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How to write your Heavy Equipment Leasing Proposal

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Heavy Equipment Leasing Sample Proposal
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The Heavy Equipment Leasing Sample Proposal is an example of a company leasing equipment to another company. In this example it is a heavy equipment company leasing various types of trucks for an environmental cleanup project.

This is a good example to follow for companies leasing expensive equipment for other companies projects.

Anyone needing to write a proposal for leasing equipment.

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Heavy Equipment Leasing Sample Proposal

Two-Year Lease of Heavy Equipment to Back2B4 Restoration Company for Elkhead Mine Remediation Project

Congratulations on winning the bid for the Elkhead Mine Remediation Project. We have studied your project description and recent request for heavy equipment leasing information, and we think you’ll be pleased with the contents of this proposal. We have the equipment you’ll need to accomplish the site remediation, and we are prepared to work out a very affordable lease arrangement with you. You’ll be pleased to know that all our leasing contracts include our award-winning equipment protection plan.

The prices quoted in this proposal are good for six months. We look forward to hearing from you soon. We look forward to partnering with Back2B4 Restoration to provide heavy equipment for this project to protect the environment and restore the natural beauty of our beloved Rocky Mountains.

Back2B4 Restoration has indicated that the Elkhead Mine Remediation Project should take approximately two years to complete. The project includes removal of contaminated mine tailings and transport of those to a site down the mountain where they will be buried. This type of activity requires excavators, loaders, and dump trucks.

The remediation also calls for removal of all mine shaft entry portals, with entry tunnels to be filled as needed for safety. This type of activity is likely to require an excavator with a grapple or specialized attachment, as well as a dozer and a loader. Finally, the project requires restoration of landforms to blend in with surrounding natural scenery.

This will require dozers for the most part, but may also require usage of excavators to re-route water courses as needed. In accordance with our understanding of the requirements of the Elkhead Mine Remediation Project, we have developed this proposal, which recommends the leasing of an excavator, a dozer, a track loader, and at least two dump trucks. Multiple attachments can be used on the excavator, dozer, and track loaders for maximum efficiency and economy. We look forward to partnering with Back2B4 Restoration to accomplish this project to protect the environment and restore the natural beauty of our beloved Rocky Mountains.

Based on the project goals you provided to us, we believe that the mine remediation project will require at a minimum the following pieces of heavy equipment. You may wish to lease more than one of each type.


Based on the amounts of rock and earth you need to move, we recommend our 326F 26-ton hydraulic excavator, which can be used with either a standard boom or a super-long-reach boom, which can stretch up to 60 feet for use on your steep reclamation site. A wide range of buckets, grapples, and pulverizers can also be used with this flexible, efficient excavator.


Our D9T Dozer would be perfect for your job. It provides maximum stability and maneuverability, and is a versatile workhorse, with eight possible blade configurations. Twelve lights allow for safe operation during hours of darkness.

Track loader

Our 972D Track Loader can handle up to 4.2 cubic yards, making quick work of loading dump trucks. It can be combined with several different buckets and also use a ripper to work in tandem with the excavator or dozer as needed. Built in electronic sensors adjust for load weight and positioning.

Dump truck

For efficiency, we recommend that you lease two to three dump trucks so that one can be loaded while others are en route to your dump site. Our largest trucks can haul up to 24 yards. The following attachments are recommended. Attachments for the excavator We recommend the following attachments for the excavator.

Hydraulic thumbs, contractors grapples, severe heavy duty buckets, and a hydraulic hammer. Attachments for the dozer Hi-capacity universal blades are a must for your project. We also recommend a single shank ripper attachment for maximum versatility.

Attachments for the track loader We recommend a multipurpose bucket in addition to a general purpose bucket. A multi-shank parallelogram ripper might also be useful, allowing the track loader to function like a dozer as needed and aid in loosening soil and rock for excavation. Accessory light packages for excavator and track loader The dozer comes with twelve lights attached.

The excavator and track loader are supplied with basic lights for driving. For safety and maximum efficiency, we recommend the accessory light packages to extend working hours for all pieces of equipment. We offer many additional specialty attachments in addition to the equipment listed above. IronClad Equipment, Inc. delivers and services heavy equipment for a variety of projects in the following area.

Southwestern Colorado Your project is located in southwestern Colorado, which is within our regularly serviced area. Southeastern Utah IronClad Equipment, Inc. can also deliver and service many parts of southeastern Utah. Northeastern Arizona IronClad Equipment, Inc. sells and services equipment in the mining communities of northeastern Arizona.

Northwestern New Mexico IronClad Equipment, Inc. is one of the few companies that extend service into sparsely populated northwestern New Mexico. Other areas by special request IronClad Equipment, Inc. can extend our service area beyond our routine service areas. If you need a part, a piece of equipment, or service in another area, just ask.

If we cannot fulfill your needs, odds are that our business partners can. Although IronClad Equipment, Inc. specializes in supplying and servicing heavy equipment in the Four Corners area of the United States, we also have experience in moving and servicing equipment around the country, and even around the globe. After agreeing on start and end dates for the leased equipment, IronClad Equipment, Inc. will deliver and pick up all pieces of equipment.

