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What You Get
  • Includes 2200+ editable templates
  • Customizable using your logo and photos
  • Includes Novice Edition Proposal Software
  • Includes 600 graphic title page backgrounds
  • Extensive library of 200 sample proposals
  • Cover, inquiry, and follow-up letters
  • Invoices, estimates, and costs
  • Work orders and general contracts
  • Non-disclosure protection forms
  • Financial templates and forms
  • Proposal development worksheets
  • Proposal writing manual
  • Government grant writing manual
  • Financial calculator spreadsheets
  • Buy this pack and get 70% off a second pack
  • Extensive library of 2200+ proposal chapters (Cover Letter, Title Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Cost Summary, Recommendations, Contract and Terms, Environmental, Resources, Sustainability, Impact Statement, Company History, and more).
  • You will find the topics you need to write about: your reader (client, manager, investor, funder), your industry, your project, your products, your services, your financials, and your company or appendix information. Assemble just the topics you need to create your unique proposal.
Create These Business Documents
  • Business Proposals
  • Product Sales
  • Service Sales
  • Sales Letters
  • Educational Proposals
  • Technical Proposals
  • Non-Technical Proposals
  • Non-Profit Grant Proposals
  • Business Plans
  • Quotes and Contracts
  • Buying & Selling a Business
  • Business Documents
  • Information Packets
  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Book Proposals
  • Resumes
  • Letter Proposals
  • Project Proposals
  • Research Proposals
  • Local Govt. Grants
  • Federal Govt. Grants
  • Government Contracts
  • GSA Contracts
  • Request for Proposals
  • RFP Responses
  • Multilingual Proposals
  • Complex Reports
  • Studies and Plans
  • Instruction Manuals

Get started quickly and easily—Order and download for $79.


  • Licensed for five computers
  • Wizard Software automates line-item quoting
  • One-time license cost - no monthly costs
  • Works for all businesses in all industries
  • Designed for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Designed for individuals and teams
  • Topic library ensures you find what you need
  • Eye-catching Title Page designs
  • Self-guiding templates walk you step-by-step
  • 200 completed samples help you write your own
  • Increase your odds of winning new business
  • Based on proposal writing best practices
  • Unique "Trust Based" proposal writing system
  • Downloadable - you can start now
  • Create proposals of any length
  • Create proposals in many languages
  • Create unlimited proposals at no extra cost
  • Create new documents and add your own
  • Add your logo and customize layouts
  • Easily customize fonts using Word 'Styles'
  • Output in many formats - Word, PDF, HTML
  • Integrates with other business software
  • Includes editable artwork graphics
  • Wizard Software automates proposal creation
  • Completely customizable
  • Free product support
  • Templates work with Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Wizard requires Microsoft Windows & Word
  • Is also works with Windows in S Mode
  • Supports multiple operating systems
  • Supports multiple word processors
  • Not for use on smartphones or Chromebooks
  • 281 MB installation size
Business proposal example What Our Clients Say

These issues aside, I am very excited about our company’s use of Proposal Kit and the amount of time this program will save our associates when creating proposals."

Kyle Reynolds
Proposal Pack Mining #2 Sample Pages
These Title Page, Recommendations, Cost Summary, and Back Pages are just four of the 2200+ included pages. You can change the text, colors, fonts, logos, and images.

You can create any business document by combining different combinations of pages like these from the 2200+. The rest of the included pages will have this same customizable visual design.
Proposal Pack Mining #2 Title Page

Proposal Pack Mining #2 Recommendations Page
Proposal Pack Mining #2 Cost Summary Page
Proposal Pack Mining #2 Back Page
The templates are all editable Word format documents you can customize. The Proposal Pack Wizard helps automate customizing and assembling documents.

While the Proposal Kit Professional is our main product, a lower-cost option is to get a single Proposal Pack design theme such as this one and upgrade to the Professional bundle later if you need the extra contract content or more advanced software features.

Proposal Pack Wizard guides you with step-by-step numbers and prompts to select your design theme, enter your data, select your chapters, create your documents, and edit them for delivery.

Proposal Pack Wizard is a Microsoft Word for Windows Add-in accessed via the Word toolbar.
Proposal Writing Software
Configurable fast-access lists let you quickly check off the chapters you will add to your proposals, contracts, and other business documents.

The Wizard gives you multiple configurable ways to manage your documents, such as fast-access checklists and presets, searching by name, and building your documents from a library of hundreds of example business situations.
Proposal Writing Software

The Wizard includes a line-item database system to automate quotes, schedules, and other business plan financials.

Novice Edition users have access to all premade line-item databases.

Expert Edition users can customize databases by changing calculations and layouts and building their own custom line-item databases.

Proposal Writing Software
You are planning on striking it rich and this design theme conveys that message in your proposal using high quality mining stock photography.
Used by companies and individuals looking to add a mining design theme to their proposals. This design invokes a feeling of striking it rich with a bold strong type face and colors.

This Proposal Pack uses the font type "Futura Bold Condensed".

Q: What is the difference between Proposal Pack Mining #2 and the others?

