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How to write your own Fire and Safety Request for Proposal (RFP)

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Fire and Safety Request for Proposal (RFP) Sample
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The Fire and Safety Request for Proposal (RFP) Sample is an example of an original RFP created using Proposal Pack to request proposal submissions from other companies for the installation of a fire alarm and security system.

This is a good example to follow for anyone needing to create an RFP that will be responded to by others.

Anyone needing to create an RFP that will be responded to by others.

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Fire and Safety Request for Proposal (RFP) Sample

July 20xx Adam Simpson Project Manager Simpson Security 405 65th St Suite

Louisville KY Dear Mr. Simpson Rockwell Property Management invites your company to submit proposal to update the fire and security systems in the historic Fountain Square Building which we manage. Your company is well respected member of our community with known experience in the fields required for this proposal. You will find all the information you need included in this packet. Note that blueprints of the building can be found on our website and that we will hold walk through and question period for all those wishing to submit proposal for this project at 10. a.m. on August 20xx. We look forward to receiving your proposal and bid. Sincerely

Gina Goodall Property Manager Rockwell Property Management 1800 Pin Oak Avenue Suite Louisville KY PH 555 555 5555 ext FX 555 555 5556 attn Gina www.RockwellPropertyMgmt.com

Proposal Rockwell Property Management 1800 Pin Oak Avenue Suite Louisville KY PH 555 555 5555 FX 555 555 5556 www.RockwellPropertyMgmt.com Proposal Number. FSB 1402

www.RockwellPropertyMgmt.com Accent The historic Fountain Square Building in downtown Louisville requires new fire alarm system and security system to replace the outdated systems currently in use. Rockwell Property Management which owns and operates the Fountain Square Building is soliciting proposals for this project. Description Prepared for. Adam Simpson Project Manager Simpson Security Prepared by. Gina Goodall Rockwell Property Manager

Fountain Square Fire Security System Update July 20xx PageHeader PageHeader The Fountain Square Building is historic story office building of square feet containing separate offices. Each floor has central lobby area accessed by an elevator and stairs. blueprint of the building can be downloaded from our web site at. www.RockwellPropertyMgmt.com fsbuilding The Fountain Square Building is currently protected by an outmoded fire alarm and security system that must be replaced with state of the art equipment that will protect all property tenants and visitors within the building.

PageHeader This page has been included for respondents who have additional questions or concerns as well as for those who choose not to submit proposal after receiving this RFP. Title. Fountain Square Fire Security System Update Project Number. FSB 1402 Please provide all information requested in this proposal and then fax completed forms to Rockwell Property Management RFP Committee at 555 555 5556. Alternatively you can send an Acrobat PDF submission as single document formatted for printing on letter size paper to. rfp@RockwellPropertyMgmt.com If you have questions or concerns please contact Gina at 555 555 5555 ext. 30.

If you choose not to submit proposal please fill out the following form to tell us why. Respondent’s Name. Date. Contact Person. Phone. Email. Address. Comments. PageHeader Rockwell Property Management REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

Project Title. Fountain Square Building Fire Security System Update Project Number. FSB 1402 RFP Issue Date. July 20xx RFP Issuing Office. Rockwell Property Management Procurement Officer. Gina Goodall Phone. 555 555 5555 ext. Fax. 555 555 5556 attn. Gina gg@RockwellPropertyMgmt.com Procurement Method. Competitive sealed bid proposal Contract Term. One time installation of systems plus ongoing monthly contract for monitoring

Pre Proposal Conference. August 20xx – 10. a.m. Fountain Square Building Fountain Avenue Louisville KY At this time we will do walk through of the building and answer questions. For directions call. Meg at Rockwell Property Management Submit Proposal To. Rockwell Property Management Pin Oak Avenue Suite Louisville KY Attn. Gina Goodall Closing Date and Time. August 20xx 5pm PageHeader Project Title. Fountain Square Fire Security System Update Project Number. FSB 1402

All respondents must answer the following questions about their companies. How many years of experience do you have in installing and maintaining fire alarm and security systems for commercial buildings. All respondents must have at least five years of relevant experience. What similar projects have you worked on in the last five years. Describe any retrofits or new installations of fire and security systems in commercial buildings with multiple occupants. What is the current financial situation of your company. All respondents must be free of liens and possess enough capital to buy equipment and pay employees throughout the course of this project. What amount of liability insurance does your company carry. A minimum of $2 million in liability insurance is required for all respondents. Do you plan to use subcontractors to carry out any part of this contract. If yes describe how you will select subcontractors guarantee their work and ensure they are paid. Summary

Additional information about equipment and methodology is required of all respondents. Please ensure you respond to all parts of this RFP. PageHeader All respondents must be aware of the following policies. Project Title. Fountain Square Fire Security System Update Project Number. FSB 1402 All responders must abide by the following policies. All respondents must be fully licensed and insured at the time of proposal submission No respondent shall contact any member of the RFP issuing company EXCEPT for the Contact Person listed on the RFP Information Sheet

