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Use the Damage Control template to describe actions to take after a major problem has occurred. This could be a physical problem, such as an accident or failure that caused physical or financial damage, or a political problem that harms an individual's or organization's brand or reputation.
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How do you write a Damage Control document?

Use this page to describe actions to take after major problem has occurred. This could be physical problem such as an accident or failure that caused physical or financial damage or political problem that harms an individuals or organizations brand or reputation. Note that Proposal Pack includes Public Relations and Response templates that you may also want to use. History Insert general description of the incident that caused physical damage and or damaged credibility or public image. For example you might describe an incident in which an official was charged with drunk driving or an incident where company manager made controversial remark in public. Results and Implications Insert discussion of the resulting damage from this incident or the damage you expect to result in the future. For example in the case of politician sexist comment might cause loss of support among women voters. Remedy

Insert discussion of the remedial steps that should be taken to mitigate the damage. Be as specific as possible about who should perform the tasks when they should happen and how they will be done. Remedies for physical damage might include clean up switch to temporary use of alternate location or methodology and so forth. Remedies for public relations problems might include public acknowledgement of wrongdoing guarantees of future results donations whatever is appropriate to restore the good reputation of the individual or organization. Prevention of Future Incidents Discuss any ideas you have to prevent future incidents of this kind. You may need to change equipment institute new policies or change personnel roles for example. Summary Summarize the topic of damage control here highlighting any points you want to emphasize and referring to other pages as needed to provide details.

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