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How to write your Retail Location Business Plan

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The Retail Location Business Plan sample is an example of a business requiring startup funding from a lender to build out and open in a physical office space.

The Red House Yoga Studios Sample Proposal is an example of a business plan proposal created using Proposal Pack. This example shows how our Proposal Packs can be used for virtually any type of proposal. In this example a traditional brick and mortar business is requesting additional funding for a start-up business. This example illustrates a common type of business where a company is going to start a franchise and needs funding to open a retail location and build out the space, pay the lease and other start-up expenses.

Business startups seeking bank or invenstor loan funding.

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Retail Location Business Plan Sample - The Narrative

Opening Yoga Studio Franchise

Red House Yoga Studios LLC requires loan to open our first studio. Funding is to be used to cover expenses of opening our first studio location in retail mall location.

The Objective

Our first objective is to open our flagship studio to provide base and model for future locations. Open first studio location. Train additional teachers.

Build Red House Yoga brand.

The Opportunity

Yoga is growing trend in health and fitness and Red House Yoga founders teach both traditional and unique styles of classes. This blend of styles draws more customers than typical studios attract. By capitalizing on this strength we are in unique position to create nationally recognized style of teaching and recognized brand.

Open flagship studio that will draw clients from other local studios. Franchise additional studios under the Red House Yoga Studios brand. Establish our unique system of yoga training as branded system.

The Solution

The solution is to open our first local studio train teachers in our methodology create branded retail products then expand our unique yoga fitness system into recognizable brand. Open first local studio. Train teachers and staff.

Build local clientele. Build business materials to allow franchising. Open additional franchised studios.

Mission Statement

Red House Yoga Studios LLC is dedicated to promoting healthier living and reduced stress through yoga and meditation classes and massage therapy.

Purpose Statement

Our motto and our mission is "Health for Life". Red House Yoga Studios LLC intends to fulfill our mission through the opening of multiple studios. Initially our first studio will be used as model on which to base additional franchised studios. Following is Red House Yoga Studios LLC’s legal structure.

Red House Yoga Studios LLC is structured as limited liability company.

Legal name. Red House Yoga Studios LLC. DBA. Red House Yoga Studio of Redmond

Type of company. Yoga and meditation instruction and massage therapy services. Federal Tax Id. Red House Yoga Studios LLC will provide the following services. Yoga Classes Yoga classes will include variety of styles to appeal to wide variety of clients. Our signature system is the centerpiece of the studio.

Yoga classes promote overall physical fitness strengthening flexibility improvement and stress reduction. Meditation Stress reduction meditation classes will be offered. Massage Therapy Massage therapy will be offered by variety of licensed therapists. All of the Red House services work together as complementary system to promote heath and well being.

Red House Yoga Studios LLC will produce the following products to be sold in our retail locations and from our web site. Apparel Branded workout and everyday apparel such as shirts sweatshirts etc. Apparel will be branded with our logo and web site address. Training Materials Training materials such as workbooks and DVDs to teach students and teachers the Red House style of yoga.

Workbooks will also be offered for sale through other outlets such as and retail bookstores. Just like any other fitness regime students are always looking for new variations. The Red House system has been shown to draw the largest client base compared to other yoga systems offered in other studios.

Third Party Products Complementary products such as yoga mats towels DVDs videos books and other related relaxation and fitness products will be offered in our studio’s retail shop and online store. Red House Yoga Studios LLC is dedicated to promoting healthier living and reduced stress through yoga and meditation classes and massage therapy. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity excellence and performance in dealing with our clients.

Our mission is to be the best at identifying qualifying and delivering our health and fitness services for our clients. As specialists in our industry our team of professionals has the ability to understand the needs expectations and abilities of our clients. Red House Yoga Studios LLC has the management team and experience to create nationally recognized brand and nation wide franchise of studios.

Our unique yoga system has already been proven to draw the largest client base in the locations in which it has been taught. After our first branded studio has been opened and established we will be able to expand the brand by opening additional studios in other cities with teacher training and an established support system for the businesses. The following is description of Red House Yoga Studios LLC’s operations. Hours of Operation.

Classes are offered morning afternoon and evening seven days week to accommodate all of our clients’ schedules. The studio will be open daily from a.m. to p.m. Staffing. Headquartered in Redmond WA with three employees.

Three full time employees will initially be required to start the first studio and prepare for future business expansion. Additional staffing requirements for teachers and massage therapists will be fulfilled by contracting with those individuals. Volunteers will provide cleaning services and retail sales help in exchange for free classes.

Complementary Services. Massage therapy meditation classes and private classes will be offered as contracted services and scheduled by appointment. Business Management.

One full time employee will be the business manager and responsible for the day to day operations accounting sales marketing and future business development. Red House Yoga Studios LLC is proud to present our Officers. Red House Yoga Studios LLC Officers.

