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How to write your Contractor Home Remodel Services Proposal

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Contractor Home Remodel Services Proposal
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Contractor Home Remodel Services Proposal

The Vincent’s Home Remodeling

The Vincent family is in need of quality contractor to provide home improvements on time. Marc Cartwright has the experience and availability to provide the required contracting services. Have attached preliminary quote and references below. I have worked with many clients in the past to help determine how to seamlessly integrate new additions into older homes.

However suggest that you finalize all plans with an architect to ensure structural integrity.


Build out that combines all the amenities of modern house but keeps in style with the original farmhouse. The original home has some great architectural bones like 9’ ceilings in the main living area wide farmhouse trim around all the doors and windows wainscoting and beaded board walls in the existing bath and front entry. Would like to see the addition incorporate these as well so that the it looks like part of the original home.


Bump out the main floor over the existing back porch to gain square feet of space we can use for the kitchen and dining. The foundation that exists under the back porch is in great shape so we will not have to do any footings or foundation work saving you large sum. Main floor has 9’ ceilings in main living area but steps down to 7’ in kitchen dining and bath due to remodel and porch addition in the 80s. Suggest that since the kitchen roof needs to be entirely removed anyway we take advantage of that and raise the rafters another 2’ so that the entire main floor will have 9’ ceilings.

This will give your kitchen much more light. Would also like to open up the doorway from the front entry to the main living space so that the main living space can take advantage of the ample north facing light provided by the large entry windows. We will need to add header to give structural support. The 2nd floor currently exists only over the main living area but we need to expand it over the entire main floor.

The new space will give you ample room for one more bedroom and much needed 2nd bathroom. I’d like to use beaded board for the upstairs bathroom so that even with its more modern features it still retains farmhouse feel.


The market is fairly slow right now and somewhat uncertain. Home prices seem to have peaked for awhile. However your home has only bathroom and bedroom plus loft.

The addition of 2nd bathroom and master bedroom will increase the value of your home substantially. Also the kitchen remodel will make your home appealing and functional and will be very strong selling point should you find that you must sell. It is safe estimate to say that you can recoup every penny of your money and probably more if you live in your home for another 5 years.

Summary of Work Requested

Main Floor. Gut back porch using space to bump out south wall feet and east wall feet enlarging kitchen and dining space by square feet. Old porch roof and kitchen roof to be removed and rafters and ceiling raised to 9’.

Kitchen is to be gutted and moved facing west where we will install new windows. Kitchen upgrades include new plumbing electrical lighting cabinets countertops and hardware. Floors to be heated tile in both kitchen and dining.

2nd Floor. Remove kitchen roof so that south wall can be bumped out feet to the same exterior dimensions of the main floor adding square feet. Existing upstairs loft and small bedroom to be gutted with all lathe and plaster removed and master bedroom bathroom 2nd bedroom and loft built in their place.

Insulation to be installed and new electrical and lighting throughout. New roof.

Sub Contractors

It is important that you understand that for consistently the best quality and to meet safety and code guidelines. For your job Marc will contract out with the following licensed contractors. Electrical. Masterson Electrical will perform all re wiring to bring it up to code.

Plumbing. We contract out with either Jens Mason or Cable Dietrich both licensed.


Marc’s employs full time crew of 3. Each member of his crew has at least years experience in construction work.


You will have the chance to approve all design options including but not limited to flooring cabinetry countertops and hardware. All general building materials will meet or exceed code. Standard Disclaimer.

The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate for the projects discussed. The above Cost Summary does in no way constitute warranty of final price. Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change before being locked in by binding contract. The following are testimonials from some of our clients.

Marc is dedicated to customer service and producing high quality work on time and on budget. Larry and Josie Graves Whitefish. "Marc built porch and new master bedroom for us.

We were really impressed that he was on site every day overseeing all the work and making sure even the smallest details were taken care of."

Dave James Kalispell. "Marc was great to work with. He finished our garage on time and within budget even though there were some delays with the materials we ordered.

We’ll definitely recommend him to our friends."

Ken and Gabi W., Whitefish. "This was our first experience using contractor and we couldn’t be happier. Marc was really easy to get along with and did great job.

The quality of our new kitchen is amazing. He really paid attention to detail". Laura K. Columbia Falls. "I really appreciated that Marc always answered my questions and returned my phone calls.

He didn’t just show up couple days week and make false promises like lot of contractors I’ve worked with. He really dedicated himself to finishing our project on time". Jesse and Nanci M., Kalispell. "Marc is the best.

I’m really glad we hired him. We ended up having to sell our home shortly after our remodel and because Marc did such quality job we were able to recoup all our money we invested and then some. Thanks Marc".

Paul B., Kalispell. "I can’t say enough good things about Marc and his crew. They were professional respectful and stayed on schedule.

Thought our add on would be much more stressful than it turned out to be. Now we’re enjoying the great job he did". I enjoyed coming to your home and talking to you about your home addition needs. Know that after your last remodel you are especially concerned about the quality of your contractor’s work and the ability to meet deadlines.

I am available to start work for you at the beginning of April and then work exclusively for you until the job is done. That should give us enough time to let you meet with your architect and obtain permits and the weather will allow us to work longer days then. I’ve put together cost summary along with preliminary plan based on what we talked about that you can take to your architect. Think it’s good starting point that will keep with the same style of your home.

I’ve also included statement of work that outlines the work you’ve requested done materials that will be used and general timeline. Hope you can also see from my testimonials that I’m professional contractor who can do the job right the first time and bring it in on budget. Please don’t hesitate to call if you want to meet with me again. Keep my cell phone with me at all times so you should be able to reach me easily with any questions or concerns.

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