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Job Share Position Proposal Concepts

You also get the following Excel spreadsheet with the static Word template:
Cost Benefit Analysis Calculator

Excel spreadsheets are only used with the static Word template. If you get a Proposal Pack or the Professional Bundle, these pages are calculated and built using an automated line-item database in the included software.

What's Included
This single static template
Calculator spreadsheets
Create variations of this template
All 2200 chapter templates
All 700 proposal layouts
All 200 completed samples
Novice quoting software
All 340 contract templates
All 110 project templates
Expert quoting software
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How to write your Job Share Position Proposal

We include this 14 page layout with every Proposal Pack. If you want this template to have a different visual design theme than the one illustrated here, purchase any Proposal Pack design and create this template using the purchased design theme. If you get a Proposal Pack or the Professional Bundle, you can also make any variation of this template with different chapters to suit your needs.

We typically include more chapters in the templates than most people will need to give everyone more variety in the chapters they may need. You can trim down a long template by removing pages you do not need or combining multiple chapter topics into one page.


Job Share Position Sample ProposalView Job Share Position Sample Proposal

This sample proposal is based on the same layout as this template and is included in every Proposal Pack. The visual design of the templates will match whichever Proposal Pack design you purchase. To get this template in a different design theme than shown in the sample, purchase any other Proposal Pack design theme and this template will be included.

You can create an editable Word version of this sample in any design theme of your choice including branded to your logo.

Proposal Pack Minimalist #8 Screenshot of Pages

( Design themes, color schemes, fonts, and images are all customizable )

The Part Time Job Share Position Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the creation of part time job share positions to reduce employee turnover. This is a good example to follow for anyone writing an internal company proposal.

You can also create countless variations of this document to suit your needs using the included library of 2200+ chapters if ordering a Proposal Pack or Pro Bundle.
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What's the best way to write your job share position proposal?

The Proposal Kit template and software package are the best solution when proposing job share positions. This intuitive system not only aids in creating a proposal but also integrates a line item quoting database system for robust financial documentation, including cost summaries, quotes, estimates, budgets, and other financial details.

Are you currently tasked with devising such a proposal, or do you find yourself in a related predicament? If so, you are in the right place to learn how to succeed using the Proposal Kit.

What Types of Projects Are Job Share Position Proposal Written For?

Job share position proposals are and can be adapted for a myriad of projects aimed at enhancing workflow, reducing employee turnover, and boosting job satisfaction. Here are some typical scenarios proposals are written for:

  • Transitioning full-time roles to part-time within HR departments
  • Creating flexible job schedules in customer service sectors
  • Establishing shared responsibilities in sales positions
  • Developing rotational job sharing in IT support teams
  • Implementing job sharing in educational institutions for administrative roles
  • Designing shared project management roles in construction
  • Facilitating job sharing in healthcare settings for nursing positions
  • Proposing shared duties in retail management
  • Structuring part-time shared positions in corporate leadership
  • Introducing job sharing in marketing teams
  • Organizing shared roles in non-profit organizations
  • Creating part-time options in financial services
  • Innovating job sharing in legal firms for paralegal roles
  • Implementing job sharing in hospitality management
  • Structuring shared responsibilities in logistics and supply chain roles
  • Establishing job sharing in creative industries like graphic design
  • Proposing part-time shared roles in environmental agencies
  • Introducing shared duties in research and development teams
  • Developing job sharing in government roles for better work-life balance
  • Creating part-time shared positions in the tech industry for software developers


Components of a Job Share Position Proposal

There are no one-size-fits-all templates for creating a job share position proposal.

These templates, formatted as editable Word documents, can be customized and saved as PDF files for easy delivery.

