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Real Estate Property Sales Services Proposal
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Real Estate Property Sales Services Proposal

Real Estate Property Sales Services

Hiring Johnson Real Estate to sell all new homes in Eagle Crest for the highest possible price and showcase Premier Northwest Development Inc. as standard for quality home construction.

The Objective

Sell all new homes in Eagle Crest for the highest possible price. Experienced qualified reputable on site agent. Marketing plan. Website with access to up to date information.

The Opportunity

To showcase Premier Northwest Development Inc. as standard for quality home construction. Achieve market exposure despite saturated market. Promote Eagle Crest as coveted living location.

Establish web presence for informational and marketing purposes.

The Solution

Hire the best agent and establish solid marketing. Contract with Julia Tempe as listing agent. Approve detailed marketing plans. Register domains and build website.

Standard Disclaimer. The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate for the projects discussed. The above Cost Summary does in no way constitute warranty of final price.

Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change before being locked in by binding contract. Julia Tempe has performed thorough location analysis detailing area attractions and comparable sales. Following are the results. New housing development miles north of downtown Redmond.

Redmond’s population as of last year was 980. Average Income. The median average income of families in Redmond is $78 430.00 almost 20% higher than the median state income. Economy. The economy of Redmond is strong thanks in large part to Microsoft and Nintendo having primary locations there. Property values are expected to keep climbing as Microsoft expands their Redmond location by million square feet and adds employees.

The downtown business district is also attractive to many potential buyers as it retains many privately owned retail stores. Education. The city has elementary schools junior high schools high school and private schools including performing arts school. DigiPen Institute of Technology and Washington Technical College are both within Redmond. The city is also home to the second largest library in King County.

Recreation. The city services developed parks and undeveloped parks as well as miles of trail for hiking biking and horseback riding. Redmond is also home to the Redmond North Little League Little League World Series Champions. Arts. Redmond is home to the Eastside Symphony and Washington Academy of Performing Arts.

Comparable Sales

The average listing price of homes in Redmond for last year was $430,000.00. Home values have continued to climb in the Redmond area. Average sales price for homes within mile of the Eagle Crest development is currently $760,000.00.

Market and Audience

The Real Estate market is slowing down with the rise in interest rates the slowing of the economy and the saturation of the market. However the Redmond area is coveted location and Eagle Crest being prime development within Redmond has the potential for selling homes at record prices because of many high paying tech jobs in the surrounding area. Our target audience is these earners.

Marketing Venues

Venues have been chosen based on years of solid sales results utilizing the same methods.

  • Eagle Crest website to be developed
  • Featured listing on Julia Tempe’s real estate website
  • Northwest Multiple Listing Service
  • Northwest Homes Real Estate Magazine

Billboard located on corner of 118th Ave. NE and 146th Ave. two miles from development available the second week of August. Open homes to take place every Sunday until sold. On site agent availability from 8am until 5pm days week with evening hours available as an on call basis.

Marketing Budget

The marketing budget for website development for Eagle Crest will be the responsibility of Premier Northwest Development Inc. Estimated costs are $4900.00. Estimated costs for graphic design of billboard ad are $1000.00.

Johnson Real Estate and Julia Tempe will contract out website development and graphic design if so desired. The marketing budget for all else will be provided for by Johnson Real Estate and Julia Tempe.

Marketing Time Table

Listing on Julia Tempe’s site and Northwest MLS to occur within hours of contract signing. 3rd party website development and implementation to occur by August 1st. Northwest Homes Real Estate magazine ad to run bi weekly starting August 1st until homes are sold. Billboard ad to go up August 7th and be in place for one month.

Follow up Marketing Plan

In the unlikely event that there are still homes remaining to be sold two months after listing date Julia will absorb the cost of additional magazine and billboard ads. I enjoyed meeting with you last week to discuss your new housing development. The quality and architecture of your homes is impressive and Eagle Crest has the potential to become Redmond’s most coveted neighborhood. However with the housing beginning to slow you will need someone who has proven experience and recognizable reputable name to sell your homes.

Have sold over homes in the Bellevue Redmond area over the last twelve years and can offer you that solid sales experience with an in depth knowledge of our local area. In addition propose that your on site agent should be aggressively marketing your development instead of waiting for buyers. You will see that already have marketing plan for you which will bring you the highest price possible for your homes. My experience reputation knowledge and marketing skills make me the best on site agent you will find in the Bellevue Redmond area.

Am also Microsoft Certified Relocation Specialist allowing me the chance to find homes for Microsoft’s new hires as they relocate. As Redmond is home to Microsoft’s largest campus this gives us an additional venue for finding buyers. I welcome the chance to work with you.

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