Business Proposal Software and Templates Mining #2 Proposal Pack Mining #2 is a specialty graphic logo design which accents our entire collection of over 2200 business proposal templates. You get a custom design theme consistently integrated through every page of your proposal. We have done most of the work for you already - pre-written proposal letters, contracts and documents complete with graphic designs and title page backgrounds and sample proposals which show you how to create yours.

Use the templates as-is, edit the graphics for a custom look, and use the optional Proposal Pack Wizard automation software to master your business proposal writing.

We added design elements in the Proposal Pack templates that you can easily change. You can change the size, shape, and color of the borders, fonts, tables, and other elements.

You can customize design elements such as logos, body watermark graphics, custom bullet point graphics, and Title Page graphic designs. Proposal Packs include the original artwork graphics to make it easier for you to customize our Proposal Pack visual themes. This type of customizing requires graphic design work using your own graphics editing software. We also provide services to customize Proposal Pack graphic themes.

Logos and images included in the Proposal Packs are for general purposes, and we designed them for you to replace with your logo and pictures. Due to licensing restrictions, you may not use stock photography and logos outside the Proposal Pack templates for any other purpose.

Proposal Packs are downloadable after ordering. Platforms supported include Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word Perfect, Google Docs, iWork, Pages, and Appleworks. Proposal Packs are for use with Microsoft Word for Windows or any other word processor that can open Microsoft Word documents.

You can output your completed documents in any format your word processor supports. For example, you can output in Word, PDF, HTML, XML, and text formats when using Word. You can output in Word, PDF, and Pages format when using Pages on the Mac.

It includes many sample proposals, general project and service contracts, and non-disclosure forms. It supports the creation of business proposals, grant funding proposals, business plan funding proposals, book publishing proposals, letter proposals, government contracts, research proposals, resumes, and other complex business documents. The library of included sample proposals covers many types of proposals in many industries and is included as general guides and help information.

We designed Proposal Packs for any type of business, small and large. Proposal Packs are the framework used to show prospective clients who you are, what you can do, what you propose to do for them, and most importantly, how they will benefit from the product or service you provide. Each Proposal Pack includes 5500 pages of templates, samples, and instructions.

While you can use the Proposal Pack Mining #2 as a stand-alone collection of templates on any operating system or word processor, you get even more power and capabilities when combined with the Proposal Pack Wizard Software. The Novice Wizard software requires Word for Windows that can run macros. Wizard is not for use with the Web/App edition of Word. It does not run natively on Mac. Because the included Novice Wizard is an optional component, it is not required to use the templates. We include preassembled templates ready to use for Mac users and Windows users who do not have Microsoft Word.

Proposal Pack Wizard - Novice Edition bundled with Proposal Pack Mining #2We include the entry-level Novice Edition of the Wizard software with every Proposal Pack. You can add even more capabilities by upgrading to the Expert Edition. Upgrading to the Proposal Kit Professional Bundle is how you upgrade your software to the Expert Edition of the Wizard. The easiest way to get the discounted Proposal Kit Professional upgrade is to order through the Novice Edition Wizard program and click the upgrade link or log in to the My Orders page of the website.

The Proposal Pack Wizard automates many tasks, such as helping you select templates for your specific business situation, merging contact information, preparing your cover letters, contracts, table of contents, and more. There are third-party add-on options for those capabilities if you need even higher-end features, such as sophisticated database-driven quotes and price calculations.
Q: I use a Mac. What if I can't run the Wizard software?
A: The Wizard is optional and not required. There are multiple options for Mac users.

The Proposal Pack templates and documents work on all platforms, including Mac. You can open the documents in Word for Mac and OpenOffice for Mac. An interface runs on a Mac browser to help navigate through all this content.

We already include several assembled documents for product and service sales proposals, business plans, grants, and quotes. Ready to open and edit as-is on a Mac.

The Novice Wizard with the individual Proposal Packs is an automation tool built using Word for Windows. Microsoft does not support its macro automation features on their Word for Mac. You only use this interface on Windows platforms. This interface is also mainly used to custom-build short templates more efficiently. If you can access a Windows computer running Word for Windows, you can install it there, create custom templates, and edit them on your Mac.

To assist Mac users without access to a Windows computer, we will generate one custom template for you using any of our hundreds of document layouts. After ordering and downloading the Proposal Pack, you can request this when you are ready.

We designed Proposal Packs for use by any business. The Proposal Packs are collections of proposal documents designed using industry-standard guidelines. Our documents are pre-designed, complete with graphics, and are mail merge-enabled to automate the fill-in of standard fields (personal information, names, and addresses).

We have already done the time-consuming layout, design, and graphics for you. Just fill in the blanks and easily create anything from a three-page small business proposal to an enterprise-class proposal hundreds of pages long.

The templates in "Proposal Pack Mining #2" have a distinct visual style integrated into them.
*** The free Proposal Pack offer with Proposal Kit Professional Bundle only applies to your first Proposal Pack. All others after the first are discounted 70% off. You only get one free Proposal Pack design.
Business proposal example Just used one of

your packs today and finished a business proposal in one day that would otherwise have taken me a week to do and the result was far more professional looking..."

Marty Demarest
Business proposal example Your Proposal Packs

summarize in the best of fashion all the finest practices for businesses in their dealings with customers, mostly because they remain focused on the client's solution, giving back to the customer the control over his project."

Ivan Stankovic
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