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Real Estate Occupancy Sample Proposal
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The Real Estate Occupancy and Retention Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch a wellness program and community rebranding project to a community to improve occupancy and resident retention.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual offering services to clients.
Length of Sample: 19 Pages

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This sample was created with Proposal Pack Business #10

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The Real Estate Occupancy and Retention Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch a wellness program and community rebranding project to a community to improve occupancy and resident retention.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual offering services to clients.

Used by anyone writing a real estate related proposal. Anyone offering their services to a client for a complex project.
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Real Estate Occupancy Sample Proposal

Chaic Enterprise 12620 Memorial Way Suite Moreno Valley CA PH 909 567 5812 FX 866 253 9301 www.chaicenterprise.com Increasing Unit Occupancy & Retention

Prepared for. David Phillips Owner CEO Prepared by. Luchano Jones Project Manager Attached is our proposal for the project and other identified opportunities for your property STONEGATE AT TOWNGATE Moreno Valley CA 92553. Our cost estimates are based on Preliminary Property Diagnostics and Needs Analysis performed for the implementation by Chaic Enterprise. The objective is to integrate wellness program with the adoption of new gated community rebranding campaign. Proposal Number. 05 01 1971 David Phillips CEO OWNER Fantasy Investment Property Management 75550 Ave

Bermuda Dunes CA Dear Mr. David Phillips I have prepared this proposal for you with the knowledge that your company Fantasy Investment Property Management will be taking ownership of the property StoneGate At TownGate in Moreno Valley CA. A current top sales leasing consultant Jenny Fabian who is also partner with Chaic Enterprise has revealed your concerns regarding occupancy and retention issues at the StoneGate property. Chaic Enterprise would like to partner with your company to integrate property theme that will not only meet the goals of occupancy and retention but will also build brand identity of Fantasy Investment Property Management owned property. We have already completed an extensive research regarding the feasibility of the project and are looking forward to discussing this further with you on how we can meet your needs. I will be your primary contact throughout the life cycle of the project. Please review the proposed concept of the project. Sincerely

Luchano Jones Project Manager Chaic Enterprise 909 567 5812 Luchano@chaicenterprise.com http. www.chaicenterprise.com Report Pages The Objective

Client is looking to implement new marketing strategy to increase unit rentals and retention of current tenants at the property STONEGATE AT TOWNGATE Moreno Valley CA. Need #1. Develop an innovative marketing plan. Need #2. Maintain the current tenant level. Need #3. Reduce inventory of units & expand the current tenant population. Need #4. Develop cash flow streams. The Opportunity StoneGate At TownGate has unique opportunity to utilize current resources to improve the properties’ present and future occupants living lifestyle by implementing onsite activities. The proposed project will reduce attrition rate & inventory of units while expanding the occupancy rate resulting in achieving the company’s goals. Goal #1. Expand the current customer base and increase market share by increasing public awareness through cutting edge marketing schema.

Goal #2. Use current & acquired resources to implement major project that will increase satisfaction of current and future occupants. Goal #3. Build property loyalty and value added awareness with the new processes implemented. Goal #4. Increase & maintain cash flow resulting from rental of all units with control process in place. The Solution Design wellness program on the property with the launch of new marketing strategy that will build property awareness in Riverside County. Recommendation #1. Implement project covering all aspects of total wellness for adults and adolescents residing on the property. Recommendation #2. Redesign & implement marketing strategy based on the project’s objective. Consider future implementation on all corporate owned properties. Chaic Enterprise has identified the following needs which are not being met. Owner would like to reduce inventory of rental units at StoneGate At TownGate property and increase ROI. Residents at property need recreation activities produced at the property.

Background. The property StoneGate At TownGate has Units and onsite world class amenities. The property faces severe competition with current and new property development with similar world class features. StoneGate At TownGate will need to distinguish itself in the market and utilize its’ strengths and opportunities to gain competitive advantage. Chaic Enterprise has performed preliminary diagnostic of the property StoneGate At TownGate and has proactively developed comprehensive solution to address the needs of the primary stakeholder Fantasy Investment Property Management while meeting the needs of the owner’s clients residents. Chaic Enterprise integrates total quality management solution in its projects. The project team consists of industry experts with combine experiences of over years in the wellness industry with substantial support by IT PR HR and BA specialist. Chaic Enterprise project team understands the needs of the owner and is prepared to implement results driven improvements. Needs Identified. Comprehensive wellness programs on the property for adults and adolescents. Increase revenue & maintaining occupancy level at 100%.

