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How to write your Real Estate Agency Listings Proposal

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Anyone selling real estate or property.

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Real Estate Agency Listings Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Recommended Real Estate Listings for the Matherson Family

Thank you for entrusting us with the search for your new home. We specialize in making affordable deals for first time homeowners and in matching middle income families with their dream homes. Based on our initial consultation, we have selected three homes in the West Peninsula neighborhood as good matches for your family’s wish list. Note that this is only the beginning of our working relationship—if one of these is not your dream home, we can show you many more in a variety of neighborhoods.

We’re here to assist you in your quest to find the right place for your active family. We believe you’ll find the enclosed proposal informative and interesting. After you’ve had a chance to read and consider the information, give us a call to set up your first tour. We can’t wait to get started working with you.

We’ve selected the West Peninsula neighborhood as the area of Seattle your family is most likely to enjoy, based on our initial conversations. Within the West Peninsula area, we’ve selected the top three homes that we feel best match your criteria. We look forward to showing you these properties and working with you to be sure your family ends up in its dream home.

At Walkner Real Estate, we specialize in making affordable deals for first time homeowners and in matching middle income families with their dream homes. Are you ready to find your new home. "We specialize in matching families with their dream homes".

The Objective

The Matheson family wants to purchase a home that meets the following needs. A minimum of three bedrooms, and preferably four or more. A minimum of 2.5 bathrooms, and preferably 3. Indoor and outdoor space for a large, active family.

The Opportunity

The West Peninsula neighborhood offers many parks and recreational opportunities, as well as a diverse community and affordable housing. Purchasing a home there will help the Matheson family meet the following goals. Live in a diverse community with a variety of ethnic groups and income levels that reflects your blended family.

Live in a house with room to grow. Have easy access to local schools and parks.

The Solution

Walkner Real Estate will select homes in the area that match the Matheson family’s wish list and budget, starting with the three properties presented in this proposal. Then, working as a team, we should. Get pre-qualified for a mortgage.

This will make the process of purchasing a home faster. Tour the properties recommended by Walkner Real Estate. Purchase the house of your dreams.

The following properties have been selected for your consideration, based on our initial consultation. You stated a desire for an affordable home that will comfortably accommodate your family of six, with a minimum of three bedrooms and two and a half baths. You also wanted homes that were close enough to green spaces that your children could safely walk to parks and play fields.

We believe that the West Peninsula neighborhood has everything you’re looking for. See the Community page for more about that. Within the West Peninsula neighborhood, we have selected the following homes for your consideration. 1405 Roaming Ridge Drive Listing #.

80852 Description. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, living room, family room, spacious kitchen, 2 car garage Square Feet. 2570 Features. Peek-a-boo views of bay from the living room and kitchen, large fenced back yard, close to bus routes Cost.

1257 Aristotle Court Listing #. 59786 Description. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, recently remodeled kitchen, living room, basement recreation room and office Square Feet.

3200 Features. This has room to grow because the large daylight basement area could be used as is or easily remodeled to include an additional bedroom or two. 900 Castle Lane Listing #.

43215 Description. 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, large kitchen, dining room, living room, recreation room, and large workshop in 3-car garage Square Feet. 3500 Features.

This property is a wonderful opportunity for the right family—like yours. It is a huge home that needs some tender loving care to bring it back to its original luxurious state. It is structurally sound and in an ideal location next to a park, and includes many high-end finishing touches such as fine kitchen cabinets and valuable light fixtures.

These are the three properties currently on the market that we believe best suit your needs as you described them in our initial meeting. But there are many more properties to choose from, and we’re just getting to know each other. Let’s set up a tour of these three as soon as possible so you can share your thoughts and expectations with us. We know we can match you with the perfect house.

The West Peninsula Neighborhood offers the following amenities that match your "wish list." All are within easy walking or biking distance of the houses we recommended on the Listings page. Westside Park This huge park has a public swimming pool open June-September , two baseball fields, a big picnic area, and hiking trails along the beach. North Point Park This is a beach park with nearly three miles of sand to play in and a paved walkway to walk, skate, or bike along.

