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How to write your Telecommuting Support Proposal

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This set of templates was used to write a proposal to allow workers to telecommute from home. This proposal was written to show the employer the possible benefits and that their concerns and possible objections are also being taken into consideration.

You can also create countless variations of this document to suit your needs using the included library of 2200+ chapters.
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Components of a Telecommuting Support Proposal

There is no one-size-fits-all template for a telecommuting support proposal. Proposal Kit templates can be customized as needed to fit any situation using the extensive chapter template library. Here are some key chapters typically included in this type of template. Use this template as your starting point and customize it as needed using the software included with each Proposal Pack or the Professional bundle.

Cover Letter

The Cover Letter serves as an introduction to the Telecommuting Support Proposal. It addresses the employer directly, summarizing the purpose of the proposal and expressing a willingness to discuss it further.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides a brief overview of the entire proposal, highlighting the key points, such as the advantages of telecommuting and the main concerns that will be addressed.

Next Steps

This chapter outlines the immediate actions that need to be taken to implement telecommuting. It includes tasks such as setting up necessary technology and scheduling training sessions.

Goals and Objectives

Here, the proposal details the specific goals and objectives of allowing telecommuting, such as improving employee satisfaction and reducing overhead costs.


This chapter lists the benefits of telecommuting for both the employer and employees, including increased productivity and better work-life balance.


The Management section explains how telecommuting will be managed, including supervisory roles and responsibilities.


In this chapter, the proposal addresses how communication will be maintained among telecommuting employees and between employees and management, emphasizing the use of tools like video conferencing.

Productivity Improvement

This section outlines how telecommuting can lead to productivity improvements, backed by data and examples.


The Schedule chapter provides a timeline for the implementation of the telecommuting program, from initial setup to full operation.


This chapter explains how progress and success will be reported, including regular updates and performance metrics.


The Security section addresses concerns about data security when employees work remotely, detailing measures like secure VPNs and data encryption.


Here, the proposal anticipates possible objections from the employer and provides counterarguments to address these concerns.


This chapter lists the equipment necessary for employees to telecommute effectively, such as laptops and high-speed internet connections.


The Evaluation section details how the telecommuting program will be assessed over time to ensure it meets its goals.


This chapter covers how accountability will be maintained, including performance reviews and work tracking systems.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

The Cost/Benefit Analysis provides a detailed look at the financial implications of telecommuting, weighing costs against anticipated savings.


This section offers specific recommendations for moving forward with the telecommuting program, based on the data and analysis presented.


The Availability chapter discusses the availability of employees during telecommuting hours, ensuring that work schedules align with business needs.

Company Operations

This chapter examines how telecommuting will impact overall company operations, including workflow and collaboration.


The Policies section outlines the rules and guidelines for telecommuting, ensuring that both employees and management are on the same page.

Examples of projects a Telecommuting Support Proposal may be used for

This document can be used in many contexts and has various uses depending on the needs. Depending on your situation, customize the chapter list as needed using a Proposal Pack or the Professional bundle.

  • Presenting a telecommuting plan to company executives.
  • Convincing stakeholders of the benefits of remote work.
  • Addressing IT and security concerns related to telecommuting.
  • Outlining the steps needed to transition to a remote work model.
  • Providing a clear schedule for implementing telecommuting.
  • Demonstrating how telecommuting can improve employee productivity.
  • Detailing the cost implications and financial benefits.
  • Creating policies and guidelines for remote work.
  • Managing and supervising remote employees.
  • Ensuring effective communication among remote teams.
  • Reporting on the progress and success of the telecommuting program.
  • Addressing and mitigating potential objections to telecommuting.
  • Assessing the necessary equipment and technology for remote work.
  • Evaluating the telecommuting program's effectiveness.
  • Maintaining accountability and performance standards.
  • Discussing employee availability and scheduling.
  • Aligning telecommuting practices with company operations.
  • Preparing a comprehensive executive summary for decision-makers.
  • Creating a cover letter to introduce the proposal.
  • Recommending actionable steps to implement telecommuting.


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Chapter Templates Used in the Telecommuting Support Proposal

Cover Letter, Title Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Next Steps, Goals and Objectives, Benefits, Management, Communications, Productivity Improvement, Schedule, Reporting, Security, Objections, Equipment, Evaluation, Accountability, Cost/Benefit Analysis, Recommendations, Availability, Company Operations, Policies, Back Page

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  • General business proposal
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  • Project pitch proposal
  • Resume and employment proposal
  • Internal company proposal

How to create the Telecommuting Support Proposal with Proposal Pack Wizard

You can create this document using any of the logo-designed Proposal Packs. Pick any Proposal Pack with a logo design theme you like best; they will all work equally well. The Proposal Pack for Any Business is the pack with no extra added logos or colors - designed to be used plain or for you to customize with your logos and graphics.

The Proposal Pack design theme you purchase will determine the visual look of this template. The screenshot above only shows the plain generic design theme. Names and stories in examples are fictional; however, the templates are from real client use cases.

We include a library of chapters to be assembled based on your needs. All proposals are different and have different needs and goals. We designed Proposal Pack so you can customize the documents to suit your needs.

You will best create this document using the Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition software to select this template and build it in the Proposal Pack logo design theme of your choice along with any desired customizations (such as adding additional chapters, removing unneeded chapters, changing the order of chapters, and importing your company logo). This template outlines a proposal for the described situation. Each user is responsible for typing in the actual content of the provided pages with their information to complete the proposal.

You create this template using the Wizard software with an entire Proposal Pack library and software. We include the Expert Edition of the software in the Proposal Kit Professional bundle. Microsoft Word for Windows is required to use the customizing software.

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