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How to write your Energy Efficiency Proposal

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Proposal Pack Resources #3 Body Page
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The Energy Efficiency Green Remodel Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the retrofitting of a company's facilities to achieve a green business rating and reduce energy costs.

This is a good example to follow for anyone writing a general business proposal. This example shows how our Proposal Packs can be used for virtually any type of proposal. In this example a company is promoting its services to remodel a commercial facility to improve energy efficiency.

Anyone writing an environmental, green or energy related proposal. Anyone writing a construction or remodeling proposal.

5. Customize the template with your information

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Energy Efficiency Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Energy Efficiency Facility Retrofit

Taynor Corporation wishes to remodel its corporate campus to achieve greater energy efficiency and to gain the "Green Business" rating from the state of Kansas. Retrofix Corporation specializes in remodeling older buildings to incorporate new energy saving devices and designs with minimal disruption to your ongoing business. We believe you will find our ideas innovative and surprisingly economical.

The Objective

Taynor Corporation wishes to remodel its corporate campus to achieve greater energy efficiency and to gain the "Green Business" rating from the state of Kansas. Taynor Corporation has budget for this project. Reduce the need for natural gas heat in winter and electricity and water all year round.

Reduce maintenance and watering costs for landscaping. Conduct business as usual during remodeling efforts.

The Opportunity

Taynor’s buildings were originally constructed in 1912. While the age of the facilities create some challenges for modernization the high ceilings and thick walls allow for opportunities not easily achieved in more constricted setting. Remodel buildings and to reduce heating costs in winter.

Remodel buildings and to reduce electricity usage all year round. Redesign landscape to reduce maintenance and watering costs.

The Solution

Retrofix proposes the following measures to update Taynor Corporation’s campus within the company’s stated budget limit. Install energy efficient skylights and row of glass block ‘windows’ immediately below the ceiling line in all bathrooms in the main room shared by workers in cubicles and in the company lunchroom. This will reduce electricity for lighting all year round and will reduce heating costs in autumn winter and spring seasons.

Install solar water heating system to heat water for company bathrooms and kitchen. This should completely eliminate the cost of heating water. Install programmable thermostats in all rooms to efficiently manage heating and cooling efforts. Replace all toilets with low water usage models and install automatic shut off devices on all faucets in bathrooms to reduce water usage.

Add motion sensors to all restrooms to automatically turn on off lights and fans. Replace all exterior lights with solar powered lights to reduce electricity usage after dark. Replace all lawn and exotic plantings with native wildflowers trees bushes and ornamental grasses to reduce maintenance and watering costs.

Standard Disclaimer. The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate for the projects discussed. The above Cost Summary does in no way constitute warranty of final price.

Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change before being locked in by binding contract. This project is legally required to meet the rules and regulations listed below. Legal Requirements Applicable to This Project.

Requirement #1 Required safety wear for employees Both federal and state organizations require that all workers wear protective clothing including non flammable overalls hard hats facemasks and other specialized gear depending on working conditions. Retrofix supplies all required clothing for its employees and will supply additional clothing as needed for Taynor employees that may need to pass through construction areas. Requirement #2 – Safe removal of lead and asbestos Due to the age of Taynor’s buildings it’s likely that we may encounter lead and or asbestos during our remodeling efforts.

We will meet or exceed the stringent requirements set forth by the state of Kansas for handling these materials. Requirement #3 – Appropriate barriers and signs around work areas The state requires that all active work areas are so designated by appropriate warning signs and that barriers restrict general access to these areas. Retrofix has generous inventory of barriers and signs and our staff is trained in their use. Requirement #4 – Secure storage of hazardous materials As mandated by the state and federal agencies Retrofix will supply and maintain secure lockers in which all paints solvents and other hazardous materials will be locked when not in use at the site.

Retrofix Corporation carries the insurance policies and coverage required by Taynor Corporation to bid on this project. Insurance Policy #1 Carrier. KS Construction Insurance Coverage.

$5 million general surety bond Policy #. Insurance Policy #2 Carrier. Kansas Labor and Industries Coverage.

All our employees are fully insured as required in the KS L&I program Policy #. InsurChek America Coverage. $5 million errors and omissions insurance Policy #.

Retrofix Corporation has been business leader for twelve years and is an active member of the following organizations. Active Memberships. Green Builders of Kansas – since Retrofix helped to found this organization which serves to share environmental ideas and expertise within our state. Sustainable Design Association of the United States – since This is nationwide organization that publishes monthly magazine and holds an annual conference to promote its members and spread the word about environmentally friendly architects and builders.

In we won the coveted SDA prize for our innovative work on the Mantex building in Kansas City. Midwest Renewable Resources Council – since Our president serves on the board of this organization which seeks common solutions for promoting renewable energy resources in the Midwest Region of the United States. The board meets quarterly in St. Louis MO. Retrofix Corporation has received number of awards and achievements for outstanding performance in our industry.

We pride ourselves on our innovation and our efficiency.

Recent Awards.

Kansas Star Contractor Award 20XX This is an award given by the state based on recommendations by clients. "Retrofix consistently comes through on time and under budget." – Joe Dereske President of Award Committee 20XX. Triple Reward 20XX and 20XX This monetary reward $100K is given by the national energy efficiency committee to companies that excel in retrofitting buildings to achieve energy efficiency. Triple stands for Excellence in Energy Efficiency.

"Retrofix is shining star among remodeling companies. They excel in finding solutions." – Marlene Carpenter President of Triple Reward Committee. K State Safety Always Medallion 20XX We have won this award for eight years in row for our excellence in safety procedures.

Past Awards

K State Safety Always Medallion 20XX 20XX This award is given to construction companies that maintain an excellent safety record. "Once again Retrofix takes the top spot. We should just permanently engrave their name on the medallion." – Sam Comitas Award Presenter 20XX.

Midwest Energy Ingenuity Prize 20XX 20XX This is prize awarded for innovative practices or designs that lead to greater energy savings or more cost effective practices. In 20XX we won for our innovative idea to run ventilation systems and water pipes underground to lower heating and cooling costs. In 20XX our light efficient workspace design took first prize. "If only we could get Retrofix to redesign the U.S. government.

Please find enclosed our proposal for retrofitting your corporate facilities to make your campus energy efficient. We believe that you will find the long range utility savings far outweigh the initial expenditure. And in today’s political climate it is competitive advantage to be considered ‘green’ organization.

Retrofix Corporation specializes in remodeling older buildings to incorporate new energy saving devices and designs with minimal disruption to your ongoing business. We believe you will find our ideas innovative and surprisingly economical. The costs referenced in this proposal are good for thirty days.

Business proposal example What Our Clients Say

Great professional software to use for an affordable price. It gives you a variety of templates that fits your need. User friendly. If you need guidance on the product you get an quick response back. Great customer service."

Katherine Callahan

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