Smith, Firwood, and Wildside Parks These small parks all have green space for games and modest playground and picnic areas. Peninsula Junction The Junction is the heart of the West Peninsula area. It features a large grocery store, a hardware store, and many specialty shops such as bakeries, gift shops, and florists.

There are also four restaurants to choose from, and a small movie theatre. Peninsula Sports Arena This is a popular neighborhood hang-out, with ice skating in the winter and roller skating in the summer. It features plenty of seating for spectators and a track and inner field area used for local school track meets and soccer games.

West Peninsula Schools The West Peninsula schools include. Bartlett Elementary, Corbison Elementary, Forest Middle School, Prentice High School, and the Nevison Academy private. All West Peninsula schools have established credentials of academic excellence. The West Peninsula is ready to welcome your family.

See the Community page for more information about the friendly folks that live in the neighborhood. Why did we recommend the West Peninsula neighborhood and the three homes for you. We chose the West Peninsula neighborhood for its proximity to the downtown area and Carl’s new job. It’s an easy bus or in summer ferry ride from the West Peninsula to downtown Seattle.

In addition, West Peninsula has excellent schools and a large selection of parks, which makes it a perfect place for an active family. Our recommendations of homes are based not only the physical characteristics of each house, but also on the following location analysis of each property. 1405 Roaming Ridge Drive. This home is on a ridge, offering partial views of the bay.

In addition, it has a large fenced back yard, as do neighboring properties. It’s only a couple of blocks to bus routes, which makes it convenient for Carl and Aimee to get to work and for any member of the family to get to the shopping center or recreation area. Roaming Ridge Drive is well lighted and all properties have adequate off-street parking, thus lessening the opportunities for car prowls and traffic incidents.

Less than half a mile away is the Peninsula Junction area, with all the shopping and services you might need. 1257 Aristotle Court. This home is on a hillside and offers a spacious, partially finished daylight basement that could easily be remodeled to accommodate the needs of an active family.

Bus stops are less than a half mile away in any direction. The property is situated between Smith Park, which has good playground equipment, and Westside Park, which has play fields and hiking trails and beach access. It’s a great area for adults and kids alike.

The streets in this area are well lit and regularly patrolled after dark by the local police. Peninsula Junction is only three-quarters of a mile away. 900 Castle Lane. This large property is adjacent to North Point Park, so it’s a short walk to the beach for playing in the sand or skating or riding along the paved walk there.

The streets in this area and the pathway along the beach are well lit and regularly patrolled by the local police. Because the beach can be a big draw for partiers during the warm months, the local police maintain a mobile station at the beach from May through September. This police presence ensures quiet and safety in this popular area.

Peninsula Junction is less than a mile away. Based on your answers to our questions about the features you want most in your community, we believe the West Peninsula neighborhood is perfect for your family. Here’s why. Diverse Population Because your family includes members of different ethnic groups, you stated a desire to live in a community with a variety of people.

According to the census, West Peninsula includes nearly equal proportions of Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, and those identifying themselves as White Caucasian. Your blended family will definitely look and feel at home here. Wide Range of Income Levels You stated a desire for your children to grow up in an area that included different income levels.

The average annual income for residents of West Peninsula ranges from $38,000-$320,000. Green Spaces You wanted a community that includes parks and trails and outdoor spaces for your family to spend their recreation time. West Peninsula includes three large parks with hiking trails and play fields for baseball and soccer; as well as six small "pocket" parks with a variety of amenities such as basketball hoops, picnic tables, and playground equipment for smaller children. Safety You wanted a safe community.

West Peninsula has very low crime statistics. You can easily check the numbers yourself on the Seattle Community Crime Statistics web site. We believe your family would love the West Peninsula neighborhood.

Please call us as soon as possible to tour the houses shown on the Listings page. We pride ourselves on offering you the best service possible. At Walkner Real Estate, we do all of the following services. Help you build your checklist for the home you want Some buyers know exactly what they want before they begin the search.

Others may not be so sure. We listen to you and help you analyze what you like and don’t like about each property, and together we can create the list of "must have" aspects to match with the home that’s perfect for you. Help you locate the home you want We know all the listings on the market.

