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How to write your Security Plan Analysis Document proposal

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Proposal Pack Security #8 Body Page
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The Security Plan Analysis Document is an example of a final report back to a client to do a security analysis of a business.

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Security Plan Analysis Document - The Narrative

Security Analysis for Kickit Department Store

Is a clothing and accessory store that is very popular with teens and twenty-somethings. The manager of Kickit, Inc. has recently become concerned about security, as several items of expensive merchandise have disappeared, and gang graffiti has been sprayed on one of the exterior store walls during hours of darkness. Kickit, Inc. management hired Parkherst Security Consulting to do a three-day study of the store activity and submit a security analysis for consideration. This report is the result of that study.

Parkherst Security Consulting has completed our assessment of your store security and has identified the following needs which are not being met. Although only minor problems have occurred on site to date, we want to bring to your attention the following security issues. Kickit, Inc. is a popular clothing and accessory store located within a small strip mall.

It has one set of sliding doors in the front that are open to the public during business hours, and another single back door that is used by employees and delivery personnel. Neither of these doors is electronically monitored in any way, which could allow for theft of merchandise by customers or employees and or entry of personnel with violent intent, such as terrorists, active shooters, or armed robbers. In addition, Parkherst Security Consulting observed that cash registers are sometimes left unlocked and office computers left on when employees are away from their stations.

These situations allow easy opportunities for theft of money, credit card information, and customer and employee records.


Although establishing proper security measures will initially cost Kickit, Inc., the store should save money in the long run by eliminating opportunities for problems to occur. In the event that a major incident happens, Kickit, Inc. will be prepared to cooperate with law enforcement authorities and insurance investigators.


We believe that additional in-store security should be established, in the form of electronic surveillance cameras positioned strategically within the store, use of security tags on merchandise in conjunction with an electronic security gate for the front door, and an electronic keypad entry system on the back parking lot door and the inside store office door. In addition, further training of staff is recommended to prepare them for possible emergency situations. The management of the Kickit, Inc. store expressed several goals to Parkherst Security Consulting.

Deter theft of merchandise Kickit, Inc., like all retail stores, is at risk of shoplifting of merchandise by customers on the sales floor and may also be at risk of theft of stockroom supplies by employees and intruders. Increase security of computer records and credit card information Identity theft is a continual problem in the United States, and it generally starts in two different ways. Intrusion into computer systems, or theft of printed records and credit card sales receipts. With cash registers and an onsite office containing three computers, Kickit, Inc. is at risk for both of these scenarios.

Increase security for customers and employees Customers want to feel safe inside a retail space, and employees deserve a safe workplace. Discourage undesirable intruders from entering the store The best way to increase security for personnel and to deter theft is to discourage criminals and undesirable elements from entering the premises both during and after store hours. Parkherst Security Consulting undertook this study with all of the above goals in mind.

Security is always of primary importance, both in private venues such as business offices and especially in those open to the public, such as retail stores. Listed below are the measures recommended to improve and ensure security in the Kickit, Inc. department store. Invest in and install an electronic security tag system to protect against merchandise loss.

This system should include security pins for expensive merchandise and an electronic security gate system for the front door. Install security cameras throughout the store and office, as well as at front and back doors. Many thieves and potentially violent criminal types active shooters, armed gang members, vandals, etc. will be deterred by the presence of cameras. In the event that a robbery or other incident does occur, video captures may be used to help identify the guilty parties.

Develop policies for using office computers and cash registers to safeguard documents and records, and train employees to follow these policies. Employees need to understand when they may be exposing information to potential thieves and hackers, and must learn how to protect these records. Install an electronic security system to monitor and control entry to the front door, back door, and office door, and add panic buttons at strategic locations for emergencies.

An electronic key system will record entries for record keeping, and will prevent unauthorized intrusions. Panic buttons will allow employees to signal law enforcement in the event of an emergency. Putting into effect the basic security measures discussed above will improve security for all personnel and will safeguard against hacking attacks and identity theft. To prepare the site for the recommended security measures, the following steps must be taken.

Determine best sites within and outside of store for security cameras The goal is to monitor all areas of the store as well as all entries. Note that no cameras may be installed inside restrooms or changing rooms to protect the privacy of patrons and employees. Ensure that electric lines can be extended to power all security cameras, electronic security gate for front door, electronic keypads for back door and office door, and to provide panic buttons for the security system. An electrician should verify that additional electronics can be handled by the current system or if the electrical panel must be upgraded.

Plan for positioning of electronic security gate at front door Merchandise displays may need to be repositioned to allow space and wiring for two security towers that will sound an alarm if a security tag passes between them. Schedule installation of all items Installation of all systems should be coordinated for minimal downtime in the store. Schedule training for employees Employees will need to learn how to use keyed entry pads and panic buttons. In addition, a few employees will need to learn how to arm disarm the alarm system and how to monitor and maintain video surveillance recordings from the security cameras.