The following personnel will be working for Red House Yoga Studio LLC. Ellen Lansford President Ellen has been yoga practitioner for over twenty years and has completed instructor certifications in various styles of yoga. Prior to starting Red House Yoga Studios LLC Ellen taught yoga in number of studios and has managed number of different studios. Ellen will be responsible for teaching classes training new teachers and promoting the Red House Yoga system and brand.

Donald Allen – CFO Donald holds accounting degrees and has been the accountant and business manager for other small businesses. Prior to joining Red House Yoga Studios LLC Donald worked as the accountant and business manager for Northwest Fitness Clubs Inc. health and fitness company with locations in Washington Idaho and Oregon. Donald will be responsible for managing the financial operations of the business and building the business infrastructure to support franchised locations.

Donald will also oversee sales and marketing operations. Stacy Morran – Studio Manager Stacy is an experienced yoga studio manager who will be responsible for managing the day to day studio operations such as scheduling working with contracted staff and volunteer staff etc. The health and fitness industry is constantly changing. The public is always looking for new fitness programs.

Yoga has many proven benefits such as general health strengthening flexibility stamina stress reduction weight loss relief of lower back pain and many other common ailments. Yoga is also not passing "fad" but system developed over thousands of years which has only recently gained mainstream popularity in the United States. There are yoga studios opening around the country; however they are mainly single owner operator locations with small clientele.

There are only couple of systems that have achieved nationwide brand recognition. The Red House Yoga system has been shown to draw larger client base than the other nationally recognized systems when offered to the same client base. Red House Yoga is in position to become one of the major nationally recognized brands. Yoga practice is also gaining popularity as complementary program to other fitness regimes.

Many sports professionals such as football players baseball players golfers and triathletes practice yoga to improve their abilities. The following describes the target market and audience. The implementation of the marketing is described in the "Marketing Plan" section of the proposal.

The target market niche. Fitness minded individuals who exercise two or more times week. The size of the target market. The size of the target market can be determined locally based on the number of fitness centers per capita such as gyms clubs other yoga studios etc.

Where they can be reached. The target market can be reached by local advertising within 20 mile radius of the studio. Target market demographics.

The primary demographics are fitness minded individuals male or female from age to who will spend $100.00 to $150.00 per month for class fees. Why they are the target market. Experience has shown this range of demographics make up the typical range of students in any given class with most students being 30 50 years of age.

What will cause the target market to respond to the campaign. Experienced yoga students tend to try new studios teachers and styles of teaching. Advertising new style of yoga in new studio will draw many students from competing studios; advertising the health benefits of yoga practice in general will draw first time yoga students looking for new fitness regime.

Yoga is also complementary fitness program so locating studio near other fitness and yoga centers will draw larger client base. How this business will benefit the target market. Our clients will benefit with improved general health strength improvements flexibility improvements lower stress greater stamina and other health benefits. While the following entities can be considered competition in the marketplace they may also be considered beneficial and complementary based on the habits of yoga studio clientele.

Other Local Yoga Studios

There will be other dedicated yoga studios in the same general area. Red House Yoga Studios will offer the same styles as other local studios in addition to our own unique style. Coupled with complementary services such as meditation rooms and massage therapy which most other yoga studios do not offer we will provide more services than the competition.

Most existing yoga studios also lack amenities such as shower rooms. Red House Yoga Studios will offer additional amenities such as spacious men’s and women’s changing rooms bathrooms and showers. Based on past history we know that once yoga students have tried our unique system of yoga many will travel long distances to attend our classes bypassing many other yoga studios.

Price and distance are not factors and locating Red House Yoga Studio near other yoga studios will provide an educated client base to draw from. Many yoga studios are small teacher owned operations with basic services and little or no amenities; often they also lack the equipment required to maintain proper temperatures. Full service studio complete with amenities and equipment that teaches variety of yoga styles in addition to our most popular unique style will easily draw clients away from other local studios.

Other Local Fitness Centers

There will be other fitness centers such as full service gyms and clubs in the same general area. Locating yoga studio near other fitness centers does not detract from the yoga studio client base. Following is an evaluation of Red House Yoga Studios LLC’s strategic position in the marketplace.

Market and Audience

Our client base is made up mainly of individuals ranging in age from to who are interested in functional fitness for life. Our unique style of yoga is also used by professional and amateur athletes as strength and flexibility training aid.

Market Approach

Our motto "Health for Life " describes our approach to using yoga training to improve many aspects of our clients’ lives. The many benefits of yoga practice attract wide array of individuals with different needs. Local advertising in 20 mile radius of each studio will be used to target the customer base.

Online advertising is also able to target local areas in specific radius making online advertising in venues such as viable marketing avenue. Flyers will be distributed at various locations and the local yoga communities will also use word of mouth to advertise the new location. Various marketing messages will be used to key on common issues such as stress reduction alleviating lower back pain and providing full body conditioning which are not provided by other fitness regimes.


