one short design. All pants and shorts come in multiple solid colors. Swimsuit coverups Our swimsuit cover ups are draped designs in bright cotton gauze solids or rayon patterns.

All can be worn as short sporty dresses as well. Discount amounts vary according to order totals, and we offer various methods of shipping. Please contact our order department for details. Based on our analysis of our potential relationship, we recommend the following for Wynd Travel Stores initial contract with Island Sun Designs.

Purchase five dress designs in sizes 4 to 4X. Dresses are our most popular items. This will give your customers a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes to choose from.

Purchase four blouse designs in sizes 4 to 4X. Include designs with varying sleeve lengths for variety. Purchase two pant designs in sizes 4 to 4X. Choose at least two colors in each design for maximum flexibility in a travel wardrobe.

Showcase several Island Sun Designs items in a window display, and advertise the size range offered. We have examples of attractive window displays on our website. Feel free to copy our suggested displays or use them as inspiration. Be sure to work in other items you offer for sale, such as luggage, jewelry, sunhats, or travel accessories.

Goal #1 We want to increase our visibility and boost sales of Island Sun Fashions through partnering with Wynd Travel Stores. Goal #2 We want to increase sales of all merchandise offered by Wynd Travel Stores. Goal #3 Both Wynd Travel Stores and Island Sun Fashions seek to expand our customer bases.


Tourists and travelers are the primary customers for both our businesses. By partnering in this endeavor, we can both increase our customer base, gain more name recognition, and increase our profits. We know that Wynd Travel Stores pride themselves on selling quality merchandise that is not widely distributed throughout the retail world. You don’t want your customers to find the same merchandise in your stores that they see in discount stores.

At Island Sun Fashions, we share that pride in quality merchandise. We sell only to a small, select group of retailers favored by high end shoppers. We strive to make our clothing line unique in the following ways.

We design each item of clothing in our line. Many fashion houses design a few signature items and then "fill in" their lines with clothing from other sources. Every item in our catalog is designed in house at Island Sun Fashions. We design our own fabric patterns.

Instead of buying patterned fabric off the shelf like so many clothiers do, our talented design team creates our unique Island Sun patterns for our clothing line. We hand select the fabrics. We don’t simply specify "rayon" or "polished cotton" and let the cheapest bidders create our fashions. Our designers choose the perfect fabrics for our clothing, and accept nothing of lesser quality.

When we cannot locate the exact fabric we want, we special order fabrics woven just for Island Sun Fashions. We manufacture our own clothing. Our small factory in San Juan, Puerto Rico sits right next to our design center. Our manufacturing team and designers work hand in hand to assure quality of all the items we sell.


When you stock designs from Island Sun Fashions, you can be sure that you are selling high quality, distinctive clothing. Island Sun Fashions was created by designer Sunny Newton. Our mission is to design tropical weight clothing that is easy to care for and easy to wear, and flatters a variety of women’s figure types. Unlike many fashion lines, we design for real women.

Our clothing is manufactured in sizes 4 to 4X. We use beautifully colored natural fabrics with wrinkle resistant qualities. Rayon, crinkled cotton, silk, and linen blends. Island Sun Fashions was founded in 2005 and employs 62 people.

Island Sun Fashions is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico and has offices in Miami, Florida and San Diego, California. Our clothing is manufactured in Puerto Rico and shipped to all parts of the world. The following Island Sun Fashions case studies show how we have earned high marks with our customers and retailers. Wanda Hirsh Wanda is a 32 year old bank executive who has taken an annual vacation to the tropics every winter for the last seven years.

Wanda is a size 2X, and although she always wanted to purchase beautiful tropical dresses for her vacations, she often found only disappointing "mumu" garments that seemed more appropriate for her grandmother than for a vibrant young woman. In 2010, a friend introduced Wanda to Island Sun Fashions. In the last two years, Wanda Hirsh has purchased items totaling $1870 from our online catalog.