With proper planning and scheduling, all security equipment should be quickly installed and available for use. The Parkherst Security Consulting consultant observed activity in the Kickit, Inc. store over a three-day period. Conclusions are that the store is at risk for.

Attack by violent criminals Analysis. With no security cameras and no door monitors of any kind, the store is at risk of an attack by an armed robber, active shooter, or terrorist. Hiring an armed guard to be present during store hours would be most desirable. At a minimum, a security system with strategically located panic buttons to call law enforcement should be installed.

Theft of store merchandise Analysis. With no electronic or surveillance monitoring of either door, theft of merchandise from the floor or storeroom is definitely a risk and may already be occurring. Use security tags on expensive items and install a security gate at the front door.

On the back door, install an electronic key-code system that keeps time-stamped records of individual codes used to enter and exit. Theft of cash or credit records from store registers Analysis. Parkherst Security Consulting observed that registers are sometimes left unlocked and unattended during busy times. This is a theft risk.

Install security cameras above each register, and teach employees to lock registers every time they are not in use. Theft of records from store office Analysis. Parkherst Security Consulting observed that the store office is not locked during business hours, and the two office employees leave their computers running when they are not present.

This could allow for easy identity theft of information or hacking of the store records by other employees or by strangers entering the unlocked door. Install an electronic keypad on the office door and install security cameras within the office, and instruct employees to completely shut down computers when they leave. In addition, ensure that each employee uses a private user ID and password that is logged into the system; shared IDs and passwords may invite internal theft.

Unauthorized entry after store hours Analysis. With no security cameras and no door monitors of any kind, the store is at risk of unauthorized entry by thieves or employees after closing. On the back door, install an electronic key-code system that keeps time-stamped records of individual codes used to enter and exit. Install a security system that will set off alarms and alert authorities of any entry after hours.

By following our recommendations, the Kickit, Inc. store will be a safer and more secure place for both customers and employees, and will continue to be a profitable retail business. Kickit, Inc. maintains regular store hours, but also occasionally hosts store parties and special sales that may include live music, costumes, and food. These public events are great for sales, but can offer a challenge for security. Parkherst Security Consulting recommends the following.

During regular business hours, use security cameras and electronic monitoring to protect customers and employees. Keep in mind that all security cameras and key-code systems must be regularly checked to be sure they are functioning properly. Exterior security cameras are often targets of vandals and should be checked daily.

During special public events, consider hiring an armed guard to monitor the front entrance and possibly inspect all purses and backpacks. As Kickit, Inc. wants to appeal to young shoppers, the store wants to continue special events, but should consider extra security measures as such events may attract unwanted elements. During high-traffic seasons such as Christmas shopping, consider hiring plainclothes monitors to guard against shoplifting. In peak seasons when stores are crowded, many retailers employ plainclothes guards or assign employees to monitoring duty as a stop-loss measure.

Report any suspicious activity to law enforcement, and schedule periodic drills to practice use of panic buttons and after-hours alarms. Local police should be made aware of any concerns that Kickit, Inc. management may have, and should be informed about security systems within the store. During the study period, Parkherst Security Consulting noticed several areas of vulnerability.

Easy access to back door and office door With no electronic keypad or locked entry system, it would be easy for intruders to enter from the employee parking lot at the rear of the store. Thieves or armed intruders could easily steal from the storeroom, or enter the office to hack into computers or steal cash or credit records. Lack of video surveillance When criminal types feel that nobody is likely to see them, they are encouraged to steal, loiter, and vandalize. Video cameras can prevent criminal activity as well as record it when it happens.

Lack of security system both during and after store hours During store hours, employees should be able to easily alert law enforcement when needed, and after hours, an electronic system should be armed to sound an alarm and contact police when security is breached. These vulnerabilities can be easily remedied by following the recommendations presented in this report. In addition, store personnel should be trained in proper security measures.

To improve security, Kickit, Inc. should put into place the following policies. Use individual entry codes and computer passwords for all store employees Allowing more than one employee to share the same entry keys and computer passwords is a risk. With individual codes and good recordkeeping, activities can be easily tracked.

Never leave office computers on when not in use Employees should be taught to completely shut down computers when they are not using them. Check all security cameras on a routine basis One or more employees should visually check all security cameras and recording system on a scheduled basis to make sure cameras are operational and continually recording. Perform background checks for all employees Prospective employees should agree to a background check, and professional sources should be used to check for past criminal records.

All names of an individual should be checked in addition to specific identifying information such as addresses or social security numbers to ensure the correct history is reviewed. Most online background checks are not sufficiently thorough and should not be used. Management should become acquainted with and coordinate with local law enforcement It is in everyone’s best interest to know what to expect when law enforcement is needed.

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