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How to write your Animal Rescue Shelter Sponsorship Proposal

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Proposal Pack Animals #6 Title Page

Proposal Pack Animals #6 Body Page
Proposal Pack Animals #6 Body Page
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The Animal Rescue Shelter Sponsorship Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal seeking sponsorships and donations for an organization that helps animals.

This is a good example to follow for anyone seeking funding, donations, or support for a non-profit organization.

Anyone seeking funding, donations, or support for a non-profit organization.

5. Customize the template with your information

You can customize the layout with different chapters, change the order of chapters, import your content and information, change the visual design, edit the text, and more. You have complete control over customizing this sample.

Animal Rescue Shelter Sponsorship Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Our records show that you recently attended a pet adoption event at Compassionate Companions and took home one of our most beloved dogs, a Sheltie we called Emma. We hope you and Emma are enjoying your new relationship and looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. As we enter the short days of winter and the holidays, our human need for companionship often intensifies.

So do the needs for our animal companions, especially for those not yet lucky enough to find a forever home. At Compassionate Companions, our need for sponsors becomes particularly acute during the coldest months, because our heating and feeding bills are high and the pet adoptions dip during inclement weather. So we hope that you can open your heart and your pocketbook on behalf of your company and your family. Compassionate Companions is a nonprofit organization that serves your community.

Your donation is fully tax deductible. We believe that donations should benefit both parties. In this proposal, we have outlined the needs, described the facilities and services your donation will support, and explained how your generosity will be recognized in our literature and community outreach programs. Thank you for consideration.

Rest assured that your generous donation to Compassionate Companions Animal Shelter will be put to the best possible use. With the help of our volunteers and the financial support of our donors, we plan to serve the animals and people in our community for the next 20 years. We need the support of people like you to keep the shelter running and we offer a mutually beneficial donor and sponsorship program. Compassionate Companions Animal Shelter has been a fixture in the Midvale community for more than eight years.

More than 40,000 animals have passed through our shelter in that time period, receiving food, shelter, and loving care. Eighty percent of them have found lifelong loving homes through our adoption programs. As you might guess, it takes a lot of money to care for that many animals. Most of our staff are dedicated volunteers and for that we are extremely grateful.

But even with the generosity of all their donated time, we still have to pay our utility bills, our food bills, and pay for medicine and supplies for all the animals in our care. The need during the coldest months of winter is especially great. Sponsoring Compassionate Companions Animal Shelter will save the lives of thousands of innocent animals each year, and will give back to our community. We wrote this proposal to explain how you can help and describe how your generous gift will be used.

Compassionate Companions offers four levels of sponsorship. The following list shows some of our most prominent sponsors in our community. Savior Sponsorship - $10,000 or more Caroline’s Cookie Factory Strongarm Steel Products Factory Furniture Warehouse Best Big Burgers Perfect Pet Stores.

Protector Sponsorship - $5000 to $10,000 Underhill Engineering Jubilette Family Trust Spencer Signage LLC WCL Wood Products Coppingham Family Restaurants. Rescuer Sponsorship - $1000 to $5000 Michael and Thelma Foster The Benson Foundation Mary Riverton Jonas Perstine I Need Ice Cream Parlor. Friend Sponsorship – $10 to $1000 Too numerous to list here. Georgia Shaklee, our Fundraiser Financial Manager, would be happy to discuss your sponsorship at any level.

When you donate at the Savior, Protector, or Rescue Sponsorship Level, your company will receive the following benefits. "Supporting the shelter has increased our visibility in the community". Advertising on our television program, internet site, and various other places Your company logo and mission statement or slogan will be viewed by thousands.

See the Visibility page for specific information. Invitation for 5-10 guests to our annual charity ball We know you’ve heard about the Paws Cause Charity Ball held every year in March. It’s one of the premiere events in Midvale, and tickets are always at a premium for this function. With costumes, games, great food, and door prizes, it’s always a sellout.

Reduced adoption fees for your employees When any of your employees adopts a pet from our facility and mentions that they work for a donor, they receive a 10% discount off all adoption fees and pet supplies. Contentment There’s no better feeling than helping an animal in need. Not only will you be aware of your good deed, we’ll make sure everyone else in Midvale is, too. Everyone in our community benefits when donors put their funds together to remove stray animals from our streets and find safe, happy homes for them.

What is social responsibility. It is the ethical obligation of an organization to the community in which it exists. At Compassionate Companions, we believe it’s our social responsibility to care for needy animals and match them with loving homes.

Do you believe in social responsibility. Would you like to show that your organization values the community as well as the profits earned there. Giving to Compassionate Companions is the perfect way to show.

Your company cares about animals Giving needy animals a safe, secure environment is the best way to show this. Your company cares about people The majority of people have tender feelings toward animals. Donations are a way to show that your organization shares these values. Your company cares about safe neighborhoods Rescuing abandoned and lost animals wandering in neighborhoods makes both residents and animals safer.

Your company cares about the planet Your funds will help to provide affordable spay and neuter services to prevent future generations of unwanted animals. Becoming a sponsor of Compassionate Companions is a visible, effective way to show you believe in social responsibility to your community. Supporting the Compassionate Companions Animal Shelter is not just good for the animals; it’s also good for you. Because not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping animals in need, you’ll also receive the following advertising benefits.

