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Technology Business Plan Sample
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The Technology Business Plan sample is an example of a software related business requiring startup funding from a lender.

This is a good example to follow for any technology related businesses looking for funding from a bank or investor.
Length of Sample: 26 Pages

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This sample was created with Proposal Pack Business #7

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The Technology Business Plan sample is an example of a web based business requiring startup funding from a lender.

The Graphics for You, Inc. Sample Proposal is an example of a business plan proposal created using Proposal Pack. This example shows how our Proposal Packs can be used for virtually any type of proposal. In this example a technology company (web site and graphic design) is requesting additional funding for a small start-up business.

Business startups looking for funding.
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Technology Business Plan Sample

Graphics For You Inc. 18014 29th Ave SE Wilmont WA PH 253 687 7051 FX 253 687 7050 www.GraphicsForYou.com Funding Request for Business Start up Prepared for. Lance Dourbrook Loan Officer Prepared by. Jim Spears Owner Graphics For You Inc. is seeking $20 twenty thousand dollars cash plus $20 line of credit in start up funding for graphic logo and web site design business.

Graphics For You Inc. is ready to launch with an operational web site and line of existing products available for immediate sale. Funding is required for additional staff and operating expenses. Proposal Number. 1105 Table of Contents Executive Summary Organization Marketing Financial Appendices The Objectives Graphics For You Inc. has been developed to offer an affordable image branding product for new start up businesses and existing small to mid sized companies. By purchasing from Graphics For You Inc companies can acquire professionally designed logo that is unique to their business while keeping their overall costs down. We offer unique stylish logos for our clients. Other graphics companies may charge 10 20 times more for logos of this quality. Using our less expensive services will allow our clients to direct more money into other aspects of their businesses.

Our designers have over six years of experience in the web and graphics world which gives our company competitive edge. Our technical expertise allows us to also offer solutions such as web templates web design commerce printing services and design services for custom logos and other graphical elements. In addition we are offering resource collection of free articles on topics from advertising and promotion to software and start up companies. We are targeting users in all areas and trying our best to deliver support for all of their needs. Our articles are intended to help them get their businesses up and running online as well as to propose solutions to important questions such as how to drive customers to their web sites. Highlights Innovative Professionally Designed Affordable Products Our products have been designed with the user client in mind. We offer many services not seen on other logo template sites such as text changes color changes and up to five other possible revisions per logo. All source files and fonts are included with each logo sale. We sell only the highest quality logos. Each design must meet our standard of excellence before we will offer it on our site. Experienced Developers and Management Our management team and developers have over six years of experience in the world of web design and graphics. Their familiarity with industry trends has taught them how to create sophisticated designs that will stand the test of time. Understanding of the Importance of Logo A logo is vital to company. it represents that business and is recognizable image to its customers. We know that no matter what else may change companies want to stick with logo. That’s why we strive to create unique timeless designs. When new business purchases logo from us that company can rest assured that the logo design will work well for the entire life of the business. Customers Graphics For You Inc. will generally target home based businesses start ups and small to mid sized companies. We will also approach larger companies through our custom logo creation services. About Us – The current owner of Graphics For You Inc. is Jim Spears. Future registration of our business as well as partners may change at any time.

Graphics For You Inc. employs two people with third to be added shortly. Graphics For You Inc. is headquartered in Wilmont WA. We are currently web based company only; physical locations or facilities have not been purchased or rented. At this time to keep costs down the company runs from an office in the owner’s home. Products – Because our logos are already created our online logo shop will offer customers way to purchase great looking logo without the hassle and expense of contracting with graphics designer. customer simply selects from our extensive collection of logos over logos in our shop at any time and orders logo online. When we receive the order we remove the logo from our web site to ensure that it is sold only once and then we contact the customer to ask if revisions are needed such as name change color change and up to five other possible revisions. We provide all source files as well as the final logo files for print and web use. Services Graphics For You Inc. will be an online provider of logos and graphical design business identities and of business to business solutions focusing on the home based and small to mid sized business market. This will be combined with strategic advertising that will drive traffic to our web site and allow businesses to showcase and promote their product company on our site for fee. Our services of business identity and business promotion will be augmented by our ability to offer an effective range of web design and commerce services. How to Contact Graphics For You Inc. If you need to contact us for any reason you can reach us at. Graphics For You Inc. 18014 29th Ave SE

Wilmont WA Phone. 253 687 7051 Fax. 253 687 7050 E mail. jim@graphicsforyou.com URL. www.GraphicsForYou.com Client contact. Jim Spears Owner Mission Statement The mission of Graphics For You Inc. is to become recognizable North American web based company utilizing the connective power of the Internet to become leader in the unique logo templates market. We will offer start ups home based businesses and small to mid sized companies the opportunity to own unique high quality professional logo at lower price than our competitors charge. Further we plan to deliver an environment that creates trust in Graphics For You Inc. as web resource as well as huge marketplace where businesses can promote their own products.

