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Research Assistant Sample Proposal
Research Assistant Sample Proposal
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The Research Assistant Sample Proposal is an example of an individual promoting themselves to be accepted as a member on a research project.

This is a good example to follow for students, interns or anyone proposing their services to a cause or project.
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The Research Assistant Sample Proposal is an example of an individual promoting themselves to be accepted as a member on a great white shark research project.

The Research Assistant Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the services of an individual for a research project. This example shows how our Proposal Packs can be used for virtually any type of proposal. In this example an individual is promoting themselves to be accepted as a member on a great white shark research project.

Individuals or small businesses offering their services or assistance to a research project. Student interns and resume writers.
Sample business proposals are completed proposal examples you can use as a guide when writing your own unique business proposal. Sample business proposals illustrate how a collection of proposal templates from one Proposal Pack design was assembled together into a framework and the details filled in to complete the proposal. The Wizard proposal software includes this sample proposal as one of its business situations you can quickly create your own proposal from using a graphic design theme of your choice.

Research Assistant Sample Proposal

Ian Lauder can offer you the following unique skills and equipment to assist in the ReefQuest research project. . Two complete SeaCam Nikon D2X high end digital underwater housings—redundant equipment minimizes downtime and increases safety. . High speed Nikon D2X digital camera which can capture eight frames per second for action sequences in high resolution. Image sequences can provide higher quality research material than video and can also show detailed sequence of events better than single still frame. am also experienced in capturing high speed sequences from moving platform which will be useful for capturing breaching and predation behavior. . Multiple underwater and surface camera systems that allow for capturing large volume of images with minimal interruption. . One of only handful of underwater photographers able to shoot full 180 degree view images and complete 360 degree IPIX VR images. am the only person who has shot full 360 view underwater of Great White sharks now featured on Discovery Channels Shark Week web site. Such images offer unique perspective not seen in typical wide angle photography. . Gyro stabilized surface camera for sharper top side action photography. Gyros are typically used to stabilize cameras from moving platforms such as boats and helicopters. have many years of experience shooting top side from moving boats as well as shooting underwater in rough conditions. . Positive promotion of Great White shark images following the expedition. Donation of images to ReefQuest for research educational use. Images are also donated on request to Cyber Sea Inc. for students and teachers. . Positive promotion of Great White sharks through multimedia such as web site photo galleries screensavers and slideshows. Also ReefQuest will be promoted from multiple web sites such as www.cyber sea.com and www.ianlauder.com. have great affinity for sharks and am interested in doing my part to help understand and protect them.

Ian Lauder has been involved in numerous projects for other companies operating as an executive team leader and team member over the years. Our portfolio contains many projects similar to the one we will develop with you. For more details see our web site portfolio page. http. www.ianlauder.com Two sample photos are show below. More extensive galleries are available on the site listed above. . Great White Shark – South Africa . Great White Shark – Guadalupe Island Mexico The following Cyber Sea team members will be working with you during the course of your project. We have included their resumes below so you can get to know your team’s skills and backgrounds. Ian Scott Lauder Education 1984 1988 University of Montana B.S.—Major in Computer Science Software Emphasis Minor in Math

Graduate of New York Institute of Photography PADI Certified Master Diver with specialties in night diving deep diving boat diving wreck diving and underwater naturalist. Dolphin rebreather certified Evolution rebreather certified. Experience My expertise in software development is extensive 16+ years. My knowledge of the ++ Language is also extensive. My specialties include generic portable C++ code optimization multi user network relational database development commercial web site development commerce solutions affiliate programs cooperative processing systems graphic design photography marketing web development multimedia production and general problem solving. History Cyber Sea Inc. August Present President of Cyber Sea Inc. CD ROM Multimedia Business Cards Stock photography

Assignment photography Web design and development Journalism Screensavers and prints IPIX virtual reality photography CyberTrakker Affiliate Systems

General Business Proposal Templates Web Development Proposal Kits Web Development Planning Kits Through Cyber Sea Inc. my photography and writing is continually published in books magazines and advertisements including Popular Photography Photo Life Level WaterSki WakeSurfer Flight Diver Magazine Bart’s Watersports Catalog Boating Life Go Boating Ski & Snowboard The Water Skier VSD Magazine and Splash. Member of NANPA North American Nature Photographers Association Member of ASMP Member of the Better Business Bureau Washington Sites created include. www.Cyber Sea.com www.CyberiCard.com

www.ProposalKit.com www.ProposalPack.com www.APresentationTrakker.com www.CyberTrakker.com SEAFAIR June Present Staff photographer for SEAFAIR the largest event in Seattle Washington Cyberi Inc. June Present VP of Engineering

Cyberi Inc. produces multimedia CD ROM presentations. am an owner and co founder of the company and am primarily responsible for the production of CD ROMs. The following is short list of companies have created CD ROM presentations for for Cyberi Inc. Cyber Sea Inc. and other private labels. West Coast Hotels Renaissance Parc Hotels Inn of Chicago Four Seasons Embassy Suites Hyatt Hilton Summerfield Suites Last Frontier Resort Sheraton Doubletree Wellesely Inn University Inn Days Inn Marriott Horseshoe Resort Olympic Data Last Frontier Productions Florentine Design Group Diamond Communications Advanced Laser Clinic New World Network Delta Dental Biltmore Fashion Park Hydrofoil Inc Sky Ski Hot Air Expeditions Valentinis Fine Wine Line Seattle Christian School Andover College Burr & Temkin Marine Stewardship Council Linblad Expeditions Send International Sample CD ROMs produced are available on request. Hydrofoil Pro Tour Present Official Photographer Responsible for photography of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour with stops at watersporting venues across the country each summer. Flight Magazine October Present

