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How to write your Equity Ownership Stake Proposal

You can create your customized editable variation of this document using Proposal Kit. Follow these steps to get started.


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Click the PDF View link above to see more. The complete sample is included in every Proposal Pack and the included Wizard software can build you an editable version in Word that will be in the design theme you purchased. You can purchase a different design theme than the sample is illustrated with.

Proposal Pack Telecom #3 Title Page

Proposal Pack Telecom #3 Body Page
Proposal Pack Telecom #3 Body Page
Proposal Pack Telecom #3 Back Page

1. Get a Proposal Pack such as Telecom #3

This sample was created using the design theme Proposal Pack Telecom #3. You can recreate this same sample using any of our Proposal Pack design themes and have it customized for your business.

We include this Equity Ownership Stake Sample Proposal in PDF and editable Word format chapters that can be customized using the included Wizard software when purchased with a Proposal Pack or the Professional Bundle.

To create your customized proposal using your logo and colors, get Proposal Pack for Any Business. We include this sample in every Proposal Pack.

2. Download and install after ordering

Once you have ordered and downloaded your Proposal Pack you will have all the content you need to get started. If you order the sample as a template you will download the Word document after ordering and edit it in your office software.

3. Set up the included Wizard software

While the Wizard software makes the process more efficient, you can manually assemble your version of this sample using the content provided and just a Word processor. We only include the Wizard software with a Proposal Pack or the Professional Bundle.

4. Import the Quick Start layout titled 'Equity Ownership Stake Sample Proposal'

The included Proposal Pack Wizard software makes creating a customized version of this document speedy and efficient. The sample content is in Word format documents, so you can also use the sample text without using our Wizard software. Using the Wizard software, you can create custom variations of this template and automate your quotes with the line item database.

The Equity Ownership Stake in Start-up Company Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal to sell a stake in a start-up company to raise capital to launch a product.

This is a good example to follow for anyone looking for angel funding or other investment in a new venture.

Anyone seeking funding from lenders, angel investors or others in exchange for a stake in the new venture.

5. Customize the template with your information

You can customize the layout with different chapters, change the order of chapters, import your content and information, change the visual design, edit the text, and more. You have complete control over customizing this sample.

Equity Ownership Stake Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Equity Investment Offer

As you are no doubt aware, every day around the world, millions of pets, people, and valuable pieces of equipment go missing. To date, people have generally used RFID tags for tracking purposes. RFID tags have limited range, known privacy issues, and require specialized equipment for reading.

A few GPS units have also been developed for specialized tracking uses such as hunting dog collars, but these are awkward and require handheld receivers, which make the overall product very expensive. At NeverLost Products, we have developed a new small tag that contains a GPS transmitter. We have combined this tag with software that can be downloaded to any smart phone and then used to track the tag.

This combination can be manufactured and sold in a package costing less than $25, and we believe that consumers would gladly pay as much as $80 for each package. We are offering you the opportunity to own twenty percent of our company for an initial investment of $700,000.00, which will allow us to begin marketing, manufacturing, and distributing our products. See the pages within for product descriptions, timelines, and projected expenses. At NeverLost Products, we have developed a new small tag that contains a GPS transmitter.

We have combined this tag with software that can be downloaded to any smart phone and then used to track the tag. We are offering you the opportunity to own twenty percent of our company for an initial investment of $700,000.00, which will allow us to begin marketing, We plan to market and package our GPS tag and software combinations in the following products.

Pet tags

We envision that this will be the product line that will initially sell the most. Our tags can be easily made small enough to attach to any medium to large dog, as well as to halters worn by various types of livestock. Recommended Retail Price, $79.99.

People tags

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Tags for valuable merchandise

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Software application

Each tag must be tracked via our special software application, which can be downloaded to any of eight smart phones for use with any of four common mapping programs. As time progresses, we will need to continually update and adapt our software for use with new hardware and software. Download instructions and product key will be included in all packages mentioned above. NeverLost Products has already built two basic prototypes.

A sturdy waterproof tag with embedded GPS chip, intended for use with animals, devices such as luggage, or with people. Basic packaging for the above with documentation explaining how to download the tracking application to any internet connected phone and input the unique key code, as well as how the tracking application interacts with common mapping programs. We have tested our tracking software with all cell phone applications supplied by the three major manufacturers of mapping products. The device has performed as expected according to our specifications.

We have also tested our software installation instructions with 150 typical smart cell phone users, and streamlined our instructions to remove any confusion. With funding, we hope to extend our prototyping in two areas. We want to develop a variety of designs that can be pressed onto the tag. Identification information primarily for use with pets or devices, and jewelry type designs that can be pressed onto the medallion for attractive wear by people.

We have a preliminary agreement in place to work with the leading manufacturer of equipment for engraving pet tags, and we have several jewelry designers lined up to contribute to our medallion product. We want to create packaging information that explains how users can have identification engraved on the ID design at their local pet store, and information about how to securely attach the designs to the GPS transmitter tag. After working out any glitches in the prototypes, we plan to manufacture and distribute our lines of products as quickly as possible.

NeverLost Products has already produced and tested a basic working prototype of our GPS tag software application product, along with basic packaging and instructions. Now we need to extend our prototypes to create multiple product lines, get our marketing plan in place, get our products manufactured, and begin distribution.

The Goal

Within one year, we want to have NeverLost products available in pet stores, in luggage stores, and everywhere via the internet marketplace.

The Process

We need to work with marketing experts to refine our basic working prototype to compete as three separate packages for sale to different markets. We estimate that this planning process will take approximately three months. Then we need to produce the products and packaging. We have preliminary bids and schedules from several manufacturers.

