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How to write your Artificial Intelligence Project Proposal

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The Artificial Intelligence Home Assistant Project Sample Proposal is an example of a software and hardware project proposal to use AI to help automate a building beyond currently available solutions.

This is a good example to follow for IT software and hardware project proposals.

Anyone pitching IT product and sales services.

5. Customize the template with your information

You can customize the layout with different chapters, change the order of chapters, import your content and information, change the visual design, edit the text, and more. You have complete control over customizing this sample.

Artificial Intelligence Project Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Proposal to Develop a State-of-the-Art Smart Home with Artificial Intelligence

Thank you for showing our team around your beautiful home. It’s a showpiece of sophisticated tastes, and we certainly understand why you entertain prospective clients and friends there. We know you also want it to also be a showcase for how smart technology can enrich your life.

You have already invested in smart devices, but right now, these devices don’t communicate well. That’s kind of like having a large household staff where the servants don’t really talk to each other. You need a manager to take control of them all.

That manager is Asa, our artificial intelligence system. Asa doesn’t take up space in your home, but resides on our servers. You’ll find Asa is a loyal friend and willing servant, able to respond to your needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

And the best thing about Asa is that it learns. The more time you spend with your smart devices and Asa, the more it will be able to anticipate your needs. Information will flow easily between all your devices and Asa, allowing your home to blend seamlessly into the internet of things, where endless data and entertainment is available with voice commands or at the touch of a finger. We will call you in a few days to set up our next meeting and finalize our contract and schedule.

A team from AI Now, LLC. met with homeowners Melanie and David Nakamura to tour their exquisite home and understand their needs. The following sums up our findings.

The Objective

Melanie and David Nakamura want to create a smart home that doesn’t just wait for their commands but truly interacts with them. They have the following needs. Link all smart systems to a central application that can control them. Provide faster data retrieval of all types of information.

Use a system that is able to troubleshoot problems and learn what is needed or wanted before being asked.

The Opportunity

Asa will interface with all smart systems to provide one central entity for the homeowners to interact with. Through machine learning, Asa will deduce from experience what the homeowners are most likely to need and want. Asa will track operations of all smart devices as well as the homeowners’ habits and preferences, and will alert Melanie and David Nakamura to potential problems and options that have changed or been forgotten.

The Solution

Asa, the cloud-based artificial intelligence assistant from AI Now, LLC., can fill the homeowners’ needs. Contract with AI Now, LLC. to link to Asa and set up your personal profiles. Link all smart devices in the home and use Asa as a central control.

Use Asa to provide all information and record all activity for future reference. Entrepreneurs and modern homeowners like Melanie and David Nakamura need smart devices that make their busy lives easier and more enjoyable, and because they work in the hi-tech world and often entertain prospective clients at home, they want their house to be a showcase for modern technology. They want all their smart devices to work together to control the household environment, provide entertainment and information, and allow them to order products easily with voice commands or touch screens.

Melanie and David Nakamura have already purchased and used multiple smart devices for lighting and climate control, security and entertainment, as well as hub devices and listening devices, including Amazon Echo and Google Home. They have found the smart listening devices to be limited in supplying information, and the hubs don’t always work well with other devices or signal the homeowners when something is wrong. Melanie and David Nakamura want a system that will learn their habits, identify problems, and generally make their lives easier. AI Now, LLC. plans to meet the following goals and objectives.

We are committed to improving and adapting our artificial intelligence programs and services to keep up with the industry

Link all smart devices in a central network that can be controlled through cloud-based artificial intelligence To do this, we will compile a list of all devices to be connected and controlled and determine the software needed for Asa to monitor and control them all. Set up Asa to automatically control all devices in the home We will do any customized programming necessary to set up our artificial intelligence system to monitor all devices, make changes when necessary, and to communicate with homeowners Melanie and David Nakamura. Monitor the project Our engineers and technicians will continuously monitor the project to study how well it serves the clients’ needs and to see how Asa is learning. Adapt and improve as needed Asa is both a research project and a service for clients.

