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How to write your own Employee Security Card Proposal

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Employee Security Card Sample Proposal
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The Employee Security Card Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the services of a computer systems solutions provider for a client to print employee ID security cards inhouse.

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Used by computer system service providers. Used by anyone selling a custom service.

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Employee Security Card Sample Proposal

Security Solutions 313 Hawthorn Street Weston Stockdale TT30 3DP PH 303562 FX 303563 www.securitysolutions uk.com

Security Card Printing Solution Prepared for. Janice Halloway Financial Controller Prepared by. Mick Snowden IT Consultant To provide an in house solution for printing of Employee ID Cards for Applied Systems UK Limited. Proposal Number. HL 001 Summary Consultant Details Appendices

The Objective To provide an in house facility for the printing of non electronic photo identity cards for employees of Applied Systems UK Limited. Need #1. Fully self contained with no need for external agencies Need #2. Easy to use functionality Need #3. Low capital investment and reasonable ongoing running costs. The Solution The solution is based around the Fargo Persona C30 Colour card printer solution. This includes the necessary software for the printing of plastic identity cards with customer defined fields. This system can be upgraded to encode magnetic strips should this be required in the future. Recommendation #1. Fargo Persona C30 printer solution with Assure ID Software.

Recommendation #2. Quick Cam Pro Refresh hi resolution web camera to provide cost effective imaging solution for ID cards. Recommendation #3. HP DX2200 PC with 17" TFT screen to provide dedicated card creation workstation. Development Costs Price Equipment Costs Fargo Persona C30 ID Printer inc Software Optional QuickCam Pro Refresh WebCam Optional HP Dx2200 Desktop PC Optional 17" HP L1706 TFT Monitor

Shipping Consultancy Costs 1 Day installation configuration and implementation. Optional half day onsite user training £843.00 ex VAT £ 54.00 ex VAT £419.00 ex VAT £ 99.00 ex VAT £ 8.00 ex VAT £400.00 inclusive £200.00 inclusive Total Development Costs.

£1251.00 Base cost £2023.00 with optional hardware Extra Cards Extra Ribbons £55.00 per pack £80.00 each

Total Miscellaneous Costs. Dependent on usage Standard Disclaimer. The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate for the projects discussed. The above Cost Summary does in no way constitute warranty of final price. Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change. The following section is designed to provide the necessary information to ensure that our clients can be assured of professional quality service. Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator 18 years industry experience

Strategic Partnerships with suppliers in key technology areas Previous experience has been through contract or permanent positions with the following organizations and companies. ASDA Stores PLC Racal Datacom Digital Equipment Corp NatWest Bank Redstone Communications formerly Xpert Systems Reuters Rothschild Banking Group ICI Lucite

Lowell Group This experience has included the following areas. Systems design and implementation Desktop Support Infrastructure maintenance Telephony installation and maintenance

Systems migration and integration Corporate desktops Licensing Intranet and internet site development including Commerce Professional partnerships are currently in place with the following suppliers. Softcat PLC Licensing Software and Hardware

Redstone Communications Telecomms Data Communications Network Infrastructure NGC21 Telecomms Objectronix Network Security CommIdea Electronic Payment systems – e.g. Online Credit Card systems Features of the Fargo C30 ID Printer. Optional dual sided printing Cards are flipped inside the ID badge printer so both sides are printed in one pass. Easy loading all in one ribbon cartridge Simply open the front panel of the printer slide in the ribbon cartridge close the panel and you’re done.

Integrated card cleaning roller The roller is integrated into the all in one ribbon cartridge so you never have to mess with changing separate cleaning roller or ribbon. Direct to card printing Dye sublimation and resin thermal transfer technologies print sharp clear images directly onto the surface of the plastic ID card. Simple plug and print operation The Persona C30 Color ID Card Printer is as easy to use as regular office printer. Two year warranty with depot service at the factory.

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make the whole process flow together into a very professional and eye-catching proposal. Every time I have submitted a proposal, I have had someone either ask me who prepared the proposal for me or compliment me on how nicely the proposal was done."

Dr. K.G. Parsons
CEO, Aging Hearts Assoc.
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