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How to write your Political Action Committee (PAC) Proposal

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The Political Action Committee (PAC) Sample Proposal is an example of a political related proposal. This example is for a political action committee seeking financial, political, and volunteer participation.

This is a good example to follow for anyone seeking funding or support for an organization.

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Political Action Committee (PAC) Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Sustainable Energy for a Healthy Planet PAC

As you no doubt already realize, the future of renewable energy is at risk with the upcoming federal election. Two fossil-fuel titans are running for U.S. Senate seats, and we must defeat them if we want our industry to survive and be competitive in the next decade.

There are also two anti-renewable energy bills pending in Congress that we must work to defeat. Corporations and industry organizations have banded together to create a new political action committee to represent our interests. Sustainable Energy for a Healthy Planet PAC is up and running with energetic plans for the future, but we need your support. Our efforts will directly benefit your company.

We would welcome your participation on our board of directors, and volunteers from your staff or friends are needed, as well as your financial and political support. Please review the following pages to see what we’re all about. We know you’ll want to contribute whatever you can to the joint effort. Our representative will call you soon to enlist your help in making sustainable energy a reality throughout the United States.

Allyson Whitehead Leadership Board Sustainable Energy for a Healthy Planet PAC. The next federal election may very well determine the future of alternative energy in the United States. Two candidates are particularly important in this election. Incumbent Senator Harold Kent from Wyoming, who is up against newcomer Kaitlin Karston; and Richard Mayhew, who is challenging incumbent Senator Frank Warwick from Colorado.

We must work hard to defeat Senator Harold Kent and challenger Richard Mayhew. Senator Harold Kent is a former oil company CEO, who has made millions from the oil and gas business. He has consistently opposed bills that would aid alternative energy development, and recently proposed a tax on any form of energy that is not oil or coal-based. If he remains in office, we can expect to see a continuation of threats to the alternative energy industry.

While Senator Frank Warwick has not always been a friend to alternative energy, he has been even-handed in his voting patterns, and has consistently supported nearly every form of energy development. His opponent, Richard Mayhew, is the current CEO of the Newcomb Coal Company, which owns more than twenty coal mines in the United States, and more than forty-five in other countries. While he has promised to step down from his position if he wins the Senate race, it’s a sure bet that he will promote coal over alternative energies. To protect our alternative energy companies and move in a progressive way toward a more sustainable national energy policy, we propose to create a political action committee PAC that will represent our interests and fight for our future.

We invite your organization to join us to create Sustainable Energy for a Healthy Planet PAC. We are also reaching out to other like-minded groups for their financial and political support. We welcome your feedback on the plan enclosed here, and look forward to working with you.

Sustainable Energy for a Healthy Planet PAC has outlined the following goals and objectives. Our long-term goals are. Promote a national energy policy that is sustainable and includes a growing proportion of renewable energy sources We want to see national goals and financial incentives that will increase the development and usage of renewable energy sources every year.

Even the playing field for alternative energy companies Currently, the fossil fuel industry receives major federal subsidies and tax credits, as well as subsidies in various states. We will push for equal treatment for all energy industries. Our immediate objectives are.

Defeat Incumbent Senator Harold Kent in Wyoming Senator Kent has consistently opposed fair treatment for alternative energy initiatives and has introduced a bill to tax our industry. His challenger, Wyoming state senator Kaitlin Karston, has consistently supported renewable energy policies in Wyoming. Re-elect Senator Frank Warwick in Colorado Senator Warwick’s record shows a policy of voting for all energy initiatives, including those that support alternative energy development.

His challenger, coal company CEO Richard Mayhew, clearly plans to continue his support for only carbon-based fuels and has expressed his open opposition to funding alternative energy projects. Defeat H.R.5692 and S.973 These bills eliminate current subsides and prevent future subsidies for alternative energy projects. We must defeat these bills. Sustainable Energy for a Healthy Planet PAC will fight for our industry’s interests and for the best energy policy for the future of the United States.

