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Accounting Request for Proposal (RFP) Sample
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Accounting Request for Proposal (RFP) Sample

Invitation to Submit Proposal to Provide Accounting and Associated Services for Breezy Beach Motel

Breezy Beach Motel invites your company to submit a proposal to provide accounting and associated services from Zylstra Accounting Service. Your company is a well-respected member of our community with known experience in the fields required for this proposal. You will find all the information you need included in this packet.

We look forward to receiving your proposal and bid. Breezy Beach Motel is a beachside motel in Seaside, Oregon, with 120 rental units. We employ a staff of 49 in cleaning, maintenance, and management positions.

Breezy Beach Motel is in need of accounting services that include accounting, recordkeeping, payroll, bookkeeping, and actuarial services. Breezy Beach Motel desires to contract with one local company that can provide all of these services. Requirements for submitting a proposal and estimate for our contract include. Bidders must have a minimum of three years of experience in the accounting industry Describe the experience and training of the accounting staff that will provide services.

Bidders must provide payroll services Paychecks must be issued to all employees every two weeks, and payroll taxes must be automatically deducted from salaries as required by law. Bidders must provide bookkeeping and record-keeping services Reservations and payments for motel rooms will be taken by our reservation service, which will provide this information to the accounting service for input into standard bookkeeping format. Maintenance and replacement records and costs must be entered as well, with all records preserved in an easily accessed format.

Bidders must provide actuarial services These services include providing statistical information when needed, advising management, and contracting with appropriate agencies. All accounting staff must be experienced and vetted Provide work histories and background check information for all your staff. Bidders must provide five references from long-term clients List references from five clients for whom you have provided continuous accounting services for a minimum of one year.

See the References page for format and details of information to be provided. Bidders must be located within 30 miles of our location Breezy Beach Motel is dedicated to hiring locally, and we desire for our accounting partner to be able to easily meet in person with our managers. List references from five clients for whom you have provided continuous accounting services for a minimum of one year. List personnel providing service URL to client’s site or portfolio page Description of services provided to this reference.

In addition to five long-term client references, you may also list other clients for whom you have done short term projects or with whom you have newer relationships.

  • Payroll checks issued print or direct deposit
  • Payroll taxes and other fees paid
  • As required per federal and state regulations
  • Updated bookkeeping report issued to hotel owner and managers
  • Payments made to suppliers, utilities, insurers, etc.
  • Annual reconciliation of accounts
  • Special reports for exceptional situations such as major repairs and insurance claims - rare

Every proposal submitted should adhere to the following format guidelines. Submission Format. Submit proposals in printed format only, on 8.5 x 11 size pages with margins of at least 1 inch. Two copies must be submitted, as described on the Evaluation page.

Proposals of up to 20 pages will be accepted. We expect most proposals to be in the 7-12 page range. All proposals must include the following pages in the following order. Title Page, Contact Information with signature of authorizing company official, Experience, Budget, References.

Additional sections may be included. Each section may consist of one or more pages. See the Requirements page for details about what to include, as well as the Budget and References pages in this RFP. Fonts used should be Times New Roman or Helvetica no smaller than 11 point type.

See the Evaluation page in this RFP for criteria on which each proposal will be evaluated. Deliver two 2 printed copies of your proposal by 5.00pm PST, Friday, August 21, 20xx to Grace Hallston, Owner, Breezy Beach Motel. Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria.

  • How well the proposal meets the needs and requirements described in this RFP
  • Experience level of company and staff
  • Hiring and training practices for staff
  • Availability of staff for meetings in Seaside, Oregon
  • Recommendations from other clients and general business reputation

The contract will be awarded on September 16, 20xx. This decision will be posted on our website,, and will also be communicated by email to all project bidders. The following criteria must be met in order for the bid to be accepted. Contract Requirements All requirements must be met as outlined in the proposal.

Contractual Obligations All contractual obligations must be met as outlined in the contract and addendums. Documentation Completed All required documentation, including background check information for all employees, must be completed and delivered. Breezy Beach Motel has set an annual cap of $25,000 for accounting services.

This total should include the cost of all services listed on the Requirements page. Breezy Beach Motel will award a one-year contract to the winning bidder, with options to renew each year. Costs for subsequent years may not exceed 5% more than the previous year.

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