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Personal Resume Sample Proposal
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Read this article for more ideas on how to write this type of proposal: How to Write Your Resume as a Business Proposal

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The personal resume sample proposal is from an individual pitching his talents to a company with a position open.

This is a good example to follow for any individual pitching their services as a potential employee or freelance contractor.
Length of Sample: 8 Pages

There are thousands of proposal topics to choose from in Proposal Pack. This sample uses the following set of Proposal Pack topics: Cover Letter, Title Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Client Background, Qualifications, Portfolio, References.
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The personal resume sample proposal is from an individual pitching his talents to a company with a position open. This sample illustrates how to use any of our Proposal Packs to pitch a company's (or this case an individual's) goods and/or services to a potential client.

The personal resume sample proposal is from an individual pitching his talents to a company with a position open. The Proposal Pack framework can be used by virtually anyone.

Individuals promoting themselves for a job position. Use of a business proposal format shows skills in business operations and a business oriented mindset.
Sample business proposals are completed examples of business proposals, business plans and other business documents you can use as a guide when writing your own unique business document. Sample business proposals illustrate how a collection of templates from one Proposal Pack design was assembled together into a framework and the details filled in to complete the document. The Wizard proposal software includes this sample proposal as one of its business situations you can quickly create your own proposal from using a graphic design theme of your choice.

Personal Resume Sample Proposal

Ronald Smith General Manager Champion Inc. 45258 South Vine Street Phoenix Arizona PH 805 555 1500 rsmith@champion.com Mr. Smith I am writing to express my interest in the Senior Operations Manager position as mentioned on your company’s website and have enclosed my resume for your consideration. believe am qualified fit and would make valuable addition to your company. Because of my education and work experience you will benefit from my outstanding ability to be efficient and reliable listen and react to peoples’ needs and look at challenges as opportunities. have strong time management skills and also possess strong written and oral communication skills. require little guidance in the work place and am capable of doing what is required without direct supervision; however enjoy working as team and have no problems creating relationships with co workers.

Enclosed is my resume to provide you with the details of my skills and accomplishments although am positive that personal interview would more accurately reveal my qualifications and the contribution can make towards your organization’s future success. Sincerely Larry Jones 5225 SW Main Street Phoenix Arizoza PH 805 555 4567 FX 805 555 7890 ljones@aol.com Larry Jones

5225 SW Main Street Phoenix Arizoza PH 805 555 4567 FX 805 555 7890 ljones@aol.com Champion Inc. Champion Inc. is the center of today's Spend Management revolution enabling Internet based business processes for more than leading companies around the world including over of the Fortune 100. Champion is helping buyers suppliers and market makers everywhere find and seize their opportunities in the new digital economy. SENIOR OPERATIONS MANAGER

Prepared for. Ronald Smith General Manager Prepared by. Larry Jones Personal Proposal Champion Inc. Table of Contents Executive Summary The Objective Champion Inc. is seeking Senior Operations Manger who will be responsible for the direction management and leverage of the Champion Enterprise Spend Management Solution with targeted major account including service delivery customer satisfaction account penetration and commercial management.

In this role the Senior Operations Manager will draw upon other resources within Champion e.g. Marketing Customer Service Professional Services Business Development and Alliances. The Objective As part of Champion’s management team Larry Jones will honor the following strategic vision by. . Focusing on achieving their long term goals of predictability profitability and sustained growth. . 100% customer satisfaction. . Being responsible for attracting and retaining professional workforce that meets the highest standards.

. Providing rewarding environment to its employees. The Solution As Senior Operations Manager at Champion Inc. Larry Jones’ mission is to exceed the expectations of Champion AND its customers by committing to their shared values and by achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. In this way he will ensure that Champion’s profit quality and growth goals are met by. . Selling high value technology solutions. . Being business orientated strategic thinker. . Demonstrating high level of energy self starter.

Qualifications Summary of Qualifications . More than years experience in Customer Service and Support with recognized strengths in account maintenance problem solving and trouble shooting. . Well rounded background in human resources training operations and management. . Excellent experience developing and implementing variety of corporate programs including those that must comply with corporate state and or federal agency guidelines. . Ability to train motivate and supervise Customer Service employees. . Skilled in developing department budgets and creating department objectives.