The Proposal Kit software allows the creation of customized proposals using an extensive library of over a thousand template chapters. This selection is a sampling of how you can tailor each component to meet your specific requirements:

Cover Letter

Introduce the proposal's purpose and establish a personal connection with the recipient. Use this section to briefly introduce the job share initiative, mentioning the key benefits and addressing the recipient by name. Highlight the main goals, such as reducing employee turnover and increasing job satisfaction. Establishing a personal connection can make the proposal more engaging and impactful.

Executive Summary

This section should concisely summarize the job share proposal's key points and emphasize its benefits. Highlight the primary benefits of job sharing, such as improved work-life balance, increased productivity, and cost savings. Mention any preliminary findings or data supporting the proposal, setting the stage for the following sections.

Process Summary

Detail the step-by-step process of how the job sharing will be implemented. Outline the implementation phases, from the initial planning stages to the final rollout. Include timelines, key milestones, and the roles of various stakeholders. Detail specific actions like staff meetings, training sessions, and pilot testing phases to give a clear roadmap for stakeholders to follow.

Resource Management

Explain how resources will be allocated between job-sharing employees. Discuss the allocation of physical resources such as office space, equipment, and software. Also, elaborate on how human resources, like overlapping skill sets and complementary talents, will be optimized in the job-sharing arrangement. Address any potential challenges and planned solutions to ensure smooth resource management.


Outline the supervision strategies for overseeing job-shared positions. Define the supervisors' roles and responsibilities in monitoring job-sharing employees. Discuss the tools and methods for performance evaluations, communication, and conflict resolution. Emphasize the importance of regular check-ins and feedback loops to maintain high performance and employee morale.


Discuss how tasks, responsibilities, and hours will be shared and coordinated. Describe the mechanisms for dividing tasks and ensuring seamless coordination between job-sharing employees. Highlight the use of shared calendars, project management tools, and regular handoff meetings. Provide examples of how specific tasks will be split and managed to maintain efficiency and accountability.


Analyze how job sharing can reduce staff turnover and increase job satisfaction. Present data or case studies showing the correlation between job sharing and reduced employee turnover. Discuss how job sharing can improve work-life balance, reduce burnout, and foster a supportive work environment. Include testimonials or quotes from employees who have benefited from job-sharing arrangements in similar roles.


Define the specific responsibilities of each job-sharing employee. Create job descriptions that delineate the duties and responsibilities of each participant in the job-sharing arrangement. Specify how tasks will be divided and how performance will be measured. This section should eliminate ambiguity and ensure all parties understand their roles.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Provide a detailed financial analysis showcasing the economic benefits of job sharing. Use quantitative data to present the cost savings and financial benefits of implementing job sharing. Include comparisons with traditional full-time roles, considering reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and lower turnover costs. Present charts, graphs, or tables to make the financial data easily digestible.


Offer actionable recommendations for successfully implementing job sharing. Based on the analysis and data presented, provide a set of clear, actionable steps for rolling out the job-sharing initiative. Include recommendations for training, communication strategies, and ongoing evaluation methods. The goal is to offer practical advice that can be immediately applied to ensure the success of the job-sharing program.


Include any relevant research or case studies that support the proposal's objectives. Present findings from external studies or internal pilot programs that validate the effectiveness of job sharing. Detail specific examples from other companies or industries that have successfully implemented job-sharing arrangements. This section should build credibility and provide evidence-based support for the proposal's recommendations.

Job Share Position Proposal Use Cases

Revolutionizing Retail Management Through Shared Roles

Linda, the owner of Dynamic Tech Solutions, was grappling with a concerning rise in employee burnout within her IT team. Determined to find a long-term solution, she discovered Proposal Kit and proposed a job-sharing model to alleviate the stress on her staff. Using the software, Linda created a detailed proposal outlining how shared responsibilities among her IT team members could increase productivity, increase job satisfaction, and reduce turnover.

The proposal included a comprehensive Executive Summary highlighting job-sharing benefits, a Process Summary detailing step-by-step implementation, and a Cost/Benefit Analysis illustrating the financial advantages. Linda's proposal was met with enthusiasm from both her team and stakeholders. As a result, Dynamic Tech Solutions successfully implemented job sharing, resulting in a happier, more efficient workforce and a noticeable decrease in turnover rates.

