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How to write your Movie Pitch Proposal

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This is a good example to follow for a proposal seeking investors.

Anyone needing to write a proposal to pitch to investors.

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Movie Pitch Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Feature Film Pitch - Race to Greatness

Here at Trinity Options, we see a lot of good screenplays, and we option the best of them to offer to studios like yours. However, it’s not often that we see a screenplay as great as the one I am telling you about today. Race to Greatness.

Race to Greatness hits so many targets so perfectly that it cannot help but be a profitable feature film that will go on to long-lasting popularity in international and DVD markets. The story is set against the dramatic backdrop of Patagonia. Glaciers, fiords, waterfalls, mountains, fierce ocean waves beating against stark cliffs. Patagonia is known today as a place for extreme adventure, and that’s what Race to Greatness is all about.

The script is a story of competition between friends and nations. It includes struggles to overcome physical and mental challenges, battles against the topography and the weather, and the eventual conclusion that friends and family are more important than any trophy. In short, Race to Greatness is an edge-of-the-seat adventure that will leave audiences feeling upbeat and wanting more.

We at Trinity Options believe in this script so much that we are willing to invest $200,000 into its development. The remainder of our projected $1 million-budget will be made up by one or more partners, who will own proportional shares of the profits. We are currently offering this script to only a few select development studios.

After reading this proposal, please get back to us ASAP to confirm your role in this exciting money-making venture. Trinity Options has discovered and optioned a fantastic screenplay, and we want to give World Pictures Ltd. the chance to produce an amazing movie. Race to Greatness is an extreme adventure film that will please sporting enthusiasts and tug at the heartstrings of all audiences. With breathtaking scenery, nonstop action, and intriguing characters, this movie will be enthusiastically received by millions of viewers both in theatres and at home.

This is an incredible investment opportunity, as Race to Greatness will generate huge profits in its year of release, and then generate income for many years in the future. Race to Greatness is the story of an extreme multisport athletic competition set against the magnificent landscape of Patagonia. While the main plot is a five-day international race competition, the script includes subplots of love, loyalty, and redemption.

We expect this movie to launch a wave of travel to the Patagonian regions of Chile and Argentina.

The Objective

Create a movie that will appeal to a broad audience. Race to Greatness will appeal to. Sports lovers. Race to Greatness is a story of an extreme race that includes running, backpacking, mountain biking, kayaking, and mountain climbing.

The story pits American teams of five athletes against other American teams that include friends and lovers, as well as competing against teams from many other nations. Team sports lovers, individual sports lovers, and anyone who watches the Olympic Games will appreciate this movie. Outdoor lovers. Race to Greatness takes place in Patagonia, a landscape of sweeping vistas and natural beauty.

We expect this movie to launch a wave of travel to the Patagonian regions of Chile and Argentina. Travelers. Adventure travelers will especially be drawn to Race to Greatness and will imagine themselves trekking across the spectacular terrain shown in the movie.

The Opportunity

Trinity Options has purchased an exclusive option for this screenplay, and will invest $200K into the project, which is projected to cost $1 million. The remaining $800K will come from partners, who will own a percentage of the property relative to their investment. This movie will.

Generate millions in profit on release. The release of the feature film to theatres will generate huge profits from ticket sales and from licensing for future international and television versions. Generate income for years to come.

The secondary income expected from licensing this property should, over time, surpass the original profits on release. Generate income from merchandising. Race to Greatness will sell logo merchandise such as clothing and backpacks, and will also generate income from travel packages set up with partners in South America.

The Solution

Invest in this movie project and partner with Trinity Options to make Race to Greatness the award-winning movie it was meant to be. As you will see in the following pages, we have already recruited many corporate sponsors who are eager to participate by providing equipment and services. Invest $800K for 80% share of profits and majority voting rights on the production team.

Invest $500K for 50% share of profits and majority voting rights on the production team. Invest $400K or less for a proportional share of profits and voting rights on the production team. Together, we can make Race to Greatness a blockbuster hit.

Movies about athletic competitions are perennial favorites, and even movies that are not centered around sporting competitions often contain elements of those stories. And while viewers enjoy watching traditional stories of baseball, football, and soccer competitions, extreme outdoor sports attract not only the sporting crowd, but also thrill seekers of all kinds. Race to Greatness has it all. Spectacular scenery, sympathetic and heroic characters, and suspense as a variety of athletes must conquer fiords and glaciers and swamps, survive on their own for five days in the wild, and beat their competitors to the finish line.

