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How to write your School Funding Request Proposal

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The School Funding Request Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to request funding for a private school.

This is a good example to follow for anyone seeking funding from a foundation.

Anyone seeking funding from a foundation.

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School Funding Request Sample Proposal - The Narrative

School 4 Girls Funding Request

As you know, girls and women are treated unfairly and even brutally in many African countries. Schools 4 Girls is dedicated to changing that by educating and providing opportunities for girls in our 12 boarding schools in four African countries. We know that your Foundation has helped to fund the work of many other charitable organizations working in Africa.

In fact, we have formed mutually beneficial partnerships with many of your grant recipients. We are applying to you for a grant of £200,000 to continue our vitally important work. Please see the information enclosed to learn more about the positive difference your contribution will help to make in the world.

Providing opportunities for girls in our 12 boarding schools in four African countries. Please see the information enclosed to learn more about the positive difference your contribution will help to make in the world. Over the last decade, the world has become increasingly aware of the disparity in treatment of and opportunities for women in many countries. Women are more than one half of the world population, yet in many places women have no opportunity for education and little chance at improving their lives and those of their children.

In recent years, the general public has become aware of the following facts. In many countries, women and girls have little access to education. In fact, in many locales, females are forbidden from even learning to read or write. In many countries, women and girls have little access to health care.

In some areas, females are forbidden from seeing a male doctor, and because there are no female doctors, women and girls die from common ailments such as appendicitis or influenza. In many countries, there are no female leaders. And in many locales, women do not even have the right to vote. This is a shocking state of affairs in the Twenty First Century.

There is currently great interest and public pressure among leading countries to promote equality of girls and women. Wouldn't you like to be at the forefront of change. Schools 4 Girls runs 12 boarding schools in four African countries for girls in the equivalent of U.S. grades 1 12.

Why boarding schools. Many local village schools educate only boys, leaving the girls to do housework and become wives and mothers as early as age 11. The schools that do educate girls are often too far away for most village girls to attend. By providing boarding schools, we can educate girls from remote locations, proving them with a safe, healthy environment in which to grow and learn.

The Schools

Although there is variety among our schools, a typical school has 8 10 classrooms and a cafeteria. A facility of this size usually serves a student population of 160 300 girls between the ages of seven and twenty. We strive for class sizes no greater than 30 students. Classes are taught in the predominant national language of the country, which is generally English or French.

Textbooks and class supplies are provided for students and teachers.

Student Dormitories

In most student dormitories, two girls share a bedroom, and eight girls share a bathroom. This is far more privacy and space than most of these girls enjoy at home. Girls are grouped by age and class level.

Boys are not allowed in the dormitories. Two school uniforms, bed linens, and towels are provided for each student. Each student works eight hours per week in food preparation, laundry, or housekeeping duties.

Teacher Dormitories

Although some teachers may live off site, most schools generally provide a dormitory for female teachers. Each teacher has a private room and shares a bathroom with three other teachers. Male teachers are not allowed in dormitories unless married to a female teacher in residence.

Teacher dormitories include a small kitchen and table for group conferences and socialization. Our schools and dormitories have electricity and indoor plumbing, but most do not have central heating or air conditioning. Small stoves and fans are occasionally used to adjust temperatures for comfort.

Schools 4 Girls has received the following commitments for the next year.

  • $900,000 – Livingstone Trust Foundation for a Better World
  • $725,000 – One World Education Charities
  • $600,000 – United States For All Girls Agency
  • £150,000 – Heathmore Foundation for Global Equity
  • $90,000 – Hollywood Helps, EBC Worldwide Charities, SD Diggs Foundation

And the equivalent of more than $1.2 million U.S. dollars from generous individual donors around the world. We are in need of more funding to continue our work in the coming year. These are some of the typical costs that Schools 4 Girls must cover to do our valuable work. Prices are shown in equivalent U.S. dollars.

With 12 schools to support, you can see that our annual budget may approach more than $6 million dollars just for funding our existing projects. Schools 4 Girls has formed strategic partnerships with the following companies and organizations. Leveraging our relationships with these leading resources ensures that our projects are successful. Her Half Foundation is a charitable organization that creates training materials targeted to develop leadership skills in girls and women.

Schools 4 Girls receives training materials from Her Half Foundation and collaborates with them on development of educational materials for girls of all ages. Her Half Foundation has a decade of experience working in 24 countries to promote the well being of women. Books for Betterment is a charitable organization that provides textbooks and other school supplies to educational NGOs.

Schools 4 Girls receives more than nine hundred textbooks per year from Books for Betterment. Books for Betterment has the contacts to acquire up to date books in any field as donations or at wholesale costs. This organization promotes education of and job opportunities for teachers throughout Africa, with special emphasis on female teachers.

Many of our African graduates receive scholarships or loans from this organization to attend universities, and Schools 4 Girls hires many teachers from this group. Being affiliated with Coalition of African Teachers serves our girls both as students and as graduates.

Mission Statement

More than one half of our world's population is women, so more than one half of our world's leaders should be women. Schools 4 Girls empowers women in Third World countries through education, example, and opportunity.

Core Values

We are a secular educational institution. Through secular example and exclusion of religious references, we teach our students that intellectual endeavors need not be restricted by any religious text or religious leader. We aim to provide an education that matches the best education in the countries we serve.

Although many girls arrive at our schools with little or no education, our goal is to graduate them with knowledge and skills that match the graduates of the best secondary schools within the host country. We strive to provide opportunities for our graduates in the countries we serve. We work with many partners within and outside of the host countries to provide opportunities for further education and jobs for our graduates.

Many of our students go on to earn college degrees and become teachers; others become sought after workers or leaders in their local communities. We provide a safe environment for girls of all ages. Girls cannot learn or grow in confidence without a feeling of security.

Our schools have full time security staff to protect the teachers and students. All staff members are carefully screened for past histories of abuse before hiring, and abuse of any kind toward a student results in immediate dismissal.

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