Meeting Tight Deadlines in Customer Service

John, a project manager at Friendly Faces Customer Service, was handed an urgent task: draft a job share position proposal within an unreasonably short deadline. John turned to Proposal Kit for a solution. He recognized the time constraints and employed an AI writing tool to expedite the process.

John began by structuring the proposal using Proposal Kit's templates. For the content, he prompted the AI tool to analyze the company's website, extracting relevant information to enrich the Resource Management and Supervision chapters. The AI tool generated initial drafts, which John then edited for accuracy and clarity.

The resulting proposal was not only completed on time but was also comprehensive and persuasive. It included a clear Process Summary, a detailed Responsibilities section, and compelling Recommendations. John's efficient use of the Proposal Kit and AI assistance impressed his supervisors, leading to the approval and successful implementation of the job-sharing initiative, which significantly improved the department's operational efficiency.

Engaging Partners with RFPs in Non-Profit Sector

Sarah, the director at Green Tomorrow, faced the challenge of creating an RFP (Request for Proposal) for a job-sharing initiative to promote sustainable employment practices. With a vision to engage potential partners, she turned to Proposal Kit to create an appealing and thorough RFP.

Sarah used Proposal Kit's extensive library to create a customized RFP with chapters like Cover Letter, Executive Summary, and Studies. She detailed how job sharing could benefit employees and the organization, incorporating research and case studies to support her claims. The Cost/Benefit Analysis provided a clear financial perspective, while the Recommendations outlined actionable steps for partners.

The RFP was a success. Green Tomorrow received numerous proposals from interested partners, each offering innovative solutions for job sharing. Sarah's approach, supported by Proposal Kit, attracted valuable collaborators and positioned Green Tomorrow as a leader in sustainable employment practices.

Conclusions on Creating Effective Job Share Position Proposals

Proposal Kit templates and software are invaluable in addressing the specific needs of writing job share position proposals. Whether you are a small business owner, an employee facing tight deadlines, or a non-profit director, Proposal Kit provides the tools and resources necessary to create compelling, customized proposals that meet your objectives and reduce employee turnover.

Also Known As

The Job Share Position Proposal may also be referred to in different ways or be used in more specialized situations, such as:

  • Job Share Proposal
  • Part-Time Job Sharing Plan
  • Shared Position Outline
  • Employee Sharing Agreement Proposal
  • Work Sharing Strategy Proposal
  • Job Partnership Proposal
  • Dual Employment Strategy Proposal
  • Cooperative Work Arrangement Proposal
  • Shared Role Implementation Plan
  • Bipartite Job Framework Proposal


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary objective of a job share position proposal?

The main goal of a job share position proposal is to outline a structured plan for dividing a single full-time job into two or more part-time positions. This approach aims to enhance flexibility, increase job satisfaction, and reduce employee turnover. By clearly defining the roles, responsibilities, and benefits of the job-sharing arrangement, the proposal seeks to present a case to stakeholders for why and how job-sharing can be implemented within the organization.

How do I demonstrate the benefits of job sharing in my proposal?

Include a comprehensive Cost/Benefit Analysis chapter to demonstrate the benefits of job sharing. This section should quantify the financial savings from reduced Turnover and absenteeism, increased productivity, and improved employee morale. Additionally, incorporating real-world examples, case studies, or research studies that highlight the success of job sharing in similar organizations can provide persuasive evidence to support your proposal.

What should be included in a job share position proposal?

A well-rounded job share position proposal should include several important components: a Cover Letter to introduce the proposal, an Executive Summary to provide a high-level overview, a Process Summary to explain the implementation steps, Resource Management details, Supervision strategies, Sharing arrangements, an analysis on Turnover, defined Responsibilities, a Cost/Benefit Analysis, Recommendations, and any supporting Studies. Customizing these chapters to align with your organization's specific needs and goals will make your proposal more effective.

