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Security Guard Services Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Security Services for Copperville Centre

Please find enclosed our proposal for providing security services for Copperville Centre. We have reviewed the requirements and standards set by the City of Copperville and the State of North Carolina, and are prepared to meet all conditions and abide by the terms set forth in the Request for Proposal RFP. We believe you will see that TopMarx Security has the appropriate experience and can provide outstanding service for this project.

If you have any questions about the content of this proposal, please call us for clarification or additional details. We hope to meet with you to sign the Copperville Centre Security Services Contract at your earliest convenience. Copperville Centre, a mixed-use tourist and public attraction, requires security services. TopMarx Security has the appropriate experience and can provide outstanding service for this project.

TopMarx Security Services is perfectly positioned to provide trained security personnel who can meet the needs and goals of Copperville Centre.

The Objective

Copperville Centre, a mixed-use tourist and public attraction, requires security services. Adequate numbers of security personnel are needed to protect the public and property within Copperville Centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additional security personnel are needed on occasion to handle large festivals and sporting events held at Copperville Centre.

Because Copperville Centre is a tourist attraction, security personnel working there should be able to assist and instruct visitors in a courteous manner.

The Opportunity

Contracting with TopMarx Security Services to provide security services will meet the following goals of Copperville Centre management. Keep Copperville Centre a safe, pleasant place for the local public and for tourists to visit. Protect the property and interests of the business owners within Copperville Centre. Gain the flexibility to expand and contract security staff as needed to handle a variety of seasonal events.

The Solution

TopMarx Security Services is the leading supplier of security services within our region of North Carolina. We have a well established training program for security guards that can be customized to meet the needs of Copperville Centre. TopMarx consistently maintains a large pool of qualified security guards, and so we possess the capability of scheduling security personnel as needed to handle a variety of situations and events. Copperville Centre management should meet with TopMarx Security Services to discuss event schedules and address any special personnel requirements Copperville Centre may have.

Copperville Centre management should finalize a one-year contract with TopMarx Security Services, with options to renew for future years. After signing the contract, TopMarx will immediately review available candidates, develop training materials as needed, and train and place guards in new assignments at Copperville Centre. TopMarx Security Services is ready to fulfill all the needs and meet all the requirements described for the Copperville Centre project in their Request for Proposal.

Standard Disclaimer. The prices shown above are valid for one year from the time of contract agreement. New costs will be determined each year and a new contract must be signed each year.

TopMarx Security pays for all training, supervision, employee benefits, and insurance costs for its workforce. After conferring with Copperville Centre management and vendors, our staff will develop and provide specialized training for our security guards. We are staffed and equipped to handle a variety of training needs. On-Site Training All security guards will be thoroughly oriented on-site as to the specific locations and building layouts and potential security issues of the different venues included within Copperville Centre.

Off-Site Training All security guards will be trained in proper procedures and expected behavior standards during the six-week TopMarx training course. Printed Manuals With assistance from Copperville Centre management and merchants, TopMarx Security will develop a training manual for all guards assigned to Copperville Centre. Fast Track Training Experienced TopMarx security guards will receive concentrated training and orientation so that they may assume their responsibilities at Copperville Centre as soon as possible.

Ongoing Training TopMarx will provide ongoing training for its staff as needed to handle new situations and correct any deficiencies that may be noted during the course of our contract with Copperville Centre. TopMarx Security Services can handle all the training needs for security personnel at Copperville Centre. Unarmed security guards cannot handle every situation on their own.

TopMarx Security will put in place procedures with other agencies and train all personnel to coordinate with other city and county agencies as described below.

Law Enforcement Issues

Upon observing criminal activity, TopMarx guards will immediately call the Copperville Police Department for assistance. If necessary, TopMarx guards may stop and question a suspect, but only law enforcement officers can arrest suspects. During sporting events or international events, TopMarx guards may be called upon to interact with federal authorities as well as local police.

In these cases, TopMarx guards will obey all instructions of the law enforcement authorities.

Medical Issues

All TopMarx guards will be certified in First Aid and CPR procedures to render emergency assistance as needed. In the case of minor injury or illness no broken bones, bleeding, unconsciousness, or breathing difficulties , TopMarx guards will be instructed to call the Copperville Fire Department and request Emergency Medical Technician assistance. In the case of major injury or severe illness obvious broken bones, bleeding, periods of unconsciousness or breathing difficulties , TopMarx guards will call the Copperville Fire Department and request a Paramedic Unit. Should the sole Copperville Paramedic Unit be unavailable, TopMarx guards will call Copperville Hospital and request an ambulance.

Tourism Issues

Because Copperville Centre is an international tourist attraction, there may be times when emergency translation services are needed. In cases where a guard cannot communicate with a distressed visitor, the TopMarx guard will call the Copperville Police Department and request translation services, which can generally be provided over the phone within a short period of time.

Issues with Transients

Because the central park area is not fenced, people may enter 24 hours a day. This presents potential problems with homeless who may want to camp out within the Centre after dark. TopMarx guards will be instructed to urge homeless persons to leave and hand them information cards from the local shelter.

If they refuse to leave, guards will be instructed to call police for assistance. Periodic drills will be held in conjunction with appropriate agencies to ensure that all parties know how to respond in an efficient, appropriate manner to keep the public, business owners, and employees safe. Effective security services depend on adequate supervision and performance reviews for security personnel.

Your contract with TopMarx Security guarantees the following. Random checks by TopMarx supervisors of the Copperville Centre to ensure that our guards there are performing as expected. A surprise drop-in inspection by our supervisory staff can happen at any time and during the course of any event.