The PAC’s position is this. Scientific studies prove that traditional fossil fuels are major sources of pollution and human-caused global warming. Coal and petroleum are finite resources and cannot be relied upon to meet the future energy needs of a growing population.

Nuclear power generation also poses substantial risks to human life and to the natural environment. To keep the United States energy-independent and protect the American people and our country’s environment, we must support the development and use of alternative, renewable energy sources. Two executives from the Sustainable Science Alliance have stepped forward to head up this new political action committee. These are Allyson Whitehead, President of ACD Technology and Rafael Martinez from Hi-Sky Solar Corporation.

Both will retain their permanent jobs while leading the PAC and will hire staff as needed to accomplish the goals and objectives. We hope some of your organization’s leaders will also join our leadership committee.


We will not distort the truth or engage in nasty political attacks on our opponents, but will highlight the facts of existing political records, and cite scientific studies that describe the drawbacks of fossil fuels and promote the benefits of alternative energies in today’s environment.

Core Values

Honesty We want our arguments to remain fact-based. Transparency Companies and organizations in our PAC will be proudly listed by name. Thoroughness We will make studies and records that we cite in our promotional literature easily available in their entirety to the public on our PAC website.


We believe that the best energy policy for United States consumers and for the planet is one that phases out fossil fuels and nuclear power in favor of increasing use of alternative and renewable sources such as solar, wind, marine, hydro-electric, and plant-based oils. Our PAC will engage in the following activities. Activities may be added or changed as needed to meet our goals and objectives.

What We Will Do

Contribute funds and supply written endorsements and work on behalf of Senatorial Candidate Kaitlin Karston and incumbent Senator Frank Warwick to help them win their seats, and lobby all members of Congress to vote against the two anti-alternative energy bills introduced in Congress.

Why We Will Do It

It is imperative that we have a majority of alternative-energy-friendly members in Congress, and it is imperative to pressure the U.S. Congress to promote policies that invest in alternative energies for the future.

How You Can Get Involved

Our PAC needs financial contributions as well as organizational support. Your organization should contribute funding, your written endorsements, and your personnel time for our efforts, which will protect our mutual interests in the present and future. The new PAC will be organized as follows.

Leadership Council

We currently have two volunteer executives, but we welcome more executives from our industry friends. We do not expect our leaders to resign from their full-time positions, but to provide guidance through weekly strategy meetings with our other section heads.

Communications Group

This group of workers will produce pamphlets, flyers, endorsement statements, and answer requests from the media or public. They will also control information on our website, and post to social media when appropriate. Martina Orlov - Manager Martina has worked as Communications Manager on the political campaigns of two governors and three U.S. Senators. She’s an expert at anticipating needs and presenting a cohesive message.

Print communications group Martina will hire a lead individual in a part-time position. This individual will be responsible for print materials and their distribution. The rest of the group will be made up of volunteers from various organizations. Online communications group Martina will hire a lead individual in a part-time position.

This individual will be responsible for information on the website and on social media sites. The rest of the group will be made up of volunteers from various organizations.

Public Contact Group

This group may conduct polls and gather signatures for petitions at various sites. Signature gatherers Should we decide to circulate a petition, we can hire professional signature gatherers or request volunteers. Poll takers Should we decide to take a poll, we can hire professional poll takers or request volunteers. Door knockers In Wyoming and Colorado, we may wish to hire door knockers or request volunteers to go door to door to persuade voters to elect the candidates we support.

Additional Information

We are in the process of organizing this PAC, and welcome your input as well as your support and your volunteers. There are currently many former fossil-fuel executives in prominent positions in the United States Congress as well as in various government agencies, so we can expect major opposition. Here are some of the players whose tactics we need to monitor closely.

Wise Energy Coalition This is an unlikely name for a coalition of petroleum and coal companies that have united to elect friends and promote the most rapid and restriction-free extraction possible of fossil fuels. This PAC is actively lobbying Congress to remove all restrictions on extracting, transporting, and using fossil fuels around the world. Major Fossil-Fuel Supporters in Congress While we will work hard to defeat Senator Kent and challenger Mayhew as explained earlier, there are other antagonists in Congress who are not up for re-election in the upcoming race.

