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How to write your Request for Proposal (RFP)

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Click the PDF View link above to see more. The complete sample is included in every Proposal Pack and the included Wizard software can build you an editable version in Word that will be in the design theme you purchased. You can purchase a different design theme than the sample is illustrated with.

Proposal Pack Wireless #5 Title Page

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Proposal Pack Wireless #5 Body Page
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We include this Request for Proposal (RFP) Sample in PDF and editable Word format chapters that can be customized using the included Wizard software.

To create your customized proposal using your logo and colors, get Proposal Pack for Any Business. We include this sample in every Proposal Pack.

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The Request for Proposal (RFP) Sample is an example of an original RFP created using Proposal Pack to request proposal submissions from other companies.

This is a good example to follow for anyone needing to create an RFP that will be responded to by others.

Anyone creating an original RFP to be responded to.

5. Customize the template with your information

You can customize the layout with different chapters, change the order of chapters, import your content and information, change the visual design, edit the text, and more. You have complete control over customizing this sample.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Sample - The Narrative

Security System for IBT Manufacturing

IBT Manufacturing is in need of a security and fire system for two buildings with 24-hour monitoring and incident response. IBT Manufacturing is accepting proposals from qualified companies from now until August 21. Describe the typical daily processes involved in your security monitoring operations.

Include the following information. Describe the office or area from which our system would be monitored, including descriptions of equipment used or available and personnel involved in typical tasks. What are your requirements for hiring security personnel. How do you train your security personnel.

How many employees would typically be involved in monitoring our security systems on any shift. How would employees ensure that all system components are functioning correctly. How would employees discover a security breach or alarm from our system. Describe in detail your process for responding to a suspected security breach or alarm.

Include typical response times. Include statistics on results of responding to breaches alarms, including false alarms, arrests, and so forth. Include a description of your process for labeling, storing, and retrieving security recordings, as well as a description of your secure storage area. What is your internal system for managing overseeing your employees and continually evaluating their effectiveness.

IBT Manufacturing is seeking proposals from established security firms to provide security and fire alert systems with 24-hour monitoring and incident response for our corporate campus at 1000 Main Street in Atlanta, Georgia. We need secure and continuous monitoring of all areas of our corporate campus, including building interiors and exteriors, parking lots, loading docks, and outdoor areas.

Description of Buildings

Bldg 1 – Two story office building, 15,000 square feet on each floor, with 11 offices, 1 kitchen, and two restrooms per floor. Bldg 2 – One story manufacturing warehouse facility, 20,000 square feet, two loading docks. See detailed downloadable blueprints of our buildings and campus on our website.

All rooms within our two buildings must be constantly monitored for smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide. Most rooms should include sprinkler fire suppression systems, but our two computer server rooms Bldg 1 – 625 square feet; Bldg 2- 500 square feet need specialized fire suppression systems to protect our computer equipment and data. See the Requirements page in this RFP for a summary of our requirements for this project, and see other pages for details on information required in various proposal sections. Please format and submit your proposal according to instructions on the Format and Evaluation pages of this RFP.

Requirements for submitting a proposal and estimate for our project include. Proposal bidders must have a minimum of 3 years of experience Explain training and experience of all personnel that will monitor and respond to the security system. See the Qualifications page in this RFP for more details on the information needed.

All components of fire and security systems must be purchased and installed by bidder. Provide details of the recommended components on the Security Devices page, and details and schedule for installation on the Installation Details page. If you propose to use a subcontractor for installation, describe that subcontractor’s history on the Installation Details page.

Systems must be monitored 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Describe your monitoring operation and personnel, as well as your procedure for responding to alarms. See the Operations page for a description of details to provide. Alarms must be answered within five minutes.

Describe your process for responding to alarms and provide typical response times. See the Operations page for a description of details to provide. Security recordings must be stored for 30 days.

Describe your system for labeling, storing, retrieving, and destroying video footage. See the Operations page for a description of details to provide. Every proposal submitted should adhere to the following format guidelines.