During a check like this, all guards will be observed and evaluated. Availability and willingness of TopMarx management to take comments and complaints on our service. In the event that any of our guards behave in an unsatisfactory manner, we want to hear about it immediately.

Supervisors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Immediate correction of all service problems. If an issue is determined to be a lack of training or a misunderstanding, guards will be instructed in correct behavior and put on probation. A repetition of problem behavior will result in immediate replacement of that guard.

Availability of TopMarx management to handle scheduling issues, including emergency situations. A supervisor from TopMarx is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to coordinate with Copperville Centre management and handle any situation. TopMarx Security Services is dedicated to training and supervising our staff to provide superior service to our clients.

All TopMarx security guards must undergo a thorough background check prior to employment, and must agree to a yearly background check during their employment with TopMarx. The following areas are investigated. Criminal history – Candidates must have no criminal charge more serious than a traffic ticket.

Credit check – Because guards must be trusted never to steal, candidates must not have significant liens, defaults, or other indicators of financial difficulty in their recent history. We check each applicant’s credit history for the last five years. Domestic abuse concerns – A candidate may be disqualified from employment if he or she has a history of being the cause of repeated calls to the police department for loud arguing or violence at home, even if the candidate was never arrested.

Civil court case history – A candidate may be disqualified from employment if he or she has a history of repeatedly suing or being sued by other parties. Drug screening – Candidates must pass a drug screening test before employment, and must agree to undergo random drug screening during the course of employment. TopMarx Security Services obeys all privacy laws during the course of its investigations, and all candidates receive copies of their background check reports so that they can remain informed and correct any errors that may occur. Copperville Centre, with its mix of buildings and park area and its variety of public events, presents a number of security challenges.

The needs for different areas are discussed below.

Park area

The grassy park area in the middle of Copperville Centre is popular with locals as well as with visitors. No fences enclose this area, so people can enter 24 hours a day. During daylight hours, people of all ages are likely to be present, as well as their various pets. After dark, there is potential to have homeless people sleeping in the area, and unsavory activities such as drug dealing or prostitution taking place.

The park area will require 24-hour supervision to ensure public safety. Large festivals such as Medieval Days and SpringFest also take place in this park area. Events such as these offer opportunities for pickpockets and other predators. During these times of heavy visitation and large crowds, additional security will be needed to maintain order and guarantee safety.

Sports arena

The Copperville Centre Sports Arena hosts basketball games and volleyball games and occasional trade shows with large crowds in attendance. The attendees park in the surrounding parking lots and pass through the public areas between the restaurants and nightclub. On game or show days, additional security guards will be needed for crowd control both on the exterior and interior of the arena, as well as in transit areas.


Copperville Centre hosts three restaurants. The CC Deli, with hours from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and outdoor seating bordering the park area; Evangelina’s, with indoor only dining and hours from 11.00 a.m. to 10 p.m.; and the Copper Crow Diner, with both indoor and outdoor seating areas and hours from 11.00 a.m. to 9 p.m. Although security is not planned for the interior of these establishments, guards may be called by restaurant personnel requesting assistance with difficult situations, and all these premises will be checked hourly after closing to be sure they are secure.


In the northeast corner, Copperville Centre includes Ceci’s, a popular nightclub, with hours from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Ceci’s has requested a security guard at the door during open hours. Ceci’s may also be the source of or attraction for inebriated persons wandering into the park area or between other buildings after closing, and security guards will need to be posted in trouble spots during the prime leaving hours from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Due to the varying venues, variable circumstances and scheduled events, the exact numbers of security guards needed and total costs cannot be projected on a yearly basis. TopMarx Security will coordinate and schedule with Copperville Centre Management to provide complete security services for Copperville Centre in the most efficient manner possible. Copperville Centre is a prime attraction for tourists from other states and countries.

Because tourism is very important to Copperville’s economy, TopMarx Security is dedicated to presenting a friendly, helpful face to visitors while keeping them safe.

Tourist Considerations

Tourists often need guidance on how to travel around Copperville, or on how to find the information they need. TopMarx security guards will be trained to provide useful instructions to visitors.


Some visitors to our area do not speak English well. TopMarx security guards will be trained to be polite to these tourists and to call the police department to enlist the aid of a translator when needed.


Many visitors from other countries have a natural distrust of law enforcement or any official in uniform. By presenting a friendly, helpful face, we can demonstrate to these tourists that American authorities are not threatening and can be trusted. All TopMarx Security guards must meet the following qualifications.

  • Have at least a high school diploma or GED certificate.
  • College coursework or additional training is preferred.
  • Pass the six-week TopMarx training course with a score of at least 85 out of 100, or have at least three years experience as a law enforcement officer, military police officer, or as a security professional at a public venue.
  • Have excellent command of written and oral English.
  • If armed, possess a current firearms license and certificate relating to the standard firearm carried on the job.
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or legally allowed to work in the United States.
  • Possess a valid U.S. driver’s license.
  • Pass a background check, including credit check.
  • See the Background Check page for more information.
  • Pass a company physical.
  • Pass all drug screening tests.
  • Be able to lift 50 pounds without difficulty.
  • Be able to remain standing for long periods.
  • Present a friendly yet authoritative manner.

Additional qualifications for TopMarx personnel may be added at any time. About us – TopMarx Security Services is the premier supplier of security services in the southeast region of North Carolina. We can provide custom-tailored security services to meet all needs, large or small.

TopMarx Security Services was founded in 1979 and employs a workforce of trainers, unarmed and armed security guards, managers, office staff, and a variety of specialists. We are capable of quickly contracting or expanding our employee list to meet the needs of our clients. Our employee numbers typically range between 592-970 people.

TopMarx Security Services is headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina and has regional offices in Copperville and South Panasic.

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