Our past experience at teaching our unique yoga system in other studios has shown that our teachers draw significantly more clients even when there are many other studios to choose from in the same area. As the founders of our distinctive system of teaching we will be in unique position to build substantial client base from new clients and by drawing clients away from other studios. This advantage coupled with our complementary services such as massage therapy and our studio amenities such as men’s and women’s bathrooms and showers will allow us to build large dedicated client base very quickly. The initial cost of building properly designed studio will be beyond the reach of most other start up operations; therefore few if any will be able to effectively compete.

Virtually all new yoga studios that may start operations would not affect our client base and could even add to our client base. To facilitate creating an environment where sales can take place the following marketing plan is to be implemented. The target market has been described in the "Market and Audience" section of the proposal.

Planning Process

We will research existing marketing methods in the target market area to create targeted marketing campaign using print online and word of mouth advertising.

Marketing Venues

Marketing venues are local newspapers local area online services such as brochure displays in local businesses and word of mouth. For our first local studio word of mouth advertising will be the most important because we already have access to large client base of existing students who are waiting for us to open our own studio. We also have an existing web site used to build local mailing list which will be used advertise Red House Yoga.

Marketing Budget

Because our most important form of advertising word of mouth costs nothing our marketing budget for the first few months will be relatively small. Online advertising and printed brochures are estimated to cost $4000.00 for the first four months.

Marketing Time Table

Our word of mouth advertising and generation of local mailing lists via our web site is already in progress. Local newspaper and online advertising will be started two weeks prior to opening day. Aggressive word of mouth advertising will be used with the existing yoga community to draw clients from other schools.

There is typically one to four week lag in acquiring students from other schools as monthly memberships expire. Many students do attend multiple schools which will draw some students immediately.

Follow up Marketing Plan

Monthly follow up email campaigns are sent to our mailing lists. Using email lists will reduce marketing expenses over printed mailing campaigns. The following is the time line for the first studio location.

The following summarizes Red House Yoga Studios LLC’s request for funding. Funding is to be used for the following period. August to December 1.

Funding is required to cover building lease construction build out and other start up expenses during the three months before the studio can be opened for business and during the first month of business as our client base develops.

Funding Requested

Red House Yoga Studios LLC requests $95,000.00 in funding.

Repayment Plan

Red House Yoga Studios LLC’s financials are calculated based on $95,000.00 cash loan with payment terms of years at prime 4% calculated based on an average of 10%.

Required Funding

Start up Expenses, Construction mirrors flooring bathrooms showers, retail space massage & meditation rooms hot studio, heating equipment painting permits, Rent Lease months $5000.00 month. Insurance, Office Equipment & Studio Management Software, Supplies, Retail Shop Inventory, Marketing, Teacher Training, Salaries. The following table outlines Red House Yoga Studios LLC’s balance sheet ending December 31st. We have obtained cash investments from private investors.

In addition we are selling limited number of lifetime memberships at $3000.00 to raise additional capital. The following table outlines Red House Yoga Studios LLC’s projected income for the next three years based on opening second studio in the second year and third studio in the third year. Sales forecasts are based on two full time teachers and classes per month and an active client base of students with 10% purchasing annual memberships 70% purchasing monthly memberships and 20% drop ins who average three classes per month.

We estimate an average of clients per day attending classes days per month. The studio will have maximum capacity of students per class which is typical of one class per day with the other students per day spread over four other classes. First year sales forecasts are lower based on start up costs and time needed to build 400 person active client base. Yoga studios typically increase revenues by 20% per year which is reflected in third year forecasts.

Following is list of all sources of funds for the proposed project. Initial funding for opening our first studio is from three sources. Half of our required funding has already been secured. Private Investors Status.

Four private investors have contributed total of $50,000.00. Pre sales of Lifetime Memberships Status. $45,000.00 total of lifetime memberships have been sold at $3000.00 each.

Lifetime memberships must be capped at to prevent cannibalizing monthly revenue from the client base. Bank Loan Status. $95,000.00 Current amount of additional funding required.

Red House Yoga Studios LLC requires funding for the completion of the first studio. Funds are to be used as follows. Construction Amount. $135,000.00 Most of the funding is required for the build out of the studio.

We will lease retail store location in an existing retail business complex. Cost of fitness room grade flooring wall to wall mirrors men’s and women’s bathrooms with showers and hot yoga room heating system make up the bulk of the construction expenses. This will allow us to create the largest local yoga studio in the area complete with amenities and value added services. Teacher Training and Salaries Amount.

$17,000.00 To teach the volume of classes required to support our client base we will be providing teacher training for our unique system of yoga. In addition we must cover salaries for the first month of business while our client base grows. This will allow us to open studio with the teachers needed to teach variety of yoga styles including our most popular proprietary style and to cover the number of classes offered.

Lease Utilities Insurance and Equipment Amount. $29,000.00 Upon signing our lease and taking possession of the building we will need to cover four months of expenses during construction and first month after opening. Marketing and Inventory Amount. $9,000.00 Marketing materials advertising and stock of branded retail products and third party yoga and relaxation related products need to be purchased.

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