. Experienced in writing and delivering presentations for executive meetings. . Possess solid computer skills. Microsoft Office Word Excel PowerPoint Access Lotus 2 Core Values . ACCOUNTABILITY takes responsibility for decisions at individual and company levels. . ACHIEVEMENT aspires to the highest level of excellence in Champion’s products and services. . ATTITUDE – believes that remaining positive and looking ahead are essential parts of achieving goals. . BOLDNESS believes that taking calculated risks encourages growth and new discovery. . COMMITMENT keeps his promises to clients employees and their families. Portfolio Education

. Major in Business Administration University of Phoenix Graduate with Honors Courses included business math marketing communications and human relations. . Minor in Marketing Communications Training . MIMA Management Institute courses in Supervision Key Link to Productivity & II Advanced Supervisory Techniques & II Communication in the Real World Training the Employee on the Job and Principles and Practices of Management & II. . CUNA Star Customer Service Modules Training . Principles of Management Project Management Institute San Diego CA

. Advanced Project Management Project Management Institute San Diego CA . Managing Change Change Management Learning Center Boston MA. Memberships and Awards . Member of MCU Marketing Careers Unlimited . Executive member of IMTS International Marketing Team Society . Member Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals . Presented Media Criticism at WCA Conference. April Background

Professional Experience July 2000 Present Operations Manager Truck and Rail Transportation Phoenix Arizona . Direct fleet of trucks trailers and railcars in area regions of Arizona Colorado New Mexico and California. . Profitably manage 60% growth in total business from year to year. . Skillfully interface operation of two companies while retaining fiscal autonomy. . Utilize extensive knowledge and skill of transportation logistics to significantly improve efficiency of deliveries by 35% effectiveness of manpower by 25% and accuracy improvement by 95%. June 1993 July Customer Service Representative Telux Mobile Boise Idaho

Worked with sales professionals covering states Rhode Island and Connecticut responsible for over 800 individual and corporate accounts. . Supported sales reps in opening new accounts and upgrading existing service. . Quickly and effectively solved customer challenges. . Maintained quality control satisfaction records constantly seeking new ways to improve customer service. May 1988 June Sales and Customer Relation Manager Wintec Software Boise Idaho . Worked directly with sales teams to win new accounts made presentations to potential clients. . Solved client problems with innovative solutions while working with sales management and clients. . Accomplished cost saving in many areas by using strengths in analysis and negotiations. October 1986 May Personnel Manager Human Resources

Ralston Corp. Atlanta Georgia . Worked with training manager to develop and implement New Employee Orientation Program NEOP. . Wrote New Employee Reference Guide which helped employees better understand the company its operations and who to contact with questions. . Assisted vice president in budget reconciliation and other activities. References The following are some of my clients who have agreed to be references. Feel free to contact any of these references about their experience with Larry Jones. Elizabeth Crawford Sophie Gallery

General Manager 6060 South 6th Georgetown Nebraska Phone. 714 555 2434 E mail. elizcraw@sophie.com www.sophie.com Skip Bennett

Clear Creek Apparel Buyer Co Manager 11819 US Hwy Empire Nevada Phone. 454 555 3232 E mail. skip@ccapparel.com

www.ccapparel.com Erin Baldwin Bowman Shoppe Manager 387 Main Street 2240 Anderson Drive

Morrison Connecticut Phone. 920 555 5664 E mail. erin baldwin@bowman.com www.bowman.com

How do you write a Executive Summary document? (template originally used to create this sample)

The Objective. Include purpose statement that covers the problem and the central idea. Restate the clients needs as determined by reading their RFP or your previous interview process. Need #1. Insert need statement here Need #2. Insert need statement here Need #3. Insert need statement here The Opportunity. Include the major points of analysis and identify the opportunity. Restate the clients goals you identified previously via RFP interview etc. Goal #1. Insert goal statement here

Goal #2. Insert goal statement here Goal #3. Insert goal statement here The Solution. Include recommendations for both solution and the steps required for action. Summarize what you are proposing to do and how you are going to do it to meet the goals. The full recommendation page can be added and expanded on. See the Recommendations proposal document template. Recommendation #1. Insert recommendation statement Recommendation #2. Insert recommendation statement Recommendation #3. Insert recommendation statement

Writing the Portfolio document (template originally used to create this sample)

Company name has created numerous projects for other companies. Our portfolio contains many similar projects as we will develop with you. For more details see our web site portfolio page at. Insert URL of your portfolio web page Insert portfolio project here Insert project description here Insert portfolio project here Insert project description here Insert portfolio project here Insert project description here Insert portfolio project here

Insert project description here Insert portfolio project here Insert project description here Insert portfolio project here Insert project description here Insert any additional information here

How do you write a Client Background document? (template originally used to create this sample)

Company name is headquartered in City State or province. Company name has Insert number of employees employees. Company name was established in Insert year established here State brief client business history Be specific and definite. Do not omit important information but be precise and avoid unnecessary words Company name was established by the Insert who founded the company The original goal was to provide Insert client mission statement Evolution over the past Insert number of years client has been in business years has led to the current structure and goals that are held today. Discuss and show you understand the history that generated the current stated need. Use additional templates to outline opportunities problem analysis goals expected results etc. In our analysis of Company name it has come to our attention that another important issue needs to be addressed at this time. If any include additional problems that exist for the company but were not directly stated

Web site domain URL

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The complete Personal Resume Sample Proposal - with the actual formatting, layout and graphics - is available in the retail Proposal Pack.
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