"Hot" features of this movie are. Extreme athletic competition in a multisport race across the wilds of Patagonia The race includes cross-country hiking running, extreme mountain biking, climbing mountains, and kayaking across icy fiords. Fierce competition between teams Teams followed in this competition will be an all-woman team, a team of "wounded warriors" military veterans with a variety of prosthetics, and a team of young "win-at-any-cost" entrepreneurs.

The story will focus on one member of each team, and viewers will root for their favorite to win. A total of ten teams will be included in the movie for maximum competition, but only three will be the focus for the plot. Interconnected personal stories In the story, to enrich the plot and add suspense, the three teams share some connections. The young entrepreneurs team will include the male lover of the female leader of the women’s team.

The women’s team will include a female veteran who wants her fellow female vet on the "wounded warriors" team to succeed, and the leader of the young entrepreneurs team is also the brother of the leader of the wounded warriors. Which will win—loyalty to lovers and friends or the competitive spirit. As situations develop on each team, viewers will be on the edge of their seats, wondering if the teams’ interconnections will inspire them to help each other in emergencies or to cheer for their competitors’ failure.

Suspense is the element that keeps movie viewers watching. Race to Greatness has it all. The following describes the target market and audience.

The implementation of the marketing is described in the Marketing Plan section of the proposal.

The target market niche

The audience for this movie includes fans of team sports, outdoor enthusiasts, thrill seekers of all kinds, adventure travelers, athletes and their families and friends.

The size of the target market

Millions of tickets are sold each year to sports fans. Outdoor enthusiasts and extreme athletes are more difficult to measure as the events and activities they participate often do not require ticket purchases, but outdoor equipment retailers and adventure travel companies report hundreds of thousands of customers. As Race to Greatness is a movie, of course all traditional film outlets will be used—previews will be featured in theatres and the movie will be listed in catalogs used by cinemas and subscription services.

Also, the movie will be promoted in outdoor equipment retailers and sporting clubs.

Target market demographics

Although many young viewers will appreciate this movie because they aspire to compete in extreme sports, most of the audience will likely be between age 35 and 60. The 35-60 age demographic currently makes up the majority of sporting ticket buyers and outdoor enthusiasts. This group also has the disposable income to be adventure travelers. What will cause the target market to respond to the campaign.

The target market wants to imagine they can participate in extreme sports and adventure travel, so they will respond well to the suspenseful plot and amazing scenery of this movie. How this project will affect the target market. Some viewers of this film will enroll in multisport competitions and many will want to journey to Patagonia to see the scenery. All will enjoy the film as entertainment.

As three friends from the same neighborhood commiserate in a bar one night, they decide to bring meaning and adventure to their lives by competing in a multiday, multisport race across Patagonia. They each decide to lead a team and thus compete with each other. Simon Trett, a young entrepreneur who is earning more money than he ever thought possible by designing software to play the stock market, wants to prove that business leaders can be heroic figures.

He feels he is in continual competition for the respect of family and friends with his brother Max, who lost a foot serving in Afghanistan. Gayla Hernandez, a veteran of the Iraq war, lost a hand and an eye in an IED explosion, and suffers from PTSD episodes. She wants to prove to the world that wounded veterans can be heroes after their military service is complete.

Her team includes Simon’s brother, Max. Jasmine "Jazz" Black wants to make a career of extreme races and climbing competitions, but is continually frustrated that men get the most attention and the best sponsors. She is determined to keep the spotlight on women competitors.

She is in love with Jared Pinotek, who is on the entrepreneurs team. Her team also includes Destiny Anderson, a veteran who served with Gayla Hernandez from the wounded warriors team. Simon, Gayla, and Jazz quickly recruit four additional members for their teams, with Simon and Jazz competing to win over two geeky but athletic friends, siblings Georgia and Luke Nicholson. Georgia elects to go to the women’s team and Luke to the entrepreneurs.

The wealthy entrepreneurs team quickly gears up with all the best clothing and corporate sponsors, much to the dismay of the women’s team and the warriors, who must persuade sponsors to supply them, making them feel they are starting out behind the other teams. In Patagonia, the teams meet the seven additional teams. The competition from other countries is daunting.

