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The Marketing Campaign Services Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch marketing campaign creation services to another business.

The Marketing Campaign Services Sample Proposal is an example of a services proposal created using Proposal Pack. This example shows how our Proposal Packs can be used for virtually any type of proposal. In this example a marketing company is pitching their services to create a marketing campaign for a client.

Used by marketing companies. Used by anyone selling their services to another business.

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Marketing Campaign Services Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Marketing Campaign for Lovell Cellars

We specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses create innovative campaigns that include direct marketing web design billboard design and print media. We can help you build competitive presence in your market while using creative strategies that stay within your budget. Following is description of our project design including how the project will be developed timeline of events and reasons for why we suggest designing the project as described.


Market research for the local wine industry shows three elements that are critical to the success of your marketing and advertising campaign. The first element is visual awareness which involves marketing your logo. The second and more often overlooked element is creating and maintaining professional web presence.

The third is non traditional form of marketing but one that is no less important and that is creating partnerships and event awareness. For start up winery in this area simultaneous design and promotion are absolutely necessary to success.

Schedule and Design

Initial design will include the development of the traditional marketing methods including logos and graphics. As soon as design is approved we can begin structuring the website around the chosen graphics. As soon as the website goes live we can begin promoting partnerships and establishing your winery as premier location for destination events.


In market becoming saturated with new labels you will have to achieve not only an appealing visual campaign but you must also entice your target demographic through the more non traditional methods of advertising in order to set your winery apart. Part of the marketing strategy will be to invoke responses to your label and the use of the non traditional marketing will help establish you as fresh face. Each component will be equally critical to the success of your campaign.

Expected results

The visual campaign will increase product recognition through branding and it will distinguish your label as competitive in the market. The non traditional campaign will act as type of grass roots movement to bring connoisseurs and aficionados to support your winery. The following describes the target market and audience.

The implementation of the marketing is described in the "Marketing Plan" section of the proposal.

The target market

Middle income middle aged politically independent Pacific Northwest couples. Though this initially appears to be generic target audience it is in fact specific target niche that shares common traits and ideology that can be indulged. The size of the target market. The target market in this case is comprised of baby boomers but further reducing the size of the market are marital status income and political affiliation.

The estimated population of the target market is two hundred fifty thousand. The marketing campaign’s budget constraints will allow us to focus on an initial target market of about fifty thousand. Why they are the target market. The target market is known for accepting innovation and embracing new ideas.

They often like to travel and relax while enjoying their new found freedom as empty nesters. In addition they typically already have good networking base thus increasing word of mouth advertising. What qualifies them as members of the target market.

This demographic typically has disposable income and is often trying to rediscover some of the energy of their youth. These factors make this demographic open to trying new things and makes them the most likely to travel to wine tastings and relaxing destination events. What will cause the target market to respond to the campaign. An appeal to the paradigms they are typically experiencing.

Their desire to have fun but still responsible and their desire to be adventuresome but still relaxed. The marketing campaign will reflect these paradigms in the logos and graphics. In order to facilitate creating an environment where sales can take place the following marketing plan is to be implemented. The target market has been described in the "Market and Audience" section of the proposal.

Planning Process

The first goal is achieving brand recognition. In order to achieve branding all marketing venues need to be streamlined. The planning process will include developing graphics and logos which will involve concentrated effort requiring dedicated time between Lovell Cellars and Thompson Kirkpatrick.

Marketing Venues

Venues will include web print and event marketing. Marketing Budget. We can establish successful campaign within the marketing budget of $48,000.00. Of that money roughly half will be for development and the other half for ongoing annual marketing.

Marketing Time Table. Planning and development takes between weeks and months depending on the size of the project the client’s needs and the approval of the designs. Ongoing Marketing Plan. The plan involves continuous improvement to the web campaign throughout the year coupled with seasonal marketing campaigns and event advertising.

Marketing Analysis

Sales need to be analyzed month by month prior to the start of the campaign and then again each month after. Analysis needs to correspond to overall quarterly and annual improvement and month by month comparison to the preceding time periods will yield data that will allow us to better gauge the success of the campaign while still accounting for seasonal consumer spending habits. Thomspon Kirkpatrick has created numerous campaigns for other companies.

Our portfolio contains many similar projects as we will develop with you. For more details and visual examples of our marketing campaigns please see our web site portfolio page. River Street Art Gallery Improved logo and website campaign aimed at taking the image of the art gallery from an average Seattle gallery to an acclaimed gallery that celebrates diverse modern art.

Earned National Silver Medal Adrian Award. Pembroke Interior Design Logo branding print and website campaign to bring new interior design business to Seattle’s design forefront. Earned Seattle Excellence in Marketing Award. Renew Spa Logo branding print and website campaign to highlight the expansion renovation and new upscale image of the spa.

Renew won Canadian Spa Award. GreenAcres Mountain Retreat Print and website campaign to promote secluded mountain retreat as premier year round destination. Increased revenues by 18% in the first year. Highlands Golf Course Logo print and website campaign that helped promote the golf course as Oregon’s best new course.

Earned Pinnacle Award. Red Coyote Winery Logo branding print and website campaign aimed at establishing new winery as making exceptional red wines and leading tour location. Helped the winery become competitive player in Washington’s ever expanding wine market. Thank you for your initial inquiry to our marketing firm.

We are pleased you chose to call us and would like the opportunity to tell you more about us and give you preliminary marketing plan so that you can better see how our firm would be the best to handle your unique needs. Thomspon Kirkpatrick Marketing has been designing marketing campaigns for over decade. Our client list includes companies throughout Washington state and we have garnered many awards including Pinnacle Award and silver Adrian Advertising medal. We have put together hundreds of successful campaigns for businesses like yours.

We specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses create innovative campaigns that include direct marketing web design billboard design and print media. We can help you build competitive presence in your market while using creative strategies that stay within your budget. Please take moment to read through our initial proposal for your campaign.

This will give you an idea how the campaign will unfold through series of steps. Should you choose to sign contract with Thompson Kirkpatrick we can immediately begin the creative side of the campaign whereby we develop themes that will help you with name recognition and branding. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you might have.

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