These anti-renewable-energy politicians are. All five representatives and both Senators Newton and Shaw from Oklahoma; Representative Titus and both Senators from Wyoming, and much of the delegations from Alaska, Texas, and West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. Please refer to our new website for a complete list of our major opposition members and their votes.

Minor Fossil-Fuel Supporters in Congress While the politicians listed above have consistently voted in opposition to the interests of the renewable energy industry, there are many more congress members who vote inconsistently. Their names and records are posted on our website. Center for American Energy Education This is not an educational group, but a propaganda wing of the fossil fuel industry.

They publish pamphlets that promote petroleum, coal, and nuclear energy extraction and usage, and they will actively endorse the candidates we must strive to defeat. In politics and in industry, the major players and issues are constantly changing. Our new PAC will analyze and inform us about trends we need to be aware of, as well as promoting our interests and thwarting the efforts of our opponents whenever possible.

Two items of legislation are currently pending in Congress. Their passage would severely injure the renewable energy industry and cripple our efforts for the foreseeable future. H.R.5692 Elimination of Subsidies for Solar Panel Installation Sponsors.

Representatives Finister and Silburg of Oklahoma Status. Pending This bill will eliminate current subsidies to homeowners and businesses for installation of solar panels. This will result in fewer installations of solar panels as the cost will increase substantially.

S.973 Prevent Future Subsidies for Alternative Energy Projects Sponsors. Pending This bill will prevent any future subsidies for any energy projects and products that are not from the fossil fuel industry. Although the bills described above are the only ones currently pending that would injure our industry, we can expect many more in the future unless we work hard to elect sustainable-friendly congress members and lobby hard for the future of renewable energy. Action items the PAC needs to attend to ASAP are.

Create, print, and distribute literature to support senatorial candidate Kaitlin Karston in Wyoming Karston has a stellar record as state senator, but is still mostly unknown in most of Wyoming. We need to get the word out about our endorsement for her. Create, print, and distribute literature to support incumbent Senator Frank Warwick in Colorado Our goal is to defeat challenger Mayhew, so we need to make clear the distinctions between the two candidates.

Lobby Congress to defeat the anti-renewable bills that are pending We need to make calls to key members to be sure the pending bills are defeated. Flesh out our website with vital information and develop a social media plan Our website is up and running, but is currently minimal. We need to add articles and statements that support our cause to that website.

In addition, we need to set up and plan to strategically use Facebook and X accounts, as well as Instagram and other online communications sites. We’ve already begun our work, but we have a long way to go to implement all our plans. The sooner you can support our PAC with money and personnel, the more effective we can be. Our goal is for our new PAC is $3,000,000.

We have already raised half that amount from donors. We are currently budgeting for two years. The expense categories listed above include salaries and other expenses for personnel, as well as payments to various suppliers and utilities.

We have done the hard work of setting up and registering our new political action committee, Sustainable Energy for a Healthy Planet PAC, knowing that our efforts will be supported by our partner organizations and corporations in the renewable energy industry. So that we can put our plans into action as soon as possible, we need you to.

  • Contribute to our funding with a donation of at least $50,000
  • Commit volunteers to work for the PAC
  • Enlist other like-minded organizations to support our PAC

What’s Next. We will be in touch soon. We look forward to working with you for our mutual benefit. Our PAC is committed to promoting the interests of our supporters in the renewable energy industry.

The time to develop all renewable energy sources is now.

Mission Statement

Renewable energy is the wave of the future. We owe it to future generations of Americans to develop a sustainable energy policy for our entire nation.

Core Values

We want to protect air and water quality in our country. We believe the time to develop all renewable energy sources is now. Only with investment, support, and experimentation will the industry evolve to be as efficient as possible.

In funding, regulation, and opportunities, we demand an equal playing field with the fossil fuel industry. We are proud to support renewable energy and vow that all our efforts will be transparent and honest.

Purpose Statement

Moving toward a Sustainable Energy Future is our motto.

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