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The Non-profit Support Sample Proposal is an example of a non-profit 501(c)(3) presenting a working plan and requesting support for their project.

The Non-Profit Support Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal created using Proposal Pack. This example shows how our Proposal Packs can be used for virtually any type of proposal. In this example a non-profit 501(c)(3) is presenting a working plan and requesting support for their project.

Nonprofit and grant seeking organizations. Fundraising for non-profits. Global healthcare awareness foundations.

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Non-profit Support Sample Proposal

This proposal is intended to review working plan of United States tour of HIV positive youth who will bring personal stories faces and experiences to the forefront leading up to World AIDS Day. According to the plan six individuals—three women and three men between the ages of and from Latino to Caucasian backgrounds—will travel throughout the United States bringing awareness to youth on HIV AIDS. Two teams consisting of three people each will present an average of two programs day starting on October 15—National Latino AIDS Awareness Day and ending on World AIDS Day December 1. Also proposed along with this series of speaking engagements will be book.

All six speakers will work with publisher to produce book of their stories to be made available for sale during the tour. Proceeds of this book will go to Who’s Positive. On World AIDS Day Who’s Positive intends to announce twenty four hour seven days week national HIV youth hotline. We have six speakers who will travel with the campaign the entire time.

We rent large mobile home to live and work out of while on the road; this vehicle also will work well as visual aid. We have two teams of three and we alternate teams on speaking days. Of the three one person will present the "Who’s Positive" 60 minute program. This Who’s Positive program incorporates hypothetical HIV test card and the speaker will tell about the tested individual’s story.

We feel that focusing on one story during the first part of the program will be powerful way to begin the program. At the conclusion of the individual story the two other members of the team will host 30 minute round table discussion. Throughout our travels the ‘reserve’ team the team not speaking that day will help colleges and high schools plan World AIDS Day event for their school.

We propose that by World AIDS Day all schools that we visited will have the tools to organize an event once again bringing awareness to HIV AIDS from youthful perspective. Who’s Positive plans to write book collaboration of stories six from individuals speaking on the tour. This book will become great tool in the fight against HIV AIDS among young people for years to come. In combination with the tour it will not only allow the audience to see the speakers and listen to the speakers but also to read about the speakers and learn the stories of many others who fight alongside them.

This will continue our dedication to prevention through humanizing HIV AIDS. We expect three to five staff members of Who’s Positive to travel with the tour at all times. This staff will include the Media Director lead person who will oversee and coordinate all media inquiries as well as scheduling interviews with speakers to publicize each stop along the route.

We will have Coordinating Director liaison between Who’s Positive and all the schools. This individual and his or her team will also play very important part in choosing which schools to visit. Our last key staff person will be our Speaker Relations Coordinator who will address the needs of the speakers.

Who’s Positive already has team of volunteers who are beginning to help assist these key staff positions and will continue to do so throughout the year. We are evaluating the option of establishing these positions as intern positions with Who’s Positive. Who’s Positive is excited to incorporate national organizations and corporate sponsors into this outreach.

We feel that with the stories the book and the programming this will provide an outlet for national exposure again bringing awareness that youth need to have voice when it comes to HIV AIDS. Who’s Positive feels we have the networking skills to work with national organizations as well as national media outlets to provide platform that people will listen to. We have the organizational skills to schedule the events provide support to the host schools offer an array of stories from different ethnic and backgrounds and provide programming that will make history.

We at Who’s Positive welcome your input and look forward to discussing this with you further in the very near future. Moving forward with this proposal let us exchange additional information and deadlines to implement this tour. Who’s Positive has identified possible candidates for our tour We have one Latino Male years old who has been invited to join the tour. We also have the following individuals under consideration.

African American gay male years old of Philadelphia PA. He is Architectural Designer. African American straight woman years old of Flint Michigan. She found out she was positive while pregnant with her HIV negative son.

She was infected by gay man on the ‘down low.’. White straight woman from Billings Montana. She found out as result of applying for military service.

These are just few of the young people we have identified and interviewed. Others are also being identified at this time. Final announcement of all six speakers is expected on or before January 31. Because we are starting on National Latino HIV Awareness Day we see it as fitting to begin in New York.

New York has the highest number of total infections as well as the highest number of Latino infections in the United States. From New York we expect to hit all top ten states as well as the top ten counties cities within those states. Our tour stops will be defined by mid March and finalized by September 15. This will allow us plenty of time to map out our stops as well as plenty of time for schools to be involved.

Who’s Positive is excited about having the support of Alex Lawson from Whitman Walker Clinic the largest ASO in Washington D.C. as well as the Latino Commission on AIDS and various other organizations. We are planning to embed reporter on the tour. This reporter would document the tour activities in journal located on the Who’s Positive website.

The reporter would also be responsible for writing articles to present to media outlets that are unable to send reporter to cover the event. We have already approached the National Newspaper Publishers Association for assistance on this. This tour not only will bring together six individuals who can help each other through the experience of being infected with HIV but this tour will also help bring together thousands of people to become educated and more aware of the existence of HIV in their neighborhoods. We hope to diminish stereotypes surrounding HIV AIDS to offer support to those who are already infected and affected by HIV AIDS and to get people tested for HIV—an average of people per stop.

One of the best things about this project is the lives this tour will change. It will network youth and organizations all over the nation. Who’s Positive is already excited about identifying and creating new activists as well as engaging and reenergizing older ones to provide leadership for years to come.

Finally we’d like to discuss our World AIDS Day WAD focus. This effort will use the new relationships we have forged across the United States to create day of celebration and activism at every school the tour visits. Our reserve team the team of three not speaking that day will mobilize and offer posters and tools to hold WAD event for the school.

For most of these schools this will be the first time the day is acknowledged by the institution. This way when the tour’s grand ending begins on WAD not only will everyone on the tour be recognizing the day but so will every school we visited. Planned moment of silence will be observed at 8.p.m.

Eight o’clock to symbolize the people who die from AIDS each day and to symbolize the quarter of century fight of the AIDS epidemic. The silence will provide hope and the drive to prevent this epidemic from reaching its half century mark. The silence will give people moments to reflect on the tour on the lives touched and changed and most importantly on the lives that have been saved all because six strong individuals said they were tired of their friends being at risk families being destroyed and most of all tired of having to fight everyday to keep themselves strong and alive. Who’s Positive asks for your organizational support and or financial commitment to help us along the way.

Come and be proud and share the moments of this youth movement. Who's Positive was created after Tom Donohue Founder of Who's Positive was diagnosed with HIV in October of 2003. When he attended the display of the AIDS quilt at World AIDS Day event in Tom learned about the strength of one voice by reading the legacies of folks who have gone before him. He wanted to be such voice too face of someone living with HIV.

On that same day. Tired of keeping his secret Tom stood up and spoke unexpectedly. He told the audience he had just found out he was HIV positive. He wanted his peers to know that HIV was among them; they just could not see it.

Who's Positive is committed to raising the awareness of HIV and its consequences. Our organization foregrounds the reality of living with HIV through the first hand accounts of young adults coping with the disease. Who's Positive strives to remind the public that this is virus with no cure.

Through the stories of those living with HIV Who's Positive hopes to reduce the transmission of HIV among teens and young adults population with one of the fastest growing infection rates. In April just months after its creation Who’s Positive earned its status. The organization has been featured in the New York Daily News POZ Magazine HIV Plus Magazine and on World AIDS Day of Who’s Positive was featured on CBS News Production special.

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