We can expect rapid change in technology in coming years, and we are committed to improving and adapting our artificial intelligence programs and services to keep up with the industry. Your commitment to our service will help in the continuing development of artificial intelligence. The modern world cannot function without the internet. Internet connectivity and functionality is no longer an option in business, education, or everyday life; it’s absolutely essential.

Consider the following. People interact more often over the internet now than in person We’re not talking about just online dating, but also interacting with friends and family through social media, and conducting business meetings and communications over the internet. Most electronic devices today can use internet connections With modern cameras and microphones and the ability to connect a variety of smart devices to computers, all sorts of data are constantly being uploaded and transmitted through the internet. Even the field of medicine is being revolutionized by the ability to connect a wide array of medical testing devices to computers and transmit data to doctors.

Most information is accessed via the internet now Printed information is expensive and nearly impossible to keep current. All modern teachers and students and commercial enterprises rely on the internet now for most of their information. The internet is becoming the primary source for entertainment and purchasing Although individuals still go to movie theatres and concerts, those same individuals usually first seek information about movies and music from the internet.

They watch and listen to video and audio there, and purchase tickets or download products on the internet. A huge proportion of all shopping is accomplished over the internet now, with even advance orders for groceries going online now. This saves consumers travel time and often saves money, too, as consumers can easily compare prices and see what is in stock before visiting a store.

Can a machine ever be considered intelligent. If it can store data, sort, remember and retrieve information, learn to predict future events, and make a plan for the future, it certainly can. But personality counts, too. Asa shows off its intelligence and personality in the following ways.

Asa accesses the entire internet in a flash to find your information Many smart devices are programmed to act only according to specific instructions, and can provide only the information stored within their programming. Asa listens to all your words, asks questions for clarifications if necessary, then provides answers for you. Asa points out discrepancies and errors in information Asa not only finds data, but analyzes it for you.

For example, many businesses keep standard information static on their web sites, and list temporary changes on their Facebook pages. If you ask Asa about the hours a restaurant is open, it will report the standard hours but also may tell you that according to the restaurant’s more recent update on their Facebook page, the restaurant is currently closed due to a kitchen fire. If statistics in a survey don’t add up, Asa will tell you that, too.

Asa can track the operations of hundreds of applications and devices Asa is an omniscient manager for your home or business. Asa can read much of the code that controls linked devices, so it not only can tell you that a specific device has malfunctioned, it can probably tell you what’s wrong with that device, too. Asa records and learns Learning is truly the hallmark of artificial intelligence. Asa remembers sequences of events in your house, so it will query you when there’s a variation.

This can alert you to something you forgot or to a problem. Asa processes and analyzes information in flash, and it learns from experience. It’s a state-of-the-art example of modern artificial intelligence.

Asa is a prime example of machine learning, which essentially means that Asa can learn on its own by processing data. What can you expect Asa to learn. Common sequences of questions and tasks For example, if you have asked for a restaurant’s hours and then made a reservation at that restaurant, Asa will remember that.

The next time you ask about a restaurant’s hours, Asa will provide that information and then ask if you’d like to make a reservation. Omissions and additions If you commonly subtract or add items, Asa will remember that. For example, if you order a Cowboy pizza without onions but with extra cheese, the next time you order a pizza, Asa will ask if you want to subtract the onions and add extra cheese.

Individual preferences Asa can learn to distinguish between users, and keep track of what each user prefers. For example, if Melanie has ordered lemon cookies and David has ordered chocolate chip, just tell Asa "Order Melanie’s cookies" and it will verify that you want lemon. Your terminology You don’t have to learn Asa’s language; it will learn yours.

For example, the first time you tell Asa to "Turn down the heat," it may ask if you mean the hot water temperature or the household thermostat.

