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The Business Process Improvement Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch proposed changes in business processes for a company automated customer service system to retain customers.

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Anyone writing an internal company business proposal.

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Process Improvement Sample Proposal

Customer Service Process Improvement

Nextology Inc. needs to purchase an upgraded software system that integrates customer service accounting and ordering all from the same site. This is required to realize an increase in sales and customer loyalty by making it easier for our retailers to shop from the distribution center.

The Objective

Improve customer satisfaction by improving our web interface. Updated merchandise descriptions and product photos for all our catalog offerings. Updated web page with easy to follow navigation and clear links to the customer service department. Ability to allow retailers to buy our wholesale products directly via the web instead of faxing or calling in orders.

The Opportunity

To realize an increase in sales and customer loyalty by making it easier for our retailers to shop from the distribution center. Give retailers secure access to their accounts online. Allow retailers to browse the catalog online and perform powerful product searches. Allow retailers to order directly from the distribution center via the web creating fully automated means of customer orders and invoicing.

The Solution

Purchase an upgraded software system that integrates customer service accounting and ordering all from the same site. Contract with NeoWeb Interactive Solutions to develop new interactive website. Update online catalog and obtain new product shots from manufacturers. Integrate accounting and warehouse inventory into new system.

The customer service team based on requests and complaints about our current ordering and customer service system has outlined number of goals that will increase customer satisfaction and result in higher sales.

Goals and Objectives

Allow Clients Access to their Accounts We currently have paper only invoicing system. While this works well for many of our retailers more and more are requesting that their account information order status and invoices be available for access 7. NeoWeb Interactive requires that our current accounting software be updated to program that can integrate with their software solution. The transfer of information will require significant data entry by the accounting department.

Allow Clients to Perform Powerful Product Searches Our customers have expressed repeated dissatisfaction with our current online catalog because there are either no product shots or the shots are outdated and of poor quality. Further many of the same customers state they no longer have the time to sift through print catalog to find their product needs. We can no longer afford to lose customers to our competitors.

NeoWeb Interactive will develop solution that allows our retailers to find their desired products quickly. Allow Clients Secure Ordering via Web with Real Time Data Inventory Even more customers have expressed dissatisfaction because we don’t allow online ordering. Good portion of our retailers own small businesses and would like to place small orders on continual basis. They find the task of filling out an entire order form for small order to be too time consuming.

Many retailers grow angry when ordering product only to find that it is out of stock as this impacts their customer base and resale ability.. NeoWeb Interactive will integrate secure ordering with our new interactive website. Ordering will be linked to our accounting department and create dynamic environment that allows clients access to all their past orders account balances and other pertinent account information. Ordering will also be linked to the warehouse where advanced inventory tracking software will allow the client to immediately see if the product is in stock.

Thanks for agreeing to read my proposal that outlines changes to our customer service. Think we can increase sales and customer satisfaction by implementing these changes. The retailers that we distribute to have expressed dissatisfaction with our current customer service offerings and we are setting ourselves up to push our loyal client base to other suppliers. Our current model is very outdated in terms of technology and no longer meets the needs of the modern customer.

The proposed changes outline technology offerings that have become standard for retail businesses. As wholesale distributor think we need to make it just as easy for our retailers to buy from us. At this point haven’t included cost summary but based on preliminary discussions with NeoWeb Interactive we are probably looking at an investment near $90,000.00.

However the benefits of the changes and our resulting increase in sales will far outstrip any of the costs involved. I would very much appreciate the chance to meet with you and your operations team to talk about this proposal further. Integrating these changes into our existing technology and training our employees on the new system should be relatively painless process.

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