Submission Format

Submit proposals in printed format only, on 8.5 x 11 size pages with margins of at least 1 inch. Three copies must be submitted, as described on the Evaluation page. Proposals of up to 30 pages will be accepted.

We expect most proposals to be in the 8-20 page range. All proposals must include the following sections in the following order. Title Page, Contact Information with signature of authorizing company official, Recommended Security Devices, Installation Details, Operations, Cost Summary, Qualifications.

Additional sections may be included. Each section may consist of one or more pages. See the Security Devices, Installation Details, Cost Summary, and Qualifications pages in this RFP for more details on information to include in those sections. Fonts used should be Times New Roman or Helvetica no smaller than 11 point type.

Additional Information

See the Evaluation page in this RFP for criteria on which each proposal will be evaluated. Provide the following cost information for the project. Cost of all security and fire detection system components.

Cost of installing and testing all components. Ongoing costs of 24-hour monitoring of installed systems, monthly and yearly. Per-incident cost of responding to alarm or perceived problem.

Maintenance and update costs. Provide a copy of your standard contract that specifies all of the above. Describe the details of installing the security and fire monitoring systems on the IBT Manufacturing campus.

Include descriptions of the following. Pre-Installation Considerations Describe any activities that must be completed or notifications that must be made before installation can begin. Installation Procedures Describe the installation process, including personnel and equipment needed on site, schedule, procedures to protect IBT staff and operations, noise, and so forth. Consider whether normal operations will be disrupted or affected by installation.

Post-Installation Considerations Describe any inspection or testing procedures that will be carried out after installation is complete. Based on the description of our corporate campus provided in this RFP and the blueprints provided on our website, describe the security devices systems you would recommend to protect our buildings, employees, contents, and inventory against intrusion, theft, and fire. Provide the following information. Product names and specific model numbers of components.

Warranty information for all components. Reasons for recommendation of this component. Technical details describing typical use and operating requirements of the component.

Functionality during electrical outage. Provide a description of how monitoring personnel would ensure that all components are working properly. Three 3 copies of your proposal must be delivered by 3.00pm EST, Friday, August 21, 20xx to Richard Sharp, Facilities Manager, IBT Manufacturing.

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria.

  • How well the proposal meets the needs and requirements described in this RFP
  • Experience level of company and staff
  • Hiring and training practices for security staff
  • Numbers of staff on duty during shifts
  • Value of proposal pricing as compared to others received and general market estimates
  • Clear and detailed descriptions of equipment, processes, and services to be provided
  • Recommendations from other clients and general business reputation

The contract will be awarded on September 16, 20xx. This decision will be posted on our corporate website and will also be communicated by email to all project bidders. Explain your qualifications to undertake and carry out this project.

Provide the following information.

  • Company experience in the security business
  • All licenses and insurance information
  • Special training of management and staff for the security business
  • Total number of staff
  • Number and type of staff on duty per shift
  • Experience level of current staff members
  • Requirements for hiring security staff
  • References from five clients for whom you have performed ongoing security services
Business proposal example What Our Clients Say

Writing proposals for government and business entities is an ongoing, time consuming task for every company I have operated or consulted with. The difference between a poor proposal and a great proposal often boils down to how many hours talented people can dedicate to the process. The Proposal Pack has proven to be an excellent tool that allows my teams to create superior proposals in a fraction of the time they would otherwise take. I highly recommend this product."

Steven Rowley
Acumen Partners, LLC

Length of Sample

12 Pages

There are thousands of chapters to choose from in Proposal Pack. This sample uses the following set of Proposal Pack chapter templates: Title Page, Table of Contents, Cost Summary, Client Operations, Format, Project Background, Installation Details, Security Devices, Evaluation, Requirements, Qualifications, Back Page.

There are 200 complete sample proposals including this one in each Proposal Pack

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  • Security, safety, protection, investigation proposal
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Many other types of proposals

Samples can be created in any Proposal Pack design theme

This sample was created with Proposal Pack Wireless #5. To change the visual look purchase any Proposal Pack and this sample will be created in that design theme.

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