Senior Photographer Responsible for photography and web site development for both Flight Magazine and The Flight World Championships of Hydrofoiling. Sky Ski January Present Team rider photographer and web site developer for Sky Ski. Makers of high performance hydrofoils. Global Technology Services June May I was the Director of Software Engineering at Global responsible for large portion of the backend software written by the company. This is code base approximately MB in size portable across DOS Windows 3.1 Win95 NT with portable database interface ODBC or embedded SQL and portable between multiple compilers 16 and 32 bit and DBMS's currently Oracle and Sybase. My primary responsibilities were writing applications to interface with external systems and keeping databases worldwide synchronized on daily basis.

The following is short list of companies have done work for with Global. Nike Toys Us Service Merchandise Lillian Vernon Swiss Tommy Hilfiger Skyway Paris Presents Applause Butler Bradlee P&O Nedloyd Vista Development Corporation June May As Software Engineer for Vista Development Corporation have been involved in variety of projects working with customers on one to one basis. have managed projects worked as member of team and also worked as the sole member of projects. The following is list of companies have consulted for with Vista. Chase Manhattan VMX Fisons Image Consulting Group Vitro Kvinko Harland Simon NDS Rockwell Fidelity Investments Thomson Financial Networks Intellicom Solutions WheelBase Visa Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceuticals US Coast Infosel Silveco MSG Lundy Financials Comdisco Scanning Management Systems Versyss E. F. Haskell Magnavox ADT Security Systems Document Automation Corp. GTE IBM De La Rue Printrak Applied Systems Technologies XILINX Chief Data Cybermedix Inc. Lincoln National Information Services Coulter Electronics Bull Information Systems Pacer Corp. GSA Goodwill Games Scientific Columbus XYTRON Peckham Industries CMS Users Group

Raima Corporation Sept. June I was Technical Support Engineer for Raima Corporation manufacturer of the db VISTA III Database Management System. supported the full line of products which included db VISTA db QUERY and db REVISE. was involved in porting db VISTA to other environments and testing the new releases of Raima's products. also maintained administered and enhanced two of Raima's internal databases. UofM Computer Center Dec. Sept. As Student Consultant solved many computer related problems for the university staff and students. was responsible for phone and in person technical support and tutoring. UofM Computer Center Sept. Sept. I worked for the UofM Computer Center as Micro Computer Lab Monitor. My duties consisted of maintaining the computer lab and tutoring students in various computer related areas.

UofM Food Services Sept. Sept. As UofM dish pig gained extensive experience in various dishwashing methodologies. Marshall Noice Studio I worked as an assistant to world renowned photographer Marshall Noice. did general studio work including print retouching and darkroom work. Skills and Systems Team leader for three man group developing Pascal compiler. I wrote the ODBC driver security system and BCD code for the Velocis DBMS by Raima Corporation. This work was portable between DOS Windows OS and UNIX. Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe LiveMotion AcidPro Macromedia Flash FrontPage Dreamweaver Fireworks Director and numerous other web development tools. I also specialize in multimedia and web development using custom sized and shaped micro CD ROMs. design and create Macromedia Director multimedia presentations including cover art IPIX VR photography graphic design audio and video for both the PC and Mac platforms. I designed and built the CyberTrakker commerce sales and affiliate tracking system. The system includes front end web site and backend integration with the CyberTrakker Manager and other 3rd party applications.

I produced the ProposalKit web developers toolkit for estimating web site development projects and creating proposals. designed the entire site based on the principals of "Performance Marketing." I am familiar with C++ DOS Windows Win9x NT ME OS Mac UNIX db VISTA db QUERY SCAPE Vermont Views Various compilers Raima Object Manager Vitamin Watcom SQL Velocis PowerBuilder Oracle Sybase SQLAnyWhere JavaScript HTML CGI Perl EDI DHTML Macromedia Dreamweaver & Director Adobe Photoshop Acrobat Illustrator Premier Alex Barron ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research Dear Alex I would like to join your team to assist on one of your Great White expeditions. am available for any of your four scheduled trips. have been very interested in returning to South Africa to photograph the breaching and predation behavior in False Bay and have been looking for the best outfit to work with. I bring much more to the table than being just another photographer. In addition can provide you with unique high end photography equipment and skills such as 360 degree view IPIX as seen on Discover Channel’s web site from my last South Africa trip. Beyond just the support can offer you during the trip are services can provide you post trip such as creating shark friendly marketing materials donation of materials for educational use and marketing of ReefQuest from my own web sites which get considerable traffic. You could find someone with my expertise very useful—being very experienced cold water diver and photographer specializing in underwater nature wildlife member of NANPA action water sports and events. All of which come to play on such trip. am very used to spending week or two on boat in rough conditions while having to perform to my best ability. I look forward to being able to assist on one of your expeditions.

Sincerely Ian Lauder President Cyber Sea Inc. 425 881 1954 office 206 419 8039 cell ian@ianlauder.com http. www.ianlauder.com

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