How can I address potential concerns about supervision and coordination in the proposal?

The Supervision and Sharing chapters detail clear strategies to address potential concerns about supervision and coordination. They explain how supervisors will oversee the job-sharing arrangement, which communication tools and processes will be employed to ensure seamless coordination, and how conflict resolution will be managed. Providing a well-thought-out plan for supervision and coordination can alleviate stakeholders' reservations about the feasibility of job sharing.

What steps should I take to customize the proposal for my industry or company?

Customizing your job share position proposal involves tailoring the content to reflect your industry or company's specific context and needs. Use the extensive library of templates available in the Proposal Kit to select and modify chapters that resonate with your organizational goals. Include industry-specific examples, address unique challenges, and highlight relevant benefits. Ensuring that your proposal speaks directly to your audience's concerns and expectations increases the likelihood of gaining their support and approval.

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Chapter Templates Used in the Job Share Position Proposal

Cover Letter, Title Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Process Summary, Resource Management, Supervision, Sharing, Turnover, Responsibilities, Cost/Benefit Analysis, Recommendations, Studies, Back Page

Job Share Position Proposal Calculator Spreadheets

These Excel calculator spreadsheets are included with this template. If you purchase a Proposal Pack or the Professional Bundle, these proposal pages are generated using an automated line-item database in the included Wizard software. The calculator spreadsheets are intended for use when purchasing only the static Word template.

Cost Benefit Analysis Calculator

You use this proposal for

  • General business proposal
  • Non-technical proposal
  • Project pitch proposal
  • Resume and employment proposal
  • Internal company proposal

How to create the Job Share Position Proposal with Proposal Pack Wizard

You can create this document using any of the logo-designed Proposal Packs. Pick any Proposal Pack with a logo design theme you like best; they will all work equally well. The Proposal Pack for Any Business is the pack with no extra added logos or colors - designed to be used plain or for you to customize with your logos and graphics.

The Proposal Pack design theme you purchase will determine the visual look of this template. The screenshot above only shows the plain generic design theme. Names and stories in examples are fictional; however, the templates are from real client use cases.

We include a library of chapters to be assembled based on your needs. All proposals are different and have different needs and goals. We designed Proposal Pack so you can customize the documents to suit your needs.

You will best create this document using the Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition software to select this template and build it in the Proposal Pack logo design theme of your choice along with any desired customizations (such as adding additional chapters, removing unneeded chapters, changing the order of chapters, and importing your company logo). This template outlines a proposal for the described situation. Each user is responsible for typing in the actual content of the provided pages with their information to complete the proposal.

You create this template using the Wizard software with an entire Proposal Pack library and software. We include the Expert Edition of the software in the Proposal Kit Professional bundle. Microsoft Word for Windows is required to use the customizing software. You can also edit Word document templates in other office software such as Word for Mac. We will assist Mac users in assembling complex templates for their first project if they do not have the required platform to run the Wizard software.

You only get the single assembled Word document if purchased as a stand-alone template. The individual template products - Job Share Position Proposal - include no other templates, samples, or software.

How to Build Templates Featured on Proposal Kit Website

Many people find the Proposal Kit website after searching for a specific proposal. Once you've purchased and installed the software, how do you build that template you found in the first place? This video shows you how to build any proposal you see on the Proposal Kit website.

Key Takeaways

  • The Job Share Position Proposal is available as a ready-to-edit template.
  • You can create unlimited custom variations of this template using a Proposal Pack or the Professional Bundle.
  • Using a Proposal Pack or Professional Bundle, you can automate quotes and other financial pages with a line-item database.
  • There are no ongoing subscription fees. You get lifetime unlimited use.
  • We made Proposal Kit for freelancers, small businesses, and non-profits.
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