All information in proposals must be current and accurate All proposals must be received by the deadline on the RFP Information Sheet All proposals must be complete Summary Proposals from respondents that fail to meet the criteria cited above will not be considered. PageHeader

Key project deadlines are outlined below. The deadline for submitting your proposal is August 20xx. Description Deadline All new equipment and supplies purchased and delivered to building September

All new equipment installed September All old equipment removed All testing completed Regular monitoring set up and in progress PageHeader A committee of four experienced building managers and one security consultant will evaluate all proposals received and select winner. The five person committee described above will evaluate proposals according to the following criteria. Technical Criteria Technical requirements will be considered in the order explained below. Experience in the building security field We prefer to work with company that has minimum of five years of experience.

Similarity of past projects As our budget is limited it would be beneficial to work with company that knows how to efficiently install and monitor system of this size. References and guarantees References from current or past clients as well as guarantees of satisfaction and warranties on equipment will count in the applicant’s favor. Financial Criteria Financial criteria will be evaluated as follows. History of financial stability Applicants must not have outstanding liens or recent bankruptcies in their financial histories. Resources to purchase equipment and pay employees We expect each applicant to be able to complete the project with one third the total contract amount paid on signing one third on the installation complete date and final third after final testing and sign off of systems by all parties involved. Applicant’s employees sub contractors or equipment sellers may not apply to Rockwell Property Management for payment nor may they withhold work at any time.

Additional Considerations As we have policy of "buying local" whenever possible special consideration will be given to companies in the Louisville area assuming they meet all other RFP requirements. PageHeader This project will require an electrical permit before work can begin as well as electrical and fire inspections before the project is complete. All applicable requirements of local building and fire codes must be met. All respondents must be familiar with the provisions of the following. Historic Landmark Building Ordinances The Fountain Square Building is historic building and therefore certain cosmetic exceptions to codes are allowable but others must be followed. International Fire Code Our city follows these strict regulations for fire alarm and suppression equipment. Kentucky Plumbing Code NFPA Sprinkler Systems Code NFPA National Electrical Code Any or all these codes may need to be considered for this project.

Notes All contractors will be required to follow established national and local safety regulations during the course of this project. PageHeader In their proposals respondents must provide lists of fire alarm fire suppression equipment and security equipment they propose to install for this project. This equipment list must include. Make and model number

Model description from manufacturer Price Options if any Required associated parts or materials if any Warranties from respondent or manufacturer All equipment to be installed must be listed in proposals by respondents. All equipment needed to complete this project must be provided by the contractor during the course of the project. PageHeader

The project specifications are as follows. Overview The Fountain Square Building is an historic building that currently has an antiquated fire alarm system with wired in smoke detectors per floor and additional battery powered units. The wired in smoke detectors are connected to sprinkler system. The Fountain Square Building currently has an antiquated push button or analog key operated security system on the entry doors at ground level as well as on the elevators and main door to each office Specifications Replace old smoke sensors with modern units and add new units as necessary to protect all offices and shared spaces within the building New units must meet all local fire codes and building codes and must trigger local fire alarm. See the building blueprint at www.RockwellPropertyMgmt.com fsbuilding for detailed layout of the property. Replace old security locks with modern programmable keycard units and add new security cameras as necessary to protect all offices and shared spaces within the building Building management and emergency responders must be able to override codes to access all offices if needed. Building management must be able to reprogram all locks as needed. Security cameras must be digital interface seamlessly with DVR capable of storing days of footage. All devices must be Windows compatible and run off backup battery if electricity is not available. Propose plan to monitor the security system on an ongoing basis Cameras must be routinely checked and footage must be stored for one month period in an easily accessible format. Personnel must be available hours day days week to respond to alarms and to reset codes as needed. PageHeader

Rockwell Property Management has set cap of $45 for the replacement of the current fire alarm and security systems. This total should include all equipment costs all removal adaption costs and all installation costs. Monthly maintenance and monitoring fees should not exceed $2000 month after initial warranties have expired. Annual Budgets Alarm System Equipment and Installation Monitoring and Maintenance Total Costs. PageHeader

All respondents must submit list of minimum of three references who can attest to the quality of the respondent’s work on fire alarm and or security installation project completed in the last five years. All references must include the following information. Reference name Reference title Reference company name Name and date of project respondent worked on for reference Reference phone number Reference mail

Notes Respondents should verify all phone numbers and mail addresses of references before submitting the list. Invalid phone numbers or mail addresses will cause reference to be stuck from the list. Rockwell Property Management 1800 Pin Oak Avenue Suite Louisville KY PH 555 555 5555 FX 555 555 5556 www.RockwellPropertyMgmt.com

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