In fact, odds are that we have toured all of them in person. We know the neighborhoods and communities in our area. It’s our pleasure to recommend the best match for your criteria of the place you want to live. Ensure you get the best house you can afford We know all the financing options and can make recommendations on the best way for you to finance your home within your budget.

Our goal is to match real people with affordable real estate. Represent you in negotiations with the seller Purchasing a home is often a negotiating process, with offers and counter-offers. We will write up each offer in a legal contract document, then politely and firmly represent your position to the seller. If the seller makes a counter-offer, we will get that in writing in proper legal form, and we will present all counter-offers honestly for your thoughtful consideration.

Assist you in completing and expediting paperwork to close the deal See the Teamwork page for a list of associates we work with to ensure that every detail is properly taken care of as together we work through the process to get you into your dream home. Help you get oriented to your new neighborhood We’re happy to provide lists of utilities and local goods and services, as well as maps, to help you feel at home as quickly as possible in your new location. We at Walkner Real Estate are experts in the best practices in real estate, but we are only part of the team. The most important team member is YOU, the client.

Our business depends on you, and our priority is to help you purchase the home you want. Other important contributors to the team are our consultants and associates, such as architects and engineers and skilled crafts people of all kinds, who are available to advise and assist as needed. Here are just a few of the members of our professional team. The Walkner Family Team All four members of the Walkner family are licensed real estate brokers and can assist you in any real estate matter.

Feel free to call on any of us at any time. Wendy Walker, Joe Walkner, RaeEllen Walkner Lehrer, and Mark Lehrer. Orion Inspection and Appraisal Service Nearly every home must be inspected before purchase to be sure there are no hidden problems, and all mortgage companies will insist on an appraisal before approving a mortgage loan. We recommend this company for efficient service and objective inspections and appraisals.

Easton Escrow We have worked with this escrow firm for more than a decade. They are absolutely reliable and can expedite your paperwork in the most secure and efficient manner possible. Jordan Architectural Firm We have a solid working relationship with the architects at Jordan.

They are always willing to help with a remodel or addition to an existing home, as well as with designing new homes. They are available to answer any questions you may have. Our Skilled Crafts People and Suppliers We have great relationships with local carpenters, painters, electricians, HVAC experts, stone and brick masons, plumbers, and landscapers.

In addition, we are happy to recommend local suppliers for flooring, lumber, appliances, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and just about anything else you can think of. Odds are we can get you the best deal on what you’re looking for. Walkner Real Estate is a family business founded in 2000 by Wendy and Joseph Walkner. We match real estate and real people to create the American Dream.

"We match real estate and real people to create the American Dream". We specialize in making affordable deals for first time homeowners and in matching middle income families with their dream homes. We have been here for you during the difficult times, putting together more than 300 deals since we started. Our company has now expanded to include our wonderful daughter and son-in-law, RaeEllen and Mark Lehrer.

Below is a list of some of the most important clients served by Walkner Real Estate. The Pepper-Carli Family George Pepper and P.J. Carli weren’t sure if they could afford to buy a home. We found the perfect townhouse condo at the top of their modest price range, persuaded the seller to take the offer, and George and P.J. couldn’t be happier. Loreena Tilsit Loreena is a well respected local artist, but as any self-employed person can tell you, it is often a challenge to get a loan of any size.

We used our connections and got Loreena into a modest but light and bright rambler. She’s now hard at work creating her next collection of paintings. Miguel and Melinda Santabuena Miguel and Melinda had only been married a few months when they discovered they were pregnant with twins. They wanted to purchase a small home for their coming family, but had a limited budget to work with.

Both are handy at all sorts of remodeling tasks, so they were thrilled when we matched them with a great property that needed some fixes to bring it back to its former glory. Because of their efforts, their home has doubled in value, and their babies are sleeping peacefully in a beautiful remodeled nursery. Kim Blumberg Kim is a successful attorney with two kids, who also shares a home with her widowed mother Nancy.

Having Grandma at home is a great relationship for the family, but it means that Kim and her mother really wanted a house where both women could have some space of their own. We found Kim the ideal rambler that included not only rooms for the kids and an office for Nancy but also a compact mother-in-law apartment with private garden space. We have many, many more success stories we could crow about. We think of all our clients as our extended Walkner family.

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K S Malone

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