The race begins. In the initial competition—picking a route across marshy areas—the warrior team leads as they are more skillful in route finding and teamwork, and the hi-tech GPS devices of the entrepreneur team prove to have software glitches. During the subsequent mountain bike segment, the entrepreneurs take the lead, as they are all enthusiastic weekend participants in this sport. The women’s team is frustrated by always being in second place.

Then multiple catastrophes ensue. A fall during a mountain climb, a kayak flip caused by a calving glacier, an injury caused by rockslide, episodes of PTSD. In each incident, the team members must help their own, but members of competing teams must decide whether to rescue friends or take advantage of their misfortune to speed ahead.

Eventually, all three teams decide to cross the finish line together. Race to Greatness is a picturesque, edgy adventure that ends as a feel-good story of supportive relationships, no matter which team the audience roots for along the way. Race to Greatness is the story of three friends from the same neighborhood who decide to each lead a team in an extreme athletic competition across Patagonia.

Each has something to prove. All teams have members who have relationships with members of other teams. The basic scenes are as follows. Introduction to characters and quest The three principal characters—Simon, Gayla, and Jazz—meet as usual for drinks in their neighborhood bar.

Each has the same old complaints. Life is too routine, nobody respects their accomplishments. They decide to take on the Patagonia Challenge, and to make the race more interesting, they decide to compete against each other.

Team formation Each team leader recruits four more members for their teams. Interrelationships between members of different teams are revealed. Competition for members and sponsors mounts. Day 1--Race start in Patagonia All teams gear up and begin the backpacking, route-finding segment of the race.

Due to a glitch in their hi-tech GPS software, the entrepreneurs lose time and the women’s and warriors teams surge ahead. By nighttime, the warriors team is near the front of the pack, along with competitors from Japan and Australia team. Day 2--Mountain biking Two of the warriors struggle with prosthetic limbs on their bicycles, slowing down the team.

The entrepreneurs, all weekend bike riders, catch up and surge ahead, along with the women’s team and teams from other countries. Day 3--Mountain climb Women’s team is near the front of the pack when a rockslide causes a terrifying fall. Injuries are not significant but the incident causes a PTSD episode on the warriors team and both teams fall back in the competition.

Day 4—Kayak across fiords Kayaking with prosthetic limbs proves difficult for some warriors, but when a calving glacier causes one of the entrepreneurs to flip, the warriors rescue him. Day 5—Cross-glacial valleys to finish line All teams are battered and exhausted. When one of the warriors falls into a crevasse, all three teams work together to rescue him.

Finale Although the women’s team could beat the other two at this point, all three teams decide to limp across the finish line together.

Additional Information

Download the full screenplay from for detailed descriptions of scenes. Casting should emphasize physical fitness of actors and the appropriateness of the injuries and prosthetics of the wounded warriors team. In addition, many professional stunt actors, both male and female, will be required.

Here is the sequence that should be followed. Written role descriptions complete Descriptions of movie roles, especially those for the wounded warriors team, must be detailed to begin the search for appropriate athletic actors and stunt actors. Announcement of auditions With a minimum of 60 days advance notice, written role descriptions should appear on the studio’s website as well as sent via email or surface mail to specific agencies so that they can identify and contact appropriate actors for auditions. Auditions At least three sets of auditions should be initially scheduled.

Starring roles Simon, Gayla, Jazz ; secondary characters team members for our three teams ; general stunt actors for other teams. Finalists for starring and secondary character roles selected and contracted The audition team selects the best actors for the three stars and the secondary team members and legal department contracts with them to fill the roles within the film schedule. Stunt actors selected and contracted for starring and secondary character roles As it is important for the stunt actors to physically resemble the stars and secondary characters, it is necessary to select specific stunt actors from the general pool after the stars are chosen. General stunt actors contracted Remaining qualified stunt actors are contracted for the film schedule.

Casting will require more setup than usual due to the physical requirements of this film. All actors should be able to believably manage bicycles, kayaks, and do active running, hiking, and climbing. The movie requires specific location characteristics as well as athletic actors and stunt actors.

The movie should be filmed in Patagonia, and the Patagonian Film Board has agreed to facilitate movie crews in any way they can. A group consisting of director, assistant directors, camera personnel, and other assistants should be sent to Patagonia to scout out appropriate locations with the assistance of locals and discuss best times to shoot scenes. As for actors, we need to find athletic types for all roles, and a variety of ethnicities is preferred. Character of Simon Trett 30-35 Actor must appear believable as a geek entrepreneur and weekend athlete.