Identify property value streams with the possibility to generate more revenue. Demographics. Professionals with household income of at least 60k. Professionals seeking an activity based living lifestyle. Solution. Implement total wellness program on the property designed to build quality of life. Develop new marketing strategy and property theme that will simultaneously build property brand awareness and demonstrate the value of what the property has to offer the residents.

Create profitable revenue streams through other opportunities identified. A preliminary SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats Analysis of StoneGate At TownGate property in Moreno Valley highlights the following strengths and opportunities that can be further leveraged or exploited as well as pointing out weaknesses and threats to be managed. Strengths. Property has over five hundred & fifty units. Property offers diverse floor plans viewable online. Property is less than two years old & still appears new. Property’s proximity is close to shopping malls grocery stores and restaurants. Property offers doubled the amenities and security protection.

Property is viewable on well traveled intersection. Property is spacious allowing car parking sidewalks and lawns. Property front office is fully staffed and is friendly in nature. Weaknesses. Property has only 65% of units occupied despite being in operation over months. Property is paying to maintain empty units and amenities. Property marketing channels typical internet site flyers brochure are outdated & unappealing. Property amenities are not innovative and equates to other competitor’s offering. Most of the leasing consultants lack "Value" selling ability. Property residents do not know the management at personal level.

Property does not create interaction with residents through activities. Property has lack luster marketing plan in place Get ½ off one month free etc. Property does not take advantage of its location size and amenities. Property hygiene in some buildings particularly staircases needs attention. Property has no retention plan in place. Property responds to competitors in reactive nature versus proactive nature. Opportunities. Develop "Theme Property Identity" for the property that focuses on improving the quality of life for residents in secure gated apartment community.

Capitalize on the property’s proximity to well traveled intersection with outside wellness activities that will garner interest and possible tours. Develop wellness programs utilizing the front fitness center for adults and the rear fitness center for adolescents. Poolside cardiovascular programs that includes aerobics circuit training ball exercises yoga and step. This location offers street view from passing motorist and also delighter to potential residents on tour and also visitors of current tenants. Presentations on health for kids at the youth gym and adults club house. DARE intervention; after school program. Healthy cooking demonstrations dietitian visit at the club house & poolside grill. Market property value added features to corporations that are looking to reduce employee health insurance claims with incentives. Market property value added features to Government Agencies & Corporations looking to relocate employees to the Riverside San Bernardino Counties. Hold poolside community fitness day event to develop socialization amongst the residents and interaction with management and staff. This will develop stronger relationship & bridge the trust gap.

Competitors have not recognized this unique approach to being identified as best in class gated community in the Inland Empire. Slow implementation reaction time by cities municipals to improve park recreation provides the opportunity to be recognized as the organization that does care about quality of life for families. Generate income from the proposed project activities. Threats. Property value and condition will deteriorate due to continued rental to low class residents with reactive renting behavior & inability to meet financial obligations. Clandestine consultants will provide field report to the competitors’ strategic marketing team. Competitors may deploy reactive marketing to downplay the importance of the quality of life program. Internal resistance to changes can undermine the project’s results.

Disclosure of new branding campaign in the early phases may result in competitors quickly implementing similar program of far less quality but have an advantage of being the originators. It's hard to stand out when you market your property without distinctive set of prospects in mind. Occupying niche means you won't be competing with lot of similar property solely on price and incentives. And because you will be offering services that are customized to the specific needs and predispositions of select group of people you can often charge more. Your property services serve market that can't easily find alternatives. Our research has shown that the following target market will be ideal for the project’s success. The target market niche. . Overweight at risk professionals All Ethnicities residing in the Riverside County & those relocating from the Los Angeles area. Secondary Target Niche. Reports have shown Riverside County as growing at 20% annually. This is attributed to an influx of LA residents looking for cheaper living and better quality of life. The potential to attract this wealth moving here is tremendous if the property is positioned to offer "Value Added" services that will build its’ name and essentially financial value. Where can they be reached. Target market will be reached through word of mouth cyberspace media and cover stories made by the local newspapers and television stations. Invite local press for tour of the facility and also meet the figure head of the company. They will be able observe activities in action. Special target market demographics.

Census report the counties combined population was nearly 3.8 million. The ethnic breakdown is 42% White 38% Latinos 8% African Americans and 12% Asian Indians. Why they are the special target market. According to the American Medical Association Latinos and African Americans are three times likely to be obese physical observation can prove this than their white counterparts. What qualifies them as members of the target market. Their wealth portfolio and spending power is growing. They most likely do not have good healthcare insurance. They are not the intended target for gated communities’ development. They are the dominant casualties of cardiopulmonary disease diabetes and heart attacks. Because of their weight and despite being professionals they are ostracized in society and community with this concept will make them feel more secure and like they belong. What will cause the target market to respond to the new marketing campaign.

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