We believe manufacturing will take approximately five months from signed agreement to shipment stage. We hope to do most distribution directly from the manufacturer, but we will also need to secure warehouse space and distribution services for surplus inventory.

Important Factors

Naturally, marketing and manufacturing schedules are key to our success. But one of the biggest factors that may affect our overall schedule is the cell phone business. Smart cell phones and applications for them are exploding into the public sector, and we need to keep up with new developments to expand the market for our products. As our GPS tracking software application is downloaded via the internet, adding capabilities for new devices and mapping programs will not affect our manufacturing process, but may affect our packaging and our marketing efforts.

NeverLost Products LLC requires startup funding for getting our products to market. We are requesting $700,000 in startup funds, to be used as follows.

Marketing Design & Advertising Campaign

Amount, $200,000. We will use these funds for naming branding our products; designing our packaging; and planning and implementing a marketing campaign.

Prototyping, Manufacturing, & Packaging

Amount, $300,000. As discussed on the Prototyping page, we want to refine our basic prototypes to fit three product lines. Initially, we plan to manufacture 2,000 of the pet tag package, 1,000 of the jewelry tag package, and 1,000 of the luggage device tag package.

Sales & Distribution

Amount, $200,000. NeverLost Products will use this money to hire sales representatives to visit prospective customers, hire customer service representatives to take orders for our products, and to distribute products as needed from our warehouse. NeverLost Products expect to be self sustaining by the end of our first year, and highly profitable by the end of our second year.

Business proposal example What Our Clients Say

This product has saved us so much time and energy and helped us produce professional extremely high quality proposals that look great. The upgrades are even better and it’s obvious these guys have worked hard to make Proposal Pack Wizard even better and now I don’t even have to hire a graphic designer so it’s saving me even more money. I couldn’t recommend this Pack more highly. Anyone putting out regular documentation, submissions, proposals, etc, would be nuts not to buy it."

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7 Pages

There are thousands of chapters to choose from in Proposal Pack. This sample uses the following set of Proposal Pack chapter templates: Cover Letter, Title Page, Prototyping, Time to Market, Uses of Funds, Products, Back Page.

There are 200 complete sample proposals including this one in each Proposal Pack

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  • Many other types of proposals

Samples can be created in any Proposal Pack design theme

This sample was created with Proposal Pack Telecom #3. To change the visual look purchase any Proposal Pack and this sample will be created in that design theme.

Out of the over 501 Proposal Packs available these designs are also popular for this type of proposal and this sample proposal is also included in every Proposal Pack:

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Key Takeaways

  • The Equity Ownership Stake Sample Proposal is a fully written sample included in every Proposal Pack and the Professional Bundle.
  • You can create custom variations of this sample using the included software and template library.
  • The Wizard software automates quotes and other financial pages with a line-item database.
  • There are no ongoing subscription fees. You get lifetime unlimited use.
  • Proposal Kit is made for freelancers, small businesses, and non-profits.
  • Proposal Kit product content (templates, samples, software) is 100% written by humans.

How to Write a Business Opportunity Proposal or Pitch

This video demonstrates how to use Proposal Kit to create a business opportunity proposal. A business opportunity proposal can mean countless different things including joint ventures, partnerships, sale of a business, etc. All these types of proposals can be created using Proposal Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize the Equity Ownership Stake Sample Proposal to fit my specific project or business?

If you purchase the Equity Ownership Stake Sample Proposal as a static template, it will be an editable Word format document; otherwise, if you buy a Proposal Pack or the Professional bundle, you can build a more customized editable Word document version of it using the included Wizard software. You can replace the sample information with your own, adjust the text to match your company's tone and style, and modify sections to include project-specific details.

Can I use multiple sample proposals for different types of projects?

You can purchase multiple samples as individual Word templates or all 200 samples are included in every Proposal Pack and Proposal Kit Professional, which is a much better deal. The Proposal Kit offers sample proposals for various industries and project types. You can select and customize different sample proposals to suit each unique project. This flexibility allows you to create tailored proposals for other clients or projects.

How can I integrate my branding into the Equity Ownership Stake Sample Proposal?

While the Equity Ownership Stake Sample Proposal is an editable Word document, depending on the level of custom branding needed, consider the Proposal Kit Professional, which includes the branding features in the Wizard software that let you create custom-branded design themes more effectively. Start by incorporating your company's logo on the cover page, as well as in the headers and footers of the document. Next, adjust the color scheme of the proposal to match your brand colors. Change the fonts in the proposal to align with your brand's standard fonts. Including branded graphics that reflect your brand's style will further enhance the proposal. Additionally, ensure that the text within the proposal maintains a tone and voice consistent with your brand's communication style. By integrating these elements, your proposal will reinforce your brand identity.

How do I ensure my proposal stands out and wins the client?

To ensure your proposal stands out:

  • Personalize the content: Address the client's needs, challenges, and goals to make the proposal unique.
  • Highlight your value proposition: Communicate what sets your business apart and how to deliver superior results.
  • Use professional design elements: Incorporate visuals, charts, and graphs to enhance the presentation and make it more engaging.
  • Proofread and edit: Ensure the proposal is error-free and well-organized. A polished, professional document reflects your attention to detail and professionalism.

What should I do if I need help understanding or modifying a section of the Equity Ownership Stake Sample Proposal?

If you need help understanding or modifying a section of the Equity Ownership Stake Sample Proposal, refer to the detailed instructions provided. Additionally, Proposal Kit includes customer support and resources such as tutorials and videos to assist you. Consulting with a colleague or a professional in your industry can also be beneficial if further clarification is needed. Asking an AI tool can also provide valuable insights for immediate needs.

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