Purpose Statement To accomplish this Graphics For You Inc. will combine high quality products and cost effective solutions along with effective and targeted marketing while creating alliances with similar supporting products to give our customers and users an all around company for their needs. As well as offering web resources such as place to promote their businesses Graphics For You Inc. will enable customers to request quotes for our other services such as web design and to gather information from our free web articles. Following is Graphics For You Inc.’s legal structure. Graphics For You Inc. is incorporated as an Corporation in the state of Washington. Legal name. Graphics For You Inc. Type of company. Graphic and web site design products and services.

Graphics For You Inc. will be an online provider of logos and graphical design and of business identities and business to business solutions focusing on the home based and small to mid sized business market. This will be combined with effective advertising that will drive traffic to our web site and allow businesses to showcase and promote themselves and their products on our site for fee. Our business identity and promotion applications will be strengthened by our ability to offer an effective range of web design and commerce services. Product sales of pre designed logos will also be used to drive custom logo design web site design and commerce development sales. . Custom Logo and Graphic Design Custom creation of business logos. . Marketing and Promotion Online marketing of clients’ web sites. . Web Site Design Custom creation of web sites for clients. . commerce Services Custom creation of commerce business solutions for clients. Our online logo purchase shop will offer customers way to acquire great looking pre designed logo without the lengthy process of contracting with graphics designer. Our customers simply review our extensive collection of logos over logos in our shop at all times and then select and order one online. When we receive an order we remove the logo from our web site to ensure that it is sold only once and then we contact the customer to take care of any revisions such as changes to text colors or up to five other possible alterations. We provide all source files as well as finished logo files for the customer’s print and web use. Graphics For You Inc. simplifies the design process by eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming back and forth consultations with graphic designer. Clients are able to peruse many high quality finished logos and choose the perfect design that fits their needs. They can request any necessary changes and within just few hours of purchase the final unique logo is delivered to their mail address with all files needed for their business. The standard logo design process would usually take 14 business days and cost 10 15 times more than purchasing logo from us. When customers deal with Graphics For You Inc. they know up front exactly what they are getting.

Saving time and money is important for any business and especially so for our primary target market of small to mid sized companies and home based businesses. . Logos on Demand Pre designed logos for sale online. Customers save costs by ordering pre designed logos that will not be made available after purchase to any other company. Our logos are sophisticated professional designs. We focus on offering smaller number of high quality designs as opposed to competing sites that sell large numbers of mostly lower quality products. Following is list of major assets owned by Graphics For You Inc. . Business Identity Our business identity which includes logo promotional tag and slogan have been developed to be used and recognized by businesses and customers. Our logo is unique to us displaying an eye appealing unique symbol that is easily recognized as Graphics For You Inc. creating brand labelling. . commerce Service Graphics For You Inc. features fully operational commerce web site system that allows products to be added through an admin section on the site. Our site can also receive and process orders; remove sold products; create promotional offers coupons and vouchers; and display featured products on the front page. Also included in the commerce program is an area to add create and manage web site ads placed on the Graphics For You Inc. front page. . Web Site Development All graphics for the web site have already been developed coded and integrated into the commerce system. The company web site is live and ready to start taking orders for our logo products. . Products Products such as logos have already been developed and an inventory of over products are on the web site at any given time. New logos of the highest quality are continually being developed and added to the web site. . Equipment

We have purchased four computers one for office use and three for product development as well as the web site design graphic design and office management software required to launch the business. . Intellectual Property Graphics For You Inc. owns the web site domain "GraphicsForYou.com" and all of the web site and logo design template copyrights. The following is description of Graphics For You Inc.’s operations. All products and services developed by Graphics For You Inc. logo products advertising web design graphic art etc. will originate from designers located in the USA. . Customer Service After purchasing services from Graphics For You Inc. all customers will be able to work with the respected division of our company to allow initial enhancements of services. All forms of products will be delivered via mail or other electronic method. All services and associated files except advertising can also be requested via CD ROM. In the event of an error caused by us the customer shall be re issued the service at no extra charge to correct the error. In the event of an error caused by the customer such as an incorrect URL in an advertisement we will correct the error in timely fashion as soon as we are notified by the customer. Customers will have the option of contacting us via mail as well as by other means such as phone call or messenger service on pre scheduled occasions. . Sales and Marketing Our promotion will focus mainly on the North American market principally on the United States but also on Canada. Our services however will be available worldwide. Our marketing will utilize ad campaigns targeting large numbers of webmaster related sites as well as individual business sites in order to direct attention to our services. Our advertising campaign is currently in the planning stage. . Production Our in house designers continually create new logos for sale as stock products and also provide custom services to our clients. When specialized services or heavier than anticipated workload requires additional staffing independent contractors or part time help will be hired on an as needed basis.

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