When you clarify that you mean the thermostat, Asa remembers and will assume that’s what you mean the next time you ask to turn down the heat, clarifying only with a reply like "Reducing thermostat temperature five degrees."

Asa’s ability to learn is what makes it the perfect assistant for you. AI Now, LLC. created our Asa system to be versatile. It has been used in a variety of environments with multiple applications. Scientific Asa has been a vital part of many experimental programs, where Asa has kept track of large volumes of data and aided scientists by asking questions and pointing out anomalies and statistical errors.

Commercial Asa is a strategic element of many commercial processes. It can process massive amounts of data, point out problems, tell managers when key pieces of equipment need replacing or when an employee is not on the job. Asa has even suggested more efficient ways to accomplish tasks, which saved companies money. Residential With the rise of Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Home, Asa has learned how to interface with these consumer products.

Asa can fill in the gaps, providing the capabilities the devices lack, such as ultra-fast search and retrieval of information and memorization of everything users have done. Because Asa learns, it can be used in almost any situation. After using Asa at home, you may find you want to try it in your offices, too. Asa’s extensible programming allows it to be compatible with most electronic devices that can be connected via wireless network.

Asa has experience in communicating with the following common smart devices.

  • Google Home
  • Amazon Echo Alexa
  • Apple HomePod
  • SmartThings Products
  • Z-Wave Products
  • Wink Products

Products listed above are only a few of the devices Asa can control and interact with. New devices come out every day, and Asa is learning from all these, too. You may be in contact with the following AI Now, LLC. staff members during the course of this project. Logan Black, Residential Project Lead Logan is in charge of all residential installations and will be writing and presenting your contract and overseeing all the tasks to be done.

Marty Pulaski, Installation Technician Marty will ensure that all your smart devices are linked into a central network and communicating with Asa. Tricia Wingate, Network Technician Tricia is in charge of testing all devices on the network and assisting clients to learn how to control and interact with their new smart home system. Rae Ellen Lee, Asa Software Developer Rae Ellen works in our main office, but may need to call you on occasion.

Peter Rackner, Asa Software Developer Peter works in our main office but may need to call you on occasion. All AI Now, LLC. staff have been thoroughly vetted and have undergone background checks. You can trust them with your valuable equipment and personal information.

Based on your interest in artificial intelligence, we thought you might like to know who is behind the Asa project at AI Now, LLC. Your Asa Team Contact Logan Black, Residential Project Lead Logan is in charge of all residential projects that deal with Asa. General Manager, Asa Project Prudence Newton Pru has overall command of all individual Asa projects, including residential, scientific, and commercial. She synthesizes the data from all individual projects to analyze how Asa grows and learns in each situation, and plans improvements to address challenges and improve capabilities.

VP Artificial Software Development Lane Price Lane oversees the majority of the AI Now, LLC. engineers and is charge of the programming that goes into all artificial intelligence projects at AI Now, LLC. We invite you to tour our office and chat with any of our staff to find out more about our organization and what we do. Our best estimates for the key project dates are outlined below.

Any date may be altered for the convenience of the clients Melanie and David Nakamura. The following summarizes AI Now, LLC.’s request for funding for this project. Standard Disclaimer.

The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate for the projects discussed. The above Cost Summary does in no way constitute a warranty of final price. Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change before being locked in by a binding contract. Now you understand what we can do for you and how we propose to do it.

The next steps for you are. Call to set up the meeting where we will finalize the list of smart home devices to be connected and controlled, as well as a schedule that works for you. This meeting should be done at your convenience in your home so that our team may inspect all devices, see their locations within the house, and hear your goals for this project, as well as address any concerns you may have. Sign the contract that will be finalized at the meeting described above, and supply half the funding requested.

The second half of funding will be billed after your new network is installed and working for you. Prepare to be amazed about what Asa can do to control your new smart home. We’ll keep you apprised of any new developments during our regular monitoring.

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