Actor may have any skin color. Character of Gayla Hernandez 30-35 An athletic woman with prosthetic arm leg foot is desirable. If auditions fail to produce an appropriate actor, we may have to simulate a prosthetic limb. Actor may have any skin color.

Character of Jazz Black 30-35 Tough, driven, athletic woman of any ethnicity. Variety of ethnic athletes for secondary characters and competing teams Professional actors are needed for characters on the three starring teams. Any athlete may qualify for acting as a member of a competing team, so it is suggested that the audition team reach out to athletic organizations to fill these roles. Scouting may require physical test and tryouts for roles, so time must be allowed for contacts with appropriate groups and for setup of auditions.

Onsite filming should be done in Patagonia October-March. Dates shown below are "best guess" estimates. Some scenes could be filmed in appropriate locations within the United States, but all scenes that show the dramatic landscape should be filmed on location in Patagonia.

Note that this schedule does not include dates for conversion for international and television versions of the film. The following companies have promised to help underwrite the film and supply equipment and clothing in exchange for placement of their products. The following organizations have pledged personnel, supplies, and coordination services to support the filming in Patagonia, in exchange for film credits.

  • Patagonian Film Board
  • Argentina Tourism Bureau
  • Chilean Tourism Bureau
  • Torres del Paine Park Chile
  • Corcovado National Park Chile
  • Los Glaciares National Park Argentina
  • Patagonian Explorers Club hiker climbers from Chile and Argentina

Many outdoor equipment manufacturers and other organizations are eager to supply equipment and services for this movie and will help to advertise the film to benefit themselves as well as our joint venture. Race to Greatness will be actively marketed to outdoor enthusiasts as well as in standard previews trailers in movie theatres and online movie sites. As well as releasing the film to standard theatres for a feature run, DVD, streaming, and international versions will be created and sold for libraries and private collections.

Film festivals that feature extreme sports will include clips from Race to Greatness and a short documentary about challenges involved in filming the movie. Movie theatres, online sites, and circulating rental DVDs will feature previews as appropriate. A minimum budget of $500,000 is suggested. For maximum audience, advertising should be done in theatres during six weeks prior to movie release in summer.

Inclusions of previews online and in DVD products may begin as early as four months prior to release and should continue for years after initial release to promote television and streaming versions of Race to Greatness. Success of the marketing plan will be judged by movie attendance, by DVD purchases and rentals, and by sales of rights to foreign markets. This movie will feature many brands of outdoor products in exchange for those companies’ contributions to our film.

In addition to promoting the products of other organizations, the following movie-specific merchandise is planned. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and windbreakers with the Race to Greatness logo and name will be sold at outdoor film events and online. Coffee mugs and beer glasses advertising the movie will be sold at outdoor film events and online.

As we expect that the movie will inspire many to tour Patagonia, a Race to Greatness tour is planned with Patagonia Tours Ltd. To take tourists to our film locations, much like the Lord of the Rings tours in New Zealand. Licensing of the Race to Greatness name and logo will also be made available to sport goods manufacturers.

If there is sufficient reader interest, a book version of the screenplay may be commissioned. Trinity Options owns the option for Race to Greatness. We plan to put $200,000 into this project, and seek other investors to make up the rest for a total $1 million budget.

Trinity Options Our organization has raised $200,000 to invest in this project. We need to find great partners willing to invest and make Race to Greatness a reality. Prospective Partners Many of the equipment companies listed on the Resources page have expressed interest in investing in this film as well as supplying gear.

Partnerships will be developed at varying amounts of investment, depending on the investment offered and interest in producing the film from a large film studio such as yours. We have the screenplay option, the corporate interest, and the talent to make this movie happen. The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate.

Trinity Options is the partnership of three film experts. We review thousands of screenplays each year and option only those we know will succeed. When we find a project that we know will be a mega-success, we invest in making it into a blockbuster. Eighty percent of the movies we option become feature films.

Industry insiders will tell you that’s an incredible success rate. Then we offer those select properties to our best movie-making clients. Eighty percent of the movies we option become feature films.

Industry insiders will tell you that’s an incredible success rate. Trinity Options is headquartered in New York, but we travel the world as needed to work with talented screenwriters, directors, and producers.

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