Your donor information will be seen by everyone who views our weekly adoption show on our public access television channel This show airs on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 8 pm. The broadcast area reaches over 75,000 potential viewers. All donors for the year are mentioned in the credits at the end of the weekly program.

Your donor information will be viewed by everyone walking into our main adoption facility The giant bulletin board across from our main reception desk hosts posters featuring the names of all our donors. Your donor information will be featured on our website Check donors to see a list of our current donors for the year. Your donor information may be listed in our brochures and event invitations All donations over $10,000 are listed on our handouts and invitations to special events.

Donating to the Compassionate Companions Animal Shelter is a great way to support your community and our animal friends. At Compassionate Companions, our priorities are as follows. Provide a safe, healthy environment for all animals in our care We never turn any animal away for any reason.

Although we always strive to find adoptive homes for all our animals, occasionally we must provide long term care for aged, ill, or mistreated animals. Promote pet adoptions to match animals with lifelong loving homes We hold monthly adoption events at local pet stores and parks, as well as continually advertising our adoptable animals on community access television and on the internet. Promote affordable spay and neuter programs To prevent the proliferation of unwanted animals in our community, we spay or neuter all animals that pass through our shelter.

In addition, our volunteer veterinarians offer affordable spay and neuter services to low-income clients in a monthly clinic. Rescue lost and abandoned animals City streets and suburban neighborhoods are not safe environments for pets on the loose. Whether they are temporarily lost or in need of a new home, our volunteers will pick up stray animals in our communities and care for them in our facility until they can be reunited with their owners or placed with a new family.

This makes our neighborhoods safer for both pets and people. Educate citizens about responsible and compassionate care for animals Whether it’s an iguana or a kitten, our volunteers offer training and checklists so new owners can learn how to take the best care of their pet. Volunteers are available at all hours to answer questions on the phone. Our animal shelter is located in a spacious former warehouse, which we have remodeled to include the following areas.

Clinic Intake Area This area is outfitted with rooms for two veterinarians to examine and treat animals as needed. Here our volunteer vets perform neuter and spay operations, inoculate all animals, and carry out surgery and various medical care procedures to take the best possible care of our animals. Small Animal Room This room houses 60 secure, comfortable cages, perfect for guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles and the occasional exotic small animal we care for.

Bird Room This small room houses 20 cages suitable for birds of all sizes. Cat Colony Room This room can accommodate up to 30 cats that enjoy being around other cats. Cat Adoption Room This room contains 32 cages for those cats that prefer their own private space.

Cat Get Acquainted Room This room is set up to introduce families to potential pets in a calm, secure area. Dog Runs We have 50 dog runs that can be reconfigured to handle dogs of all sizes. The fronts of the dog runs are glass, allowing visitors to view and select dogs for adoption. All dog runs have 24 hour indoor outdoor access.

Dog Get Acquainted Room This room is set up to introduce families to potential pets in a calm, secure area. Dog Get Acquainted Room This room is set up to introduce families to potential pets in a calm, secure area. Volunteer Lounge and Lockers We couldn’t survive without our volunteers.

This is the space where they can take a break, eat their meals, and securely store their belongings. Storage Prep Rooms In this area, we store all our pet food and medications, bedding and cleaning tools. Exercise Yard We have a large exercise yard for visitors to try out their prospective dogs on leashes.

In addition to our main facility described above, we sometimes take in large animals that are cared for by volunteers on local farms. Compassionate Companions Animal Shelter is a nonprofit organization. The shelter was originally funded by a generous posthumous donation from Perri and Michael Michener in 2005 and set up by their daughters Vera and Jessica to house dogs that needed a home. In 2008, we expanded to include cats and other animals in need.

Although the Michener family no longer runs the shelter, they are still generous supporters and enthusiastic advocates for animals who need our help. We never turn away any animal for any reason. Our mission at Compassionate Companions is to care for every animal in need and to match pets with forever homes. "We never turn away any animal for any reason".

We’ve been doing that for eight years now, and have served over 40,000 animals in need. With the help of our volunteers and the financial support of our donors, we plan to serve the animals and people in our community for the next 20 years. Stop in to donate, visit, volunteer, or adopt a new pet.

We are honored to have the following dedicated people on our staff. Suzanne Pollett Director - Suzanne has successfully run three other animal shelters in our state. She knows how to bring volunteers, donors, and paid experts together to help animals in need.

Colin Graham Adoptions Coordinator - Colin is an expert at matching adoptive families with their perfect pets. David McGee Facilities Manager - David keeps our facilities light, bright, clean and comfortable for both animals and people. Georgia Shaklee Fundraiser Financial Manager - Georgia oversees our budget, applies for grants, and organizes and holds fundraising events that keep our bank account in the black. Noreen Kraus Volunteer Coordinator - Noreen recruits, schedules, and motivates our many wonderful volunteer staff members.

Volunteers Our shelter could not function without our many volunteers. We average 20 volunteers at any one time. They answer the phones, set up adoption meetings, care for our animals, and keep our facilities clean. We always have openings for volunteers, so if you know any animal lovers who would like to help out, send them our way.

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