Description of Shipment

Each piece of heavy equipment will be delivered on a separate flatbed trailer. Attachments for different machines may be combined in separate shipments. IronClad Equipment, Inc.’s storage yard in Durango, CO.

The base of Elkhead Mountain, near the project site. Costs of delivery and pickup are included in each leasing contract. IronClad Equipment, Inc. is responsible for all equipment before delivery and after pickup.

Due to the poor condition of the road up Elkhead Mountain to the mine remediation site, delivery will be made to the campground area at the bottom of the mountain, where there is a large gravel parking lot we can use for offloading and turnaround. Should the road be improved before delivery of machinery, Back2B4 Restoration may inform IronClad Equipment, Inc. of such improvements and determine if delivery to the job site can be accomplished. Standard trailer delivery. IronClad Equipment, Inc. to be responsible for offloading equipment and demonstrating usage as needed.

Back2B4 Restoration’s driver s for each piece of equipment should be on hand at delivery to receive instructions from IronClad Equipment, Inc. personnel. All equipment leasing contracts come with our IronClad Equipment, Inc. Hydraulic fluid and other fluid changes as needed. Visual inspection of all systems and replacements if needed.

Downloads of all information from machine’s computer system. This can warn us of impending problems before they occur. Reports can easily be downloaded to a laptop and transmitted to IronClad Equipment, Inc. via cell phone for everyone’s convenience. It is in IronClad Equipment, Inc.’s best interest to ensure that our leased equipment will be returned in good shape, and it is in Back2B4 Restoration’s best interest to ensure that all equipment functions efficiently and continuously during the project period.

IronClad Equipment, Inc. offers the following services to its clients. 24x7 Customer Support Service Whether you have an equipment problem or an operator needs to ask a question, IronClad Equipment, Inc. personnel will always answer your phone call. Consultation Services We are experts in all sorts of projects that involve heavy equipment.

Mining, road building, landscaping, commercial projects. If you can describe your needs, we can advise you about the most useful and cost-effective equipment for your project. Equipment Maintenance Every lease agreement comes with a maintenance contract.

Should you desire to purchase equipment, an equipment maintenance contract can also be arranged. Financing Options We know that construction projects often necessitate a loan while awaiting a specific payment date or milestone completion. Our finance experts can help you structure a financing arrangement that works for you and your project.

Training Need to train your personnel in safe use of heavy machinery. We can offer on-site training as needed for specific equipment, in addition to general safety classes OSHA approved for all your personnel. We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with our equipment and services.

If you need advice or a service we have not listed here, please ask any of our friendly staff, and we will do our best to accommodate. Total Monthly Lease Estimate with 2-year contract $9,100.00. Standard Disclaimer.

The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate for the projects discussed. The above Quote does in no way constitute a warranty of final price. Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change before being locked in by a binding contract. We offer the following payment options for lease agreements.

Monthly Payments Payments are due on the 5th of each month. Credit card, Company Check, or Direct Deposit IronClad Equipment, Inc. accepts any of these types of payments. Checks returned due to insufficient funds will incur a $100 fee and may result in equipment repossession.

All equipment rentals, leases, and purchases require a substantial down payment before delivery of equipment can be effected. If a company does not use the same types of equipment for multiple projects over the course of many years, it’s usually in that company’s best interest to lease equipment instead of purchase it outright. Technology is changing rapidly and equipment can quickly become obsolete and therefore lose value for use and resale.

When a machine is leased, obsolescence becomes an issue for the lessor, not for the company leasing the machine. Payments on a lease may be written off as an expense against taxes, and contractors can easily match project costs to the lease. Sales tax is applied to each payment, not paid in one lump sum as it would be if equipment were purchased.

You have estimated that the Elkhead Mine Remediation Project should take approximately two years. Therefore, we recommend a two-year leasing agreement for most pieces of equipment. Your project engineers and our company experts will work out a schedule for each needed piece of equipment. As a general rule, the monthly lease payment for a machine leased for two years is approximately 1% of the purchase price of that machine.

You have indicated that you are most interested in a lease arrangement. Do keep in mind that for pieces of small equipment, it may be most economical to purchase those. For specialized short-term needs, a rental arrangement might be appropriate instead of a lease.

Our experts will assist you in matching all your needs to the best solutions. About us – IronClad Equipment, Inc. originated in Toledo, Ohio, in 1989, but when the owners, Kevin Rawlins and Randall Crankston visited Durango, Colorado in 2002, the partners fell in love with the area and decided to relocate their business here. We take great pride in teaching our staff and yours how to operate our equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

IronClad Equipment, Inc. began operations in Durango in 2004, and quickly became the premier supplier of heavy equipment for the mining and road-building industries in the Four Corners area. IronClad Equipment, Inc. has earned the Heavy Equipment Safety Award for eight years in a row. We take great pride in teaching our staff and yours how to operate our equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

We routinely sell off used equipment and maintain a state-of-the-art fleet of heavy duty machines for leasing purposes, taking the worry out of maintaining obsolescent machines for contractors. IronClad Equipment, Inc. employs twelve office staff and eighteen field personnel for deliveries and equipment service.

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