She also wrote a wonderful testimonial letter for us. See the Testimonials page on our website to read it. Judy and Jane Sommers Although Judy and Jane are sisters and only three years apart 51 and 54, respectively , they couldn’t be more different. Judy is a size 10.

Jane is a size 16. They both love to shop and especially to shop on vacation, but since Jane often cannot find her size except in "plus size" stores, they found it frustrating to shop together. When they came to our store in Miami in 2009, they were both delighted to find clothing that fit and flattered them.

They couldn’t have been more pleased. Judy and Jane spent $750 on that first day, and they have ordered $620 worth of clothing from our online catalog, and visited again in 2011, spending $625 at that time. We are happy to give these two sisters such a happy shared shopping experience.

Castillo San Juan Luxury Hotel Although Castillo San Juan in San Juan, Puerto Rico, had no trouble attracting the wealthy patrons they wanted for their hotel, they discovered that their guests rarely spent money in the hotel shop. This shop featured beautiful handicrafts from Puerto Rico. Paintings, baskets, and handcrafted jewelry, as well as typical tourist items such as T shirts and swimsuits. Island Sun Fashions convinced the Castillo San Juan to offer our clothing line in their store, and in January of 2012, they showcased the first window display of our dresses.

Since January, the store’s sales have increased by a whopping 1500%. Much of that comes from sales of Island Sun clothing, but sales of jewelry and handbags and even baskets and paintings dramatically increased as well. Island Sun Fashions have proven to be a great attraction for women shoppers of all ages and sizes. By pleasing your customers with Island Sun Fashions, you are likely to increase sales of all items in your stores.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Fashion Industry Sample Proposal is a fully written sample included in every Proposal Pack and the Professional Bundle.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize the Fashion Industry Sample Proposal to fit my specific project or business?

If you purchase the Fashion Industry Sample Proposal as a static template, it will be an editable Word format document; otherwise, if you buy a Proposal Pack or the Professional bundle, you can build a more customized editable Word document version of it using the included Wizard software. You can replace the sample information with your own, adjust the text to match your company's tone and style, and modify sections to include project-specific details.

Can I use multiple sample proposals for different types of projects?

You can purchase multiple samples as individual Word templates or all 200 samples are included in every Proposal Pack and Proposal Kit Professional, which is a much better deal. The Proposal Kit offers sample proposals for various industries and project types. You can select and customize different sample proposals to suit each unique project. This flexibility allows you to create tailored proposals for other clients or projects.

How can I integrate my branding into the Fashion Industry Sample Proposal?

While the Fashion Industry Sample Proposal is an editable Word document, depending on the level of custom branding needed, consider the Proposal Kit Professional, which includes the branding features in the Wizard software that let you create custom-branded design themes more effectively. Start by incorporating your company's logo on the cover page, as well as in the headers and footers of the document. Next, adjust the color scheme of the proposal to match your brand colors. Change the fonts in the proposal to align with your brand's standard fonts. Including branded graphics that reflect your brand's style will further enhance the proposal. Additionally, ensure that the text within the proposal maintains a tone and voice consistent with your brand's communication style. By integrating these elements, your proposal will reinforce your brand identity.

How do I ensure my proposal stands out and wins the client?

To ensure your proposal stands out:

  • Personalize the content: Address the client's needs, challenges, and goals to make the proposal unique.
  • Highlight your value proposition: Communicate what sets your business apart and how to deliver superior results.
  • Use professional design elements: Incorporate visuals, charts, and graphs to enhance the presentation and make it more engaging.
  • Proofread and edit: Ensure the proposal is error-free and well-organized. A polished, professional document reflects your attention to detail and professionalism.

What should I do if I need help understanding or modifying a section of the Fashion Industry Sample Proposal?

If you need help understanding or modifying a section of the Fashion Industry Sample Proposal, refer to the detailed instructions provided. Additionally, Proposal Kit includes customer support and resources such as tutorials and videos to assist you. Consulting with a colleague or a professional in your industry can also be beneficial if further clarification is needed. Asking an AI tool can also provide valuable insights for immediate needs.

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